I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 426

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◈ Episode 426 Cinderella (3)

Rudger went out with Leather Velcro.

It was to check the status of Alex and Pantos.

“Are you feeling well?”

Rudger asked, looking at the two people covered in bandages.

The two nodded as if it was nothing.

It is true that he was seriously injured while fighting Lutus, and it was also true that he had to rest for quite a while.

However, they were showing extraordinary resilience because they were two people with outstanding talents.

Contrary to Belaluna’s opinion that it would take fifteen days for them to behave properly, the two were able to walk around in just two days.

“Well, thanks. If the leader hadn’t stepped in and helped me, I would have been lying down for the rest of my life.”

Alex playfully shrugged.

Pantos was still sitting silently like a wooden stone.

“Has there been any progress?”

“I wasn’t just lying in the hospital room doing nothing.”

Alex murmured and hit his head with his index finger.

“I kept thinking. It’s the technique that uncle used.”

His expression was light at first glance, but his eyes were serious.

While he was resting, he even reduced his sleep and continued to review the fight of the day.

It is a fight against someone much stronger than you.

There wasn’t a single moment to throw away.

Alex kept remembering, remembering, and imprinting on his mind without wasting even a single second of his time.

To the extent that even if I close my eyes and dream, the fight at that moment will be replayed again and again.

so now

Alex has mastered the art of Lutus Wardot.

“rotation. and compression.”

After muttering that, Alex turned to Ludger and asked.

“leader. Since the leader is a wizard, I think he will know roughly. Can wind magic be compressed?”


“What level do you think it is?”

“It will depend on the size. A decent level is easily compressed, but it becomes exponentially more difficult as the amount of horsepower increases and the scale grows.”

“Well then.”

Alex asked with a serious face.

“How high does it have to be to compress a typhoon into a ball the size of an adult’s fist?”

“… … .”

Rudger thought seriously.

There was no way Alex would carelessly ask such a question.

it’s a typhoon

Considering the size of Lutus’ aura, Alex’s words were by no means an exaggeration.

Compressing it to a level much smaller than a human body?

No matter how famous a mage was, there was no way that such a thing would be possible.

At least, it was Ludgar’s idea that even a 6th tier wizard would be impossible.

‘The higher the hierarchy of wizards, the greater the scale of their power.’

But Lutus was the opposite.

Instead of revealing the power of a huge scale, it was compressed and contained as much as possible.

Perhaps the size of pure power was a bit less than the magic of a 6th tier wizard.

However, the density of power was different.

“I don’t have a good imagination.”

“If the leader is to the extent of saying that, is it?”

“Judging by the fact that you mentioned wind, you must have noticed the character of that person.”

“that’s right. Lutus Wardot, that man, has the element of wind in his aura.”

attribute aura.

Rudger had seen something similar before.

Veronica Deville.

As the vice-captain of the Cold Steel Knights who manage and monitor the Northern Territory, she was a knight who handled cold auras.

It was a terrifying aura that imbued each aura particle with cold air, freezing the opponent in its entirety.

It’s so threatening, and it even affects the user himself.

“The strongest knight is an attribute aura user.”

Thinking of Lutus who was raging like a sudden storm, it was quite understandable.

Alex took Ludger’s word.

“Even to deal with it properly. Exactly what I said a moment ago. It’s literally holding a huge typhoon inside its body. To be honest, the first time I thought of this, I thought maybe I was crazy.”

“But if you’ve seen the results, you know it’s true.”

“okay. Did Pantos do that? It sounds like you’ve been hit by a rough storm. That guy must have felt it instinctively.”

Alex pointed at Pantos with his chin. Actually, Pantos did not show any reaction to the words.

“It is understandable that all attacks are lightly flowed. Is it really a living typhoon? It looks normal on the outside, but inside it is endlessly spinning and swirling, so the attack has no choice but to deflect naturally. The fact that it didn’t go through was probably due to the person’s consideration.”

“Can you follow me?”

“it’s crazy? property element? It’s all about imitating. Rotate the aura as much as possible. You should learn it. The next important thing is compression. You would know the leader once you’ve been together, but that man has a different density of power. How could a monster eat such a fluctuating force?”

Lutus even changed the direction of rotation.

If you bounce the attack in the forward rotation, you also sucked in the attack while rotating in the reverse direction.



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Alex still couldn’t forget the sight of his gray aura being absorbed into his grip.

From the total amount of power to the usage.

It was a complete defeat for this side.

“Imagine that such a person is holding a sword. Can you imagine?”

“It’s understandable that he didn’t come out of the capital.”

Protecting the imperial family was also a priority, but if Lutus had stepped in directly, the capital’s underground would have completely collapsed.

They say they control their strength, but is that possible even when dealing with demons?

There is no such thing as a living, breathing strategic weapon.

“But now it’s moving.”

Lutus came directly to Ledervelk. Then he talked to Rudger and exchanged sums.

He withdrew without saying anything, as if he was satisfied with what he saw, but the fact that there were more things that Ludger had to pay attention to didn’t change.

Rudger stared at Alex and Pantos.

“You have to do it.”

The two didn’t know what that meant.

If, someday in the unknown future, Lutus blocks their path again.

At that time, it was Alex and Pantos that had to deal with him.

“I won’t tell you how or how strong you have to be. You have already seen the way, and with your great talent you have seized it.”

From the sparring with Pasius to the life-or-death fight with Lutus.

For the two, who were originally the gemstones of their talents, there would be no greater stimulation than this.

All they have left is to endlessly hone themselves.

“Expect the best performance.”

Rudger left the hospital room with those words.

Right after, I felt a powerful air wave emanating from the other side of the closed hospital room, and I burst into laughter.

