Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1206

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mind and error (4)


The mining team’s judgment was correct.

When I went down to the basement of the building, the main system, which was more than tens of meters high, was filling the great cavity.

“what’s this?”

Marsha opened her mouth in a daze and looked up at the pillar that reached all the way to the ceiling.

It was emitting a bright white light like the beating of a heart, as if all the signals in this world were combined.

“Do it quickly.”

Looking back at the entrance the operator entered, he stepped back.

I couldn’t see the jets yet, but I could feel the number of androids coming down through the vibrations.

High Gear’s manager, Lollipop Mark, held a code-breaking card to a pole.

As the hologram unfolded, the code ran so fast that it was impossible to see with the naked eye.

Lollipop Mark, who had been expecting a bit, lowered his head.

“sorry. I can’t decipher this either. It seems that the language of this world is much more fragmented than we know.”

“What are you talking about? Segmentation?”

“There is absolutely no room for misunderstanding. It may be the final stage that the code can reach, but that is beyond human comprehension.”

Number Seven said.

“It is not necessary to know the language to penetrate the system. Just like you can scare a dog without knowing its language.”

“That is possible because I know the concept of a dog. Then what do you think this is?” When the audience was silent, the lollipop continued.

“It’s not that Number Seven hyung was wrong. However, you should have at least a basic code table for this world. Only then can data be created.”

Marsha asked.

“Where do I get the code table?”

“The easiest way is to reboot the system. Then it can be deciphered to some extent. It’s like assuming that the first thing a foreigner will say is ‘Hello,’ even if you don’t know the language.”

the operator asked.

“What if the foreigner doesn’t say ‘Hello’ because he’s from a strange country?”

“At that time, there was no way. But if my predictions are correct, that won’t happen. Because this is not a strange country. only… …

Lollipop looked up at the top of the pillar.

“It’s just our future.”

Marsha asked.

“Should I break this? Then there might be a way.”

It sounds absurd to a programmer, but honestly, I didn’t think about it.

“If I could, I did it right away. You checked outside. No attack can do any damage.”

the operator said.


The elevator reached the basement, and I could see the jets bubbling through the transparent glass walls.

‘Sirone. I don’t know where or what… …

I wanted it to be done as quickly as possible.

“Have some tea.”

Following Jet, whom she met on the roof, into the building, Sirone was entertained in her room.

“Oh, thank you.”

It didn’t make sense that the android was making tea, but the scenery in the room was even more surprising.

There was a soft blanket on the bed, a carpet on the floor, and unfamiliar fish swimming in the aquarium.

like… … like humans.

said Jet.

“Don’t worry about the group. Since you opened the door to the main system, you must have entered safely.”

As Jett made her own tea and sat down at the table, Sirone’s gaze turned to the teacup.

“Yes, I cannot drink. No, you don’t need to drink, exactly.”

A code flowed across the facial screen.

“It’s because you already drank tea with the code that says you drank tea. Still, the result will be the same.”

Sirone realized that there was no difference between her drinking and Jet’s behavior.

“Why did you help me?”

“Is it strange? Maybe so. By your standards, we are nothing but lifeless machines.”

Jet looked around the aquarium.

“These are the children I brought before the river disappeared. Although 30,000 generations have passed, those children are living with me endlessly from generation to generation. Of course, the form and habits have changed a lot.”

How far into the future is this place?

“As I raised those children, I saw death. I also saw birth. If it hadn’t been for that incident, I wouldn’t have been any different from other Jets.”

“In what way is it different now?” Jet didn’t answer.

“What is life?”

Instead, he asked Sirone a question.

“Why live? If the end of life is death, what meaning does our life have?” “Since that question arose, I have been exploring life. The conclusion reached is that life is a time to prepare for death.”

Sirone listened.

“How will you die? Life exists only for that hwadu. Then the question arises again. If so, how should I live?”

Jet raised his index finger.

“No regrets. It is to live as best you can so that there is no regret left at the last moment.” It was a paradox about death.

“Then what is best? I think it’s a middle dragon. A life that is too ascetic leaves regrets. Conversely, a dissolute life leaves behind attachments.”

Jet made a hand sign.

“So the ball. The ball is not empty. Feeling and accepting numerous emotions, but also letting them go without confining them. If you perfect the mind that accepts death in this way, you will reach liberation that transcends life and death.”

Hearing the sermon from the machine made me feel strange, but I also had doubts about it.


