Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1115

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big dream (4)

‘The first day is an exploration battle.’

Officials turned to their quarters.

‘Only one country can be a leader. There’s no one I can propose to join right now.’

Even if the allies win the vote, the question of deciding the leader remains.

‘For priorities to be set between allies, the balance of power must tilt to some extent.’

At a time when there was no distinction between Pia and Pia, there would have been no country that would willingly extend a hand.

As the thoughts of each country became complicated, Uorin entered the room and shouted out loud.

“What are you doing!”

Kido was watching, and Harbitz lay down on the bed and blinked.


“You tripped over Sirone. Forgot a deal? On the condition of handing over the world… …

“You take Sirone.”

Havitz jumped up and stood up.

“That’s a good strategy. If Sirone accepts my deal, it will be good for you.”

“You can’t win hearts that way. do as planned Don’t keep going astray.”

“You are the one who misses.”


Harbitz pointed at Uorin.

“The power of history search. When Kashan becomes the leader, you can unite humanity into Ultima.”

It was also the reason Uorin was sure that Sirone would come to him.

“What do you mean? When I achieve what I want, I hand over my powers to you

you said.”

Even in the genealogy of Mitochondrial Eve, only Woorin had a future poem.

When she looks at something, the trajectory the object will move in the future is revealed as a line of light.

Indeed, the apple she was looking at had a faint light running along its surface.

After a while, the light in the form of a hand connected to the light of the apple, and the apple fell down.

“Actually, it’s no big deal.”

Uorin averted her gaze at Harbitz’s words.

“Seeing future movements. That much is just predictable.”

The reason future poetry is powerful.

“The true value is activated when you close your eyes. That’s the secret you were trying to hide.”

If Uorin doesn’t see anything, the timeline can expand infinitely.

‘Because all signals are connected.’

The fingertips of Havitz, the table that the hand touches, the floor that the table touches, and the ground connected to the floor.

If all trajectories of buildings, humans, creatures, and plants built through the site are revealed as lines of light.

“It is going to rule history. By manipulating the variables that occur within it.”

Harvits apologized.

“Well, how are you?”

The timeline spread out in golden light fluctuated enormously.

“If I drop an apple here, what will happen 200 kilometers away?”

The apple rolled across the floor.

Kido will pick it up, and if it’s my job, the janitor will pick it up if it gets damaged.

Of course, the apple is put in the trash and becomes food for insects… … .

‘When the timeline is accelerated endlessly.’ There is a change in the colony where the bugs live, and as a result, a biological change of 10,000 individual units… … .


Uorin stopped thinking.

Because future poetry expands as it penetrates, at some point the brain becomes overloaded.


Even without Uorin explaining, Harvits penetrated everything with the god’s frequency.

“To think that the trivial act of dropping an apple changed the history of bugs. It is like a god.”

The reason Uorin wrinkled her nose was that the bug could become a human.

“There is a limit to what you can see with your eyes. The history search radius is too vast. At best… …

The degree to which la energy can be found.

“No, no. There is no limit to ability. That’s because your brain is human.”

Harvits thought for a moment.

“I heard that the Gaian brain remains… …

Life in Uorin’s eyes soared, and hot anger welled up in his heart.

“What do you want to say?”

“Don’t forget the reason I kept you alive. You would kill yourself to take it by force, so I have no choice but to join your will…

It was an ability I wanted to have.

“If future poetry goes to Sirone, I think I will feel anger for the first time.”

Harvits headed for the door.

“My method may be good. Think carefully.”

There would be a commotion if he crossed the Kashan area, but there was no way to stop it anyway.

Kido said as the door closed.

“I don’t like it. It was an impossible deal from the start. That guy covets your abilities so much that he’s just taking advantage of you. At this point… …

“shut up.”


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Kido’s eyes lit up.

“Wake! Even if you can make an Ultima, Sirone already has someone she loves!”

“Kido, please.”

Uorin slowly raised her head.

“please… … shut up.”

As evening approached, Arachne’s envoys delivered letters to the nations.

“It’s a banquet. Good to sell.”

When Rufist put the letter on the table, Sirone looked down and read it.

“Most will attend.”

“Well, behind-the-scenes work that can’t be done at a meeting will start from now on. I won’t miss it, even just to see the atmosphere. the problem is… …

Rufist pointed to the last sentence of the letter.

“For a fun banquet, we hope that entertainers from all over the world will also attend and shine. On the surface, it may be intended to compete for cultural supremacy, but… …

said the albino.

“The politics of the night is about to begin. I’m going to start a beauty world in earnest from Arachne’s side. I wonder how powerful it is. Why don’t you give it a try? If you know the level, can you infer how much information will leak from other countries?”

When there was no answer, he shrugged.

“I can’t do it. At this age… …

“I will decide based on the situation. More than that, the problem is yin on our side. I want to save it as soon as possible.”

I didn’t say I would keep it.

