Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1211

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The world we live in (5)

Pyramids built all over the world stole people’s hearts through magnetic fields.

They became human beings and began to move as a group according to God’s purpose.

In the flow of people diverging like a tributary of a river, some stems headed for the temple.

“Towards God’s Holy Land.” Some stems were moving ahead of time towards a place far away from Jive.

As if he knew what was going to happen at the last moment.

“We are going to Delta Headquarters.”

Even in the pyramids built in the Jive Kingdom, countless humans were born.

Among them was the Holy Apostle of the Anti-Magician, who inspected the pyramids under the direction of Pope Constantine.

“Kill Maya.”

Those in heavy armor started heading towards the Delta Headquarters with a clattering sound.

The protest continued, and the albino turned away from the window as if the game was over.

“Everyone thinks they are right. The problem is that no one can say they are wrong because everyone is talking about being right.”

Lufist followed.

“After the Asmodian invasion, Jive adopted a democratic monarchy only in the capital city. It is also the reason why Kish became king. The pride of the citizens who restored the damage from the war must be great.”

“Who is not? Democracy is a good way. But don’t think of it like a sanctuary. There is no special value in ideology. The fundamental reason for the downfall of monarchism is not because it is against humanity, but because efficiency is outdated. The bloody revolution would have been only a passing step compared to the staggering wealth that systemic change would bring.”

“It’s a presumptuous statement, but I can sense a semi-contemptuous tone toward the present age.”

“Heh, it’s not like that. Freedom is a good thing. But for me, the idea that freedom is something to be won, not something to be given, is deeply rooted. That’s why I’m a kkondae.”

“If I made a mistake… …

“no it’s okay. Because it’s true. You live your age. I am just concerned about the reality that the concept of freedom seems to overwhelm all concepts.”

said the albino.

“It is said that it is a society that respects individual values, but in reality, it is like throwing several options and choosing from them. At one time, there was a heated discussion about the legalization of homosexuality in Lodenin. all good. One is heterosexual, the other is homosexual. But maybe a little homosexual, where’s the half homosexual? In the end, either this way or the other way. The many personalities who stay in the middle are crushed. It’s not an agreement, it’s a method used in warfare. The protesters won’t be able to coalesce either way.”

If it’s a way to win and see.

“I am not talking about restoration of the monarchy. Even Lodenin was once censored by the system. After passing through such a dark period, the time has come for individuals to censor individuals. Even though no one told them to, they are spying on each other. After identifying friends and family, all that remains is thorough punishment.” “There may be no right answer, but people seem to be under the delusion that something can be perfectly defined. Imagining how other people lived has become a talent useless to society. Is this some kind of evolution? If everyone is satisfied, we can live like that, but… … As expected, an old man like me has no choice but to have a bitter taste.”

“Anyone who thinks like that is not an old man.”

“haha! That’s because you’re on your way to becoming like me. Kids these days call me old man, right? Think of when we were young. As the adults say, it caused a game. Even if it’s just a little clumsy and I don’t like it, I don’t think I have to follow it. Aside from right and wrong, isn’t that the way things are? After all, they are the owners of the future.”

Perhaps because the ugly politics of the temple will end tomorrow morning, the albino was deeply moved.

When I opened the door to the security room, Dante was smoking a cigarette in the thick smoke.

“Oh, sorry.”

The albino held out his hand.

“All right. Be at ease.”

Dante, who has to predict the whereabouts of Rom, Garto, and Temica, is currently the busiest person.

“You are suffering. I need to buy you a drink.”

“it’s okay. Have a seat.” Dante quit smoking and started the briefing.

“About 12 hours until the vote. It will depend on the alliance structure in the future, but so far, the most promising candidate for the world leader is Jive. That’s a whopping 42 percent chance.”

Because it was calculating the direction of the table, it was possible to infer the approximate probability.

“but… … Pretty good.”

There have been so many incidents since the temple opened.

If Jive deserved it, it would have been because it handled all those variables reliably.

Dante went on to explain.

“The next most likely candidate for the world map is Corona. However, the country is currently in an unstable state. The ivory tower is in danger of being overthrown. The odds are 34 percent.”

There was no disagreement.

“Well, it may not mean much, but shall we go for third place?”

He must have wanted to hear the name of Tormia with his ears.

“From 3rd place onwards, it’s hard to beat. Kashan and Aron are showing odds of 21 percent and 19 percent, respectively.”


“yes. Wurin’s identity is currently unknown, but if he survives until tomorrow morning, we believe he has a chance to rebound. It is more likely than Iron.”

The albino was bitter.

“If the country where the empress ran away without even changing her underwear is in third place, did Tormia have no hope from the beginning?”

