Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1196

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Omega 999(2)

Underground facilities of the temple.

Uorin was on the verge of a nervous breakdown as she walked while listening to the disturbing noises in the engine room.

‘I can’t see it.’

The vibrations of the timeline were so loud and fast that I couldn’t hold the standard anymore.

‘Where should I go?’

Sirone is suppressing Havitz’s assassination game with Elikia, but the variable remains.

‘If I could use it, I would have continued. They say that there is a delay in the ability to break vanishing.’

maybe once an hour.

Above all, there is no way that Lone, who develops simultaneous events, can only keep Habitz in check.

‘If a crisis strikes someone else elsewhere, Sirone will use this ability.’

because it is Yahweh

In this situation, if a foreign country had to target someone, it was definitely the empress of Kashan.

‘All kingdoms are targeting me.’

Why not?

Fengzhang was annihilated, and even Jiandao died.

Has there ever been a time in the history of Kashan where an empress was as defenseless as she is now?

‘This is my end?’

Worried about it, Uorin put her hand on the wall.

“Huh. Huh.”

My chest felt stuffy as if I had a stomach ache, and extreme dizziness occurred due to the lack of blood flow.

Kido supported her.

“are you okay? i’ll carry it you get some rest.”


Laughter broke out.

“Isn’t that really absurd? The only thing left for the Empress of Kashan is a pet goblin.”

Kido wasn’t angry.

“Let’s escape the temple. You have to run away while the guards guard your station. If it turns out that the empress on earth is a fake, then there will be no escape.”


“Why are you so stubborn? you are smart Kashan or something, there will be a later date if you have to live.”

“I can’t.”

Uorin gritted his teeth.

“Anything like an empire can be handed over. But I have to be the Empress of Kashan to the end.”


“Otherwise, it would be nothing to Sirone.”

Kido kept his mouth shut.

“If I had no voice in the holy war, no mighty military power, no authority as a queen, what am I? just a woman An ordinary woman who can’t even fight like Amy.” Uorin grabbed Kido by the shoulder.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for Sirone? you don’t know Before mankind even began… … I’ve been waiting for Sirone! But why! Why should I give up!”

“okay. calm down.”

“Never give up! There must be some way. Just a little longer, just a little longer… …

She was a Gaiaman who became a mere primitive man, longing only for passionate love.

but… … .

‘I can’t fight.’

Throughout history, adopting only the best genes has made it impossible to become Amy.

Sironedo, Riando, Kuando, Gaolddo, Mirodo… … any strong person.

‘It couldn’t be.’

It must be because something more than life is needed, which cannot be reached only by character.

“I will protect you.”

That was the feeling of defeat I felt for Amy.

“I can’t even lose Kashan.”

“Yeah, got it.”

Kido held the double-edged spear in one hand and moved on, supporting Uorin.

“Let’s do it. Where can I go?”

Just as Uorin was about to activate Future City again, a thick haze began to spread.


Before I knew it, an old oriental-style door was standing there and opened with a sad sound.

“Your inquiry.”

Anchal, the director of Jincheon, appeared.

“Future poetry doesn’t work for me who deals with illusions. That’s it, Empress of Kashan.”

The eyes of the unpatched eyes contained a clear blue light.

Uorin clenched her fists.


Just breaking through the guards on the ground and finding out that the double is fake is super-class.

“I found it, Empress.” Natasha is dangling from a plumbing line, and a masked prosecutor approaches from the darkness below.

It was Lai, the captain of Tormia’s guard.

‘That’s three people.’

Anchal said.

“You wear your own hair, but you are not the only one with hair. give up Kashan is over.”


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Kido did not let Uorin answer.

“Hong, do you think people like you will blink at me? Get out if you don’t want to die.”

Of course, I know the strength of the enemy.

‘There is hope. Thirteen minutes remain until the Harvitz assassination game. If you hold out until then… …

Anchal asked.

“Who will go first?”

When Natasha and Rai didn’t answer, she nodded and kicked the ground.

‘The one who caught it is the owner.’

As soon as the battle started, shockwaves exploded everywhere except for Uo Lin.

“A storm.”

As the demon’s eyes shone, hundreds of blades flew towards Kido from the air.


Although the power of penetration was inferior to that of incarnation, the power of application was close to infinite.

‘It’s really tricky.’

Eyesight of mind, Natasha of speed, Rai of skill.

‘Next 10 minutes.’

Minor wounds piled up on Kido’s body, who received three attacks at the same time.

‘Is this the state of a goblin?’

Anchal was amazed.

‘No, it’s already crossed the limits of the species. This is something that is neither human nor goblin.’

Kido’s eyes lit up.


The illusion was destroyed with the enlightenment of the Buddha School, and Natasha’s speed was reduced with the Earthquake Spirit.

Rai penetrated from the rear.

‘I catch it.’

Kido, who let the attack go to the side, opened his eyes and swung his spear while spinning.

‘The control of the source.’

It was the strongest blow that cut between atoms, that is, cut through all matter.


The assassins who distanced themselves saw electricity slithering through the air like snakes.

‘If I had stopped without knowing, I would have died.’ Kido, breathing heavily, blocked Uorin’s path.

‘Two more minutes.’

The Anzal approached.

“It is bizarre. No, should I say disgusting?” “Beauty of the great purification period, you are not the truth. It is a monster mixed with all kinds of realizations.”

Her gaze was directed at Uorin.

