I Quit the Hero’s Party Chapter 380

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The northern warriors were Lark’s irreplaceable friends and teachers. Among them, the elite soldiers under the Archduke called the 13 warriors were especially special.

They were like family to Lark.

The 13 warriors residing in the White Night Castle have assisted and taught Lark since he was young, and sometimes went hunting with him. Therefore, they were Rak’s brothers, family, and indispensable friends.

Lark’s eyes trembled.

Naturally, those who ran after seeing the signal were northern elite soldiers. Lark saw the corpses of proud warriors. Thinking over their names, Lark slowly walked forward.


Lark stopped in front of Oyakal’s body.

3rd Seat Hawk Eye Oyakal.

One of the younger warriors, he was like a mentor and older brother who helped Lark choose weapons together. When he had a problem, Rak would go to Oyakal and ask for advice. Each time, Oyakal would think carefully and give helpful advice.

He was a wise warrior.

He was a warrior who was proud of his eyes, which were called hawk eyes.

However, with Oyakkal buried in the snow, bleeding dark red blood and spilling out his organs… Lark could no longer feel the same sentiment as before. Because what was placed there was nothing more than a corpse. Lark stretched out a trembling hand and covered Oyakal’s widened eyes.

“Good work. Oyakal.”

Rak closed Oyakal’s eyes.

“Master, what weapon do you like?”

“Do you like it?”

“It’s a good weapon. It seems like the perfect weapon for you, don’t you think? Now, please stand up straight here.”

I’ll teach you how to use an axe.

Oyakal’s smiling face flashed before Lark’s eyes. The recollection didn’t last long. Lark slowly stood up. Lark gritted his teeth as he looked at the corpses of the warriors in front of him.

Both eyes were bloodshot.

I heard an auditory hallucination with a cracking sound.

Lark reached into his waist and roughly pulled out an axe. A clicking sound rang out, and the beast that was craving human meat slowly turned its head.


The beast looked at Lark.

Human blood and flesh were dripping from its gaping maw. The eyes of the animal that chewed and swallowed the flesh with a crunching sound were curved like a half moon.

The beast straightened its bent knees.

The beast recognized Lark, who was spewing out slimy flesh towards it, as an enemy. It was around this time that the beast was glaring at Lark. Lark lightly tapped my heart with the sack he had lifted.


A thud sound. Eventually, Lark pounded on my heart harshly, as if breaking my own heart. A new spell begins to overlap on top of the spell.

Heat, heat, heat, heat, heat.

All of the spells on the sack were sucked into Lark’s heart. My heartbeat became stronger, making a pounding sound. This is the moment when Lark’s eyes turn red and his body, which cannot withstand the reinforcement, is about to tear apart.


In time that seems to have stopped for a moment.

A platinum-colored scale appeared among the snowflakes suspended in the air. The scales that come to mind have a different shape from the scales that are generally summoned. This was a scale that imposed restrictions to establish only one transaction.

Just one deal.

This is what Lark has honed over the past three years.

Needless to say, this is a concept that is said to be the ultimate definition of a battle mage. Lark presented the terms of the deal and the star accepted.

【The transaction has been completed.】

The moment the transaction was established, time, which had stopped, regained its speed. Snowflakes that had been falling from the sky began to fall to the ground again. However, the snowflakes never reached the ground.

Throw in!

A blizzard raged around Lark.

The driving snowstorm is artificial. Lark’s mana turned into snowflakes and flew like a storm. Lark’s eyes glowed red in the raging snowstorm.

The moment Lark hit the ground with a thud.

The beast missed Lark’s movement for a split second.


Lark is a warrior who wields an ax and a sword.

Innate sense, innate strength.

Lark was born with the right conditions to reach the level of a warrior. However, the Grand Duke of the North did not raise Lark solely as a warrior. Because he had other talents.

Huge amount of mana.

Top wizards, including the White Magic Tower lord, discovered other talents in Lark. That’s a huge amount of mana. The amount of raw mana that Lark possessed was not at all inferior to that of a top-class wizard.

Raniel also confirmed it.

That’s why Raniel taught Lark how to use mana. If I were told to use it, I could use it, but complex and delicate spells did not suit Lark’s mana. What suited raw Mana best was a raw spell.