Rufist said.

“Until this happened, Kashan was overwhelmingly number one. It’s a huge event just to fall down here. And Tormia… …

Finally, impatient, he asked openly.

“How high are you?”

“Sixth place. Jive, Corona, Kashan, Iron, Jincheon, and then Tormia.

The odds are 16.4 percent.”

Albino touched his beard.

“Anyway, the fact that no country has exceeded 50 percent means that the risk factor remains. Is there any room for us to overtake in 12 hours?”

Dante flipped the charts.

“Currently, people from the vicinity of the Pyramid are coming towards Lodenin in groups. You don’t know what will happen if there is a clash with the protesters. There is also a possibility that Geese will be impeached.”

“If that happens, Gis will be stripped of the right to vote. 12 hours is too tight to turn it back even if you put forward a large charge.” It would also be quite a gamble, but there was also a way to play the flu as the last card.

Rufist said.

“It means there is still room for redemption.”

“yes. Unpredictable situations can happen at any time. And this is my personal opinion… …

When Dante stopped talking, the two raised their heads.


“It is rather easy to extract meaningful information from a single event. It is the realm of intuition and calculation.”

“Is there something on your mind?” Dante pointed to the kingdom of Kessia written on the chart.

“Fermi. This guy obviously knows something. Otherwise, these figures would not be possible.”


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“What is your rank?”

“Twelfth place. It is inferior to the tribal confederation of the south. There is a 0.1 percent chance that Kessiah will become the world leader.”

Rufist touched his chin.

“It’s an inhuman shame.”

“yes. There is no movement, let alone an alliance. Even though the former king was murdered, it is too quiet. Either gave up or are aiming for something big. It is one of the two.”

“It will be the latter.”

After saying that, the albino asked again.

“Then what? That big thing.”

A knock was heard, and Lyria half-opened the door and poked her face in.

“Hey, do you have a moment?”

Predicting the death of the Moon kingdom, she still remained at the temple looking after Pony.

“what’s the matter?”

“His Highness has come to his senses.” Dante was also worried about the safety of his alumni, but it was difficult to find time right now.

‘Pony is no longer a variable.’ Now was the time to focus on the variable Fermi.

“okay. later i… …

“Sirone is also here. To Your Highness’s room.” Lyria added hastily.

Although it was expressed in a roundabout way, it was self-evident that Shiro-you called everyone.

said the albino, rising from his chair.

“Let’s change seats. Let’s hear it again there. By any chance, 16.4 percent will move?”

After saying that and leaving the room, Rufist, Dante, and Lilia followed. Rufist asked.

“You said 16.4 percent move. Do you think Sirone will be our variable?”

“Because he must have felt something after seeing this protest. But it’s not because of that. The moment I heard that lady, I suddenly thought of this. Fermi has 0.1 percent lies, and Sirone has 99.9 percent truth. According to my feeling… …

The albino’s eyes lit up.

“That Fermi’s lies are not irrelevant to Sirone’s truth. Those guys are cheating on something. In a way no one knows.”

A thought crossed my mind that maybe even they, the people involved, didn’t know.

‘Unless… …

In the secret room of the Cathia Sector, Fermi received the information from the mining team earlier.

High gear managers are experts in coding, so there should be no problem with transmission.

‘I’m not sure if they saw it… … Actually, that doesn’t even matter.

‘Only Sirone needs to avoid contacting this information. That’s why I signed a contract with Marsha.’

Not because she prioritizes the deal, but because she cares for Sirone so much.

As I opened the information with a bit of trepidation, a record that hadn’t happened yet was opened.

Because the download stopped at 83 percent, there was a broken part in the middle of the record.

Above all, it was not possible to confirm how the end of Omega 999 would end.

‘But enough.’

Fermi quickly skimmed through the information.

Then, his eyes were fixed on Amy’s death, which still hadn’t changed.

‘It’s not easy either. Because Amy’s life and death are intertwined with the fate of this world.’

When Syrone came to the gold ring after Fichot’s funeral, Fermi told the truth.

‘It wasn’t even a fuss then.’

It was a relationship that had been fought a lot since the days of magic school, but Fermi realized it for the first time at that time.

That this guy can go crazy too.

‘Honestly, I’m not sure. But no matter how you think about it, this is the only way. I can’t even calculate the win rate. The only basis for my judgment is… …

That Sirone approved.

‘He came to the same conclusion, so he accepted the deal. The one who hates me so much… …

Don’t you say you believe


Fermi went back to the beginning and studied Omega 999’s records.

And this time, Fermi’s eyes, not Syrone’s, rested on the records of his beloved.


It was something that would happen in the next hour or so.

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