I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 427

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◈ Episode 427 Magic Ball (1)

The draft of the dress, which I thought would take a long time, came out quickly.

Rather, it came out so quickly that Line was dumbfounded.

“So fast?”

Violetta replied with a cute smile.

“Originally, it’s not that fast. But maybe it’s because I like the model, the moment I saw it, inspiration came. Thanks. You can be proud of it.”

“Oh, no. Until then… … . Well, by the way, I have a question.”

“yes. Ask anything.”

“There is only one dress and it is a draft, so why did you draw three dresses?”

There were a total of three dresses Violetta drew in her notebook.

Even the designs and colors are all different.

At that, Violetta wondered what to answer, then smiled strangely.

It was an older smile full of secrets and rich experience.

“You will know that when you try it on. Of course, you are right in saying that I am not sure until I try it on.”

“You’re not sure… … .”

“This dress is my first challenge. So everything is uncharted territory. You don’t have to worry too much. Because it’s not dangerous. I did it because I saw the possibility that I could do it. Oh, would it be all right if I take measurements for a moment?”


“Miss Rudger. Would it be all right if I borrowed this cute lady for a while?”

Rudger silently nodded while sitting on the sofa provided inside the store.

The action was so natural that it seemed as if Rudger was the owner of this place.

At least, that’s what Line thought.

“ruler. go upstairs There is a separate room for VIPs.”

Received guidance from Violetta, Line headed to the room on the second floor.

There, Violetta took several measurements for Linen.

“Hmm. I’m really envious. What a body without flab. Do you really have nothing to manage? I can’t believe it.”

“Eh, hee hee. thank you.”

“Thank you parents. Because it literally seems to be innate.”

“Uh, well.”

“Is there any problem?”

“Because I don’t know my parents’ faces.”

At those words, Violetta’s expression hardened slightly.

“sorry. Because I said something stupid.”

“no. I have no idea. I don’t even remember it, so I seem to have forgotten about being sad.”

“… … Sometimes it’s better not to know.”

Violetta, who was measuring Line’s arm length with a tape measure, said.

“But that way is much better. Are you a student of Seorn? After graduation, I will take you anywhere.”

“yes. I am also very grateful. That I’m lucky enough not to fit in my fountain. No one else would have been given this opportunity.”

“She is a dignified young lady.”

“is that so? I think this is normal.”

“no. Looking at it objectively, students are very upright. Usually, when you say Seorn students, they are full of arrogance.”

Linen’s eyes widened as if he didn’t know.

“Really? I didn’t know.”

“It looks like that. You know what? If you live on this street, you will hear various news. And we hear stories about the students of Seorn. It’s all little fuss. Belittling, ignoring, or blindly insulting employees. Is there no truth?”

Violetta measured Line’s waist with a tape measure.

Renee held her breath involuntarily.

“But you know what is surprising? The point is that most of the students who cause such accidents are commoners.”

“Is that true?”

“We have ears too. I know how plebeians in Seorn are looked down upon by other aristocratic students. Even if it is better now, there are still remnants of it.”

“Not necessarily… … .”

Rene tried to say that, but kept her mouth shut.

remember The image of her students who challenged her.

Most of them were aristocrats, and they were those who were jealous of Line or enticed by her looks.

Because of that, I almost got into a dangerous situation.

But not everyone did.

Right away, the princess, Erendir, was like that, and Freuden, who came from the duke’s family, was like that too.

Even nobles were good people.

However, it could not be denied that they were a very small minority.

What is even more surprising is that the students who were from commoners who were discriminated against in this way asserted their authority outside as students of Seorn.

“People usually think. If something bad happens to you, you won’t do it again. But it’s wrong. The person who says that is saying it because he has not risen to a high position. It’s actually the opposite. Everyone wants to be superior to others. A commoner who has been despised by aristocrats takes comfort in feeling superior when he sees a commoner worse off than himself. And get drunk there. It’s like drinking cheap beer because you can’t drink expensive wine.”

