I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 381

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Grace style, drama. An intangible sword.

Lark took out the most powerful card he had. The drama unfolds while holding the first holy sword. Since he had not fully unfolded the intangible sword yet, the moment he swung it, it would put a huge strain on his body, but it didn’t matter.

Cut down the enemy in front of you.

Kill that beast right here.

With that thought, Lark grabbed the first holy sword.

The completed posture, platinum-colored starlight bursting from the blade of the holy sword. After getting ready to swing his sword, Lark planted his feet firmly on the snow field.

The moment you try to swing your sword like that.

Lark’s vision wavered.

It is not the current vision that is shaken. It was a few seconds into the future that Lark was looking into through his extra senses. Originally, the future seen by Lark’s eyes a few seconds later was the image of a beast being cut in two by the ‘Intangible Sword’.

But now?

With a loud crash, the future that Lark had foreseen was shattered. Lark’s super senses were overlaid by something even more precise. What has unfolded is a future that is completely different from the present.

The future will soon become reality.

Lark saw that the atmosphere surrounding the beast in front of him had changed. It was only a moment, but the beast’s eyes, which had been fluttering blue, calmed down. Immediately afterwards, the beast assumed a certain posture with its left arm stretched out.

Strange posture, strange movements.

However, it contains a clear sword technique. Lark could not have predicted what would unfold next. I could no longer see the future. Because Lark did not understand what the being in front of him was, he could not predict it.

So, I just trust my intuition.

Lark swung his sword with all his might.

Since there was no proper sword path, the sword Lark wielded was messy. However, even though it is messy, this is part of the swordsmanship created by the strongest swordsman.

What you lack in skills, you turn into physical ability.

What was lacking was made up for by the starlight of the holy sword.

The huge blade swung around and the wind blew. All the snow that had accumulated on the ground turned over and snowflakes flew. An intangible shock wave was shot towards the beast, cutting off all the swirling and flying things.


In the face of the approaching sword strike that pulverized everything it touched, the beast hit the ground. He swung his arm, which was level with the ground. However, in Lark’s eyes, he could not see the beast swinging its arms.

The animal’s claws, which had been pointing to the left, had suddenly drawn a complete line and were pointing to the right. Lark did not see the process that took place between those two scenes. A sword strike so fast that it is impossible even to follow it with the eyes.

‘First sight killing…?’

Perfect posture.

An unwavering sword strike created from perfection.



A quiet grinding sound rang out.

The shock wave that erupted from the tip of Lark’s sword tore it apart with a cutting sound. With the sword wind that came in late, the artificial air flow that Lark had created was reversed.

A blizzard heading towards the beast.

After being swept away by something, he returns to Rak.

What comes sweeping the wind is a single sword strike. Lark moved his creaky body and quickly raised his greatsword. The moment a single sword strike collides with the great sword, Kaaaaaaaaang! A sound rang out that felt like my ears were going to explode.

“Big, black!”

A huge shock too.

Lark’s fingers holding the sword snapped with a loud sound. His arms, shoulders, and whole body scream. Lark’s body was thrown into the air and cut to pieces by the wind.

Throwing in.

The aftermath of the sword strike scratches Lark’s body.

As he blocked the onslaught of sword strikes, the shock waves he could not let go tore through Lark’s body. Dark red blood spewed out from Lark’s mouth along with a coughing sound.

Lark’s vision turned red.


Lark rolled around on the snowy field.

After rolling on the floor for a while, Lark stopped.

“Wow, big!”

With a loud thud, dark red blood poured out of the mouth. The snowy field was dyed red. Lark placed his trembling hands on the snowy field and tried to stand up. But his body doesn’t move like his mind.

‘Stand up.’

I’m trying to stand up.

I have to kill that beast. Lark’s body, which had reached its limit, did not respond to Lark’s persistence.

Lark gritted his teeth.

My blood boiled. My breathing became rapid. Even in a cold snowstorm, the heat of the heated body does not subside. A fierce fire engulfed Lark. Now, Lark desperately wanted only one thing.


Lark’s pupils shrank into a single dot.

Grinding, my molars ground.

‘Kill, kill to take revenge.’

Have you ever felt such intense hatred for something? He had never experienced loss before. A boy living in a peaceful world felt intense anger for the first time in his life.

A warrior who was like family has died.

Oyakal is dead. Pride trampled upon.

Their deaths were extremely gruesome.

The beast insulted their deaths and even trampled on their lives. Lark couldn’t bear that fact. He had to take revenge by killing the beast.

