Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1183

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Meaning of incident (2)

When Sirone’s party reached the convection layer of the sun, the flames coalesced and a phoenix was born.

The phoenix of the planet is also powerful, but if the place is the sun, it is a completely different dimension.

“You came at last.”

The stellar energy emitted by the Phoenix reduced the diameter of the Miracle Stream by 1 meter.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Ikael.” The party accepted Phoenix’s language with Ultima, Idea, and Mental Body.

Ikael said.

“I’m here to meet Satiel.”

“I guess so. But that’s stupid. Nothing can stand against the rules of the whole.”

“It’s something you don’t know until you try. Even if this universe perishes, only the heart will remain.”

I wanted to believe that.

“… … Do what you like. is your resting place But humans cannot go to the core. No, even though it is questionable how he could be here in the first place.” The phoenix looked back at the naked woman and the man engulfed in light, and exploded the flames.


Even though they were shielded by the Miracle Stream, Sirone was dizzy.

‘It’s a great energy.’

Amy, aware that time was running out, stepped out of the tent.

A blinding light shot out, and her body burned again.

Phoenix’s eyes narrowed.

“Mother of Light. How can humans reach the source of a signal?

It is impossible.”

“Come on, Ikael.”

Amy said, rising slowly.

“I will take care of this.”

Ikael, who had been in conflict for a while, escaped the curtain of the Miracle Stream as if he had made up his mind.


Her body went out like a candle, and her mind emerged from the sun’s flame.

“I’m sorry, Lady of the Sun. I cannot destroy Satiel like this. That’s the heart.”

Phoenix said, glaring at Amy.

“It is useless. You can’t convince God. It’s something no one can do.” Responding with silence, Ichael bends over and seeps into the sun’s core.

“Yes, a human with a fire idea.”

Phoenix straightened his upper body.

“I know you deserve to come to Ra. But in the end, you can’t get over me.”

“Is it really so?”

Amy’s flames turned into the brightest white light as if they were about to explode.

Sirone bit his lip.

‘6 meters in diameter.’

The range of Hexa that can be used in the harsh environment of the sun should be close to that of hand-to-hand combat.

‘I have no choice but to wait for an opportunity now.’

At that time, Phoenix, which had grown enormously, rushed at Amy like an arrow.


As they collided to such an extent that their shapes collapsed, a powerful shockwave hit Sirone.

Meanwhile, Satiel and Rayel, who had infiltrated the sun’s core, were desperately fighting.


Every time I tried to undo the course of the universe, I felt like my mental body was burning.

“why… …

Satiel screamed.

“Why are you denying us! why! why!”

The entity of God, represented by Ankera, never showed up to them.

“What are we here for?” for divine authority.

The moment humans reach God, cause and effect are reversed, and the status of creation and creation changes.

‘Even if it is… …

What authority does Yahweh have to change all the standards of the universe because of one error?

‘What are you made of us? What is the archangel’s noble concept? Do you have any sense of responsibility for the world you created, the rules you set, or the creation?’

God has no mind.

From the standpoint of the imaginary number, it is a cold existence that removes errors according to the program.

Ikael came through the radiant layer.


Because it was infused into the mental body, there was no way to hide the emotions.

“Stop it now. You will become human. You and I become human beings.”

“Other angels!”

Satiel’s eyes filled with poison.

“I always think of you! What about other angels without hearts? You will only be used by humans!”

“Satiel, that’s… …


As Rayel’s mental body attacked Ikael, numerous signals intersected in a complex way.

“I’m sorry, Ikael. I can not help it. You can’t be human like this.”

“If you continue like this, you will get caught in the wheel of the law and be crushed. I cannot endure without Yahweh.”

“haha! I bet!”


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Satiel’s eyes filled with poison.

“Guppin, for doing dirty things with that lowly human! Don’t look at us the same as you!”

“Satiel, your actions are not for the angels either. You just want to gain strength and get revenge on me… …

“What is that!”

The core of the sun shook unsteadily as Satiel screamed.

“okay! I have a heart too What you receive from Guffin may be hope, passion, peace, and love… …

Satiel screamed.

“What I received is hatred and resentment, anger and betrayal, frustration and shame! That is my heart!”

Rayel’s mental body trembled like a wave.

“Satiel… …

Since the truth cannot be concealed in the state of the mental body, Ikael realized his heart.

‘It’s like that.’

The mind that I don’t want to see her struggling.

‘It’s really beautiful.’

Ikael was grateful that he could recall the precious time he had with Guffin.

“Satiel is right.”

Ikael said.

“Hope, peace and love live in my heart. But for Satiel, only the most painful feelings will remain: hatred, resentment, betrayal.”

These are two very different types.

“It is the heart after all.” Rayel’s mental body was shaken by the conflict.

“The law separated me and Satiel into the elect and the non-chosen. But the heart is not like that. I also have pain. I also have a grudge.”

The pain of losing the one you love the most.

“I can turn it back. It is possible here. Please let Satiel go.”

