I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 439

◈ Chapter 439 Visitor (3)

Ludger led the way in the hallway of the main building in Ceorn, and Ekaterina was with him.

After that, the escorts of the Utah Kingdom slowly followed.

The students looked at a group of people passing by with curious eyes.

In particular, Ekaterina, with her snow-white hair, was enough to attract the attention and spirit of the students.

“Who is it? It is very pretty.”

“Look at the escorts. They all look like knights. Aren’t you royalty?”

“I have heard of it before. Aren’t you the queen of the kingdom of Utah? Her appearance is as rumored.”

“Beside him is Mr. Ludgar. Do you two know each other?”

The students who watched the scene from afar whispered among themselves.

But most of them reacted as if they would now.

If someone else had been given the role of guiding the queen of a country, they would have had all sorts of fantasies about what the hell was going on.

But the target is Ludgar Cellis?

“Well, Mr. Rudgar can do that.”

It was all about leaving a similar impression.

The way he’s shown so far has been enough to fulfill the role.

In addition, it also helped that the image of Ludger walking with Ekaterina was very good.

Rudger Celish, who was normally blunt and cold, and Ekaterina, who wore a similar mask, were in a sense a very compatible pair.

Eventually, Rudger arrived at the president’s office and knocked lightly on the door.

“This is Rudgar Chelsea. I have brought guests.”

“Come on in.”

With permission, the door opened by itself.

Rudger took Ekaterina into the chancellor’s office.

The escorts waited outside.

The conversation that I will share from now on has many listening ears, so there was nothing good about it.

The president, Elisa Willow, smiled at Ekaterina and greeted her according to the etiquette.

“nice to meet you. Queen Catherine. My name is Elisa Willow, Chancellor of Ceorn.”

“Nice to meet you too. My name is Ekaterina Volsvaya, Queen of the Kingdom of Utah.”

Ekaterina also exchanged greetings according to the etiquette of royalty, which she had learned many times.

Rudger looked at the two of them calmly.

A stranger would think it was a breathtaking encounter between people at the top, but from the point of view of knowing the truth, it looked a little different.

‘No matter how you look at it, that stupid queen will be pushed.’

Ekaterina is only wearing a mask, but President Elisha is different.

She also wears a mask, but it’s not like Catherine, who desperately pretends to be strong to hide her weakness.

Rather, she was more of a reassurance so that the other person would not be too frightened.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing and a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Considering the relationship between the two, the words fit perfectly.

‘But I can’t help.’

Rudger was ostensibly Ceorn’s teacher, and of course, if he had to side with either of them, he was on the side of Elisa, the chancellor.

Besides, this is a place where Catherine should show her skills as a queen.

As a leader who had to lead the kingdom of Utah, it was an important position he had to pass through.

It was rather an insult to Ekaterina to take care of it for her.

‘Honestly, it’s funny that I’m still here.’

Elisa did not dare to tell Rudger to go.

Rather, it seemed that he wanted Rudger, who had invited him, to remain here.

‘Are you wondering how I came to have such a connection with the Queen of Utah?’

Without Ludger, Ekaterina would never have met the chancellor on such a visit to Seorn.

No, there will be things, but that will come quite a bit later.

In a sense, Ludger’s credit for making this meeting possible could be said to be the greatest.

Being able to stay and listen to their conversation must be an extension of that.

“You said that Queen Catherine wanted to talk to me about mining natural resources, right?”

“yes. that’s right.”

“Whoop whoop. It’s good.”

Elisa let out a low laugh.

Seeing that, Ekaterina was very nervous.

This is a place to talk about business.

The moment I caught my guard even a little bit, I intuitively sensed that the other person was cutting my nose with my eyes open.

“We are also reviewing it very positively, but as you know, it is easier to proceed with a story like this when there is always a ‘degree’ set.”

“yes. I agree.”

“So, from now on, let’s try to ‘coordinate’ where to start and where to end.”

The breathtaking exploration battle had just begun.

* * *

3 hours after Ekaterina enters the office of the president.

Elisa Willow had a satisfied smile on her face.

“hmm. It’s good. If this is the case, I think we have found an acceptable point of agreement.”

“… … That’s good.”

Ekaterina answered in a half-tired voice.

Of course, the mask on his face was not removed, so his outward appearance was not much different from the first one.

Only Ludger, who knew Ekaterina well, felt that way.

