Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 417

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[417] Second Purgatory (4)


Kanya’s voice trembled.

It was definitely Sirone. But how is it here?

No, that didn’t matter anymore.

It meant that if the character on the screen was Sirone, he could bring new hope to the rebels in despair.

-Unit 5 collapsed! Cover!

After hearing the radio, Kanya finally came to her senses and turned her head to Multivision.

Most of the aircraft were immobilized, but there were still devices that could shoot bullets.

And all of them were aiming at Sirone.

“Wait, no!”

Kanya hurriedly pressed the radio button.

“You can’t shoot! I am not an enemy!”

When there was no response, she radioed and was not relieved. She checked on Sirone.

He was proudly showing off his courage.

“this… … !”

When the emergency escape button was pressed, the tempered glass in the c*ckpit flew forward with a bang.

After removing Piper from Kuroi’s synchro machine, Kanya crawled out of the bush and raised her hand.

“stop! Stop shooting!”

The voice of the platoon leader came from the speaker of Unit 5, which had escaped.

– Open fire.

Tick! Tick! Tick!

Kanya tightly closed her eyes, but the only thing she could hear from the remaining three Kuroi was the sound of steel bouncing.

“What, what?”

Looking around with a blank expression, Kanya realized that the scenery was distorting.

At the center of the distortion, a pair of gigantic cogwheels rotated in mesh.

Sein’s Equilibrium equalized the changes in the chemistry of the gas.

“misfire! It’s an unexploded round, Platoon Commander!”

“Me too. Check your spark plugs.”

“Nothing wrong! this… … ! Kuck!”


Kuan and Etela took down one Kuroi.

It took a long time compared to their skills, but it was meaningful that two people specializing in anti-biological warfare destroyed the machine with their physical abilities.

Kuroi’s tempered glass popped out.

The pilot passed out, clinging to the synchro machine, with Armin standing beside him.

As long as the coordinates were certain, it was the spookiness unique to space-time wizards who could penetrate even an enclosed space.

The other team members also destroyed the Kuroi easily, and the only surviving aircraft was the one Kuroi the platoon commander was riding.

Gaold approached Kuroi, stroking his chin with interest, as if meeting an unknown.

Then, instead of asking for a handshake, he looked up at the purple face of the aircraft and said.

“get off. Unless you want to die.”


As the tempered glass soared to the ceiling, the platoon leader jumped at Gaold with the piper attached.


“No, Platoon Commander!”

Kanya shouted, but the platoon leader’s Cigna was already falling on Gaold’s head.


Gaold looked back at Sirone. And as if it were separate, his fist swung quickly and hit the platoon leader’s jaw.


Falling in disgrace, he rolled on the floor with eyes open.

If Gaold hadn’t canceled the press magic, his face would have disappeared from the world with this blow.

“Anyone you know, Sirone?”

Sirone doubted his eyes and looked more closely.

“Is it Kanya? You, Kanya, right?”

Kanya seemed to have finally relaxed and moved on without power.

Empty! Empty! She, who even stripped her piper in the middle, ran with her bare body and fell into the arms of her sirone.

“Sirone, Sirone! Aaaaaang!”

Everyone was bewildered when a sweet scene suddenly unfolded in the hostile relationship that had been fighting to death.

“really… … Sirone?”

Among the rebels, there is no one who does not know Sirone.

The first Nephilim to stop Ilhwa’s drinking.

The rebels were organized starting from the riots that started in Sharmaine District 73, and they honored Sirone by calling it ‘the light of District 73’.

Kanya belatedly wiped away her tears and smiled shyly.

“Sorry. I didn’t recognize him because he was wearing something strange.”

Sirone didn’t care, as anyone would have done that if they had met as enemies while hiding their identity.

“are you okay. How is Lena?”

“huh. It’s in the main unit. I will go black with joy when I see you.”

“haha! So, what about your parents?”

“Dad still corrects me.”


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“… … I see.”

Sirone didn’t ask about her mother.

Even at that time, her lifespan was short, so it was possible to guess what happened after Kanya didn’t say anything.

