Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 472

[472] The birth of human beings (2)

Flew ran down the alley to avoid the Kergo hunters, and flinched at the powerful blow from the side.

As the Mecca’s weapon, Cigna, slammed the ground, a shockwave several meters high occurred.

Pushed by the force, Fleur crashed into the wall of the building with a shockwave.

“Keugh! what?”

“Damn it. Am I crazy?”

Chunk. Chunk.

A metallic sound pierced my eardrum like a sharp knife.

A man equipped with a piper appeared with a sword and shield.

Raun the Eternal.

At the age of 1,010 this year, he realized divine transcendence at the age of 450, and at the age of 900 he attained the mastery of the body to perfectly assimilate with machines.

“No, is this good as it is? I’m glad you’re a woman.”

Raun took a close look at Fleur’s appearance and gave him a fishy smile.

Although they have enjoyed countless games over the ages, the most powerful desire for creatures is breeding of their species.

The concept of love and the feeling of affection were thinned out, and all that was left was the dry memory of pleasure that remained on the other side of his brain.

“What are you talking about?”

Hearing Fleur’s voice, Raun tilted his head and pressed the piper button on his head.

His mecha 1st stage equipment was a personalized equipment perfectly tailored to him, and the interpreter function far exceeded that of Ya-Meng’s.

“Ah, that’s right. That she’s a tough woman. The kind of woman who won’t be held gently by a man’s touch.”

Flew frowned as Raun’s words were translated through mechanical sounds.

On the other hand, Raun abandoned his gentle appearance until now and revealed the face of extremely evil desire.

“A woman like that is my specialty.”

The moment when Fleur’s body gets goosebumps after receiving Raun’s feelings, Kang! The floor cracked and Raun’s body jumped out.

Reflexively raising his head, Flew saw Raun floating much higher than expected and felt that it was unusual.

‘How could that be?’

While serving in the rebel headquarters, she had a rough understanding of the Mecha tribe’s combat system.

No piper can enhance its capabilities like that.

It’s not a matter of performance, it’s because the human body can’t stand it.

Piper is always a strength aid. If it had a function faster than the speed of nerve transmission, a human joint would be pulled out just by sticking out a fist.

However, Raun’s action to press the flue broke all that common sense.

Perfect understanding of the machine.

In fact, Raun’s Piper has 30 times more magical power than the devices used by the rebels.

It was a device that could not be handled unless the nerves and mind were perfectly aligned with the machine.

Mega Smash!

Piper’s powerful driving force, divine transcendence, and Cigna’s triplex, which is amplified according to power, met, and a shockwave that seemed to blow up the entire building exploded.

Flu, who understood the opponent’s capabilities, also took out his phoenix and fought with all his might.

Raun’s acrobatics were dazzling enough to make it impossible to predict the movement, but Flew also didn’t take it lightly as a pro zoner.

In the process of setting up Phoenix Pavilion and coping with the Dawkins algorithm, the surrounding buildings were blown to pieces.

‘I can’t just lose in a place like this… … !’

Flew gritted his teeth and dodged the attack with all his might.

The Piper and Dawkins algorithms are common in that they are involuntary actions, but Laun’s understanding of machines transcends the human category.

Fleur’s body staggered as Cigna’s shockwave swept through it.

‘He uses a very interesting technique.’

Raun quickly grasped Fleur’s abilities.

It is based on the abilities of the Norse, but the reason contained within is that of the Mecca.

‘It’s definitely a mix of imitations.’

Raun’s tongue licked his lips.

“It will be fun.”

Laun, who had Cigna attached to his waist, raised his fist.

His knuckles shimmered with blue light as electricity flowed from his spine.

Electric Shockwave!

As he approached Flew, he slammed his fist into the ground, sending out a wave of electricity in a radius of 20 meters.


In response to a wide-area attack that Dawkins’ algorithm couldn’t handle, Flu immediately released the algorithm and entered a defensive posture.

Raun leaned forward with explosive momentum and raised his fist.

Flew covered his face with his arms, overlapping a defensive magic air shield up to the limit available.

Puff puff puff!

Raun’s fist easily penetrated the heavy air barrier and struck Flew’s guard.

He heard the sound of his left arm breaking on the outside as Flew’s eyes fluttered in shock.


When I came to my senses, I was rolling on the floor, not even knowing how much I had flown.


Flew draped his dangling left arm down and pulled himself up.

Raun entered the building with a meaningful smile.

“If you hit the stomach, your intestines would have exploded and you would have died.”

While shaking, Flew glared at Raun fiercely.

“By the way, do you know why I hit the guard?”

The foretold joy of pleasure rose on Raun’s face.

“I will teach you from now on.”

* * *

The inside of Paradise was being devastated by the fighting power of the three people.

Sirone in the state of armament with diamonds was incomparably stronger than without Armand, but the pincers of Eternals Murka and Dana were also formidable.

Murka’s divine transcendence was so high that mortals could not use it, and the magical power of Dana’s mental transcendence was enough to make even Sirone, who had experienced great battles, faint.

“Knock-knock! What, was it such an easy opponent?”

Dana spread the air in all directions, as if assimilated with the air.

