I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 504

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Dragon, sing of the goddess’s wrath.

On the day when the Lord of Heaven sings of the Goddess’ wrath, rivers of fire will flow on the earth, and violent storms will stir up the sky. Oh, so bow her head. Praise the greatness of the goddess. So that the goddess will not be angry.

An ancient era.

Even in the era of chaos, when the apostles of the gods sang about the greatness of the gods they each served, the goddess’s great messenger, Black Dragon, was alive and well. Many generals went out to hunt the dragon, but none of them returned to their god alive.

Giant Dragon, Black Storm.

The dragon floated in the canyon and guarded his goddess’s bed. She sang her anger so that the world would not forget the goddess, until the day came when the deeply sleeping goddess opened her eyes. That is why the giant dragon was called the ruler of the sky and the wrath of the goddess.

‘···That one.’

And, Skebal.

‘Is that the wrath of God?’

I was fully feeling the wrath of God, whom I had only heard about in ancient books. It was truly a historic sight. The sky turned red. The black storm sucked up and ground everything it touched. There was no magical intervention whatsoever in that near-miraculous phenomenon.

A phenomenon that is too natural to be considered magic.

Just by flapping its wings and opening its mouth, that gigantic being can create miracles. That’s probably why it’s called a perfect life form. Skebal narrowed his vision as he fired whatever spells he could get his hands on.


How on earth?

‘Even though I have become a being close to God, I still can’t reach it.’

I reached the truth I had been longing for.

It was the truth that he achieved by throwing away everything. Skebal looked back on his own life. His own life began with abandonment, and was ending with abandonment.

I abandoned my colleagues. I abandoned my humanity. abandoned the human body. I have abandoned the magic tower, and even emotions and memories have been abandoned without hesitation if necessary.

“Sukebal, please.”

Because it was abandoned like that.

“Please, save me, please.”

In the face of the horrors created by the madman, Skebal could have thrown away his position as commander-in-chief of the Demon King’s army. There, Skebal ignored the voices of his subordinates who trusted and followed him. It was not just because they had already become irreversible.

Because it has always been abandoned.

Because it was ridiculous to obsess over it now.

Wasn’t he the one who abandoned and trampled on his compatriots? Now, I have come too far to be swayed by personal feelings. During that long journey, there was only one thing Skebal looked at. Truth, the secret wish of wizards.

‘I thought that if I reached the truth, I would realize everything.’

I thought that by awakening to everything, I would become omniscient and omnipotent, and that I would simply be free from everything. But no. Isn’t reality being swayed even by ancient beasts? Skebal’s eyes shrank.

What is thus reached is the sincerity hidden deep within.

…Skebal longed for the gray color.

Skeval admired the archmage Cardi Van Armiel. Even when he was human and in this form, I always admired him. Over the past thousand years, he has lost and forgotten many things, but there was one thing he never forgot.

“You will never be able to surpass me.”

Your ways are wrong.

Your path cannot reach me.

The words that Cardi van Armiel left behind became a burnt mark and were engraved into Skevall’s soul. Even a thousand years could not erase his scars. Even now that he had become a god, Skebal had an inferiority complex toward the gray in a corner of his soul.

Cardi van Armiel.

Raniel van Trias.

Those damn gray things.

Skebal was both hated and admired.

It’s a truth I didn’t want to admit. Even now that he has reached the level of godhood, what comes to Skebal’s mind is the magic of the gray wizards. It is the technique by which they trampled upon themselves.

···iced coffee.

Skebal groaned.

The feeling of inferiority toward the gray color that I was unable to abandon until the end. The moment Skebal realized that fact, he burst into laughter. What will you do when you realize His truth and reach the state of God?

‘As a human being, I couldn’t even give up my convenience.’

I thought I had come a long, long way.

But when I look back, I haven’t progressed at all. He was still just a human being with an inferiority complex. He was just a coward who thought about running away until the very end.


Skebal grabbed something.

It is the life vessel that remained with you. Originally, its value was insignificant. Things to escape, extra lives, artificial products… These are things that cannot even be achieved by a human being who lives in an instant.

‘I offer it.’

However, this moment is different.

Skebal destroyed all the life vessels he had. He, who had not prepared for his death for over a thousand years, destroyed the escape route with his own hands.

The ancient lich, who stood far from death, took a step closer to death. There is clear value in that action.

Shoot aaaah.

