Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1205

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Mind and Error (3)

Fermi had a feeling about Kitaruman, but he did not create an image hastily.

“I heard you lost your daughter.”

“It was stupid. He really loved his daughter. There was no malice. just… … You don’t know. He doesn’t know what to do because he’s never lived the world properly.”

Panier sighed.

“After that, my wife also ran away with Ranstin’s friend of 10 years. So what are you crazy about? Most guys like Ranstin are like that. I always live by looking at my hands. Because of that petty artistic spirit. You can’t blame your shrewd friend, but honestly, is that what people do? Well, maybe it was because he was a person? He was a friend who had a sense of entitlement to Lanstin without knowing what it was. He wasn’t particularly fond of him.”

Unlike Maya, Far Nier did not hide his feelings.

“On the contrary, Ranstin seemed to like it.” Paniere, who was silent for a moment, took out a cigarette and looked at her.

“If it’s okay… …

“yes. Give me one too.”

Panier, lighting a cigarette, seemed more comfortable than before.

“There was a time when I was screaming that I was an artist. It doesn’t mean flashy or successful. Popularity or fame, those are just illusions of show business.”

Recalling that time, he raised an eyebrow.

“It was a day’s work to lock myself in a small room, drink cheap alcohol, and write music on music paper. I will try to make a masterpiece that transcends the times, hehe. I was free though. People say what can you do without money, but it’s the opposite. I have nothing, so my soul is free. You do what you want to do. At that time, a lot of really weird songs were poured out. Of course no one listens. But yes too… … How to say.”

Cigarette smoke billowed toward the ceiling.

“I would say it was the most me-like life.”

“Do you hate it now?”

“Of course, it’s a good life now. Didn’t you see that my laura artists couldn’t move on me?” Panier had a bitter expression on his face.

“But the result is good, and the cause

It didn’t make sense. This is what I started to live my life through art. I wanted to surprise the world. But it’s not easy. I’m divorced now, but I’ve been working for over 10 years to take care of my two children. When Lan Steen did art, I did work.”

he spread his arms

“Who is better? Of course I do. I worked hard to protect my family. However, it is an undeniable fact that I could not have been more courageous and compromised with life.”

Panier does not call himself an artist.

“… … I wish it went well. Even if you compromised a little bit, if you mixed a little lie with the truth, people would have clapped. But he didn’t. He would beg for money, but never beg for applause.”


Fermi was lost in thought.

‘Kayden’s jailbreak, Maya’s best, and Kitaru Man… …

No compromise.

The picture of the future was being completed. Panier asked.

“By the way, what does he do for a living these days? I don’t think I’ve ever released an album.” I couldn’t tell you that the guitar man of the world’s 100 most dangerous people was Ranstin.

“I don’t know either. That’s why I found Panier. Can you guess where it is?”

“well. There may be a few. Because there is such a thing as an inspirational place. Anyway, if you’re still holding the guitar… …

Panier asked for a cigarette again.

“Wherever you are, you will be living artistically.”

I don’t know the name of the city.

After leaving his hometown, every place was an unfamiliar world to Kitaru Man.

In an unknown inn room, he heard the sound of a man and a woman breathing through the wall.

One of them was the voice of Tyra Lynn, the exclusive singer of Guitaroo Man.

The world’s 100 most dangerous people did not engage in prostitution because they had no money for lodging.

There’s just no reason not to do it.

‘As you please.’

As if trying to prove with his whole body that he does not belong to the world.

Meanwhile, Rin was a bit annoyed.

“Cheap quickly.”

Although she has a baby-faced face and a small body, she is actually close to 30 years of age.

The man who performed the gig asked.

“Are you okay? Do you belong here?”


Rin said as she buttoned up her jacket.

“There is no such thing. After tomorrow’s performance, this city will open too. So don’t ask anything.”

“show? what show?”

She handed me a ticket with the time and place written on it.

“Come if you want to come.” Deep in thought with a blank expression, he asked again as he packed the ticket under his clothes.

“Were you a singer? But why are you doing this… … . No, is it okay for me to go?”

Lin laughed.

“It comes and goes, you are free. I just sing there.”

After taking the flower bed, she went out the door and went into the next room without saying goodbye.

“I’m back.”

Kitaruman, Rob Lanstin didn’t ask anything.

“I wrote a new song.”

Lyn, who had placed the flower stand on the table, sat down on the bed and flipped through the sheet music in turn.

“It’s fine.”

Guitarrumman played the instrument again.

There was no conversation for 4 years due to differences in musical views, but even after reconciliation, they did not talk much.

Even if the emotional illness hadn’t broken out, Kitaruman would still have kept his mouth shut.

‘Outer bone marrow. sick.’

Robert Lansteen was more artistically stubborn than anyone Lin knew.

