Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 471

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[471] The birth of human beings (1)

After meeting Feope, Syrone and Fleur infiltrated Paradise and changed into subjects’ clothes.

With the ability of a fairy, it is possible to distinguish the real from the non-substantial, but believing in Feope was a completely different matter.

Fleur pondered for a moment whether it would be okay to follow her, but unless Sirone muttered, he had no intention of rushing in.

After all, she needed clothes too.

After coming out of Paradise, Sirone was able to hear a rough explanation from Peope.

Currently, the Aegis system was disabled and the interception system was paralyzed.

In other words, you can freely climb over the walls from the 1st to the 7th heaven of heaven.

That’s why the entrance to the castle wall is currently guarded by giants, and in the sky, the fairies of the People’s Management Department are temporarily placed to guard the airspace.

“Are you saying we have to fight in the air to get to Arabot? This is as tricky as this.”

Flew put her chin on her chin and thought.

It was easy to jump over with teleportation, but breaking through the fairy troops with different abilities of justice was a very difficult task.

“There is one way.”

said Peope.

“To pass through the fairy troops in the airspace, you need permission from the officers. If you get it, you should be able to safely cross over to Arabot.”

Sirone did not readily answer.

Feope doesn’t know what Sirone is going to Arabot to do.

What kind of expression would she make if she knew that she would destroy heaven by invoking divine punishment?

‘why… … You’re not asking anything, Peope?’

Come to think of it, it didn’t make sense for her to help him as she belonged to the Fairy Club during the war with Heaven.

Is it possible to do this only with personal liking?

Flew, who had the same thought, asked without showing any intention.

“Can I get a permit?”

“I don’t know. Even if you make a request to Girin-nim, it won’t be easy for you to accept it. But if you still want to try, I can help.”

Sirone asked.

“Where should I go?”

Peope pointed to the northwest of Shehakim.

Over Paradise stood a conical spire of white brick.

“That’s Shehakim’s subject management department.”

Sirone and Fleur met eyes.

It’s like going into the enemy camp voluntarily.

No matter how much he trusted Feope, he couldn’t gamble with an important mission ahead.

“I’ll just have to choose a way to cross the wall. Can you direct me to where Arabot is?”

Feope looked back at Sirone with sad eyes.

Actually, I didn’t want him to go to Arrabot.

If you want to fight Heaven to the very end, Peope will have to make a decision, and in one sense or another, nothing but tragedy will remain.

“okay. Follow me.”

Feofe turned and flew towards Shehakim’s pie-shaped apex.

Sirone and Fleur also cast fly magic to follow, and by the time they had advanced 10 kilometers.

“There! Chase!”

Skipping the rooftops of Paradise on the ground, a group began pursuing them.

They were the Kergos who received eternal life and entered Shehakim.

“Punch heresy!”


With a groaning sound, Kergos flocked from all directions.

The fact that he gained eternal life means that he has hunted countless heretics for Ankera since he was a subject of the first thousand.

Their strength must have been on a different level from that of the other Kergos currently wandering in Purgatory.

“What do we do?”

“I can’t get away with it as far as I can see. Their pursuit ability is amazing.”

As soon as Sirone finished speaking, the Kergo warriors soared into the sky as if they had received momentum.

They were skilled enough to use external gravity freely, and their physical strength was comparable to that of a giant who finished the anecdote.


Sirone, Fleur, and Peope scattered in different directions to disperse the enemy’s power.

When he came down to the ground, more subjects occupied the alleys and followed him.

– I bet a reward!

Feope’s emotional response penetrated into Sirone’s head.

At the point of gaining eternal life, animal deprivation no longer exists.

All they wanted was extremely high-level desires such as honor, pleasure, pleasure, and power.

“Hehehe, if you catch them, you can become an executive of the Ten Commandments of the Eternals, right?”

Hearing the commotion from the street corner, one Kergoin raised a sword that glowed like a ball of fire in the reflection of the sun.

One of the Kergo warriors, Murka.

His body shimmered like that of a young man who had just entered his youth, and his tanned, bronzed skin was oily and smooth, but he was actually 1,023 years old.

“If you become an executive of the Tenro Society, you will be able to enter and exit Utopia. There, I will buy all the nice clothes I want.”

A Norse woman walked next to Murka.

His blond hair was braided into thin braids and he was wearing a robe made of golden silk, the most valuable among subjects’ clothes.

It was Dana, the Eternal of the Norse.

The bosom developed elastically, giving beautiful curves to the robe, and the legs exposed by the side slits were smooth.

But her age was not much younger than Murka.


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Chunk! Chunk!

From the rooftops of Paradise, sophisticated mechanical sounds were heard. A young man wearing a piper, a mecha equipment, jumped off a rooftop while performing acrobatics.


The man who landed in front of the two of them on his knees shook his head with a grinning smile.

Raun, the Eternal Mecha.

If you are a mecha pilot, you basically handle the piper, but the technology you have mastered for nearly a thousand years is so precise and sophisticated that you almost become one with the machine.

“Would you like to try it with three people?”

Raun took out Cigna and Xd and turned his head to where the commotion had occurred.

Those who are human but have crossed the borders of mortality.

If they had lived for more than a thousand years, it means that they had already realized their incarnation, so they could be called the strongest among humans in terms of single combat power.

In particular, among the Eternals, who had excellent fighting power, this war came as a rather pleasant joke rather than a tragedy.

As Dana spun the wind in her hands, her body floated.

“Let’s see who catches it first. Whoever wins will become an executive of the Tenro Society.”

