Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1197

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Omega 999 (3)

Gustav Sector.

Balkan saw Zetaro’s expression and realized.

“Looks like you’re already dead.”

Vulcan, who had been beaten to death, was not normal, but Zetaro’s face looked like a corpse.

“What about Natasha?”

“I sent you to catch Uorin. what do you do when you play Anyway, Havitz also leaves our hands

I woke up.”

“You saw me and just passed by.”

If it’s Havitz, that’s enough.

“You are the game maker. Even if you can’t kill the Habits yourself, it’s enough that you linked the Wizard.”

Zetaro sighed and lowered his head when Natasha entered the room.

she stuck out her tongue.

“I missed it.”

“She is not normal either. She won’t be caught easily. She still bullies her.”

“why? It doesn’t matter what the temple looks like. We only need to kill Havitz.”

“That’s right.”

Zetaro raised his head, and Vulcan continued.

“Tag is just a small game. Wizards are strong, of course, but if you ask me to bet, I won’t bet anywhere. It’s 50/50 from a gambler’s point of view.”

It was thin ice.

“But there are no draws in gambling. Split the money you sold, or double it there. But is there a human being who came here to find the money? The plate will grow. Because of Harvitz, the temple will be a mess. So we… … Then the secretary came in.

“Your Majesty, I received a call from the conference room. It is said that there is an emergency convening of representatives from each country in 20 minutes.”


Balkan looked back at his friends.

“Did you see it? Other countries know it too. If we continue like this, everything will be ruined.”

As Balkan stood up, Natasha supported him.

“Are you going?”

“Of course I should go. Calm down everyone. Nothing is over yet. When others are tired, it’s time for gamblers. Natasha, you go to Uorin.” His eyes flashed with madness. “At any cost, attend the Great Conference.

don’t let it happen.”


Natasha left the room, and Vulcan, who had changed clothes, put Zeta on his shoulder.

“You haven’t already given up, have you?”

“Vulcan, I… …

“You are a game maker. He is also an excellent game maker. Do you know what the reason is?”

Zetaro raised his head.

“Because your rules are always fair. Make sure you have no excuses even if you lose the game.

That’s why Harvits liked your game.” “You are the one who made a game that even I, a gambler, cannot guess the outcome of. okay? It’s not the Wizard who makes him happy, it’s you.”

Zetaro’s eyes lit up.


Is it just delusion?

Four children from the neighborhood gathered and sang while looking up at the top of the high wall.

Ajavitz? Harvits?.w

Let’s glow.

Harvits glared at Wizard.


The stars of the ivory tower saw the bewilderment in Havitz’s distorted face.

‘What happened?’

Leader Bartok is one of those who watched

The training of the Wizards of the 10 Magicians was one.

‘It destroys the varnish nurtured by Oh Dae-sung. But Satan’s response is

It’s a human weapon, so it’s not strange to ship

Something looked sad.


Wizard approached.

“I love you. Do not run away now.”


I can’t believe it.

‘You love me? you’re welcome. It’s a lie. It’s a ploy to kill me.’

Why can’t you resist?

‘What if it’s true?’

The Wizard, who saw the stiffness of the moment, struck Havits beyond the first frame.


As Havitz rolled on the floor, the stars of the ivory tower frowned and fell into thought.

‘what? just now… … It was as if all mankind had closed their eyes.

Armin understood.

‘Extreme space-time ability. If Harvits doesn’t have a specific time, that kid clears the space.’

They were the same, but they were two completely different people.

“Whoa. Whoa.”


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Harvits, who was bleeding from his nose and mouth, glared at the wizard and asked.

“You love me?”

“is it so.”

Harvits’s lips parted.


A shadow of Shi-ok appeared, but the next moment the two of them evaporated from the room.

“… … Did you leave?”

Even the stars of the ivory tower could not interfere with what was happening outside the law.

“Yes, maybe.”

Armin pointed to the rattling door.

“Into the void of time and space.”

Harvits is not fast.

However, motions that pass 0.666 seconds of every second are not recorded in the law.

‘Where are you chasing me?’

It wasn’t the concept of fast or slow.


At that moment, the wizard transcended one frame and struck Havitz in the side.

“Are you going to keep running away?”

He wanted to break his neck, but strong hostility would destroy the rule.


Harvits laughed.

“Isn’t that too harsh? Honestly, now I have doubts? whether you love me.”


“i love you. As long as you don’t break your fingers, that’s true.”

It was such a rule.

“Okay, then… …

Havitz, who had narrowed the distance through Siok, collapsed on the floor hugging Wizard.

The vicious Wizard clenched his fists, but could not bear to counterattack.


If I attack Havitz here, I might be lying about loving him.

‘No, I didn’t break my finger, so it’s okay. Harvits will believe until the end.’

Is it really so?

I wasn’t sure. If it was not properly predicted, Satan, who had worked so hard to trap it in the system, would escape again.

