I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 94

◈ Episode 94 Magic Duel (2)

The reaction was that the audience had no idea what was going on.

The duel, which was expected to be quite long and intense, ended too quickly with a one-sided victory for one side.

“Is this possible?”

“I heard that the other person was a pro hired by Luke Company with a lot of money.”

They stared at Ludger’s figure in disbelief.

Ludger hadn’t changed at all from the position in which he held up his staff from before the duel until now.

His expression didn’t even change, as if winning was natural.

“victor! Ludgar Chelsea!”

Elisa Willow’s cheery voice announced the end of the duel.

The atmosphere of the banquet hall, which had been enveloped in silence and astonishment, returned to its original state only then.

match. match.

People started clapping their hands one by one.

Just as water droplets fall on the calm water and cause ripples, the sound of applause spread like an infection and filled the entire banquet hall.

Clap clap clap!

“Oh my gosh! Is this the ability of Teacher Sae-Run?”

“Even the wizard hired by the Luke Company wasn’t a normal bet, but it didn’t even turn out to be a match.”

“What were those magics just now? Magical manifestations so fast! I didn’t even see him implementing the formula.”

“Were the rumors about using a special magic formula true!”

Contrary to expectations, there was no feeling that the duel itself ended too quickly.

Still, for an impromptu event, it gave quite a lot of fun, so the audience was all satisfied.

“This is true. It’s amazing.”

Thedor got lucky when he saw Elisa smiling brightly next to him as if he knew this would happen.

“The aide I gave to my son, he was a famous wizard, but I never thought he would be defeated in such an instant. Are all Ceorn’s teachers monsters like that?”

“Ahaha. It can’t be. In fact, Mr. Rudger is a particularly peculiar person.”

“Hmm. Right. Well, I don’t think there are more people like that. I don’t know if there’s someone worse.”

“I’m sorry for being a worse person. Are you better than that? To be able to show that side of my child in front of everyone.”

Thedor smiled and shook his head.

“I was worried for nothing. It’s my fault for having an ugly son. It was a fair duel, and as a notary, I will accept this defeat cleanly.”

Saying that, he looked at Ivan, who was sitting in his seat with an empty face, as if he still couldn’t believe his defeat.

“That stupid bastard won’t accept even that and will run amok, but you don’t have to worry about that part. I will step in and stop them all.”

“As expected, President Thedor. It’s good that you speak well.”

“So I have a favor to ask of you.”

When Theodor Luke sneakily tried to get to the point, Elisa shook her head like a knife.


“I haven’t said anything yet.”

“Are you asking me to introduce you to Mr. Rudger? no way. It’s obvious without having to say that. I’m sorry, but please refrain from reaching out to our teacher.”

“… … her. If you say it that way, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Theodor finally had no choice but to raise his hands and neatly declare giving up at Elisa’s subtle warning.

Ludger is definitely a talented person, but he judged that it was not enough to make a relationship with him even while hating the president of Ceorn.

Thedor is a big hand who has a huge influence on the political and financial world of the empire, but there are not a few people who can’t touch even him.

The woman in front of him, Elisa Willow, was one of them.

“Well, it would be shameless for this side to say such a thing.”

Tedor said that and glanced sideways at the entrance to the banquet hall.

“But I don’t know what about the authors.”

“… … I see.”

Elisa followed Thedor to the banquet hall entrance, and her complexion hardened slightly.

I could see some not-so-welcome faces entering the banquet hall.

* * *

‘This is true.’

Looking at Ivan Luke’s aide sprawled out in front of me, I was quite taken aback.

Still, I thought he was a good looking person, but who would have known that he would collapse in vain like this?

‘He showed off that he was strong, so this side also took it seriously.’

It is also true that I was a little worried as the other party could not use any magic.

But to my surprise, my duel opponent was a magician specializing in quick spells.

The most important thing in a duel between wizards is, no matter what anyone says, the speed of the magic implementation.

Considering that aspect, the man in front of me could be seen as a talented person who was specialized in one-on-one duels in a way, close to first-class in a high sense.

That’s why he confidently set out to deal with me.

He must have been convinced that he could defeat the opponent as soon as he started with his special skill, the rapid spell.

‘however… … Why do you do that against me?’