The society that is gradually developing in the present era insists on the destruction of class.

The main point was that all human beings had equal rights from birth and were equal.

In fact, the phrases claimed by the liberation forces were similar to this.

But was the Liberation Army really equal for everyone?

They oppressed other commoners under the pretext of liberating them.

In the end, it was only that a new class called the Liberation Army was created on top of the commoners.

Even if the aristocracy disappears, complete equality does not come.

Thus perfect equality was nothing more than a vain ideal.

“It’s not uncommon for an entrepreneur who has made a fortune to kick an ex-fiancé. He said that since he has money, he will meet a woman who is suitable for it. There are times when close friends who were never together before break up. One of them was discovered as a wizard. Even if they’re from the same back alley, those who are blessed with her innate beauty look down on others. This kind of thing is more common than you think. Even if they are in the same place as each other, people think they are better than others.”



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“So that’s why you told me to be dignified.”

“that’s right. Because the student didn’t get drunk on it.”

“Why are you telling me that?”

“I wanted to check it out. If the person who wears the dress I made is a much better person, I feel good, right?”

Retrieving the tape measure, Violetta said without hiding her smile.

“Besides, it’s also because what I do isn’t that different from what I just said.”

“In what part?”

“A sense of superiority.”

Violetta took out a dress from a hanger hanging on the wall and lightly placed it in front of Line.

“Tailors and designers are, after all, people who sell desire. They are the ones who want to realize the desire of people who want to be more beautiful, more splendid, and more eye-catching. Of course, most of the people who want this are rich ladies. But I think a little differently.”

Violetta’s eyes were very serious as she compared the dresses.

Rene kept her breath as much as possible and tried not to move, but did not stop asking questions.

“What do you think?”

“It is a revolution.”

“Revolution, huh?”

“It’s not to the extent of making it that grandiose, but I think so. By wearing a gorgeous dress, you are enhancing the beauty you should have. You can look down on people you wouldn’t normally be able to look down on. class change. What is this if not a revolution?”

When I heard it, it seemed that way too.

“In that sense, I really like this job. Even if I can’t climb it myself, I can give someone wings. like right now I am satisfied with that alone.”

Violetta nodded in satisfaction, as if it were now, and put the dress back on the hanger.

“So, I will make you the main character. Thoroughly so that neither the nobility nor the royal family can overlook it. In that place, the common people take the top spot. Where can there be a more exhilarating rebellion than this?”

Line realized what kind of person Violetta was.

He loves his work and is proud of himself.

Still, he had strong convictions.

“Then I have another question.”

“Yes, ask.”

“How did you get to know Mr. Rudger? What are you talking about again?”

At Line’s question, Violetta’s eyes widened as if this was unexpected.

“oh. She turned out to be a more clever young lady than I thought.”

“Oh, no. I didn’t mean it in that sense… … .”

“just joke. Well, as for how I met Mr. Rudger, I met her as her sponsor.”

“Are you a sponsor?”

“He is the one who helped open the House of Verdi. The people of this street also received a lot of help from him. You know what? That this Royal Street was originally a slum where people couldn’t reach.”

“I heard you. It’s not safe, and it’s a place that was abandoned even in Ledervelk.”

“It was thanks to the helping hand that such a place was able to change like this. Mr. Rudger is one of those who helped. Just because she’s poor, she doesn’t look down on other people. Should I say she treats everyone equally?”

“hmm. I understood. surely.”

“Is it the same in Seorn?”

“yes. Even aristocratic students can’t move in front of Mr. Rudger. Because no one else is looking at you.”

“Somehow, I think I know. In a sense, everyone is equal.”

It was to the point where he wondered if Rude was the embodiment of the ideal.

After taking measurements, the two came down to the lobby on the first floor.

Rudger sat there still, his eyes closed.

It seemed like he was meditating, or maybe he was just dozing off because he was tired.