Physical strengthening starting with heating.

Raniel taught him how to utilize it to the limit, and Lark has been consistently repeating the training methods taught by Raniel for the past three years. As if to prove that his efforts were not in vain, Lark kicked the ground.

The moment you take a step, the scenery changes.

In an instant, the distance narrowed, and my body moved twice as fast as usual. Lark’s wide-open eyes were bloodshot. A blurry scene unfolded in Lark’s mind.

Super sense.

Because it was not yet complete, I could see the movements of the future beast in the blurry scenery. With that movement in his eyes, Lark grasped the ax tightly.


The beast’s eyes, which had missed Lark’s movements, quickly fluctuated. The moment the fluctuating blue eyes discovered Lark’s location, the beast’s shoulders moved with a grating sound. The long, extended nails are tearing the air and heading towards Lark… but for Lark, it is a scene he has already seen.


Axes and claws collide.

It is the beast that is pushed out. The beast filled the missing arm with the crude corpse of a magical beast, and the improvised arm did not provide enough strength for the beast.

A gap created in that moment.

Lark took a step forward in the same posture as he was swinging the axe. Lark made a cooing sound, and snowflakes rose around him as he took steps. A moment of acceleration, and the axis of stepping forward with force.

Balance with each step you take.

The beating heart and boiling blood flow accelerate.

Lark has strengthened his body, which has already reached the realm of superhumanity, beyond its limits. The movements displayed by the body of a superhuman who has overcome his limitations are beyond imagination.



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The ax blade draws a silver-white trail.

The swung ax blade plunged into the beast’s side. The animal’s body shook for a moment, and the animal, having endured the shock, was about to scratch Lark.


The blade of Lark’s ax, which was stuck in the beast’s side, vibrated. The beast’s eyes widened. Lark twisted his wrist, sinking the vibrating ax blade a little deeper.

Grace type 2, rupture.

Coo! The beast’s body shook greatly.

The shock wave that erupted from the stuck ax blade tore through the beast’s body, and dark red fluid burst out from the joint of the beast’s body that the beast had clung to.

The beast’s body is pushed aside.

Lark immediately chased after the staggering beast. As he turned the ax, flesh dripping down, Lark forced the silver-white trajectory to connect. Swinging his ax like he was chopping, Lark chased after the retreating beast.

Lark’s head heated up.

A proper accident rarely occurred.

Red, bloodshot eyes, a body radiating heat, and boiling blood. Little by little, Lark’s body became faster. The animal’s body continued to shake, and blood dripped onto the snow. Lark moved with the sole intention of killing the beast in front of him.

Cut off the shaking knees of the beast.

Climbing on the neck of the bowed beast, Lark swung his ax like crazy. Through force rather than skill.

Sigh, wow!

The ax blade was plunged into the top of the beast’s head.

Lark struck the stuck blade with another axe. Again and again, as if driving his nails into him. Every time the ax was struck down, a shock wave erupted, and the ax dug into the depths little by little.


It never split the skull and reached the brain.

That was the moment when I swung the ax like that. Lark felt something off. At some point, the animal was making strange noises.


It sounds like blood bubbling.

But in a way, it’s a laugh.

Immediately afterwards, the beast swung its right arm and aimed at Lark, who was riding on its head. Lark kicked the beast in the shoulder and left his position. The beast made a crunching sound and scratched its head with its claws.

Dark red blood flows from the torn skin.

The beast opened its mouth and laughed. The blue eyes were filled with joy. As if this situation was fun. The beast finally opened its mouth wide.

That thing, that thing.

The beast lunged at Lark with its mouth open. The beast tries to bite Lark with its mouth mixed with saliva and human blood. Lark moved quickly, cutting off the jawbone with an axe. The beast chased after Lark.

Everything the beast has is a weapon.

Sharp nails, sharp fangs, and overwhelming leg strength that cannot even be imitated by humans. Based on what he was born with, the beast pushed Lark. The animal’s movements were sharper than before. It was rough.

Biting into the air with its jaws.

It swings its nails and scratches the surrounding area randomly.

It is a fight between beasts that does not feel like it is noble.

