I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 440

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◈ Episode 440 Abduction (1)


The moment I thought so, Alex rushed at the opponent like a leopard.

The opponent is the one who handles the spirits.

It was the best option to approach and surprise them without having to measure their skills.

Surprisingly, however, the pursuer noticed Alex’s approach and responded.

A wall of water was created in front of Alex’s eyes.

‘I killed a presence, did you notice this?’

Alex stood still and peered through the translucent water wall.

On top of the robed opponent’s head, there was another spirit besides the spirit that was chasing Sedina.

‘There were two spirits. That means you’re at least an intermediate level spiritist.’

The surprise attack failed, so maybe it’s better now.

I tried to finish it quietly without pulling out the sword, but since I was caught like this, it was fine to pass it.

At that time, the opponent wearing the robe recognized Alex and was embarrassed.

“Why are you here?”


The reaction of the tracker wearing the robe is strange.

I’m not asking how you found yourself, why are you here?

Alex sensed a hint of uneasiness in the subtle tone.

“What are you. You kept following us from a while ago, and now, what kind of trick are you doing all of a sudden? Are you thinking of doing something because you’re caught?”

“we? Were you acquainted with that girl?”

Alex frowned.

For an opponent who secretly followed you, a compliant answer comes back.

Guys who usually want to kidnap people don’t show such a stupid reaction.

“These days, someone said they were chasing me, so I was protecting them by my side. And just in time, the scoundrel secretly chasing me is right in front of me.”

“… … You must have misunderstood something.”

At the other person’s words, Alex laughed as if he was having fun.

“misunderstanding? I don’t think it’s something a person who hides his true identity and uses spirits to pry behind him would say.”

“… … I am sorry for that part.”

The opponent canceled the water barrier, as if he wasn’t trying to convince them with words alone.

He also revealed his true identity by flipping back the robe he wore on his head.

Light green hair and long ears were revealed.

“Elf? what. You’re a total kid.”

This was Alex’s impression after seeing his youthful appearance.

It was a fairly rude remark, but the other person didn’t bother with it.

Alex’s words weren’t exactly wrong.

“Even though he looks like this, he is quite old, and he is also a teacher in Seorn.”

It was Vierano Dentis who said so and introduced himself.

Beyond being a mere elf, when Alex met the clear eyes of a long-lived sage, he intuited that he was no ordinary elf.

‘Teacher of Seorn? That’s what it means to be a colleague of the leader. Why would such a person follow his academy students?’

Alex did not let down his guard, questioning the obvious.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re Seorn’s teacher or not. Why did you secretly step on that child? So I have no choice but to misunderstand.”

“Rather, it is me who wants to ask what. You must be from this city, so why are you with Miss Sedina?”

“It’s none of your business to ask.”

It is a secret that Sedina belongs to Owens.

Alex tapped the handle of the sword at his waist with his fingertips.

It means that if I don’t say it properly, I will draw my sword.

Vierano stiffened his expression, but cautiously said, as if he didn’t want to start a pointless fight.

“I’ve only come to meet Miss Sedina at someone else’s request.”

“I’m coming to see you, and you’re wearing that outfit?”

“I had to be careful. Because there are people who are after her now. In order to avoid being caught by them, I also had to hide my identity. So when I first saw you with Miss Sedina, she suspected you of being their spy, so I followed you.”

“I don’t know who asked me to come to meet you… … .”

Alex stopped talking and kept his mouth shut.

He noticed a subtle sense of incongruity.

It was the same with Dierano Dentis.

“… … for a moment. Unless you’re one of them.”

“… … Unless that’s the person you were trying to tail.”

So where are they now?

“Damn it.”

Alex immediately tried to run towards the restaurant where Sedina was waiting.

It was the same with Vierano.


Shortly thereafter, a huge explosion occurred where the restaurant was.

It was a large tree that destroyed the building and expanded in all directions.

A tree that rose from the basement penetrated the restaurant from the first floor to the third floor and turned it into a mess.

Debris from the building exploded in all directions and clouds of dust flew.

People screamed and ran away.

A street dominated by huge trees and chaos that grew out of nowhere by destroying buildings.



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In the meantime, Alex did not take his eyes off the building.

He saw clearly even in the confusion.

A shadow that scatters like a nimble run away while wearing a robe.

“You make this mess while using magic in broad daylight? They’re not usually crazy. Where are the wizards?”

Alex muttered that and ran after the fleeing enemies.

“I am not a wizard.”

Then, when he turned his head at the voice he heard next to him, he saw Vierano running at the same speed as himself.

The wind spirit was with him.

‘Did it catch up with the spirit’s movement?’

Alex put aside such doubts for a moment and looked at what that meant.

“Only a Druid can make a tree of that size grow.”

“Druids, elves? for a moment. You are an elf too.”

“Not all elves are the same. Isn’t that the same for humans?”

Alex’s head immediately figured out what had happened.

It was the elves who kidnapped Sedina, and they were outgoing enough to do this in broad daylight.

Vierano went out knowing that such people were targeting Sedina, but when he saw himself, he mistook him for being one of them and followed them.

On the contrary, this side misunderstood that Vierano was following them.

Even when the situation was twisted, it was tightly twisted.

Alex suppressed the growing irritation.

It’s still fine.

I’m still chasing those who run away.

No matter how fast the elf was, it would not be easy to get out of this city.

Even more so with the fainted Sedina.

“They’re going into the alley! They’re going to get us out of there!”

Vierano spotted the nimble elves and shouted.

Alex thought it was what he wanted.

The structure of the alleys in this area is all familiar.

Besides, if they took care of themselves and went to a place where there were no people’s eyes, there was no need to adjust their strength.

