I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 95

◈ Episode 95: Old Magic Tower

When Rudger cut off the nail and said he would never go to the Mage Tower, Altego couldn’t say anything but opened his mouth.

It was the same for the five wizards who followed him.

Five of his immediate disciples, including Chairman Altego.

Indeed, when and where did they hear such abusive language in front of their faces?

Although they are now called the Old Magic Tower, they have declined considerably compared to the heyday of the old Magic Tower, which wielded unbridled power.

Even so, the Mage Tower was still a place where countless wizards knocked on the door with dreams and aspirations.

Altego is a person who occupies a part of the 12 Council of Elders, which only the chosen ones can enter in such a mage tower.

It was a reality that no matter what magician, in front of him, he couldn’t carelessly put strength on his shoulders.

‘By the way, what?’

What the hell did this blue kid in front of me say?

Even if you give yourself a seat as a member of the Mage’s Tower, there’s no reason to enter the Mage’s Tower?

Altego realized for the first time that day that this is what it means to not say anything when you are too angry.

“this guy! How dare you say that your mouth was pierced in front of someone!”

The first to grasp the situation was one of the five disciples brought by Altego.

“Since the chairman speaks kindly to the teachers of Seorn, don’t be arrogant! Master! The answer is to just ignore that guy.”

He couldn’t beat his temper, and he didn’t seem to want to be here even for a second.

However, the moment he was about to tell him to leave, what returned to him was not Ludger’s answer, but Elisa’s giggling laughter.


She burst out laughing with 100% pure emotion, not her usual fake laugh.

Even Altego, who knew a lot about her, was embarrassed by her laughter. It was the same with her five disciples.

Elisa, who had been laughing for a while, wiped the tears from her laughter with her fingertips.

“iced coffee. really. It’s so funny. I don’t know how many times I’ve laughed like this in my life.”

Saying that, she returned to her usual form of the president, wearing a mysterious smile.

“Is that so? Chairman? If Mr. Rudgar says he doesn’t want to go, what can I do? You’ve been walking in vain until here.”

If not at this time, when would you paint the face of an old man who doesn’t want to see what’s in front of him?

Since he was accused of not going to a guy much younger than himself in front of his face, his pride must not have been hurt.

Elisa continued to tease Altego with a smile on her face.

“That’s what I said~. You’re going to get rejected anyway, so why bother coming all the way to the academy? Do you think the Mage Tower is still the old Mage Tower?”

“you! Can’t you watch your mouth?!”

One of Altego’s five disciples went out furious.

The expression on Elisa’s face disappeared in an instant.

“What if you don’t like it?”


“If you don’t like it. I asked what to do.”

The moment Altego’s disciple panicked, terrifying magic power emanated from Elisha and began to tighten his body.


Breathing, not breathing properly

He stared at Elisa, his eyes wide in disbelief.

Elisa Willow.

I heard that he is a genius wizard who reached the 6th tier at a young age.

Even the fact that he was a person who suddenly left while working in the New Mage Tower and took over the commanding officer of Seorn.

When the world praised her as a genius, he was dissatisfied with it.

If he was a real genius, he would have stayed in the Mage Tower and made a name for himself. Why did he go to the position of president like Seon?

Of course, I couldn’t help but think that he had run away.

He thought that he had gone to an academy where children played house because he was afraid that his money would be exposed.

I thought the rumors she had were exaggerated and nothing more than gossip that people liked to dwell on.

He knew that if he met him, he would be able to prove that he was superior to her.

I did.

‘The dimension is different.’

I couldn’t move a single fingertip properly. Let alone mana management, even breathing was difficult.

I felt like I was in the depths of the deep sea filled with endless darkness.

But what made him even more distressed was that he was able to breathe at least because Elisa had given him the least amount of consideration.

‘The opponent, no.’

This is the youngest 6th tier wizard.

The power of the [Lexorer] rank, which is said to be the 3rd highest among the existing 8th hierarchy.

“Stop it.”

It was Altego who cut off the overflowing tension with a single knife.

Elisha sighed inwardly and clicked her tongue to reap her magic.