‘How much does Habitz love me?’

I can not know.

In the end, their win rate is 50/50 in that they don’t know each other.

Harvits stood up.

“Okay, loving me is a ‘fact’.”

With this, I had to allow the Wizard a stronger lynch, but I had no choice but to believe it.

The face of Havitz, who was stepping back, was a little depressed and a little embarrassed.

‘What do I want to do with this child? Something inside of me was definitely filled… …

I felt a greater lack than that.

“Come anytime.”

As Havitz left his words and ran to the end of the hallway, the wizard bit his lip.

I tried to hold back the tears that were about to burst out and reviewed the situation.

‘I couldn’t fight back.’

Thanks to this, he gained trust, but the intensity of the meeting would increase as the encounter continued.

Equivalent exchange of affection and violence.

‘ until when… …

maybe forever

Because we cannot know the truth of others.

“What is the truth?” Taesung said.

“Sing, the truth is the truth. It is the truth that I have protected humanity up until now. You must trust me.”

“shut up.”

Singh did not waver even as the armies of Hell razed the Ivory Tower to the ground.

“Asmodians are coming up, Thing. This is your last chance. If I die, Jisung will die too.”

“No, rather the opposite. You are preventing the human intellect from moving into a wider field.”

barriers to the outside world.

“Don’t be stuffy. There are some things you don’t have to prove. Until now, all mankind has loved each other, and it has borne fruit. Do you even deny that?”


Singh wringed out his soul and protested.

“Feeling that physical relationships are beautiful is also just a system created by managers. No matter how much flesh is mixed, no matter how much bodily fluids are exchanged, the truth cannot be known.”

“What is so important? You’ve lived without any problems for that long.”

“It is different now. Because the fate of mankind depends on it. Convince me if you want to live. prove it.”

“You have mental magic. Humans can directly check the minds of others.”

“It is also a system. Drimo and the other world are all controlled by the administrator. There is no way to directly confirm that it is the heart. So, logically, I am the only one who has a mind in this world.”

“It’s not convincing.”

“But I can’t even argue. that’s the problem If there is no contradiction, someone has to protect it. At least in the last moments of humanity, in Omega 999.”

“How on earth are you asking me to prove it? There is no way you can show your heart directly!”

“That’s why I can’t believe it. Nobody knows the truth about other people. It’s better to trust myself than to trust the manager of the outside world. All of us humans.”

Even as I said that, doubts arose.

‘Is this really right?’

Even she, who had the strongest penetrating power of mankind, was on the verge of cracking in her heart.

she gritted her teeth.

‘Let’s not shake. you believe in me Unless you can share your heart, I’m your ex.’

“My heart… … You share?”

Johann’s expression went blank.

“yes. It’s called small world creation. You can connect with everything in the world. The mind is united and a new realm is opened.”

“Anything like a rock?”

The fire tribes laughed.

“I told you, you can assimilate with everything in the world. Grass, trees, wind, earth, birds or squirrels. Of course, there are things that are good at assimilation for each lineage.”

“How does the ground feel?”

“Um, what can I say? Feeling absolutely safe? The feeling of being protected at no cost.”

The Hwajok closed their eyes.

Watching them raise the corners of their mouths little by little, Yorahhan thought.

‘You share your heart?’ The reason why everyone can’t be considerate is probably because of distrust and fear of each other.

‘But they are different. Because they are connected to each other, there are no misunderstandings or doubts.’

Suddenly, I had this thought.

‘If a person’s heart is hell.’

He said that the fire tribe might be the only hope to bring humans out of the abyss of hell.

“Oh, why are you making that face? Yo Ra-han seems like a very strange person.”

“That’s huge.”


“It may be difficult right now, but the day will come when all humans will welcome you.”

The fire tribe’s cheeks turned red.

“really… … Will it?”

“of course! I’ll bet you. Oh, and can I try a small world creation?”

“Sure. wait a minute.”

At that moment, Armand intervened.


“Why, why?”

After three days of living, the language became easier, but dealing with her was still difficult.

“I should have warned you. I won’t let you go if you do nonsense.”

“It’s nothing dangerous.”

“It depends on who you are. If you harbor an evil heart, this child will be hurt.”

“I have no evil heart.”

“I don’t know.”

“So you can experiment.” When he stubbornly shut his mouth, Yo Rahan sighed and stood up.

“Yes, I will give up.”

Armand turned to follow him.

“Where are you going?”

“To my room. I want to write down some of my thoughts today.”

“Not now. Because I have to go to the mountain.” “huh? I?”

“The food is gone. If you go hunting, I can’t keep an eye on you, so of course you have to follow.”

“No, such a law… …

At that moment, the sound of a sharp wind was heard.

“Ahh! what?”

Yorahhan sat down and a long sword flew into Armand’s hand.

“Uh, how did you do it?”

She said, strapping a longsword to her waist.

“Rated control.”

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