This was the reason I was dumbfounded.

I know how to use source code.

I’m not proud of it, but even if a wizard of 5th tier or higher came, I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the expression of the spell due to the source code I was using.

As far as 3rd tier magic goes, I can show a speed that won’t be defeated by anyone.

To think that someone who uses rapid magic against me would come out to a duel.

At this point, I was so embarrassed that I wondered if I had come out to lose on purpose.

‘Didn’t I know?’

I deliberately leaked rumors while openly showing source code magic in the first class, don’t people know by now?

Even so, I had no choice but to assume that the person in front of me did not know about the magic I was using.

no. Even if he knew, he probably didn’t believe it was real.

It was because there were so many wizards who would snort at the world for such magic.

I was a little bit proud of myself.

‘I guess it doesn’t matter since I won.’

The fallen aide was carried out by Luke’s bodyguards.

Ivan, who could be said to be the culprit behind all of this, still looked devastated as if he couldn’t believe that he had lost the duel.

“this… … !”

He looked at me before long, his eyes wide and his fists clenched.

But I couldn’t scream like I did a moment ago.

It wasn’t because he had the ability to learn that he realized something from his previous defeat.

His gaze was over my shoulder.

“Is that Ludgar Celisch?”

A voice from behind.

I slowly turned my head and looked at the owner of the voice.

An elderly man with a long white beard stood there holding a cane.

He was an odd old man.

It was because everyone was wearing stylish suits and dresses, and I was the only one wearing a robe that was so large that it stood out.

It was an outfit that wouldn’t be strange if the guard standing at the entrance immediately kicked it out for not following the dress code.

However, if a logo symbolizing a particular organization is embedded on the robe, then the story is different.

“Are you from the Magic Tower?”

“Hoo. You know right away.”

At my words, the old man laughed with his eyes shining.

A logo symbolizing a tall tower enclosed in a golden circle.

The old man in front of him was a wizard who came out of the mage tower.

A wizard of a fairly high rank, too.

Even Ivan Luke, a fool in the world, was aware of the existence of the Mage Tower and did not dare to step forward.

“Then why did you come to see me?”

He didn’t even come alone.

He was accompanied by as many as five other wizards behind him.

“I had a good look at Dalian a while ago. The opponent’s spell implementation was also quick, but yours was much better than that. I’ve never seen anyone in my life who can cast magic so quickly.”

“Is that so.”

“Is that the magic called [source code] that has been rumored?”

When I asked why he came, was it because of this?

It’s not something to hide anyway, so I nodded.

“you’re right.”

“Oh oh! I see! It was too!”

The old man reacted as violently as a child who discovers a great toy.

Seeing the old man with wrinkles all over his face suddenly reacted strangely, I frowned involuntarily.

I asked in a slightly curt tone.

“Then why did you come to see me?”

“uh? haha. this. take a look at my mind Come to think of it, didn’t we even say aloud to each other?”

Instead of answering my question, the old man immediately introduced himself.

“I am Altego Dantes, who is in charge of a seat in the Mage Tower Senate.”

“… … My name is Ludgar Celisi, Ceorn’s teacher.”

“I know. The reason I came to such an insignificant place in the first place was to meet you.”

poor place? Still, it’s a banquet where VIPs gather, so I wonder if it’s too harsh.

“You mean me?”

“okay. eh anyway. I was going to go to Seorn myself, but who would have known that the vicious fox would interfere and interfere with everything.”

Rudger immediately recognized who the fox Altego was talking about was.

“oh. Aren’t you Chairman Altego?”

Because the person who is presumed to be the person involved, or who is virtually certain, stepped forward with a smile on his face.

Chairman Altego recognized the person he was talking to and blatantly frowned.

“Elissa Willow. You see it all in this place. Can a person who becomes the president take a position like this? Your behavior is so lighthearted, how about stepping down instead?”

“Then, Chairman Altego, what are you doing in a place like this? You said that fancy seats where you have to be formal don’t suit you. Pretend it wasn’t, but did you do it because you liked it because it was a place where many young people gathered?”

“Should I reveal it to you? I only came because there was someone who came to see me.”

“Ahaha. The chairman should also show his heart. Are you here to see our new teacher?”