‘He sure did grow.’

It was a forced march that was exhausting even from the standpoint of watching from the sidelines.

Ekaterina, who had experienced it herself, had no idea how tired she must be.

Nonetheless, she still maintained her firm image externally.

Everyone must be dying inside, but it was a proud thing to not show it.

‘Furthermore, we reached an agreement where we could extract enough benefits without making any concessions to each other. If I had to decide whether to win or lose, it would be the victory of the president, but it was only a very small difference. As a result, it’s a win-win for each other.’

Seorn provides technology, information, and know-how related to natural resource mining and obtains some of the mined resources.

Natural resources that could not be mined without the help of Seorn are nothing more than pie in the sky.

Nevertheless, Ekaterina was also satisfied with the deal, as they had reached an agreement at a rate that did not result in loss.

“So, from now on, this is a personal question that has nothing to do with work.”

President Elisa stared at Ekaterina and Ludger alternately with a crescent-shaped eye smile.

“How did you two get to know each other?”

“Oh, over there that… … .”

Ekaterina’s mask instantly cracked at the sudden question.

It’s nothing else, and I never thought I’d ask about my relationship with Ludger at a place like this.

Rudger clicked his tongue inwardly at that appearance.

If you’re so flustered, you can’t help but think that there’s something going on.

Since he was a quick-witted president, he must have noticed something just with that action.

“We met at Mystical Night. There, we joined hands to restore the collapsed leyline.”

“Hmm. is that so? For something like that, I didn’t expect that he would come directly to Seorn like this.”

“I remember talking to the President about that matter last time.”

“It was. However, I think that a little more detailed explanation is necessary.”

“It’s a detailed part, and it’s all about sleeping and talking at that time.”

“Hmm. is that so?”

Suddenly, the conversation turned to Rudger and Elisa.

Ekaterina listened intently to the conversation between the two.

‘Sir, there’s not even an inch of concession to each other.’

There was even an illusion of sparks flying between Rudger and Elisa.

It’s understandable that Rude’s personality is like that, but the president of Seorn, whom I met for the first time today, was an incredibly scary person.

‘I’m not this man’s superficial boss for nothing!’

Ekaterina regarded Elisa Willow as Ludgar’s superficial boss.

Considering that Ludger’s status was Ceorn’s teacher, it was a natural title.

Of course, the real boss at work was Princess Eileen.

Ludger and Elisa continued to fight while Ekaterina had a strange illusion.

In the end, it was Elisa who raised the white flag first.

“Really. How can you not yield an inch?”

“Wouldn’t you like to make a concession?”

As soon as the counterattack came back even for the last attack, Elisa felt a little bit of wind in her cheeks as if she was in pain.


Ekaterina quietly admired Ludger’s way of dealing with the opponent she had been sweating and struggling with so easily.

‘You never give in to your boss. That’s a good attitude!’

Ekaterina promised herself that she would one day try something like that, but later realized that she was the highest-ranking person in the country and despaired.

“joy. It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it.”

Elisa issued an order to celebrate Rudger.

Since their conversation was over anyway, Rudger and Ekaterina exchanged light greetings and left the chancellor’s office.

Ekaterina, who joined the escorts waiting outside, asked Ludger.

“Could you please show me around Ceorn?”

“What are you curious about?”

“Everything. It is also a dream to build an educational facility like this in our kingdom of Utah someday.”

“It’s an educational facility.”

Rudger respected Ekaterina’s idea.

Educational facilities are necessary even for the future of the country.

Assuming that all the people of their own country with magical talent go to Ceorn, the percentage of those who return to their homeland is not that high.

If you are aristocrats, you have no choice but to come back because your family is rather restricted, but commoners are not bound by such things.

In a sense, it was no different from an outflow of talent.

Therefore, many countries build universities, magic training academies, and knight academies to attract manpower.

Seorn is the most famous and outstanding of those magic academies, but not the only magic academy.

However, in the Kingdom of Utah, such educational facilities were almost non-existent.

There weren’t that many that originally existed, but even that was burned down in the civil war.

Although they are rebuilding hard now, Ekaterina decided to go one step further from there.

“I intend to expand beyond reconstruction. In order to do that, I think you need to see and learn from role models.”

“You won’t succeed just by copying.”

Wouldn’t it have made that choice because it was another country?