In front of the beast that revealed its bestial nature, Lark opened his eyes and adjusted his grip on the axe. The snowstorm that was blooming from Lark’s body eventually swirled around the axe. Just like when Rania collects ash.

With the raging blizzard wrapped around his axe, Lark sprinted towards the charging beast.

Lark performed one technique after another with the axe, which accelerated again and again. A skill I have been honing over the past few years. Lark used the skills he had learned directly from his ancestors to kill the beast. His first blow is a sight-reading kill.

Grace Ryu, the first type of beef gyeonsal.

A swift blow that was difficult to follow with the eyes struck the jaws of the charging beast. The beast’s head was thrown back, and the belated explosion of space shook the beast’s body. What was created that way is a gap.

Grace Ryu, type 2 rupture.

Even as its head was tilted back, the beast swung its right arm. Lark struck down his swinging right arm with an axe. The ax stuck in the beast’s right arm vibrated with a chirping sound, and immediately exploded the beast’s right arm.

Flesh falling down with a patter.

Lark advanced towards the beast that had lost its right arm. He showed off his skills one after another. With each successive Grace type 3, 4, and 5, the blizzard engulfed by Lark’s ax grew stronger. When it gets big enough.

Lark threw his ax at the beast.

A blizzard erupted from the ax stuck in the beast’s chest, making a crackling noise. A crazy driving snowstorm scratched and tore at the animal’s body and obscured its vision. And Lark stretched out his hand into the air.

“Hey, he’s!”

This is the moment when the beast bursts out laughing and escapes from the snowstorm. The beast’s pupils opened wide. The wide-open eyes are fixed on the sword Lark is holding.


Lark was holding a great sword.

Just before that, what was pulled out of the air was Lark’s most powerful weapon. It is the holy sword of the first hero. The beast trembled greatly in front of the holy sword. Lark guessed it was fear, but he was wrong.

The beast was delighted.

Exulting, the beast raised its left arm.

My left arm, which I had never used since the battle.

At that moment, the atmosphere surrounding the beast changed dramatically.


The beast felt the presence of life directed at it.

I felt a blatant obsession.

‘Something, something lost.’

The human standing right in front of him reminded the beast of something he had once lost. The more we collided, the more strongly the memories were stimulated. Therefore, the beast hoped that this fight would continue for a long time.

That’s why I didn’t use my left arm.

Fighting like a beast, chasing like a beast, the beast only used what it had new. Without using his original left arm, the beast continued to engage in close combat with the human.

The more we collided, the more something came to mind.

The beast felt something in the technology deployed by humans. It was a technique he himself knew. It was a skill I acquired at some point, but it is a skill I have now lost. The beast hoped that the human would show at least one more thing.

That’s how they pushed humans.

The more people pushed, the more they showed. When he was pushed to his limit, he started taking out the things he had, one by one. The more it did, the more burdensome the beast became, but it hoped that the human would take out the last thing it had.

Because humans are like that.

You might be able to save it until the very end.

Eventually, the human brought out the number.

The animal did not react in the same way as before when faced with the number taken out. The beast looked with wide-open eyes. A sword held by a human. The posture taken by humans.

The sword owned by Ganicalt Van Galatric.

The sword that cut off his own head.

The brilliant light I saw at the last moment was before my eyes. The human holding the light is in a similar posture to Ganikalt. The beast was delighted. I was eager. What I was hoping for was right in front of me. The beast instinctively realized that it could not block even that without using its left arm.

Brilliant brilliance.

The same brilliance as that day.

The moment it encountered the light, the beast remembered.

Fragmented memories dominate the beast’s body. Incomplete memories moved the beast’s body. The beast’s swollen body shrank. The shrunken body made a clunking sound. The beast stretched out its left arm. Stretched out in a straight line, it is like a sword.

For a swordsman who has reached the top level, his body is also like a sword.

The swordsman took a stance while holding the sword.

···It is only a moment.

A time of less than a second. A split second is like splitting a second into hundreds or thousands and picking up just one fragment. However, even if it was only a fleeting moment.

At that moment, the beast became king.

The proud king of demonic beasts.

Immediately afterwards, sword and sword clashed.


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