Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 418

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[418] Second Purgatory (5)

Sirone’s party passed through the battlefield where bullets rained down on them and headed to the command headquarters barracks where the battalion commander was located.

Even if it was the command center, it was right in front of the battlefield, so I couldn’t understand the words without shouting.

It was only after entering the barracks that the noise subsided to some extent.

The company commander, who had already finished his report, was resting in the corner, and Kanya was accompanying him for a smooth conversation from Sirone’s side.

The battalion commander did not take his eyes off the strategic map even after Sirone and his party entered.

“I heard about it.”

He was a cold-looking man with gray hair brushed back, and a thick mustache that looked stubborn.

“Are you a Nephilim?”

Sirone did not deny it.

Regardless of the fact, it seemed that this would be more effective to use the rebels.

The battalion commander seemed uninterested and moved on to the next question.

“I will ask straight forward. Why did you come back?”

Sirone did not understand the question.

“You are like a myth to the rebels. But myths are the most beautiful when they are myths. Some members of the crew consider you an irresponsible fugitive. Why did you, who had already left the battlefield, come here again?”

Sirone had a hunch that one of the people who thought he was a fugitive was the battalion commander.

“There is no great reason. As was the case before, as a single mage, I will fight with all my convictions.”

“Believe… … .”

The battalion commander walked through the window tent and surveyed the battlefield.

“The light you cast on District 73 is now the sun of the 70,000 rebels. I don’t want to put out that light. If you came only because of your beliefs, I’d like to pretend that we never met.”

Sirone realized that the battalion commander would not budge.

What was contained in his cold eyes was not fighting spirit, but only the evil sense of mission that he had chosen the wrong path from the beginning.

“Even if it is a small conviction, the purpose may be the same. I’d like to speak directly with the Commander. Please let me go to the rebel headquarters.”


There was an unconcealable hostility in the battalion commander’s eyes.

“Okay, let me be honest. The war has already been lost. No, it came to the brink of defeat. If it weren’t for the situation where Heaven’s offensive suddenly stopped, the war would have already ended. It was such an overwhelming gap. Countless crew members lost their lives. The card left to us is negotiations with Heaven. If you’re going to start and put out the fire again, the light in Area 73 will only get in the way.”

“But after all, the war is going on. And Heaven is currently not moving. This could be an opportunity. If you can figure out exactly what the situation is, you have a good chance.”

“Hey, the light of Area 73.”

The battalion commander pressed his face.

“Don’t judge the Mecca with a Norse mindset. It was a rebellion started by the Norse from the beginning. But now? It is only us Mecha people who die. Why did Heaven stop fighting? Who can figure it out?”

“I can figure it out.”

The battalion commander kept his mouth shut. My teeth gnashed in my closed mouth.

“Listen up, sweetheart. Do you think I don’t know what you’re up to? no, i don’t know the truth But I already know that you intend to use us no matter what. People call you Shinhwa, but to me you’re just a seed of disaster. At most, a myth without the ability to defeat a fairy manager. Do you know how fiercely we fought while you were out? On the subject of running away at the most intense time, what and how are you going to change now?”

“I will meet Ikael.”

“pooh… … .”

Wind leaked out of the battalion commander’s mouth.

“Puhahahaha! Fuhahahaha!”

It was really embarrassing.

Archangel Ichael. Meet the person who is located at the top of the heavenly law?

If it had been that easy, hundreds of thousands of his subjects would not have died.

“Now I know for sure. you are not a myth He is a slayer who seduces countless subjects with his three tongues and drives them to death. Company commander! Arrest this guy! Never tell the soldiers.”

Just as the company commander had no choice but to follow orders, the tent in the barracks was pulled down and an adjutant rushed in.

“Captain! This is an emergency. The giants are breaking through the last line of defense.”

“what? why the hell What stupid bastard lured the giant here? Why?”

“It is not confirmed. Since the Kuroi 3 team lost contact, the defense line has been cut off… … .”

The battalion commander hit the tactics table.

“Damn it. Why?”

It is rare for a variable to occur in a giant elimination operation. This is because the reactions of giants without identity are all the same.

