Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1210

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The world we live in (4)

Delta headquarters.

Kitra of the Kingdom of Paras indifferently looked at the Exoverse, which had turned into a black sphere.

‘A singularity with no volume and infinite density.’

If all possibilities are contained in zero space, existence is just an illusion.

“Are you defying the will of God?”

The seven archangels restored the law, but the pyramids around the world were still standing.

When the number 100 is the result, the number of ways to make that 100 is infinite.

All the angel did was remove 7/8 of the causes.

“You cannot change the outcome.”

To God, the odds are only 0 and 100 percent.

It was still God’s overwhelming victory until all eight source concepts were gathered.

As blue light entered Kitra’s eyes, the pyramid’s magnetic field began to expand.

At the same time, the same blue light lit up in the eyes of those affected by the magnetic field.

It was a person who lost his mind in the event of quantum fluctuations that grew like bubbles.

“Kill Maya.”

In Omega 999, someone’s name became the most important law in the universe.

In the sun’s core, the seven archangels felt the cosmic law change.

A different method, but the result would be the same.

“how… … ?”

Ikael said.

“It circumvented what we had done. It can be changed in any way.”

satiel said.

“Still, I kept my heart. If this is the case, even the ordinary angels will not lose their status.” Is it really so?

Personally, it’s fortunate, but when you look at the universe as a whole, nothing has changed.

In the end, it means that you couldn’t disobey God’s will, and God is trying to close this world.

‘No nothing. You can’t stop what isn’t there.’ In this way, the breath of God was leaking through all materials and cracks in all laws.

If the universe is likened to a box, just as if there is only one hole, it will be filled with air.

‘The only way is to block it completely. Unless all beings deny God with one will… …

In the end, it was a game that God would win.

Absorbing Phoenix’s soul, Amy rode the solar wind and arrived at Sirone’s place.


Amy became naked the moment she got rid of the incarnation of fire within the Miracle Stream’s protective shield.


She hurriedly hid behind Sirone’s back and covered herself with her blushing face.

“Do not look back.”

Sirone raised an eyebrow.

“I can make clothes for you.” That was a good method, but when I looked at the workload of Sirone Spear, my mouth didn’t drop.

“it’s okay. It will burn again anyway.” Amy was mesmerized for a moment by the feast of substances pouring from Sirone’s hands.

“That’s amazing.”

“huh. Mom reversed the law, but the world of Apocalypse didn’t change. It must be that God’s thinking is beyond human scope. maybe this… … It will be the last thing I can do against God.”

Sirone didn’t say ‘we’.

‘I must have known.’

The fact that uniting humans as one is much more difficult than the Sirone Sphere.

Amy hugged Sirone from behind.

“Cheer up, strength.”

Her heart began to throb, as if her spirit was breaking through her back.

said Amy.

“Let’s not just try to be happy.”

She said the same thing when they were left alone after Ficho’s funeral.


And from Sirone’s eyes, hot tears flowed just like that time.

“don’t worry. Because the only man I love is you Because it will never change.”

Sirone cried silently.

Feeling his sobs all over her body, Amy recalled what happened a long time ago.

“I remember? When I first met you.”

He said he met a country boy lost in the back alleys of Creas City.

“At that time, you were hurt a little bit. I couldn’t either Take off your clothes =”

“5 three


“But I went home that day and told my dad. I will go to magic school.” It was the day Sirone first succeeded in magic.

“That’s how we met again, and we went through a lot. I think about this sometimes What would have happened if I hadn’t met you that day? If you went to the ice cream parlor on a whim, or if you were 10 or even 5 minutes late in the alley. If I had said something different in that situation… …

In retrospect, the eerie fate of human beings O

“I won’t be here right now. I couldn’t have said these words as I hugged you from behind right now.”

Sirone shut his mouth.

“If I had a different life, I would have lived that way again. But Sirone, I, now I… … I think that moment is a miracle. A miracle that changed my life.”

therefore… … .

“Never change. Even if I turn back time, even if I turn back thousands or tens of thousands of times, I will not change that moment with any future.”


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Sirone lowered her head.

‘I must remember this moment.’ Still don’t know why.

However, in a world where the beginning and end have already been determined, what humans can do is eventually…

“Sirone, I will not forget you. I will love you against all odds in the universe.”

Giving your heart to the best of your ability.

≪ O 99


Turning around, Sirone caressed Amy’s tear-stained cheek.

“You must remember me. ‘Cause I’m going to find you Even if I search the whole universe, I will go.”

Sirone knows nothing about what will happen in the next six hours.

Just Omega 999 years.

At the end of human history set by God, they were the ones who promised a farther future than that.

The two looked back at the sun.

“I’ll be back.”

I don’t know what happened to the core, but Amy would be helpful.

“be careful.”

“don’t worry.”

Amy, who held Sirone’s face and gently kissed her, performed fire incarnation.

Stepping out of the Miracle Stream’s shield, she said with a smile.