Despite his personality, Altego’s ability is also real.

It’s a 6th tier magician like her, so if we collide for no reason, it’s only bothering us.

Altego dissuaded his disciples with a calmer voice.

“You guys should stop too.”

“Ha, but Master.”

Altego looked back at his disciples without saying a word.

The disciples who were trying to refute something became contemplative the moment they saw Altego’s expressionless face and shut their mouths.

“egg plant.”

Before leaving, Altego glared at Elisa one last time, then glared at Ludger, who was staring at him from over her shoulder with an expressionless face.

“You bastard will definitely pay for it later.”

No matter how unreasonable he is, he just backs down because his personality isn’t bad enough to cause a riot even at a place like this.

Deep in his heart, Altego had sworn again and again that he would never forget this humiliation.

Usually, in this situation, the other person will react nervously or embarrassed.

But Rudger didn’t.

The action he showed was simply one.

nodding your head slightly.

It was as if they were provoking ‘try it if you can’.


Altego bit his molars and pushed his disciples away from the banquet hall.

The five disciples, not knowing what to do, also chased after Chairman Altego Burinake.


After Altego completely disappeared, Elisa relaxed her shoulders.

Then, unlike usual, he smiled at Rudger with a slightly tired expression.

“sorry. Mr Rudger. I should have been more thorough.”

“no. Rather, I received the help of the president.”

“You don’t have to say that. The reason I got in the middle anyway was because of that snarky inspiration and evil relationship.”

Elisa asked abruptly.

“Does Mr. Ludgar hate the Mage Tower too?”

Do you hate the Magic Tower?

If I had to answer, it was definitely closer to hating.

It was the same with Elisha.

“Actually, I was also a mage from the Mage Tower.”

“I know.”

“Actually, it’s harder to find a wizard who isn’t from the Mage Tower on the continent, but anyway, I heard geniuses there too… … Ah, if this is the case, you are too proud of yourself.”

“it’s okay.”

“I worked hard there. The mage tower is a bit old-fashioned, isn’t it? These days, science and everything and magic engineering are all developing, but the old people in the back room are running all over the road asking how to accept that. We fought a lot.”

This is where the Old Magic Tower and the New Magic Tower diverge.

The Kuma Tower is a place where those who follow the wizard’s authoritarian personality as it is are gathered.

It was dominated by such a clogged mindset that magic must be great, that no one can use it carelessly, and that only the chosen should lead it.

‘On the contrary, the New Magic Tower is a faction that tries to shed its authoritarian mask of magic and combine it with modern science.’

It might have been hundreds of years ago, but human history has made a leap forward in the last 200 years.

Instead of wagons, cars came out, and instead of simply wielding swords, weapons using gunpowder were the main ones.

Even so, the existence of wizards and knights were still in charge of the axis of the world, but they also could not completely reject the change.

Especially sorcerers.

magic and science.

These two seemed the same, but different, and seemed different, but the same.

The mages of the old mage tower insisted on rejecting this science, but the mages of the new mage tower thought that science should be grafted onto it.

The claims of the mages of the New Mage Tower led not only to words but also to actions.

That is, magic engineering was born by combining magic and science.

The birth of magic engineering.

It made the world develop more rapidly.

Steamships, magic trains, steam golems, flying airships.

All kinds of things were born, and new things were still appearing.

In this cataclysmic world, the Mage Tower was torn apart irreversibly between the two powers.

‘The confrontation between Altego and President Elisa shows the relationship between the old wizard and the new wizard in a big way.’

And if we were to ask which one Ludger himself was, it could be said that he was more like a wizard of the new age.

no. To be more precise.

‘The mind is a new age wizard, but the main magic used is close to that of the old age.’

The ‘real magic’ he didn’t show off to others was rather much closer to the old magic than the new magic.

But it wasn’t something to brag about, so Ludger nodded and responded to Elisa’s words.

“Did I talk too much? Still, it’s a banquet for a long-awaited celebration, but even Mr. Rudger must be tired.”