Boom, boom.

My heart was beating wildly.

The anger deep inside heated up Lark’s head. A fierce fire that would not die out began to burn Rak’s reason to the core.

Intense motivation, desire, and tenacity.

What Lark lacked was fulfilled at this moment. The seed in Lark’s heart germinated. Germinating a seed is an intention to kill. Seeds grow using the simplest and most powerful emotions as nutrients.

The wall that was built inside has long since been torn down.

In front of the wall destroyed by the Holy Grail, Lark has been thinking about the past three years. Because he agonized over the path he should take, Lark did not become a superman. Even though he met all the conditions.

And now, a path has opened up in front of Lark.



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The germinated seeds spread beyond the wall like roots, and the roots branched into dozens, hundreds, or thousands of branches and became paths. Although the direction may be different, each one is the life of a superman. Lark was faced with a choice.

Among thousands of paths, there is one that shines the most.

That is the path taken by the strongest swordsman.

It is honorable and proud, and it is noble because it is proud. That is why it is the most difficult path. Lark knew that even if he chose that path, it would be difficult to gain the strength to immediately kill the animal. That current path is not suitable for you.

I can’t afford it.

You must have the strength to kill an animal.

The power for revenge.

Lark’s eyes, losing his sense of reason, moved quickly and stopped in front of a certain road. What caught Lark’s eyes was a road stained red with blood.

Easy, simple way.

A way to gain strength right away.

It is a path driven by hatred and driven by revenge. It is the easiest, but because it is easy, it leads to destruction. There is no pride or honor on that path. Lark already knew the person who walked this path. Sword Demon, Draka.

Even though I knew it.

Lark stretched out his hand toward the path.

This is the moment when Lark’s hand is about to touch the blood-stained road. Before that, something touched Lark’s hand. What I feel in his hands is a cool sensation. The feeling of metal.


Lark opened his eyes.

The snowfall that had been swept away by the sword attack was blowing like a blizzard. Although his vision was obscured by the blowing snow, he could clearly see what he was touching.

Broken sword.

It was Oyakal’s weapon. The moment he touched the weapon, a voice passed by Lark’s ears.

“Always remain calm, young master.”

“A top-notch warrior is not swayed by anything. “Aren’t you a true warrior if you know how to wield everything as you wish?”

Advice I once heard.

Remembering that advice, Lark closed his eyes and opened them. Even in death, you still teach. With that thought in mind, Lark slowly stood up.

It’s right to be angry.

Letting go of anger is not the answer.

It just means that you shouldn’t be swayed. Lark stamped out the fire that had been burning reason to the core. The fire had died down, but it rumbled fiercely as if it could flare up at any time.

With fire in it.

Lark grabbed the great sword stuck on the floor. Without choosing any path, Lark took a step forward. At that moment, the holy sword that Lark was holding shined brightly. Stronger than ever.

As if that were the correct answer.

* * *

Incomplete memories disappeared with a single swing. The king, who had become a beast again, looked at his arm with twinkling eyes. He recalled the movement he had shown a moment ago.

I couldn’t figure out what it was.

However, it seemed like something would be caught.

The light he had longed for was right in front of his nose. If only he had stayed a little longer he could have caught the light. However, as he saw the aftermath of his technique, he had a intuition about the beast.

A flame that will become light.

He extinguished the fire that was burning fiercely.

The fight was over without anyone realizing it. The beast grunted, gritted its teeth, and took a step forward. Close to the answer. What I was longing for was right around the corner. If we go a little further, if we go a little deeper, will we be able to find out?

This is the moment when the beast is about to head into the northern part of the country.

A sharp, cutting sound.

Immediately after, the snowstorm that was coming broke apart. The one who walks out through the blizzard is just one human being. A man who bleeds profusely from his entire body, but does not collapse. The atmosphere around that person was different from before.

In the eyes of the beast, humans seemed to shine brightly.

A human who resists until the end.

A person who reveals his tenacity without being swallowed up by murderous intent. The impurities remaining in humans were completely removed. What the beast could see now was the brilliant light it had longed for.

The same pure light as that day.

The beast was delighted before the blinding light.


The movements of Lark holding the sword are reversed.

The world seen through Lark’s eyes was completely different from before. Things in sight were clearer. My senses became sharper. Even the slightest movement was read.

Completed super sense.

Looking ahead to the future, Lark moved. With his broken body, Lark was unable to reach the same speed as the beast, but he made up the difference by moving one step ahead of the beast.