“I want to refuse if there is a mixture of disquieting intentions. Do I really have to do that?”

No one agreed with Sirone’s words.

‘Can’t I do more than that?’ It’s not a matter of like or dislike.

If everyone did that, Tormia had no choice but to compete.

‘But it’s not good to ignore Sirone’s will. This is really embarrassing.’

Rufist chose the next best thing.

“It is in order to ask the opinion of the tug of war. Sirone, will you go and tell the captain?”


Sirone also thought it would be better to persuade him himself.

“At the banquet?”

Shirone, who found the lodging where the tug of war was staying, delivered the contents of the letter to Ogent Reina.

“Probably not a good spot. It will be teeming with greedy people.”

“I guess so.”

She nodded.

“okay. I will prepare and set off.”


Of course I thought I would refuse.

“Are you okay? You know what seat it is.”

“You can’t go out, can you? We’re fighting for Tormia, so we have to bear that much. Of course, they expect Maya, and if things go bad, I can step in and take control.”

When Sirone showed a distrustful look, Reina smiled and rubbed her shoulder.

“don’t worry. Even in the royal castle, this kind of thing is not uncommon. I trust my sister and leave it to her. But the problem is… …

Reina looked back in the hallway.

“I don’t know how it is with Kayden. You know, if your hand moves against your will

If straight… …


The banquet hall would become a mess.

Reina, who took Sirone to Cayden’s room, explained the situation.

“So, if you stay in the room for a while… …

“It’s not possible.”

Cayden was adamant.

“I can’t send Maya alone. I will keep it unconditionally. Please let me go.”

“Even if you said unconditionally… …

Cayden knew that he couldn’t suppress the symptoms of moving against his will.

“I will not take the sword.”

“It’s a tough spot. A minor mistake could damage Tormia. Just this time… …

“Please let me go with you.”

When Rayna turned around, Maya stood among the entertainers attending the banquet.

“If Kayden doesn’t accompany me, I won’t go either.”

Sirone came out.

“Don’t worry too much. I will go to the banquet too, so nothing will happen.”

Maya’s heart was filled with the fact that Sirone was protecting her, but she shook her head.

“No, thank you for your heart, but… … I want to go with Cayden. I don’t think I’ll feel safe.”


Caden’s expression darkened.

Of course, I’m not so stupid that I don’t know how she said it.

‘I’m trying.’

She also struggles desperately to keep her promise to forget Sirone.

Caden stepped forward.

“I swear. You will never make a mistake. So please let me go.”

His willpower was higher than ever, and he glared coldly at his right arm.

‘If you were my body, would you know? If you make a mistake this time, I will really cut you off.’

The right arm was unresponsive.

Upon arriving at the banquet hall, a good 200 people were chatting.

Among world-class figures, Ye-in was very nervous.

“Tormia’s turn is the last. Artists, please enjoy your time comfortably and come when I call.”

That the 10-minute time to decide what to do with Cayden pushed their turn to the end.

‘Surprisingly agile.’

It was proof that this was not the time to be foolish.

The decent atmosphere gradually became overheated as alcohol was added, and there were some standout characters among them.

“Puhahaha! yes, yes! As expected, Rubian is the best for alcohol. Isn’t it?”

It was Marcus, the prince of the Iron Kingdom.

A sensualist in his early thirties, he was still blatantly examining the women at the banquet hall.

“Hehe, so then I… … yes?” While he was talking, he looked around and stopped talking when he saw Maya.


Most people knew Maya because she belonged to Valkyrie’s tug of war.

“A famous person is here.” He left immediately, took another glass of wine, and approached Maya.

“Mystery Maya, right?”

His voice was soft, but his eyes, already loose from drunkenness, were menacing.

“My name is Marcus, the first prince of the Iron Kingdom.”

‘The Prince of Iron.’

The intimidation of the position was much greater than expected, and Maya naturally shrank.

“This is Maya. It is an honor to meet you.”

Reluctantly, he held out his hand, and Marcus’s fingers coiled around him like a snake.

“Oh, the skin is very soft… … Just as he was about to joke without paying attention, he saw Caden with his terrifying eyes raised.

“What are you?”

Since this had already been foretold, Maya calmly explained.

“He is my bodyguard. Kayden, hello.”

“A bodyguard?”

One thing she didn’t expect was that this was not a place where common sense worked.

“Unpleasant. Is Tormia only at this level? Yein bodyguards glaring at the prince.”

Covering the right and wrong is meaningless.

If Cayden overpowers Marcus, the enemy country called Iron will only increase at that moment.

‘Be patient, Kayden. If things go wrong with Iron already, it’s only foreign countries that laugh.’

harsh reality.

Cayden had to make a choice as officials from around the world looked at him with snake eyes.

I lowered my head because I couldn’t disappoint Maya.

“Forgive me for my rudeness… …

and that moment.

Cayden saw his right hand pumping his fist up with great speed.

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