I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 503

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“It’s been a while. Belnoa.”

Belial van Dragonic.

A contractor before Belnoa, and a dragon shaman who crossed the world with the first hero, Ganicalt. And in the end, he was an unlucky hero who met a miserable end as an animal.

An ancient hero who had long since disappeared from this world was now before his eyes.

Belnoir blinked blankly at the scene he could not understand even after seeing it. My vision opened and my ears opened. My mind, which had been muddled and confused by shadows, was now clear.


“Oh, I guess you didn’t forget my name. Since you forgot all the advice I worked so hard to give, I thought my junior had youthful dementia again.”

Belial burst out laughing.

“Yes, it’s me.”

He narrowed his gaze.

Belial looked at the shadow dragon lord standing next to Belnoa. Her goddess, too, looked at her own old contractor. She Goddess moaned long and hard.

【How did you…?】

This cannot happen.

She knew that fact better than anyone else. Belial’s soul was stained with shadows, and then mixed with them again, becoming completely clouded. Wasn’t the black dragon subdued without even getting a chance to purify its clouded soul?

Are you looking at something in vain?

It was difficult for even the oldest god to understand the current situation. Because this was impossible.

【I would have lost you, I wouldn’t have been able to stop you, how could you…】

The goddess’ gaze wavered.

Contained in the shaking are embarrassment, regret, and sadness. This is a goddess who loved her contractors like her own children. Therefore, the goddess’ dragon eyes were shaken endlessly by the sight of Belial reappearing in front of her.

“It’s been a while, goddess.”

Belial, not sure if he knew what the goddess was thinking, just smiled. He scratched his hair and let out a long breath.

“It’s a long story, but I also pulled a trick.”

He pointed behind me.

There was a piece of the Holy Grail stuck in the ground. From there, Belial’s steps continued.

“I put a part of my soul into the shadow dragon’s spell, with the help of Cardi.”

Belial looked at Belnoa.

“The moment someone who followed the lineage of magic I left behind touched the Holy Grail… he wrote a hand to make the soul I left behind sprout into the Holy Grail. It would be complicated to explain in detail, but let’s just skip over this part.”

A special being called the Goddess of the Holy Grail, the lineage of magic, and the Shadow Dragon. Star Contract. In addition, it was a result of many coincidences and coincidences.

“The important thing is that I came here like this.”

He laughed cheerfully and patted Belnoa’s shoulder. Every time his shoulder was tapped, Bel Noah’s vision bobbed up and down.

“Originally, his role would have been limited to giving advice and sharing memories of magic…”

Belial trailed off and looked around.

A space covered in shadows.

This is the space you encounter when you step into the final stage of the dragon’s spell, and it is also a scene that signifies that the shaman gave his all to the dragon.

“Just in case, the person who continues my lineage makes the same choice as me.”

The hand that was tapping Belnoa’s shoulder stopped. Belial’s hand held Belnoa’s shoulder tightly.

“I did everything I could to capture it.”


“Yes, I know. I was looking at the same thing as you. If I had come this far, I would have had no choice but to write.”

Belial laughed bitterly.

“That crazy guy is still awful,” he let out a long breath.

“Because there is something more precious than life. Even if you end up being reduced to a beast, there would have been something you had to protect. So I have no intention of pointing out that your choice was wrong.”

You must have had your own beliefs. And, no one has the right to tell you that your life is wrong.


Belial said.

“As a senior, I can scold you.”

He quietly looked down at Belnoa.

“Come to your senses, Belnoa.”

Belial spoke in a cold, subdued voice.

“Don’t be intoxicated by the dragon’s power. Don’t be swayed by its power. You, and I, we are shamans. Don’t be swayed by these shadows… Oh, goddess, I’m sorry. I called you these shadows.”

Belial smiled shyly as he stepped on the swaying shadow.

“Is this possibly blasphemy?”

It was a joke that Belial often told.

The goddess laughed as if it were absurd at a joke that she thought she would never hear again. Smiling, she quietly shook her head.

【It was done. This is a shadow.】

She looked at Belial with mixed eyes.

【I am receiving help from you again.】

“What do you mean?”

Belial laughed.

“I was the one who always received help. Again, I have no intention of blaming the goddess. It was my choice and my pride.”

It was the same smile he last smiled, more than a thousand years ago. In front of that laughter, the goddess smiled bitterly.

【It’s still the same, Belial.】

“Even my wife said that consistency is my charm.”

Belial let out a long breath as he joked.