But now the last line of deterrence has been breached.

He doesn’t know where the law came from, but he could only think of one thing as he lived today, which was no different from yesterday.

The battalion commander grabbed Sirone by the collar.

“Did you see it? After all, you are the cause of everything. You destroyed Kuroi, leaving a tactical hole in the end. Now I plan to annihilate even our battalion!”

Kanya shouted with readiness to die.

“Commander! That’s a guess! Sirone… … !”

“shut up! Does a pilot who couldn’t even protect his equipment have anything to say in this situation?”

the adjutant pressed.

“Captain! Please give me instructions! If we leave it as it is, we won’t be able to survive for even 30 minutes and will be annihilated!”

The battalion commander mounted a piper hanging on the wall. After putting the Ark in his pocket, he took Cigna and Xd, and as he left the barracks, he glared at Sirone.

“Get out of here quickly. Because I don’t want to see you.”

Kanya shouted.

“Captain! They will also help with power!”

“Did you not hear me? Sirone is the main culprit who changed the giant’s law! Our job now is to fight the enemy, not hide behind those fugitives!”

When the battalion commander left, Kanya had no choice but to follow.

As a soldier, she couldn’t just watch her comrades die.

“Sirone, I’m sorry.”

As she left the barracks, she smiled sadly.

“But it was nice to meet you.”

She didn’t know that it was her own goodbye.


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But still, Sirone had not let go of the string of hope.

‘A change of law. They said that the law could be changed by the expression of the will. maybe really… … .’

Gangnan said.

“The situation is worse than expected. Can you really move the rebels like this?”

Sein said.

“There are still many cards to present. Same with Tagis. The problem is command. When I hear about the military community, it seems that the location is being covered up, but if that’s the case, there’s a high chance that you won’t get information from the mainland. I have to do something now.”

Zulu said.

“I think the change in the Law of the Giants is important. I don’t understand why giants, whose only law is to go to Jotunheim, are taking collective action. Can anyone provide an answer to this?”

There was no one.

In Heaven, where the Akashic Records materialize and exist, the law is an artificial system, but in the world where Sirone and the others live, it is simply the principle of the universe.

Just as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a storm, it was unreasonable to question where the law was changed, since all minor variables are involved.

Gaold suggested his own method.

“First, wipe out all the giants. If you save my life, won’t you let me meet the commander or whatever?”

Sirone raised her hand.

“Leave that to me.”

“no. It’s too dangerous. You have a special mission. Do not think that your life is entirely yours.”

“no. I guess it’s a matter of the law.”

Sein asked.

“Do you have any guesses?”

“yes. But please think of it as an experiment rather than a guess. There are things I must check in heaven.”

* * *

“All attack! Never back down!”

The seven giants grabbed one Kuroi and threw it on the ground, then started stepping on it with small steps.

The c*ckpit is destroyed, and the terrified pilot screams. But in the end, even that cut off after a second.

“Shit! Aaaaaaa!”

The battalion commander who arrived late shot the arc in succession. It was a barrage without aiming or anything.

Still, the giant was right.

Even so, the fact that he was unmoved made the battalion commander miserable.

“Damn it! damn it!”

From the beginning, it was not something that humans could handle.

What is the sake of anecdote? What does it mean to have a fixed lifespan?

Because of the sin against God, man lost the way to eternal life. And now the species was facing extinction.


When the battalion commander slammed the giant’s leg down with the cigna, the giant slowly turned his head, feeling the pain.

The moment I saw the dilated pupil, I got goosebumps.

“Heresy… … Punish it.”

My legs trembled and I couldn’t stand the moaning that leaked through my teeth.

“Huh. Ughhhh.”

As the giant approached, the battalion commander’s face turned into a tearful look.

He had seen countless deaths, but his own death was something new that could not be compared to anything else.

“Heresy… … Punish it.”

“Oh, no. I am heresy… … .”

As the giant’s fist slammed down, the battalion commander let out an inaudible scream and closed his eyes tightly.

kurrrrr… … .

When I slowly opened my eyes to the sound of scratching my neck in a very low voice, a beast I had never seen before stood like a black barrier.