“It’s good. It will be me anyway.”

Murka grabbed the sword in reverse and threw herself first.

Subsequently, Raun manipulated the piper and stepped on the wall zigzag to disappear, and Dana made the wind pressure stronger and flew vertically.


As the walls shattered and Kergo warriors jumped out, Sirone cast teleportation to increase the distance.

No matter where they fled, enemies were pouring in from all sides.

My doubts grew because it hadn’t happened until recently.

What the hell made them move?


Hearing the sound from the sky, Sirone raised his head.

The shadow of the backlit warrior was falling with his body turned upside down.

The ink-colored sword grazed the bridge of his nose, and before he could even pick up the sword, Murka rushed at it.

“ha ha ha! It’s a win!”


Through the Ultima System, the warrior’s voice was flooded with meaning.

What you can feel from that is that they are not fighting a war.

Like a hunting game, he was chasing himself as part of a game.

‘but… … .’

Murka’s movements were more agile and powerful than any Kergoin I had ever seen.

The solid outer walls of Paradise shattered as he spun and created a black wind.

Sirone, who opened the distance with the magician’s standard, fired a photon cannon.

At the same time, Murka’s eyes flashed, and all kinds of schema skills strengthened the eyes.

The tiny nerves spread all over his body projected out of his skin with a flash of light, and his body became blurry like a ghost.

‘fast! I can’t perceive it!’

Sirone immediately spread her palms and activated the Diamond Armament.

The moment the robe wrapped at full speed, Murka’s sword struck the side with a dangerous strike.



Sirone broke through the wall and was slammed into the Paradise building.

The metal body of Ringer, a type of carapaceous mineral, was shining silver with hideous scars.

Even if it was a little late, the body would have been cut to pieces.

Sirone tumbled like a flying squirrel and entered the depths of the building.

He evaded the Photon Cannon with only his physical abilities.

‘Is this the Eternal?’

Even if they were granted eternal time, the limits of living things would definitely exist, but it had to be seen that the skill level of the schema exceeded the limits of humans.

“haha! Are you scared already? The Nephilim are no big deal either. To believe that this kind of guy is the light of Area 73. Even the subjects are really stupid.”

Sirone’s eyes sharpened.

Sensing that his master’s nerves were getting rough, Armand spread his tentacles wide like peac*ck feathers in accordance with his feelings.

“Hoo? Did you have any talent like that?”

Murka didn’t have the slightest sense of tension.

Schemas trained for a thousand years are perfect enough to respond to all variables.

If the speed is fast, you can look at it slowly, if the physical strength is strong, you can take a detour, and if the durability is strong, you can create the power to destroy it.

Complete control over the human body.

That was Murka, who was praised as the best warrior in Kergo.

Murka’s eyes widened and her back twisted as she heard the sound of insects flapping their wings.


The tentacles that swung in a strong wind passed Murka and shattered the wall.

Speed ​​that far exceeds expectations.


As Murka twisted her waist in a bizarre position and looked at Sirone, Sirone threw her tentacles into the ground and threw herself.

At present, an unknown resentment piled up in his heart.

It must be the jealousy of eternal life that cannot help but be felt as a human being and also as a creature.


Photon cannons were fired in all directions, and four tentacles swung wide, sweeping the space to avoid.

“Whoa! Whoa!”

Murka evaded the attack by controlling his breathing as if he were practicing training rather than actual combat.

‘Definitely great.’

As time passed, Murka’s eyes grew brighter.

Have you ever dealt with such a strong human being in your thousand years?

From the moment of gaining eternal life, human beings move beyond the status of human beings to a higher level.

Currently, his power was no inferior to that of fairies or giants.

‘But it seems. I am stronger.’

Become a member of the Council of Ten Lords and gain even greater power. What was needed for that was right in front of my eyes.

“Then let’s do it right!”

Murka, who had been displaying Kergoin’s belligerence for the first time in a while, sprang out like an arrow and attacked Sirone.

Kaka Kaka Kakang!

At the same time, silver scars were engraved on Armand’s robe, and the shock wave made Sirone’s bones cold.

‘A very hard robe. You like that too?’

Murka spun once while thrusting the sword between his armpits.

As the external gravity spread out in all directions and rotated his body, the sword flew in with an afterimage of a disc with 10 revolutions per second.

‘Can this be prevented?’

Just as the blade was about to bite Sirone’s neck, an immense restraining force bound him.


As Sirone stepped back, the sword cut through the air in vain, and Murka struggled to keep from collapsing while clenching her teeth.

‘What is this?’

An eyeball was watching him from an orb floating in the air to the left of Sirone.

The antithese that even imprisoned the fallen angel Ikasa.

But Murka was different from Ikasa.

Also, this was the reason he was staying in the third heaven, Shehakim, which is higher than the fallen angels.

“You, what is this… … .”

I tried to move my body using all of my schema’s abilities, but every time I did, a sharper restraining force penetrated every muscle fiber.

It was impossible without the entire law of neutralizing the target’s action itself.

Sirone concentrated the photon cannon in front of her eyes.

As Galtomic’s magical power amplification was added, a flash of light that grew enormously with a pop sound rushed in to blow away Murka’s face.


At that moment, an air barrier opened in front of Murka and the photon cannon exploded.


It wasn’t comparable to Gaold, but Sirone looked towards the door at the extremely strong atmospheric pressure.

“Ho-ho-ho! Are you struggling with this much? You’re old too, Murka.”

‘What is that woman again?’

A woman with a cold expression and a bewitching smile was entering Paradise, supported by a height of 1 meter.


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