Even so, the reason why Seorn still takes the top spot is because simply copying doesn’t make it work.

“I guess so. But if you’re only thinking about failing, you can’t stop doing anything.”

“… … That too.”

Anyone who sees it will say that it is too absurd and idealistic statement.

However, Catherine led the civil war to victory with that mindset.

It overturned the overwhelmingly unfavorable war situation.

A heart that does not give up.

A step toward a goal that others thought was impossible.

Above all, what dwelled in the cold country was a heart that burned most hotly.

“It will be fine.”

So Rudger had no choice but to throw out such a blessing.

Ekaterina opened her eyes wide, then smiled softly.

“If it opens someday, I’ll invite you the other way around this time.”

“I look forward to it.”

* * *

Sedina went out with leather velcro for work.

Since she was followed last time, it would have been correct to avoid her body, but she came out anyway.

It was because he had someone he could trust by his side.


A brown-skinned man yawning with his arm resting on the back of his head.

Someone whose demeanor reminded him of a street vagrant was Alex, one of Owens’ executives.

Looking at the outside, it was nothing like a typical Hanyang.

However, even if he looked like that, Alex was a very good knight.

He was also a bodyguard who would protect Sedina today.

“You don’t have to come like this… … .”

“I don’t know anything else, but it’s the leader’s order. It won’t take that long anyway, will it?”

“… … Still, I’ve heard that something has taken the strand to the next level recently. Aren’t you busy then?”

“That’s none of your concern.”

After the fight with Lutus, Alex faced the wall and was on the verge of breaking it.

However, it was difficult to pass it completely, so I was just taking a break now with a little bit of time.

“Rather than that, there’s someone chasing you.”

Alex muttered in a low voice that only Sedina could hear.

Sedina tried to look around without realizing it, but desperately suppressed it.

“Oh, you don’t show off so quickly.”

“… … Did you really stick? I don’t feel anything this time.”

“that’s right. Are you sure. Didn’t you say that there were quite a few people who were followed last time?”

“yes. It was.”

“But now… … I don’t know if it’s because my senses are strange, but there’s only one.”

Alex’s eyes narrowed.

“But your skills are pretty good. To the extent that I would have missed it if I hadn’t been conscious to recognize it.”

“… … Is that enough?”

“Anyway, it’s hard to capture alive with stupid people, so it seems they’ve called a really good person.”

Alex was worried.

Sedina looked at Alex with a nervous gaze.

“What would you like to do?”

“If I stick around, I won’t be able to touch you. But that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to leave this uncomfortable tailing as it is.”

“… … If so, how about holding it back?”

“Catch me? What are you going to do?”

“I will go away separately. If you fall into a deserted place like a park, the other side will react too.”

“It’s blatant. I’m openly asking you to catch me, so the other person will notice, right?”

“The opponent is a great player. Even if you notice it, you will think that there is no chance if it is not now.”

“Are you saying you’re going to make it inevitable that you know it?”

Alex laughed.

“It is extraordinary.”

“yes. so… … .”

“But no. My job is to keep you safe, so if I don’t, the leader will scold me.”

“then… … .”

“Besides, you don’t seem to know yet, the other person… … I am using spirits.”

“Spirit, you mean?”

Sedina widened her eyes as if she didn’t know that.

After all, is a kid still a kid?

Alex thought to himself and nodded.

“I don’t know what he’s doing, but if a guy who handles spirits even follows him, it’s probably not good intentions.”

“then… … .”

“Let’s go to the nearby store first.”

Alex immediately took Sedina to a nearby restaurant.

The three-story restaurant was one of the secret hideouts made up of talented agents.

“Wait as if you were waiting for a meal here.”

“Senior Alex… … .”

“I’ll catch him.”

The two deliberately sat by the window.

so that others can see it.

Alex naturally got up from his seat and said he would go to the bathroom for a while.

Sedina also agreed, holding up the menu and pretending to choose food.

The gaze is not felt.

But since Alex was there, it must be clear that someone was there.

So, the first priority was to act as if I didn’t notice, thinking that this side was there for now.

In the meantime, Alex kills the presence and mixes with the people and pursues the pursuer in reverse.

‘It’s subtle, but I can feel the flow.’

A secret trace that I would not have felt before.

However, after fighting Lutus, Alex could feel his senses sharpened even more.

Before long, Alex was able to spot someone wearing a robe in the alleyway.

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