“Is the Kashan Empress devoid of humanity? What did you feed the beast with?”

‘Everything but my flesh.’

Everything that could be procured with her power was forming Kido’s body.

“So what? What does it matter what I feed my dog? Do you want to feed them too?”

The magic eye of the Anchal flashed.

“I have no shame.”

That’s when smoke rises from all sides and Natasha and Rai finish preparing to maneuver.

Elicia’s light enveloped the temple.

‘What about Harvits?’

Those who had already experienced it confirmed Satan’s position without any particular surprise.

‘… … is it.’

When the temple retreated, the door to the temple opened.

“Leave the temple immediately, Empress. It might be the last chance given to you.”

As if in a dream, the demons disappeared, and Natasha and Lai were engulfed in darkness.

Kido knelt down.

“Whoa, it’ll be fine for a while.”

Killing Wu Lin was against international law because Harvitz’s location was made public.

“Don’t be alarmed. I’ll be right back.”

“Of course you are number one in elimination. But the one who eliminates is eliminated from the Leadership Bureau. You can’t move recklessly.”

As long as there is Elicia.

‘The worst situation is that the majority die without Elicia being invoked.’

In that case, it is impossible to identify the culprit because we do not know who Havitz killed.

‘Thank you, Sirone.’

It wouldn’t be a choice for Uorin, though.

“let’s go. Even if it’s hard, keep your future poetry. I can’t let Anchal step on me like this time.”


Walking through the engine room, Kido looked up at the ceiling.

‘Another death.’ Rest in peace.

10 minutes before Elicia activates.

Zetaro was walking towards the Gustav Sector with his shoulders drooping.

‘Smodo went home first.’ Why Sumodo?

‘Do you want to play with me more? No, I didn’t even care about it from the beginning? why… … ?’

The truth is unknown.

‘I’ll start again soon. Thinking of Harvits means that it is before burnishing is activated. Who will be the next target? Maybe this time I… … Jetaro’s footsteps stopped.

Havitz, whose lips were parted, was walking from the other side of the hallway, speaking to himself.

“Sheesh, I ate one. Are you going to use that strategy? Okay, then, at that moment, our gazes collided.

Unlike Zetaro’s heart beating like it was about to explode, Havits didn’t even pay attention.

“Um, yes. It would be so much fun. The beauty of this game is that you can lose.”

Zetaro realized it from the way he passed by as if he were seeing someone for the first time.

‘Now I’m no fun.’

It was a declaration of severance.

“Has it already been an hour?”

Havitz, who stopped thinking about the wizard, ran down the hallway in a burnishing state.

‘I’ll finish it quickly.’

It was the king’s office in Corona Sector.

“The demon’s power has become too strong. On this road, the Ivory Tower will be destroyed. I need to count quickly… …

Despite the rough opening of the door, the officials inside were busy holding a meeting.

People playing card games, Armin, and the stars of the Ivory Tower gathered together.

Harvits snorted.

“Who am I going to kill?”

Havitz, who had been beaten twice by Elicia, chose a strategy of coming in advance and waiting.

“It is you.”

He waited for the time to come, aiming his sword at the throat of King Woodlai, who was watching the meeting.

‘Four seconds. 3 seconds. 2 seconds?… ”

At that moment, Woodlai’s silver ■ suddenly grew bigger and kicked off the chair.


A red orb protruded from his pocket, split in two and rolled across the floor.

〈The Last Cry of the Jaeger Family〉.

There are only a few left now, so no matter how much money you have, you can’t find an objet.

“These are real… …

At the time Habitz ran with his axe’s eye raised, Elikia’s light spread brilliantly.


The stars of the ivory tower, who realized at a speed that exceeded the normal range, twisted their bodies at the same time.


Before Elicia disappears.

When Armin casts the stop magic, the sea jade spins up and destroys time.


In the middle of a high-speed battle, Habitz looked back at King Woodlai.

There were already guards protecting them.

lose the game

In front of an unprecedented event in the history of Satan, Havits lost his mind and rushed.


The stars blocked Woodlai, but what Havitz was aiming for was the prostrate maid.

“Huh billion!”

When the sword was lodged in the maid’s throat, not only the stars but also Shiok stopped fighting.

‘This… … It’s not a game.’

The murder committed to avoid losing the game is proof that Satan is being chased.

The stars were outraged at the meaningless sacrifice.

“Things I wouldn’t even do at third rate… … !”

“What is it?”

Harbitz pulled the knife from the maid’s neck and said.

“It’s not a bad result, is it? If I lose the game, I will commit a massacre from then on.”

Indeed it is.

‘Havitz suggested the game. There is no price for defeat. But why am I obsessed with this game?’

Vanishing was activated again.

“Shall we prove it now?”

Even in the state of missing Havitz, the stars spread the spirit zone with unprecedented mental power.

‘damn! I missed something. Concentrate, at home.’


Havitz laughed and moved toward the door, contrary to what he had threatened.

‘I can’t finish the game.’

The rules must be maintained at least until midnight when the ‘Facts and Lies’ game ends.

“Get on a poop rope.”

The moment Havitz opened the door, looking back at the stars, a shock hit his side.


After being pushed several meters away, he held up his stomach and raised his painful face.


The stars who came to their senses opened their eyes wide.


“sorry. for a moment… …

The Wizard, who entered through the crack in the door, spat out nonchalantly.

“Because I’m playing hide and seek.”

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