There is no good death in the world.

However, Sirone hoped that she would leave happily, being seen off by her family.

“How long has it been since I went back?”

“Exactly 432 days.”

Kanya didn’t think long. The day Sirone stopped Ilhwa’s drinking was a monumental day for the rebels, so they didn’t even have to calculate it.

‘432 days.’

It was a time not too different from where Sirone lived.

There is no temporal error caused by the distance because the Guffin’s door distorts the space.

Even so, the reason why the time here is a little faster must be the influence of the gravitational field around the planet.

Sirone asked the most curious question.

“I heard that you are at war with Heaven, but I haven’t seen even Mara, let alone an angel, since I came here. Why is that?”

Kanya shook her head.

“We don’t know either. We fought really fiercely, no, we almost ran away, but somehow the angels started disappearing from one day. Even on the day of the full moon, when I was always on patrol.”

Sein, who had been listening while linking the mental magic, intervened with her eyes shining.

“When exactly did this change happen?”

“Um, maybe 130 days?”

130 days.

In contrast to the time zone of the original world, it was around three months or so.

It first occurred to me that it was then that I lost contact with Gaold’s bodyguards who had infiltrated heaven.

‘Surely something happened in heaven. What is it? Does it have anything to do with the maze? or not… … .’

The platoon leader looked at Kuroi with a bitter expression.

Sirone, called the light of District 73, didn’t have to fight for any reason, but the loss was too great.

“It’s a big deal. The damage to the aircraft is serious.”

Sirone approached with an apologetic expression. It was so damaged that it could not be repaired without window maintenance.


“There is nothing to be sorry about. We were the ones who struck first.”

The squad leader woman, who had some responsibility for that, appealed by showing her palms with an unfair expression.

“But that man gave me a grotesque vision first. If you see it, you will understand, but anyone would have recognized it as an enemy.”

Flew took a beating.

“Before that, you aimed at the arc first, didn’t you?”

“Before that, that man started a fight first.”

“You misunderstood first before you started a fight.”

The woman could not stand it and cried out.

“Then how can you not misunderstand when you look like that! You approached me as if you were going to hit me!”

A moment of silence followed.

In the end, when the opinion that Gaold’s face was a sin came out, the platoon commander didn’t want to argue anymore.

“it’s okay. Stop that and quickly collect the aircraft and join the main unit. The main unit is also not in a relaxed situation right now.”

Sein asked.

“Where is the main unit?”

“Plains of the Dead. We are currently carrying out an operation to wipe out the giants.”

The platoon commander walked to his Kuroi.

“This is the only equipment that can be put in immediately. For now, I will lead, so follow me… … huh?”

Gaold stood behind the platoon leader.

When the platoon commander, with one foot on the aircraft, looked at him in disbelief, Gaold pointed to the side with his chin.

“Move. I will ride.”

“What are you talking about? Are you riding this?”

Kang Nan sighed and approached.

“Why the hell do you want to ride that? It’s linked to Piper anyway, so it won’t move even if you just ride it.”

Gaold’s solution was simple.

“Give me Piper, then.”

Kang Nan looked back at Se-in.

It was an official question to the team’s order, whether it was okay to leave this human alone.

Sein nodded.

Heaven is destroyed by Sirone, but Gaold must be in charge of the angels. He was the only one who could buy time against a bunch of angels, so he had better leave it to him when it came to fighting.

“For now, let them do whatever they want.”

5 minutes after that.

Chunk! Chunk!

Garold, equipped with a piper, boarded the Kuroi.

The platoon leader, deprived of everything, was just looking at the distant mountains.

Sirone looked at her anxiously and asked Fleur.

“Can I really do this? At best, the atmosphere was relaxed, but the stealing of equipment was a bit… … .”

“What are you thinking? Aren’t you the kind of person who would stop working just because you’re interested?”

Sirone shut his mouth.

Flew also felt remorse and eventually changed his mind.

“Actually, I don’t even know. But everyone here is the president of the association, so they followed us all the way here. I just trust the president of the association.”

Gaold connected Piper to the Synchro Machine.

