Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1114

big dream (3)

Harvitz’s applause chilled the conversation of some, and it became clear.

‘I have to kill that one.’

The ability to read the waves of the mind was, in a sense, more annoying than vanishing.

In this way, the initiative of the temple was over and it was time for representatives from each country to speak.

‘Anyway, tonight is the key.’ Assassinations, lobbying, solicitations, even secret deals, everything would be done informally.

“Jive has angels. This power is the ability to sustain the world. The speech that all nations can prosper was plain.

‘Damn it, I can’t push it because I care.’

If he even provoked Havitz with an intense strategy, he would be laughed at.

“Give Garto to Jive. Of course, if you give me a ROM, it will be a strong ally.”

Geese said with a smile.

“Ah, of course Temika will politely decline.”

no one laughed

The representatives of each country who cared about God’s frequency used a strategy of hiding their inner feelings as much as possible.

Twelve countries explained why they should lead the world in a standard way.

There was a 20-minute break while free speech, which could be called the main game of the holy war, remained.

Gustav 4 skills, Sumodo said.

“Everyone cares too much about Havitz. It doesn’t matter what your heart is, right? If you’re that kind of person, you can do it. What are you so afraid of?” Balkan said.

“Because humans regard goodness as beautiful. But there are also countries that strategically do not stand out.”

Zetaro said.

“It’s just a search battle anyway. If there is some kind of collusion tonight, I will punch you tomorrow.”

“So what? The balance of power.”


Vulcan read the crowd flag.

Energy is relative, and even if two beasts are imprisoned, the strong and the weak are separated.

A special flow was felt in the psychological warfare unfolded by hundreds of brains in 12 countries.

“In terms of odds, roughly, Jive 86%, Kashan 92%, Tormia 78%, Jincheon 66%… …

Jetaro nodded.

“As expected, Havitz is strong. Although it is unusual for Tormia to be in the top three.”

“Is it because of Yahweh? Although he is the strongest mage, he is actually not a difficult opponent. Harvits doesn’t care too much.”

Balkan said.

“It’s easy from the point of view of evil. It’s similar to a hoe on a gambling board. The problem is that the property of the household is infinite, so it is not easy to hit the back of the head… …

His gaze drifted to the side.

“The important thing is that Tormia is not in third place. The place where the flow of crowd spirit gathers the most is… …

He saw Kitra with a poisonous snake around his neck.

“It is the Kingdom of Paras.”

Kitra, a venomous snake looking indifferently at the front, stuck out his tongue and kissed him.

“side. side.”

He slowly turned his head, met Balkan’s eyes, and gave a cool smile.

Sumodo asked quietly.

“What is your win rate?”

“I don’t know. abnormal. I’ve never seen a flow like this. If I were to do the math, maybe… …

Vulcan squinted one eye.

“128 percent?”

Zetaro blinked.

“It’s over 100 percent. Do you have such a win rate?”

“So it’s not strange. Even if you manipulate the hand in a card game, you won’t get this kind of win rate. Therefore, there is only one number of cases that can exceed 100 percent.” Sumodo said.

“In case the system is tampered with.”

“okay. Odds are calculated according to the same rules. But what if you have a low hand and the system is manipulated so that the low hand wins? To express it numerically, it has no choice but to exceed 100 percent.”

Jetaro murmured.

“Hmm. 100 percent means the whole, and going beyond the whole is conceptually impossible. However, when a new concept that transcends all was opened, something flashed into my mind.

“Outside world. That Paras had access to the secret through any route


Sirone was thinking the same thing.

‘I don’t understand Kitra’s intentions. I have to finish exploring the pyramid as soon as possible.’

Currently, contact with everyone in the Pyramid, including Canis, Arin, and Zulu, has been cut off.

“We will resume the meeting. From now on, I will reduce the intervention of the chairman as much as possible with free speech.”

The eyes of the representatives of each country changed, and the spirit of Jive stood up and opened fire.

“Let’s end the war. Collaborating with the archangel, Satiel, who is present here, to promote peace as quickly as possible is a great harvest for mankind.”

Jin Kang of the Jincheon Empire said.

“It doesn’t end just by stopping the war. Currently, the people of Jincheon are suffering from radioactive mutations. I don’t think the angels can fix the problem.”

Satiel snorted.

“Hey, what do you mean when humans are weak? My body changed just because of radiation.”

A cold sweat broke out on Geith’s forehead, but it was difficult to control Satiel.

Lampa said.

“Listening, it seems that the archangel has no intention of coexisting with mankind. If Zive becomes the leader, isn’t there a possibility that he will bring about another catastrophe?”

“no. that… …

Satiel cut Geith off.

“do not worry. Because I have no intention of harassing people like anyone else. When I have achieved what I want, I will lead my army and leave.”

The Cloud Dragon of the Moon Kingdom asked.

“What do you want?”

“It is a personal thing. Of course, if you interfere with my work, disaster will befall you.”