There was power in the voice that said ‘us’.

The president’s atmosphere, which had been playful and consistent until now, had been sharpened since he faced Altego.

‘but. If you’re a young genius magician like the president, the elders of the Mage Tower, which have rotted in stagnant water, would be like oil and water.’

The Council of Elders is the symbol of the Kuma Tower.

On the contrary, it must be the exact opposite of the president from the New Magic Tower who accepts change and wants more development.

Just by looking at how they react to each other, it is the same.

“But this isn’t a very suitable place for someone like the chairman to come, right? Did you come here to get something to eat?”

“A sneaky fox should have blocked my path. So I came to this place myself. get out of the way Because I have nothing to do with you.”

Having said that, Altego blatantly tried to ignore the president.

he said to me

“I won’t be able to talk for a long time anyway, I’ll tell you straight. Hey, won’t you join our Mage Tower Society? I promise to treat you the best.”


Elisa screamed, as if she didn’t know how to appeal so blatantly.

Altego actually responded by asking where the dog was barking.

I was also surprised by Altego’s straightforward remarks.

His behavior now was very rude.

Altego continued, ignoring the reactions around him.

“Should a wizard your size be wasting his talents teaching a bunch of kids? When I first heard the rumors about the source code, I was nervous, but I was convinced after watching Dalian a while ago. You are a talent worthy of our mage tower.”

“… … .”

“So what? I’ll write a letter of recommendation myself. If you only come to the Magic Tower, you can occupy a particularly high position.”

Judging from the reaction, it seems that they tried to contact me from before, but it failed due to the president’s constant interruption.

Then, at that moment, he must have come by taking advantage of the banquet.

“It will be good for you too. Does anyone even know that you work as a teacher at an academy? What about students? Do those blue young guys even know the magic spell? But the mage tower is different. Isn’t this the place all wizards on the continent want to come the most!”

Altego couldn’t overcome his excitement and was excited, talking about the mage tower.

To sum up what he said, this was it.

The Mage Tower is the best, and everything else is garbage.

It was really arrogant, but in a way, it wasn’t too wrong.

The majesty of the magic tower was certainly great enough for him to be proud of.

I pretended to think for a while before opening my mouth.

“If I say that I will go to the Magic Tower, what can you do for me?”


“Mr. Rudgar?”

The joy of knowing that Altego would do this.

President Elisa asked a question that she couldn’t believe.

“haha! what do you want Do you want a lot of money? The amount of sponsorship that comes into the magic tower every year is comparable to that of Seorn! I don’t know how much they give you, but we can give you at least three times that!”

“… … .”

“Or do you want power? If you come under me and submit only the thesis on magic, you’ll be able to get the position of chief wizard directly under the Senate! Or do you want great artifacts? I can bring that too if you want!”


I got to the point.

“If you ask for a seat in the Council of 12 Elders of the Magic Tower, would you give it?”


Altego’s face contorted in an instant.

The same was true of the five wizards who were listening to the conversation lined up behind him.

They soon realized what I had said and began to vent their hostility.

“… … what does that mean now? A seat for the council of elders?”

“It is literally.”

“Are you crazy now? When you enter the Magic Tower, you should know how to say ‘thank you’. They even give you money! But what? Seat of the Senate? Don’t you know what kind of seat it is?!”

“I know. I know it all too well.”

How can I not know the place

How could I not know?

“Isn’t this the seat for people who boast about being old without any ability?”

“… … Are you serious? Or, wouldn’t you just spit it out when you were drunk?”

“It’s a sane sound.”

“Sane, you say?”

Altego’s face changed to resemble that of a shot dove.

He glared at me and gnashed his teeth.

“It’s not enough to dare to refuse the Mage Tower’s offer, are you blaspheming the name of the Mage Tower elders? Are you still sane? You just developed a new magic, did you mistake yourself for something?!”

The old man who had been talking happily a while ago was nowhere to be found.

Artego’s forehead was full of blood, and his face was stained red.

“There are things you can and shouldn’t say… … !”

“I guess I said it with a little difficulty.”


“So my point is this.”

I looked down at the old man in front of me, who had become obsessed with the idea of ​​the chosen people.

“No matter what kind of courage they offer, they will not go to places like the Mage Tower.”

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