“no! Rayel, never!” What are you afraid of? Satiel shook his head in a half-mad state.

“Satiel won’t give up his stubbornness?


“I will prevent the change of the law. I’ll help. I can’t lose Satiel like this.”

Rayel, who could not be denied by any means, released the restraining force as if resigned.

“no! Do not come! I would rather perish now than share one mind with you!”

Despite Satiel’s desperate refusal, Ikael eventually assimilated with her mind.

Ataraxia was activated while the three archangels shared one spirit.


The core of the sun shook greatly as the concepts of disintegration and light were greatly amplified.


Satiel, who couldn’t deny Chimi’s sense of security, had no choice but to admit it.

‘Yes, I know.’

Only Ikael is qualified as an archangel.

‘I know. It’s not that the guffin was taken away. From the beginning, Guffin loved Ikael. but… … what am i no more I don’t even have anything left to resent.’

“I’m sorry.”

Ikael said.

“I was monopolized. Everything you wanted, I got it all.”

“you… …

The moment Satiel tried to push away Ikael’s spirit, a shocking signal came rushing in.

“Gurpin… …

Because lying is impossible.

“I have always been grateful to you. I was so sorry. because i can’t love you for hurting you.”

Satiel burst into tears.


It’s not gone.

“Guppin didn’t resent it. Because if it wasn’t for you, our love wouldn’t have come true. Rather, I always worried about you.”

I cried uncontrollably.

‘I, I… …

Even without a physical body, even after leaving the photon world, the Guffin was still alive here.

“Now, pay attention, Satiel.”

Although there is no form in the mind, Satiel felt Kael hugging him from behind.

“We are going to make it through.”


The hatred hadn’t gone away yet, but he had no intention of shaking off her hand.


Amplification, light, and disintegration—three great concepts shook the interior of the sun.

The 12th palace of the zodiac of the Delta headquarters.

With only one small black hole left, Kitra immediately intuited a change in prognosis.

“You’re interfering all the way.”

The displeasure grew as not long before the Divine Law was fulfilled.

Of course, it was only a matter of emotion, and the Archangel could not defeat God’s decision.

“They call it physics.” In a world that only exists in such a way, creatures have created numerous formulas.

“Creatures, answer me. Is there a case where adding 1 and 1 does not equal 2? does not exist. Because God ordained it that way. So whatever you guys do… …

Kitra spread her arms.

“I am omnipotent, omniscient, and absolute.”

Pyramids all over the world emitted light as the black hole doubled in size.

The radius of overlapping events began to widen.

Sirone, who was blown away by the shock wave from Amy’s phoenix, felt an eerie feeling.

‘The law of the sun has changed drastically.’ that kind of feeling.

As the information of the simultaneous incident flooded in beyond time and space, he realized the full extent of the situation.


As the magnetic field expanded around the pyramid, human desire grew.

‘The more you do, the stronger the devil becomes. If we continue like this, humanity will really come to an end.’

Even if Yahweh reached the ultimate in his heart, the law of the sun also had a status corresponding to it.

‘How should I stop it?’

Thinking of what she could do, Sirone considered the possibilities.

‘It’s 50 to 50.’

in fact… … he was not confident

‘Because I’ve never tried. No, it will probably affect the simultaneous events.’

It was such a dangerous and huge history, but now there was no place for mankind to retreat.

‘Please hold on a little longer, mother.’ Sirone, who cheered for Ikael with her heart, moved away from the sun at the fastest speed.

Meanwhile, Amy and Phoenix also stopped fighting due to a powerful solar wind from the sun.

“You’ve earned God’s wrath.”

said Phoenix.

“Give up, human. It is impossible to change the laws of God. no matter how… …

It returned to space as if the phoenix’s neck would break.


The massive, powerful identity of the law was at a distance that could not be confirmed with the naked eye.

Amy murmured.


“Speak, nonsense. How could a human being have such a huge law… … . This is impossible.”

At this moment, what the source of the signal feels is a clear photon signal, not a quantum one.

Sirone’s eyes widened.


The mental power gained from being away from the sun was concentrated between the two palms facing each other.

‘Material Earl.’

The law of God is blocked by the law.


All kinds of materials escaped between the open palms and began to combine at a tremendous speed.

Machinery the size of one planetary nation is endlessly assembled.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Connecting at sublight speed, they began to wind around the Sun’s equator like a giant belt.

Phoenix shouted.

“I will cover the entire sun! How dare you be a human!”

Of course, even with the intellectual abilities of the 5-dimensional library, the technology of the outside world cannot catch up.

“Aaaaaaa!” If you can implement the scale of the stellar scale, you can manipulate the law with your current technology.

“oh my god… …

With even Amy at a loss for words, an unprecedented construction took its first steps.


■Construction progress is 0.00002 percent.

The blueprints in the Tesseract are supermassive artificial structures that control 100% of stellar energy.

‘Okay, let’s do it until the end to see who wins.’

It was called Sirone Spear.

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