“Do you like it.”


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In fact, that’s why I’m following you.

“I’ll tell you.”

Ranstin played the sheet music he had just finished working on with the object <Gitaru>.

‘Gitaru’, probably the name for guitar, made all the instruments sound at the same time.

Lynn hummed and sang.

Lyrics that would raise eyebrows if the audience heard them resonated with a sorrowful melody.

afternoon the next day. Arriving at the plaza, Ranstin and Lin paid the rental fee and rented a small theater for about an hour.

Since there was no specific session, preparations were quick, and people gathered quite a bit.

Most of them were people who had a relationship with Rin for two weeks.


The only person who recognized her true identity was Kimstler, a composer with whom she once went to art college.

“Tyra Lynn’?”

maybe first love.

However, at that time, students who liked Lin did not discriminate between men and women.

Transcendent while is unique, but her song made all Yein’s heart beat.

‘She sang really well.’

The reason why she dropped out of school was rumored, but it was hard to believe even after hearing it.

‘Because it was a barbaric society.’

It was a place where all the unique people in the world were gathered, so there were many accidents.

“hello. I will sing.”

After a brief greeting, Lynn took the microphone, and Ransteen began a dazzling performance.


Kimsler licked his lips at the sight of men whistling and cheering enthusiastically.

As the decadent and sensational lyrics were heard, the cheers began to grow even louder.

No one knew.

The fact that everyone in the plaza could be killed with just one of her voices and Ranstin’s gesture.

“Is that the kid?”

“Because it is. yesterday i… …

Kimsler’s face flushed as he heard the audience whispering during the interlude.

‘What do you mean?’

As the thick obscenity continued for a long time, he finally couldn’t hold back his anger and shouted.

“Hey, are you slandering in moderation? Does it help you if you disparage the singer in that way?”

“What are you?”

“Do you know who that woman is? If you keep doing this, you could be sued.”

“Puhahaha! who is that woman I’m with that kid… …

Lynn sang.

“I’m going to kiss that girl walking down 73rd street. So will this shitty feeling go away? It doesn’t matter now. Because I didn’t mess it up.” Hearing all this, Kimsler was in a daze.

‘It can’t be.’

Why would a woman with such great performance and singing skills ruin her life?

After the performance, the audience gathered.

Of course, most of them remain with bad intentions, but Rin was polite to everyone.

‘Don’t ruin my memories.’

To think that she, who couldn’t even make eye contact during her school days, was harassed like that.

“thank you! thank you!”

After a few jokes and a few skinships, Lin bravely packed up her equipment.

“There are still a lot of people here today. yes?”

Ranstin was speechless.

“what? What else is so sweet? Did you not like today? You didn’t make any mistakes.”

“No, it was good.”

It just reminded me of the pain of the past.

“You have a good talent. Maybe when you go out into the world, everyone will recognize you.”

Lynn snorted.

“What are you saying, you bastard… … He left because he hated the world terribly, disgusted him to the point of disgust.


Kimsler has arrived.

“Are you Tyra Lynn? It’s me, me.”

“who are you?”

Of course, Lin couldn’t remember him.

“Oh, that’s right, classmates. I went to the Merius School of the Arts in composition. I even said hello during the performance… …

Mary’s School of the Arts is a painful name for her, but she was already out of the world.

“Aha, it’s been a while since I heard it. nice to meet.

How are you?”

The reason why Kimsler was moved by Lin’s relaxed attitude was also due to his lack of qualifications.

“uh. Now I am the director of the National Academy of Arts. It came out for a while because I was thinking of a new score.”

Although she unknowingly spewed twisted words, Lin sincerely congratulated the alumni on their success.

“Wow, that’s cool. How great?”

“How are you? Don’t perform in a place like this, would you like to come with me? I can introduce you.”


When Lyn looked at him as if he was saying something, Kimsler opened his mouth triumphantly.

“I promise to help. It’s much better than living like this anyway. is not it?”

“Aha, did you hear?”

Rin just wants to be free.

If you have nothing but freedom, why do people want to take away that freedom as well?

“sorry. As of today, the show is over in this city. Tell me when you come to another city. I’ll deal with you then.”

“What are you talking about? I didn’t mean it that way, I really care about you… …

“Ho Ho!”

She knows the ridicule and disregard behind the word worry, and the relief it brings.

Lynn stuck out her tongue.

“You guys are far worse bastards than the masses who treat us as clowns.”

Without the courage to risk your life.

“Goodbye I”

Leaving the blushing Kimstler behind, Lynn crossed her arms and walked away.

Live like that.

Even if everyone points at them as pathetic, even if they wear a mask of sympathy and despise them.

Because this is our world

‘Because I’m free.’

He is a clown living in the furthest place from the world, mocking the world.

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