“Come on, Belnoir.”

He stood with his feet firmly planted in the swaying shadow and extended his hand towards his junior. The shadows that were everywhere could no longer approach Belnoa.



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“Stand up.”

Black storm, black dragon Belial.

A distant, ancient hero raised up a younger generation who followed his wishes. He raised Belnoa up and released himself with a popping sound.

And then, coo.

When he put his foot down, ripples rose across the shadow. Belial took his stance on the spreading ripples. He took a strong step forward and stretched out his arms forward.

“Watch carefully and follow along, junior.”

Belial laughed cheerfully.

“The dragon, the ruler of the sky, is so incompetent that it has no use. Only in this way will the dragon’s reputation fall to the ground. Isn’t that right, goddess?”

【It’s not wrong.】

“The goddess says so too.”

The goddess smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Belial took his stance and gestured to Belnoa. Go ahead and take a stance after yourself. Belnoir let out a long breath and imitated the posture of the senior standing next to him.

“From now on.”

Belial grinned and smiled.

“It’s time to let that old skeleton know the greatness of dragons, junior.”

Skebal was confident of victory.

What I see before my eyes is a bleeding beast, a dying dragon. Skebal was not stupid enough to be defeated by a beast that was only running wild intoxicated with its own power.

‘The momentum is fierce, but…’

That’s all. Seunggi was slowly leaning towards himself. The longer the fight goes on, the more defeated the beast becomes. Not befitting the name of a proud creature… that black dragon fought like an animal.

It bites everything it can find. rush in

I’m just running wild with my own power.

Its momentum and power exceed that of the black dragon Belial, but it never occurred to me that it was stronger than Belial. Skebal, who saw the black dragon before it was corrupted by the shadow, knows. How strong he was.

‘It was like that even when I completely became a black dragon.’

Although he could not participate in the fight, Skebal saw the storm that erupted from the Temple of Shadow from afar. He still remembers the image of the giant dragon tearing apart the waves created by the demon king, who was a perfect being, and burning down the army of shadow.

‘Compared to that, how is that beast?’

It’s insignificant. It’s extremely clumsy.

Skebal swung his arm. Dozens or hundreds of daggers were completed in an instant and flew towards the black dragon. This time, he will catch it with his bare body and try to bite his neck. I was tired of participating in that barbaric battle.


Skebal’s eyes flashed as he fired a dagger.

Chains soared along the line of sight. In the past, as the gray light bound the black dragon’s feet, thousands and tens of thousands of chains were launched towards the black dragon.

‘I will restrict its movements with a dagger, bind it with chains, and finish it with this blow.’

Black water flowing between my ribs.

Using the grudges of countless demons as compensation, Skebal prepared a huge blow. The beast that has now lost its original momentum will not be able to block this blow.


This was the moment when Skebal felt victory as he saw the chain stretching out like that. The black dragon that was charging with its mouth open stopped in the air for a moment. I folded my spread wings and crouched down.

And then, disaster.

The moment I unfolded my folded wings, a storm broke out. The daggers were broken by the driving storm. The chains that were trying to bind the black dragon’s body kakakang! It broke off with a sound. The black dragon, which created a storm with a single flap of its wings, opened its mouth.


Compressed heat rays swept across the ground. It disrupted the torrent of power that Skebal had been gathering. The flames rising together with the exploding heat rays obscured Skebal’s sight. It’s the same method as the first time. It was clear that he was going to rush in blindly.

‘There’s no way I’ll get caught in the same move again.’

This is the moment when Skebal set numerous traps in front of me and cleared the fire. But there was no black dragon there. Skebal lifted his head. The black dragon was still flapping its wings in the sky. What has changed is…

Ka, go, go, go, go, go!

It is a storm swirling around the black dragon.

A seven-pronged storm was circling around the black dragon. The more it rotated, the stronger the storm became and the color turned black. And so, the moment the storm turned completely black.

Huh, I said.

The black dragon flapped its wings widely.

A storm swept across the ground and rushed towards Skebal. A huge storm with seven branches. The black dragon descended towards Skebal along with the storm. The storm protected the black dragon by breaking all the spells fired by Skebal.

···Why was Belial called the black storm?

Because I created a storm with a single flap of my wings.

Cities big and small were reduced to ruins just by the flap of their wings. That is why the black dragon was called a disaster and a black storm. Skebal looked in front of me.


There is a storm that rushes in, connecting the earth and the sky, destroying everything. A truly disaster-like landscape. Skebal’s eyes narrowed.