After spitting out, Satiel looked at Sirone.

‘Ikael. Where are they?’

The fact that he couldn’t find Ikael even though he looked all over the planet.

‘He’s avoiding me.’

Ikael’s stealth ability was so powerful that even Anchera couldn’t find it.

However, the reason Ikael hid was to hide Wena Wizard, not himself.

Can’t we openly invoke the hope of humanity that can kill Havitz?

Sirone looked at her other location.

‘I’ll come to Jive in two days.’

The problem is that Rampa knows.

This is because training the wizards itself was part of the Ivory Tower Project.

‘There’s no way Mr. Lampa can help Satan. But now things have become delicate.’

Thing stirred up an infighting.

‘Something unexpected. Depending on the outcome of the Ivory Tower, there is a risk of information leaking out.’

It was the reason I had no choice but to go to the ivory tower.


Harvits’s voice was heard.

“Shall I get rid of it?”

As everyone in the conference room focused on him, Uorin frowned.

‘He’s acting selfish again.’

Contrary to her uneasy mind, representatives from each country had a glimmer of hope.

“Is it possible?”

“It is possible. I am the lord of hell You should tell Lethe. You can purify hell.”

said Pony.

“When Hell is cleansed, it means that your world is destroyed. Are you kidding us?”

“No, it’s real. What I felt today, hell never goes away. As long as you guys live. Instead, there is one condition. Give me 10 percent of humanity.”

“Ten percent?”

“It’s better than dying. I’m also called Satan, so don’t you need materials to rebuild hell? Once you decide, the Demon Realm will disappear completely.”

to be freed from calamity.

However, 10 percent of mankind caught in the hands of Satan will suffer enough pain that hell will be rebuilt.

“You say that!” Geese jumped up.

“Even if you disparage human dignity, it is still a waste. Do you even know how big a number 10 percent of humanity is? Humanity will never make such a decision!”


God’s frequency.

-shut up. i will be the king of the world

“If you don’t like it, you can’t do it, and I’m making a suggestion. Then how about something like this? If 10 percent is too much, just go over one.”

“huh? 1 person?”

Harvits pointed at Sirone.


He didn’t stop, even though he knew that the extreme murderous spirit soared in Wu-Lin’s heart.

“Enough. Not even 10% of humanity. If you hand over that guy, the world will be peaceful. is not it?”

“this… …

The time when Pony, Seriel, and others who are in sympathy with Sirone jump to their feet.

“What are you like?”

satiel said.

“Dirty and filthy beast, the Nephilim are not something that a guy like you can touch.”

He referred to it as the Nephilim, but Sirone knew it was referring to himself.

‘ why?’

Satiel killed the biological child born to Ikael and Guffin.

By human standards, it must have felt like an aunt kicking her nephew limb.

‘Are you feeling guilty?’

Even knowing that Sirone was looking at her, Satiel deliberately avoided her gaze.

‘Don’t be mistaken. I’m just doing my thing for heaven. Killing you is my pride.’ But why did I feel bad?

‘ maybe.’

In Sirone’s appearance, the angel he hates the most and the human he loves the most can be seen at the same time.

‘Yeah, it’s not because of guilt. I am the archangel Satiel. Even if you kill me, I will kill you.’

she declared.

“Satan, you may be able to seduce humans, but it doesn’t work on angels. If he thinks he can put the Nephilim under you, he will crush it with force.”


God’s frequency was activated.

‘This is also quite a thing.’

I never thought the day would come when I felt human vibrations in the mind of an archangel.

“There is a way to get rid of the Demon Realm.”

Jin Kang said.

“The Jincheon Space Agency has researched the Pandemonium and has reached the level of technological prowess to obtain tangible results. Sooner or later, the Pandemonium will be wiped out by Jincheon, not an angel.”

“What way?”


It was a space-time interceptor used by Jin Seong-eum.

Anchal said.

“Lights distort space. Jin Seong-eum, the princess of Jincheon, proved that the world behind the scenes is no different. Also, we have data left by the princess.”

As Ahnchal raised his index finger, the vision of light heaven unfolded in a large sphere.

“Therefore, we continued to develop and develop a weapon that could directly hit Hell. Perm minerality. I will destroy the princess of Jincheon and destroy the demon world.”

Harvits blinked.


The fact that Satan couldn’t refute it meant that the possibility of permanence was verified.

“Listen up, Harvits.”

A thread of blood stood up in Jin Kang’s eyes.

“You will pay the price for touching Jincheon. I will become an evil that transcends you and punish you.”

‘A tremendous echo.’

Havitz clearly heard the heart of a father who had to send his beloved daughter to hell.

Sirone understood that feeling.

‘I must have waited for this moment.’

I felt the weight of countless words that I had to swallow in order to spit out this one word.

“for a moment… … I will take a break.”

At the declaration of the chairman, representatives and officials from each country rushed out of the conference hall.

‘Today’s meeting ends here.’

Everyone was intuitive.

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