You can’t see it with your eyes anyway, but even if you could see it, it was so fast that you couldn’t see it.

Murka rode through the gap of the wind seal and swung her sword.

It seemed that there was nothing that could not be cut with Divine Transcendence, and Sirone was pushed back 100 meters in an instant.

The buildings in the place where they passed were collapsing, proving the result of the terrible destructive power.

‘This is a battle based on incarnation.’

Sirone realized something new in the battle against them.

He had met many strong men, but it was his first time fighting an enemy who used incarnation.

Manifests power through will.

It was not the strengthening of power, but the power to twist the status itself of existence.

Since humans are born as humans, they decide everything within the human category.

However, those who have mastered incarnation are those who have transcended the limits of what humans can achieve.

Just as everything in the world would have changed completely if humans had 12 fingers, even those who had mastered incarnation had a different sense of battle from the beginning.

As a result, numerous variables arise, and depending on how they are operated, actual combat capabilities are divided into a thousand different ways.

“ha ha ha! I was completely terrified. Did you think some mortals could beat us? Their experiences and skills are different!”

Murka jumped with his arms wide open like a man who had already won.

The moment he imagined cutting Sirone’s head, the position of an executive of the Ten Commandments flickered in front of his eyes.

Among the Eternals, only those with strong powers could enter the Church of the Ten Commandments, a gathering of monsters that could not be compared to them.

The 10 human beings, the heads of the Ten Lords, have lived for at least 10,000 years, and the average age of the officers is over 3,000 years old.

In such a place, he, who is only 1,000 years old, becomes an executive.

All immortals will look up to you, and you will live a stronger and better life and exist in this world forever.

‘It’s not over yet!’

Sirone widened her eyes at Murka and Dana, who were charging at her from left and right.

First, he restrained Dana with Akamai and then fired a photon cannon at Murka.

Murka’s face went pale with a flash of power that was incomparable to before.

‘Transcendence of mind?’

Even he, a master of the schema, could not clearly see the lines of the flash and caused afterimages.

As if Sirone had caused an explosion, everything around was blown away.

After sweeping everywhere with the shotgun movement, a terrifying explosion occurred when a laser was fired.

However, what frightened the two was not the explosion, but the heat that seemed to melt their flesh.


Sirone suddenly noticed that the enemy’s counterattack was loosening up, and looked at it curiously.

Unlike when they were making expressions of enjoyment as if they were practicing combat, they were two people with serious expressions.

The biggest difference is their route.

Even though it was a battle that deserved to be fierce each day, it was rather less active than before.

‘I see.’

As if she had found a solution, Sirone drove her enemies even more fiercely.

The prediction was accurate, and Murka and Dana were in a hurry to evade without even thinking about counterattacking.

Finally, when Sirone’s photon cannon hit the side, Murka flew away with an expression as if her eyes would pop out.


Hitting a wall, he didn’t even think to check Sirone’s location, and he used schema regeneration to heal his side.

Dana backed away to the exit away from the battle and just rolled her eyes at what to do.

“Now I know.”

Shirone moved slowly with Akamai in the air.

Then he looked down at Murka, who was grinding his teeth, and said.

“You are weak.”

* * *

Smoke was rising from all the skies except Shehakim, where Sirone had infiltrated, and Rakia, where Garold and his party were.

The United Rebel Command was advancing towards Arabot little by little, breaking through the armies of Heaven, and the number of victims increased as the distance decreased.

When the giant titans broke down the walls of heaven, the Kuroi troops advanced and rained bullets on everything in sight.

The titans of level 7 or higher rushed in and defeated the titans, and the fairies destroyed Kuroi with various magics.

It was by far the infantry with the most casualties.

Relying only on Piper and magic, they had the highest percentage of troops, but the probability of death was just as high.

“Corsair! Advance! Never back down!”

Angered by the death of their colleague, their momentum did not break easily.

Kanya and Lena, like people with no place to back down, only continued to move forward.

Tens of thousands of people died. That death, the number of disappearances that couldn’t even be counted in one’s head drove everyone crazy.

The madness became a fighting spirit and was vomited upon the enemies, and the bodies of the enemies were once again transferred to the rebels, spurring even more powerful wrath.

Whenever the Archangels and Maras of the Angels appeared, the troops stationed there were destroyed.

The only thing that could gain an advantage in hand-to-hand combat was Babel, but there was a limit to her ability to move around, and in the end, half of the rebels were killed.

“Corsair! Advance!”

All the soldiers advanced with one voice.

Whether he really wanted to fight or whether he could reach his destination if he kept going like this, he was just shouting mechanically, with even such thoughts already volatilized.

It was indeed mechanical, but in a broad sense it was a very biological phenomenon.

Like ants, each person’s individuality was volatilized and they all became a single organism while feeling an integrated mental system that assumed a single purpose.

“Corsair! Advance!”

For the first time the armies of Heaven shuddered.

How could this be? What is it that brings them together?

From an objective point of view, the barrier line, which should never be pushed back, was retreating little by little.

‘strong. They are strong.’

Those who command heaven finally realized.

The target they were fighting against was not Lena, Kanya, or Crude.

It was fighting a perfectly integrated organism, a human.


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