“Because no one can kill me.” Through the magic of spontaneous combustion, her body instantly moved to the sun.


Shiroe, who felt Amy’s warmth for a moment, said again, tightening her eyes.


-The construction progress is 42.0148 percent.

‘I have to succeed.’

Perhaps for the first time, it dawned on me that human unity might be impossible.

The spire of the Delta Headquarters.

Sitting on the topmost spot, Sirone looked sadly at the crowd at the front gate.

‘There is no end.’

After Gith’s press conference, Lodenin’s citizens were divided into two and protested.

‘No, it’s not like that.’

If you go into a place that is invisible to the naked eye, no one has any intention of listening to others.

“Let’s punish Geese for defaming Jive with the kingdom’s law! It is a civil right!”

In the democratic monarchy of Jive, the citizens of the capital had considerable power.

“Who are you talking about defaming! If we divide public opinions in this way with matters that have not yet been revealed, we will only be at a disadvantage in the holy war!”

“Thinking of going over to that kind of intimidation.

Don’t! A king whose morality has collapsed is not qualified to be the representative of the citizens!”

The voices everyone threw out one word at a time reached the depths of the Delta Headquarters.

Standing in front of the window, the albino stared at the hundreds of torches burning at the front door.

Rufist said.

“It turned out to be what Gis wanted. Those flames seem to represent the anger of the citizens.”

“Anger is not good. Emotions are visible. And you can control whatever you see.”

The albino continued.

“From the beginning, the content of the press conference was not important. Once you send a signal, the receiver responds in one way or another. Agree or disagree.”

“That’s what divides them.”

“Because dichotomous thinking is like human destiny. If it’s not right, it’s wrong. But the 1.5 generation of mankind is different. They have one more option.”

said the albino.

“Right, wrong, no right answer.” “There is no right answer in this world. It’s a contradiction all over. people are afraid of it That’s why you use your strength and insist that you are right. On the other hand, 1.5 generations of humanity accept contradiction. Even if you don’t understand, even if you don’t understand, just do it. It only focuses on solving the problem.”

“In a sense, it’s a lack of emotion.”

“It is very cold. It’s because they’ve evolved enough to rise to the pinnacle of the civilization ecosystem. By now, the big meat of money and power will be split on its own, and the rest will be thrown to the citizens. Whether it’s the joy of victory or the sense of achievement of the citizens, such nutrientless dregs.”

“It’s good value.”

“Hehe, it’s like selling something you don’t know what it is with the label ‘best’. Actually I don’t know. How do those things make my life happy? But since there are people who buy, they must be selling too.”

Lufist, lost in thought, asked.

“What if the citizens remained silent after the press conference?”

“Couldn’t Amagis have dried up the blood? Because you can’t predict the public’s reaction. But it’s hard work. Integration at the transcendental level, that’s what Ultima is.”


“The next best thing would be for Banwang to unite the citizens, but since the purge has already been completed, wouldn’t it be better to hold a press conference?” Announcements are always final.

Citizens fought endlessly.

“Let’s just wait. Let’s reserve judgment until after the crusade.”

Even within the Gis faction, there was a division between the moderate faction and the radical faction.

“The young lady has died. How do you feel about His Highness the King? For now, take it seriously.”

Moderates again into emotional and rational factions.

“It’s not that kind of problem, it’s frustrating. Aren’t you putting up with it because of the current situation?”

The emotional faction was divided into anger and sympathy.

“Is that what you mean? don’t you have children? Aren’t you a psycho?”

“What is it? Did you say anything?”

Sirone had no choice but to watch with sad eyes as the citizens were divided.

‘There is no right answer.’

There will be only those who wander in search of the correct answer and those who run in a straight line with the wrong answer.

Under a system where the one who arrives first plants a flag there and dominates everyone.

‘They now… …

They would be toasting on top of the world.

“Hey, Your Highness Geese. Congratulations.” The leaders of the Jive allies gathered in the bath Arachne prepared.

Geese said as he entered the bath.

“haha! What would be such a big deal? I feel relieved because the tooth I was suffering from has fallen out.”

The leader of Yoeumbang, who was sitting in the bathtub with his chest exposed, asked for a smoke pipe.

“Mr. Raymond, surprisingly, he seems to be a genuine group. I heard he called his wife by name before he died.”

The King of Iron burst into laughter.

“Puhahaha! why? Are you afraid you will go to hell? What kind of king would a guy like that be… … . Eh, this.”

Geese’s eyelids trembled.

“Uh, good. Let it go, let it go.”

Predators of civilization whose emotions are not dictated to get what they want.

“Your Highness, please accept my love too.” However, what can be called that 1.5 generation mankind?

Where such a sober mind goes.

“Heh, yes. Where should I ask?” Extremely animal and primitive senses

that it is.

“iced coffee!” that’s the… … It was the world of Omega 999 as seen by Sirone.

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