“As expected, they are warmly welcomed.”

Alex and Vierano.

The moment the two entered the alleyway, countless arrows were fired at them.

Vierano stepped forward first.

As the wind spirit moved and opened the curtain, arrows flew in all directions.

The arrows bounced off the hard walls and floors and trembled at the tips.

How could it be so easy to catch an arrow fired with great power?

‘I’m not Seorn’s teacher for nothing.’

Alex thought so, but drew his sword and threw himself forward.

Several elves charged at Alex with curved swords in each hand.

Seeing the pattern engraved on the curved sword, Vierano exclaimed.

“Be careful! Shade Warden’s Chaser! There is no one who can be defeated in close combat… … !”

Before he could finish his words, a spray of blood rose in the air.

Surprisingly, it was the elf swordsman who fell.

Vierano couldn’t bring himself to finish his words, and his mouth went blank.

Defeating the Shadewarden family’s elf swordsman with unity?

I knew that he was a pretty talented person from the point of noticing the existence of this side secretly following him.

‘I thought it would be like this… … .’

In the meantime, Alex’s sword cut through the elf swordsmen one after another.

Originally, he was a high-ranking knight, but after the battle with Lutus, he achieved tremendous growth.

No matter how much he was an elf family pursuer, he couldn’t be Alex’s opponent.

Even though the opponent must have realized that, he continued to attack Alex.

Alex immediately realized why.

‘These guys. He’s risking his own life to buy time.’

Elves risking their lives.

never heard of it At the time when Alex was embarrassed inside, Vierano stepped in to support.

The elves, who were trying to throw themselves somehow, were subdued in an instant with the spirits of the wind.

The atmosphere, which struck from top to bottom with huge air pressure, was like an invisible hammer by itself.

The light-bodied elves couldn’t escape easily and fell flat on the floor.

“These guys are specially trained. I do not choose the means for the purpose.”

“okay. It looks that way.”

The two of them ran through the alleyway at the same time, no matter which one came first.

He did not deal with the elves rushing at him, he ignored them as much as possible and broke through.

The speed of the two was so fast that even the elven pursuers could not expect it.

To the extent that the elves who ran away carrying the fainting Sedina on their back looked back and were embarrassed.


As the elf in the lead raised green magic, strong tree roots rose up and blocked the alley.

“We have to turn around!”

“no. Then it will be late.”

Alex, ignoring Vierano’s opinion, grabbed his sword and focused his breathing.

A gray flash flashed in his eyes.

Eventually, the aura that burst from the sword tore off all the roots in front of my eyes.

But even if the roots were cut off, there was a wall of new roots beyond that.

It was not enough to simply wield it.


I follow the sword I saw that day.

The aura that flowed from the sword began to spin like a drill.

Its speed began to increase gradually, affecting the surrounding air currents.

Rotate the aura?

Ignoring Vierano, who stared at the scene in disbelief, Alex stretched out his sword in a straight line.

The small whirlpool engraved on the sword shot long and pierced the roots of the mighty tree in a straight line.

After jumping over several layers of walls, the whirlpool pierced the heart of the elven druid, which continued to create roots.


The elven druid looked down in disbelief at the hole in his chest, then collapsed vomiting blood.

At the same time, all the roots blocking the alley disappeared.

“Let’s go.”

Alex and Vierano went after the elf who had kidnapped Sedina again.

Originally, it must have been judged that he could get out of here enough, and there was no further hindrance.

If so, you can catch it.

Alex’s expression, which was so sure, soon turned cold when he saw a series of groups in front of him.

* * *


Ludger got out of the stopped carriage.

He didn’t even say hello to the coachman and proceeded toward the hideout with brisk steps.

One of the decoys made conscious of other people’s eyes, not an official hideout.

When I got there, I saw Alex sitting there with his head bowed in disdain.

And even Vierano Dantes, who has a complicated face beside him.

“Mr. Rudger Celish?”

Vierano looked at Ludger and widened his eyes.

A curious look in his eyes as to why he came here.

But Rudger couldn’t afford to answer that.

“What happened.”

Rudgar asked Alex.

Alex lifted his lowered head and met Rudger’s eyes.

“sorry. leader. It’s my mistake.”

“I heard that Sedina was kidnapped.”

“… … That’s right.”

“In case you didn’t know, I attached you. I was kidnapped anyway.”

Rudger wasn’t in a good mood right now.

Hearing the news that Sedina had been kidnapped, he rushed to this moment.

He was now feeling annoyed, displeased, and a little angry, but calmly tried to figure out the situation.

“Even if you were careless, there’s no way you could have been beaten so easily if you were now. Especially if the opponent is an elf chaser.”

Ludgar had fought the Shade Warden’s pursuers before.

They were definitely pretty strong.

But compared to Alex now, they couldn’t beat Alex.

Conversely, it was the same even if he chose to run away without dealing with Alex.

The area they chose to abduct Sedina and elude Alex is the back alleys of Ledervelk.

It was, of course, a place where Alex could see as clearly as the palm of his hand.

Even so, Alex missed his opponent.

There was no way I wouldn’t feel strange about it.

“There are guys who got in the way. Who are you?”

Alex laughed bitterly at that.

Even though he would be more disturbed than anyone else in this place, he judges the situation more rationally than anyone else.

This is why you can’t win against a leader.

Alex shook his head.

“I wasn’t an elf. If I had to ask, they were the complete opposite.”


“Church of Lumensis.”

Vierano’s eyelids trembled at Alex’s words.

Rudger couldn’t help but doubt his ears for a moment.

“Tell me again.”

“It was the Paladin of the Church of Lumensis who stopped us from chasing the runaways.”

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