As I closed my arms inside, Kuroi made the same motion.

“Are you feeling okay?”

Since there was no tempered glass, Gaold moved the tank while checking the scenery with his eyes.

“Hmm, how about this?”

When the drive joint on the waist was turned all the way, Kuroi’s waist began to spin like a top.

“Quack. Gangnan, look at this.”

When Gaold jokingly attacked with Guroi’s arm, Gangnan, who easily dodged it by leaning back, exclaimed unbearably.

“Oh really! I’m afraid I’ll break it!”

These were the words of those who had already destroyed four Kuroi, so Kanya ej*culated with sincere eyes.

“Please bear with that. The Kuroi is a really valuable piece of equipment.”

“Whoa, okay. I will die of stress because of that person.”

It was only then that Gaold took a look at this and that.

It’s not comparable to Spirit Zone’s synesthesia, but Multivision provided an excellent field of view, and its firepower was powerful enough to be compared to an air gun.

“How many guns are there in the rebels?”

“That is confidential. I can’t tell you.”

Kuroi’s gun barrel pointed at the platoon leader with a click.

I couldn’t tell how much of it was a joke and how serious it was.

“It’s also confidential, but I don’t know. At most, it’s about the status of the battalion’s equipment. There’s no way a platoon commander knows the total production of the rebels.”

Gaold licked his lips and stopped the aircraft.

He jumped off Kuroi, threw off his piper, and quietly joined Sirone’s group.

Kangnan crossed his arms and glared at him.

“why? It acted like it would ride all day.”

“I get motion sickness. Worse than words.”

Gangnan gasped and snorted.

On the other hand, Gaold’s mind was getting complicated.

‘I wouldn’t even have a chin on that one. At least 2,000? No, more than that.’

It was the strength of the Kuroi unit that Gaold had calculated was needed to capture one ordinary angel.

* * *

As the sun went down, Sirone and the others left the forest.

When I arrived at the hill overlooking the Plain of the Dead, the scene of the procession of giants I saw in the morning and the 23rd Battalion of the 1st Rebel Army commanding a local battle spread all the way to the horizon.

The battalion possessed a total of 30 Kuroi.

However, because one group Kanya belonged to was sent as reinforcements, twenty-five Kuroi were currently in operation.

Divided into five groups, the Kuroi troops cooperated with the infantry to lure a handful of giants at least one kilometer away from the column and then use concentrated fire tactics.

Every time the giants collapsed in pieces, Sirone put on a terrible expression.

Giants are also human.

If the Mecca members were once subjects, they would know that fact better than anyone else, so Kanya’s face was also shaded.

“The iron rule is to eliminate giants as soon as they are discovered. When they arrive in Jotunheim and achieve unity of mind, they will be able to use the power of giants.”

The platoon commander said it like an excuse, but it wasn’t wrong.

If the 8 egos are overlapped, the schematic of the schema becomes powerful enough to be comparable to an excellent swordsman. By that time, he would not have been able to cope with the strength of a single battalion.

After entering the plains, the group quickly returned to their main unit.

Seeing the party with only one Guroi, the company commander looked at him in disbelief at first, and then suddenly lost his temper.

“What happened! It was Kergoin! I sent five planes to deal with it quickly. I think I sent it to do it this way!”


The platoon commander repeated the same words.

Anyway, since he was in charge of the platoon, he had nothing to say even if he had 10 mouths.

But Kanya was different.

sirone is back It also brought a much stronger ally than last time.

This was a good news that could not be compared with the loss of tanks.

“Squadron commander! I have a report for you!”

“What are you! I can’t see you’re looking for a platoon commander! Are you ignoring the chain of command!”

Kuroi Pilot is an infantry squad leader, but reporting directly in front of the platoon leader was a huge disrespect.

But Kanya couldn’t wait.

It was an issue that the chief executive must know about now that the giant’s invasion line was being narrowed through the sound.

“The light of Area 73!”

“what? What nonsense are you talking about?”

Kanya burst into a tantrum and shouted.

“Sirone is here!”


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