“I’ll move away for now. I have too many people to deal with. Mr. Rudger, enjoy yourself as much as today. But, drink a little! You know?”

“of course.”

Elisa disappeared from his sight, the hem of her black dress fluttering just like she did when she appeared.

Is it finally over?

Following his quarrel with Ivan Luke, even the wizards of the Mage Tower came to bother him.

It was quite mentally exhausting, but Rudger immediately changed his mind.

I came to this banquet hall with a purpose today.

“ah! Mr. Rudger!”

As Ludger approached, Selina, who happened to be with the others, greeted Ludger.

“Miss Selina. Are you okay?”

“yes? yes. are you okay. The president of the Luke company came and apologized in person. Because I’m fine.”

“Is that so. That’s good.”

No matter how bad a son he was, the chairman himself apologized.

He might have ulterior motives, but he’s definitely a better person compared to his son.

Ludger slightly turned his gaze to look at the faces of the people who were with Selina.

“I see you are having a conversation with the others.”

The people with whom Selina can talk friendly are limited in this banquet hall.

Besides Merylda, who often took care of her, there was someone close to Selina.

“oh. nice to meet you.”

“You are the rumored… … .”

3 women and 1 man who open their eyes wide in amazement at Rudger.

There were some people I met for the first time, but there were also faces that had passed by at least once.

They were the teachers in charge of the Elemental Sciences of Ceorn.

The number is four in total, each occupying one seat from the sophomores to the seniors of the fifth grade.

Rudger took an example towards them.

“This is Ludgar Celish, who is in charge of the 2nd year specialized course.”

“I heard you. A new teacher is in charge of the second grade class. Oh, my name is Cessruna, a second-year animology teacher.”

Cessuna was a woman with red hair that was cut short.

For a moment, Ludger suspected that the woman might be Esmeralda, the First Order.

‘no. I can’t make a hasty decision yet.’

Rudger shared his voice with the rest of the teachers as well.

“I am Partonya, who is in charge of the 3rd grade.”

Partonya, who teaches the 3rd grade students, was an impressive lady with a great appearance.

“My name is Vierano Dentis, who is in charge of the 4th grade.”

The teacher in charge of the 4th grade was the only male among the Elemental Science teachers, and he seemed rather timid despite his small stature.

And surprisingly, he was an elf with pointy ears.

‘Is it an elf?’

There was nothing particularly strange about the existence of several sub-races in Ceorn. Among them, it wouldn’t be strange for an elf with a high affinity for nature to be in charge of animism.

“This is Angela Anderson.”

Lastly, the 5th grade teacher in charge of the graduating class was a sharp-looking woman wearing glasses.

Should I say that she was strict? She was quite beautiful, but it was an image that was difficult to approach.

‘If I could narrow down the culprit, it would be one of these three, excluding the elf Vierano.’

The question is, which of the three is the real one?

Esmeralda knows about Ludger’s identity.

Then, from the moment of a formal light handshake right here and now, Esmeralda had to respond in some way.

However, none of the three showed any particular reaction towards him.

‘Are you saying it’s not all three?’

Rudger counted the number of cases.

If Esmeralda is the owner of a great immobility to the extent that she does not get caught in this situation.

However, during the conversation at that time, I felt her personality was secretly fiery and difficult.

That was the part where he got annoyed when things didn’t go his way.

‘If you have any doubts, it’s Sesruna, the 2nd grade teacher.’

First of all, from the 3rd grade and above, only teachers with many years of experience are available.

However, until the 2nd year, the teachers who had a short appointment period were mostly teachers, so if the Black Dawn were to plant people, the probability was high.

‘Should I ask Hans to find out about Cessuna?’

As my thoughts deepened, I got a little thirsty.

Rudger was going to call the server with the idea that anything would be good, so let’s drink something.

But I couldn’t help but pause for a moment at the familiar look.

“… … Rene?”

A student in his class and possessor of non-attribute magic.

It’s because Line, who was paying close attention from this side, was here.

And that too, wearing a black and white waitress uniform and holding a silver tray in one hand.

Line also froze when he saw Rudger.

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