Even if I pretended not to be in front of him, I must have been very angry.

As I left the hospital room and went out to a deserted street, Bellaluna approached just in time carrying a large bag on her back.

“Bella Luna. Are you going to the capital?”

“Well, they said they were sending someone over there. It’s annoying, but what can I do?”

Bellaluna said that, but her face was full of anticipation.

This time, he was able to access the World Tree legally (?).

Even though it is a dead world tree, the authority to access the Wood Wide Web still remains.

If you can access it, you will learn various information through it.

“so. When will the sender come?”

“He said he would come soon.”

Just as Bellaluna muttered that, she sensed the presence of someone rapidly approaching from far away.

Rudger’s gaze turned there.

“I asked who to send, and it was that one.”


The opponent who arrived at the meeting place also saw Rudger and made a strange sound that was difficult to spit out by voice.

Mandelina tried to backtrack involuntarily, but found Rudger wagging his finger at her.

She came closer, her shoulders drooping meekly.

“Is it you?”


“The person who came to pick up Bellaluna.”

“What, is that so?… … That’s it, right?”

He acted friendly for no reason, but when Ludger glared at him, it was Mandelina who immediately raised his horse.

I was so intimidated that I couldn’t even speak.

Rudger shook his head and said.

“You can do it comfortably. We are working together now.”

“uh… … really?”


“then… … !”

“Don’t be too comfortable.”

“… … Um, of course I was thinking of that.”

Seeing Mandelina sweating in cold sweat, Ludger gave a slightly disapproving look.

I couldn’t understand how a guy like that was able to pass on his magic to Aidan.

“But anyway, I was grateful for the work in the capital.”

Aidan and Mandelina.

Thanks to the two, Flora was saved from Basara.

Rudger did not forget the grace, so he expressed his gratitude.

Mandelina, who did not understand the words at first, put on a puzzled expression, then opened her eyes wide and smiled brightly.

“Ehehe. Hey, take something like that.”

“Okay, take it with you.”

Words thrown indifferently.

As if he wasn’t just talking, he turned around Ludger and left. Mandelina looked at it with subtle eyes.


Only then did Mandelina come to her senses when she heard a voice from the side.

“We’re leaving now, right?”

“Uh, uh. okay.”

“Is it because you’re curious about our leader?”

“Leader… … .”

Mandelina knows it too. Did you say that Ludger Celish created his own organization?

If there is an organization, there will of course be subordinates.

Bellaluna Petana, whom she had to accompany today, was one of those gang members.

‘s executive.

Naturally, there was an order from the first princess to treat her with utmost hospitality.

For Mandelina, it came as quite a novelty.

At least the Ludger she remembers was different.

What should I say, he was a man who had no room for life and was a little more dry.

When she first met Ludgar, the man called Jack the Ripper had blank eyes.

Mandelina, who was frightened by it, immediately bowed her head, and thanks to that, she was able to survive.

However, the man he met in the capital had changed considerably.

‘Something has become a little more human.’

It was the same with the way he set out to save the students in the capital, and the way he personally checked himself to pick up Bellaluna.

Mandelina thought.

Maybe that’s the real face of that person.

“Hehehe. Shall we go then? To be able to approach the World Tree again? I really feel like a dream.”

“… … .”

Is he a bit weird? It’s a little bit, but it seems like I’m drooling.

Mandelina distanced herself from Bellaluna.

about three steps.

* * *

After seeing off Bellaluna, Ludger headed to Royal Street.

The place to go was decided, so the steps were unstoppable.

[House of Verdi]

It wasn’t open yet, but Rudger didn’t mind. He was the owner of this place, so he didn’t need anyone’s permission.

“ah. Are you here?”

Violetta, who was waiting, greeted Rudger.

Rudger nodded in response and looked around the store.

There was one other person at the House of Verdi besides the manager, Violetta.

The ash-grey hair attracted Ludger’s gaze like a magnet.


Line, staring at the dress on display with admiration, was so engrossed that she didn’t even know Ludger was there.

“Do you like it?”

“yes. This part is especially pretty… … Come on, teacher?!”

Rene found Rudger belatedly and hurriedly lowered his head.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t even know you were here.”

“It happened. Let’s do a lighter introduction than that. This one is called Violetta. This is the manager of the House of Verdi.”

“nice to meet you.”

“Bar, nice to meet you.”

When Violetta greeted her, Line bowed politely as well.

“This is Lyne, a student of Seorn. She’s the model who decided to wear the dress we’re going to make this time.”

“Rather than that, are you really a commoner? When I first saw you, I thought you were a noble.”


Line twisted her body as if she was ashamed of the praise she had for herself.

But Violetta was sincere.

She approached Line and looked around.

“I-over there… … .”

“Hmm. The skin is clean, and the hair is good. I don’t even feel like an army. Do you have a separate management?”

“Uh, no. Not so much… … .”

“oh my god. I don’t even manage it, so I’m like this? I’m really jealous. But that’s why it’s the best.”

After completing the check, Violetta was beyond satisfied and was so delighted that her eyes radiated with brilliance.

“I really can’t believe it when I see it. Inspiration soars. On the contrary, a halfway dress wouldn’t save half of this child’s charm.”

“Can you?”

“It’s not about whether you can do it or not. I have to do it. This is also a matter of pride as a designer, not a manager.”

Violetta began drawing quickly on the small notebook she had prepared in advance.

His hand was delicate yet swift.

Violetta, who completed a draft of the dress in no time, tore up the pages of the notebook and showed it to Rudger and Line.

“This will be our House of Verdi’s finest masterpiece.”

Line looked at the dress and made a questionable face.

Conversely, Ludger looked at it and exclaimed as if he was interested.

“This, I look forward to it.”

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