Black water flooded. The overflowing water became a flood and extinguished the black dragon’s fire. Skebal raised his head from above the black sea. If you raise your head and look at the sky, there is a dragon flying freely in the sky. Skebal raised his arms, looking at the dragon.

‘If you can’t reach it.’

Unless you can let go of this inferiority complex.

‘I will pull you down.’

I will bring down the sky.

Skebal grabbed his hand. Is it a coincidence or an inevitability? Skebal and the demon lord’s vengeful spirit that formed Skebal’s body desired the same thing.

Grips rose from the black water.

Just like the Demon King did.

Soaring hands chased after the black dragon. The black dragon flapped its wings and tried to escape from the grip, but the grip continued to catch up and grabbed the black dragon’s wing ridges. I grabbed the black dragon’s leg.

Wudduk, wuddudduk.

The sound of bones breaking and skin tearing.

The dragon’s wings were torn. The dragon’s leg was broken. However, the black dragon does not sit still either. The dragon, who fell to the ground while being held in his grip, tore off his grip and rushed at Skebal.

Uduk, kwasik, kwazz.



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The wings of the black dragon caught in the black grip were torn and blood splattered out. The towers embedded in Skebal’s spine were swept away by the black dragon’s claws and shattered. The sound of breaking, tearing, and crumbling rang endlessly.

A melee broke out on top of the black waves.

The two collided without any hesitation.

Akrita swung her spear. She swung and followed persistently. Only for Destel to attack, Arcrita kicked her ground and rushed at her. It was that guy, that guy.

‘It’s you.’

The variable that upset my game.

You were the variable I had to kill. It wasn’t gray, it wasn’t Stella, it wasn’t Watcher. The thing that upset my plate was none other than your presence.


Akrita, who must have lost her emotions, felt angry at this moment. Her anger and joy were separated by a single distance, but the madman did not understand the gap. He was angry and delighted.

He roared and hurled his spear at Destel.

The sound of metal clashing against metal rang out loudly. The moment the spear blades collided, the Spear of Salvation that Destel was holding became blurred for a moment. The spear made of starlight is neutralized the moment it collides with Wooin’s spear.


Destel clicked his tongue and let go of the scattering spear. She held her sword in her hand and swung it. Every time they clashed, Destel had to change her weapon. That Wooin’s spear was an extremely difficult weapon.

‘You’re persistent.’

Destel frowned.

The madman was only targeting himself. He slices through the surging waves of stars, shakes off the pursuing Kariot, and scatters his magic to bind Rak’s ankles and digs towards Sun himself.

As if he was going to kill himself first.

The momentum was truly fierce.

Although Lark is fighting hard… Lark joined right after the battle with Barta. Of course, even in that condition, Lark would have won if she had confronted Akrita head-on, but with her injured body, Lark was unable to pursue Acrita.


Even though he was able to cut down Acrita’s high-ranking spells with a light swing, joining here seemed difficult.


Destel was pushed far away with a friction sound.

Destel leapt to the side, stepping on the fluttering flower petals. The moment he was about to join Lark, a spear blade rushed in, tearing off the flower petals, blocking Destel’s path.

A slash followed by a stab.

The moment he quickly grabbed the swinging spear and blocked it with his star weapon, Destel was pushed back again. Her grip tingled. Indeed, you are saying that you will never let go?

“I told you so.”

Acrita pierced through the fluttering flower petals towards Destel.

“You are my enemy.”


“I will have to kill you with my own hands.”

The shiny eyes of a madman glared at Destel. Just looking at the eyes filled with madness gives me goosebumps.


Even though her skin is burning and chafing from the bouncing water droplets, Akrita has no intention of stopping. Rather, it is accelerating as the body burns out. In another sense, it meant that he was a madman.

‘···I’m going crazy.’

Destel let out a long breath and took in the madman’s attack. It’s too much. It’s so burdensome. But at the same time, Destel thinks.

Rather, it is a good thing.

If a madman is determined to bite off the back of his own neck, he can use that as a strategy. Calmly, cool-headedly, and firmly.

D’Estell saw a path to victory.


He silently recalled the weapon hidden in his shroud.

A weapon discovered while exploring the pantheon after the battle to subdue the apostates. For some reason, Destel sighed as he remembered the weapon that the traitor had stored deep in his workshop.

Perhaps, it will be a variable.

This too.


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