It had silky, black-colored fur, a slim body like a leopard, six legs, a flat face, and protruding canine teeth over a meter long. There were cracks in the ground because of curling up the claws while receiving the giant’s fist.

“What, what is this?”

“What is it? Tier 3 monster cougar.”

Before I knew it, Gaold and the others had arrived.

Zulu took the lead and flicked a finger, and the cougar said, “Gyareung?” I turned around and made a cute noise that didn’t suit his size.

“Go and play.”


As the cougar kicked off the ground and took flight, the field of view opened wide as if a black curtain had been lifted.

Every time the beast’s claws swung, the giant’s body was cut off.

In terms of athletic ability alone, it was the strength of the Cougar, which is considered the strongest in Tier 3.

The battalion commander, who had been looking at the battlefield as if possessed, slowly turned his head.

“Who are you?”

Gaold pursed his lips and said.

“It is human. Same as you.”

* * *

“Lena! Lena!”


Kanya hugged Lena, who was fighting among the giants, and threw herself.

The sole of the giant’s foot slammed down on the spot where the two were standing, and the body trembled as if it had landed on a rubber sheet.

Lena was terrified by the law, which she had never experienced before. Then, seeing that her kanya was her bare body, he groped her.

“sister! Are you hurt anywhere? What about Kuroi?”

Tears welled up in Kanya before she could even speak.

poor little sister She was born into this world and never did anything good, and it was sad that she had to leave like this.

Lena smiled as if she had sensed something.

“Sister, I am fine.”

Kanya rubbed her cheek against Lena’s cheek.

She’s a smart little sister, so there’s no way she wouldn’t know. Because there were already corpses of comrades everywhere.

The last thing to say has already been decided.

I wanted to say these words before I died, because I was the sister I had been waiting for just as much as she was.

“Lena, Sirone… … .”

“Sirone brother?”

As Lena looked up at the sky and said, Kanya’s eyes shook in shock as she raised her head after her sister.

Sirone spread her golden wings and was flying in the sky.

‘Is this a war in heaven?’

The view of the battlefield from the sky was devastating.

Giants slaughtering humans seemed no different from humans slaughtering ants.

‘But I can finish it. If this works… … .’

Sirone cast Shining Impact. The brightness equal to sunlight blinded everyone.

It was a dark time, so the effect was even greater.


“shit! What is it all of a sudden!”

After a while, people regained their sight.

The fear of being blind even to the giant was considerable, so he suddenly turned more frenzied and started screaming.

At that moment, something flashed in the sky, and colorful lights spread across the night sky.

Giants and humans alike raised their heads as rainbow-colored stains fluttered across the plain as the darkness approached.

“I-that… … .”

Sirone, who completed a huge ataraxia above her head, was looking down at everyone with her wings flapping.

The Meccans were stunned.

Now, Sirone’s appearance was exactly the same as the existence that the subjects feared.

“Ughhhh. uhhhhh.”

Hundreds of giants shook the ground, bent their knees, opened their mouths like idiots, and started crying.

Giants also exist in the law.

Ikael’s magic circle had a strong presence in its instincts even when it lost its identity.

“The law… … Coordinator… … .”

As if they thought kneeling was not enough, the giants lowered their bodies with their foreheads on the ground.

The human figure was finally revealed.

However, they also looked back at each other for a moment, then raised their eyes to the sky again.

“The Nephilim… … .”

A word I had forgotten in my head sprang out of the mouths of heretics.

“Sister, Sirone’s brother is here.”

In Kanya’s arms, Lena burst into tears.

Even if someone cursed at her for being a fugitive, even if she regretted being deceived by him and disobeying God, she never doubted Sirone, and this was a miracle for her.

“Yes, Lena. Sirone… … He must have really been a descendant of an angel.”

Sirone returned with golden wings that were more beautiful than those of angels, and a colorful halo, the symbol of an archangel, floated above her head.

From the light of Area 73, to be the light of Heaven.

“Nephilim. Nephilim.”

“O adjuster of the law… … .”

Everyone was kneeling at Sirone’s feet.


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