‘In an instant…’

The black dragon’s movements were reversed. The strategy has completely changed. The black dragon he faces now is not a beast…

‘···Master of the sky.’

This is the proud giant dragon that was called that.

The scale, which had been tilted towards Skebal, was now in equilibrium again.


The black dragon approached Skebal, sweeping away all the spell traps carved on the ground with a storm. A golden dragon’s eye sparkled among the black storm.

While holding the friend’s spear, Akrita narrowed her eyes. Many voices were ringing in my head.

The first madman says:

Run away from here. Run away, run away and get the next one. There is no need to fight on an unfavorable stage, time is on our side. Run away like always… The madman who had been living in secret for tens of thousands of years shouted.

However, Cheonhye (天惠) speaks.

How far do you plan to run away? He asked if there was anything he could get his hands on if he ran away again. Cheonhye, who traversed a period of chaos holding only a spear, laughed at the first madman.

And, Akrita decides.

He was always cool-headed.

I calmly assessed the situation. Both the words of a madman and the words of heaven are correct. This is an unfavorable stage for you and your chances of winning are slim. But that doesn’t mean…

‘You can’t run away.’

If you want to run away, you can.

If you abandon your true self, throw away everything you have accumulated, and run away while leaving behind those blades that can kill you… you can run away.

Just like I ran away from Gletus.

Just like when I ran away from Ganichalt.

There was nothing you couldn’t do if you wanted to.

However, what is ringing in my ears is the mockery of heaven. If I run away this time, will I be able to achieve anything? It is indeed as he said. Because the situation was very different from the time of Gletus and Ganicalt.

‘Even if I run away from here…’

can’t survive

Even if you run away, the blades that will kill you remain here. Moreover, that watcher can even specify its own location. Can you resist their pursuit?

It would have been possible if Raniel had destroyed the Demon King together.

But if even that damn gray color remains alive… the possibility is so slim that it is as good as nonexistent. Even if you escape, you will have to deal with them all on a battlefield that is even more disadvantageous than it is now.

‘Even the gray wizard, Kyle Torben.’

Laughter leaked out.

There is no answer to running away. Akrita, who has always been forced to make a choice, is now at a crossroads. Raniel was smiling beyond the chessboard.

‘Either run away. Either fight back.’

Either way you lose.

Either option will result in loss.

“Ah, this must have felt like this.”

The madman sneered and looked at the hero’s spear in his hand. The self-deprecating smile on my lips began to falter little by little. The ridicule degenerated into madness.

As if it was fun.

As if it was unbearably enjoyable.

Akrita roared and swung her spear. The madman swept his hair as he cut through the surging waves. A forced choice. You are at a crossroads. It was not until this moment that Akrita encountered the human side.

After living for tens of thousands of years, I can’t believe I’m only now able to understand humans in a small way. This is truly a joke that cannot be laughed at.

What is coming is death.

The death that has always been far away from you and that you have never had to face approaches. Akhrita smiled in the face of approaching death. She laughed happily. The absolute fear that humans must feel in the face of death was absent from Akrita.

In the first place, Akrita did not feel fear.

That’s why he didn’t understand humans, and that’s why he lacked humanity.


Come, death.

Akrita grabbed the spear and rushed toward death. There were no fears to overcome.

Foaming waves splashed onto Akrita’s forearms. Chiiik, my flesh was burning and blood was flowing. The fluttering flower petals grazed Akria’s skin. Blood splattered out like a knife cut.

Blood splashing out. Pain felt. bloodshed.

Akrita ran away laughing.

He swung his spear at the warriors rushing towards him. It is a battlefield he cannot win. If that’s the case, he won’t give them a complete victory. Even the moment he dies, he will bite into something ugly and unsightly.

If you decide to do so.

Isn’t there something else you don’t know?

Will the miracle that happened to them also happen to you? Will he also suddenly overcome his limits and overturn this unfavorable battle situation? That was something no one knew. Akrita tossed a coin. He ran without looking at whether it came up heads or tails.

The madman who had always been lurking behind the scenes came down onto the stage. She became an actress like those who ridiculed her, taunted her, and forced her to make choices. Arcrita bled on stage.


The Spear of Salvation wielded by Destel and the Spear of Wooin wielded by Acrita collided. With a harsh friction sound, Acrita raised her head towards Destel.

“It’s you.”

Akrita burst out laughing.

“You were my enemy.”

As much as you.

I will have to kill you with my own hands.


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