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“But you… …

“yes. I have no life. It is a machine.”

Jet pointed to the aquarium.

“Maybe that little life changed something in the system that made me. Maybe I am almost the only error in the world.”


Sirone also thought.


Can a machine have a mind?

“How is that possible? That in a world of perfect laws there are errors.”

Jet laughed.

“No system is perfect until it is perfect. It’s a conceptual problem. It’s like there’s no way to prove that there isn’t a single bug in this city.”

Unless the city itself perishes.


A warning code flashed on Jet’s face.

“Your party is trying to access the main system. But it won’t be easy.”

“Can you help me?”

Jet shook his head.

“It is out of my control. I circumvent the system in ways that other jets do not, but change the system itself.

I can’t honey. It’s the exact opposite concept of the mind. The main system is perfect. This is because it admits no error, regardless of whether or not there is one.”

That god’s point of view drove the world to this point.

Jett continued.

“Nevertheless, the reason I brought you here is that I believe that things will change sooner or later. Just as the little life in the aquarium changed me, I think there is hope since you entered this world.”

What is Jet dreaming of?

“I will let you know. the secrets of these three worlds. where are we Where did you come from and where are you going?”

It was the truth of the outside world.

sun core.

In their psychic state, the archangels were doing their best to undo the cosmic law.


It was to change the course of the entire universe, if not the physical realm.

“I can’t.”

It was a law so strong that he dared to say such a thing.

“We were just like this. An insignificant part in a cogwheel.”

As Satiel lost the archangel’s will, Rayel said.

“Hold on a little longer. If you leave here, it’s over. Not just you and me, but all angels will lose the meaning of existence.”

I try to encourage him like that, but in fact he knew it too.

‘I can’t last long.’

Although the angle of change is not large, it was to receive the weight of the entire universe.

‘If you yield one step, you can live like that again. But hold on to protect

moment… …

get crushed

‘Should I stop here? According to God’s will, should I put down the angelic authority and live as a mortal?’

It doesn’t matter anyway.


Why did we exist in this world?


The moment he resisted with all his heart, his mental body began to disintegrate.


Satiel bit his lip in front of his colleague’s miserable appearance.

‘I’m angry!’

If I had a body, I would have shed tears of blood.

‘Is it just like this? We are so weak… …

“Don’t give up.”

At that moment, a tremendous force pushed the law away.


As the pressure decreased to the point where they could breathe, Satiel and Rayel realized anew.

‘It’s tremendous power.’

It was the mother of all concepts, an amplifying force born at the same time as the birth of the universe.

“You can. It’s not an insignificant existence. We define ourselves.”

As much as she was encouraged by those words, Satiel felt anger and sadness at the same time.

‘The person who stole the Guffin.’

But also… … He was an angel whom I respected more than anything else.

‘I hate this.’

The feeling of letting out the hatred that seemed to be stagnant in my heart forever was terrifying.

Could I have let it go like that?

“It’s only now that we hold hands! Revert the law and we will fight again.”

If given one more chance, then I wanted to listen to Ikael’s words.

“… … is it so.”

Of course, Ikael knew that this was the end.

‘I did my best to exist.’

In order to give him even that medal, Ikael pushed his spirit into the law.

“no! don’t go!”

‘I’m sorry, Sirone.’

It was the moment when the mental body was scattered and was about to disintegrate with a mere signal.

When she opened her eyes with a strange feeling, an archangel was receiving the law in front of her.


Kariel, the archangel of birth, looked back at her and smiled beautifully.

“Kariel… …

It was just as good as she remembered, always full of curiosity.

Subsequently, the archangel of extinction, Faiel, supported her on the shoulder, and Metatron and Methiel approached from the left and right to help.

‘It wasn’t in vain, my life.’

That’s how the heart goes.

As the 7 archangels joined forces, I felt the law going backwards little by little.

Satiel shuddered.

‘do. We can do it!’

And the changes that took place in the sun’s core had an immediate effect on Apocalypse as well as Syrone’s planet.

As the building shook as if an earthquake had occurred, Sirone looked up at the ceiling with a startled expression.

Fragments were falling from behind.


The structure that could not even crack in any way is breaking.

“This is the beginning of change.”

It was Zet’s own insight that made it possible to guess the effect without going through the cause.

“I don’t think I have much time. It would be faster to explain in machine language rather than human language.”

As Jet sat cross-legged on the floor, Shirone calmed down and sat down.

The vibration was getting stronger.

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