Rak let go of the greatsword, swatting away the beast’s claws. With the great sword spinning in the air, Lark pulled out his ax from the beast’s chest. With the ax in both hands, he deflected the beast’s attacks, struck them away, and dug in.

And blah blah blah.

Lark’s ax blade dug into the beast’s shoulder. A shock wave exploded from the deeply dug ax blade, tearing the animal’s muscles and slowing down the movement of its arms. Immediately afterwards, Rak put down the ax and stretched out his hand.


The great sword, which had been drawing a circle in the air, fell without a single error to the position where Lark had stretched out his hand. When the greatsword was caught in Lark’s hand, Lark was already swinging his sword.


For the first time, the animal’s body was cut long.

The great sword pierced the tough hide and carved a diagonal scar on the beast’s chest. Dark red blood bursting out. The beast burst out laughing and swung its left arm wildly.

Kang, Kang!

A sound like swords colliding rang out. Lark’s movements continued to speed up. It has become more sophisticated. Lark’s widened eyes no longer looked only at the future.

Something else begins to appear.

Future foresight has reached its limit, relying on Lark’s senses to predict the best move. The number became dozens of paths, spread out before Lark’s eyes. The path he must travel with the weapon he holds. This is what the sword adepts call the path.

Geomro (劍路).

Lark swung his great sword towards the still blurry path. The gap created by the slow greatsword was filled by letting go of his sword and swinging his axe. What he lacked in himself, Lark made up for by utilizing the numbers around him.

Sometimes the spell exploded.

Sometimes, the light of the holy sword was used.

Rak pushed the beast with everything he had. But he’s not the only one growing up. The animal’s movements also gradually become more sophisticated. The beast, which had regained its memory for just a moment, sharpened its senses by recalling that single swing.

From some moment.

The future that Rak envisioned begins to go wrong.

Little by little, the future changed. The beast appears to be moving away from the predicted future. The beast also predicted Lark’s movements, albeit weakly. In this way, the beast and Lark become complete strangers.

Neither side is pushed back.

On a vast snowy field, the two swordsmen showed off everything they had. And gradually. Very slowly, the time of reckoning was approaching.

* * *

『Is it okay to leave it alone?』

A workshop full of bloody smell.

The ancient lich’s voice rang low.

『Wasn’t it a work that put a lot of effort into it? I think it would be inefficient to leave such a work unattended. It’s a waste.』


“okay. Shouldn’t familiars be controlled? What you have created is powerful power. If only that were possible, variables could be created on the wire…』

“···Control it?”

She burst out laughing as if she had heard a funny joke. She wiped the blood from her face and looked back at her skeet.

“It wasn’t a controlled entity in the first place.”

『···At best, it’s just an animal.』

“That being, who is a beast at best, is on par with Ganicalt. “Except for the Demon King hundreds of years ago, he was the most powerful being that stood in our way.”

Gleria Belle Armias.

The first saint sneered and pointed at Skebal.

“I don’t know because you’ve never dealt with it, but it was that difficult of a creature. “A strange being, unpredictable and uncontrolled.”

『But aren’t we just animals now? It hasn’t bloomed yet. So, I am saying that the only way to control it is now. Just like hundreds of years ago, it is a waste to disobey the king’s orders and move as you please.』

“What if it were easier said than done?”

The apostate shrugged his shoulders.


she knows

A series of histories from a being called a black beast that preys on humans to being called the king of demonic beasts.

A being that began as a mere animal.

It started as a small thing, but at the last moment it stood in the way as another king. The beast was created through admiration, desire, obsession, jealousy, and countless other emotions toward humans.

“Just leave me alone.”

The apostate laughed.

“It has to be completed alone. It is not a being that is completed and raised by someone else’s hands. “It is a complete, complete being all by itself.”

Trials, hardships, adversity.

A being that was perfected amidst numerous crises.

Sometimes it ran away, sometimes it was defeated, sometimes it got angry, but it survived. The beast was completed by filling and filling what was lacking in itself.

“It’s a ridiculous story.”

The apostate laughed.

Smiling, she recalled the past. The King of Demon Beasts, who hated humans but also loved them, was named by a human. It was a name that was not recorded in any history, but the apostate remembered the name.

The king of demonic beasts.

Barta, the king of demonic beasts.

* * *

Blood bursting out.

Fresh blood and pain.

In the face of approaching death, the beast remembered.

name yourself.

Words to define yourself.

The beast closed its eyes.

When I opened my eyes, the beast was a king.

Barta, the king of demonic beasts, opened his eyes.


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