The two of them lowered their footsteps involuntarily.

“Is it all over?”

Rudger then asked without even opening his eyes.

“yes yes.”

For some reason, Line felt like a child caught doing something wrong.

Eventually, Rudger opened his closed eyes. The bluish light flickered faintly from her pupils, as if she were watching the morning fog dissipating under the morning sun.

“It was a lot of work. don’t let it go I will see you off to the dorm.”

Rudger stood up and said so.

Line tried to follow Ludger’s words, but looked back and nodded goodbye to Violetta.

Violetta smiled and waved her hand.

with my daughter

When I came out on the street, there were a lot of people walking around.

Royal Street is gorgeous even at night, but it was a place where quite a lot of people came early in the morning.

And in the middle of the crowd, the students of Seorn were also mixed in.


Cheryl Bagna was one of them.

She, too, was out shopping for a dress for an upcoming prom.

Of course, considering her family, I tended to wait in line to wear it.

In fact, Cheryl had decided on her own dress. It was for her Flora that she came out like this.

Her best friend, Flora, is the daughter of the Duke of Lumos, but she has not been treated properly.

Designers who didn’t know anything put in a request to the Lumos family, but they were all being rejected.

Flora herself was not very interested in the dress, so Cheryl, as a friend, thought of getting one tailored for her.

‘Obviously it was. I saw a bad sight!’

Rudger was spotted leaving a store with a schoolgirl.

Even that the place is the most famous house of Verdi in the area.

Why the hell is Mr. Ludger coming out of there?

Even Lyne, who was with her, was familiar with Cheryl.

Linen was quite famous.

Even though he was a commoner, he was friendly with Freuden Ulburg, and he was close with Erendir von Exilion, so it was natural.

Her appearance is as pretty as a doll, to the point of questioning whether or not she is really a commoner.

‘I thought it was suspicious because I had a lot of contact with Mr. Rudger before, but I never thought this would happen!’

Cheryl was troubled.

Whether or not I should tell Flora about this.

I thought about what to do if Flora gets hurt by giving bad news.

‘Aww. Why is it such an ordeal for me… … !’

I already felt like I was getting a headache.

* * *

Time passed without extinguishing the heat it contained like a midsummer wildfire.

Time was equal for all, and people made their own arrangements.

“Uhm. Is this okay?”

Aidan muttered as he looked at himself in the mirror.

It was quite frustrating because I had never worn a suit that fit my body.

Do nobles always wear stuff like this to the banquet hall?

While Aidan was thinking such silly thoughts, a gruff voice came from outside the door.

“hey. When you’re all dressed, come out quickly.”

“huh! I will leave now.”

As they went outside, Leo glanced over at Aidan with his arms crossed.

“What is taking so long?”

“Because I’m not used to this kind of clothes.”

“Okay, let’s go. They wait.”

“okay. Oh right. Leo.”

“What, why?”

“The clothes look good on you. Awesome.”


Aidan and Leo came out of the dorm.

Normally, female students were not allowed to enter near the male dormitory, and vice versa.

But today was a prom day, like a festival, so it was the only day that allowed an exception.

At the entrance of the dormitory, there were already female students waiting for their partners.

Among them, what caught the attention of Aidan and Leo was the duo, each dressed in a dress that suited them.

One was wearing a red dress burning like a flame, and the other was wearing a unique outfit refined from the traditional costume of the beast tribe.

“Why are you out so late! Don’t you know you shouldn’t make the lady wait?”

“Ahaha. Sorry. Tacey.”

“hi. Leo.”

“uh. hi.”

Looking at Iona, who greeted him, Leo said softly.

“It’s pretty. clothes.”

“huh. You are cool too.”

“… … It’s pointless.”

puffer pung.

Even though it was broad daylight, a fire broke out over there. Brilliant colors scattered like pollen.

Anyone looking at it could tell that that place was the center of the event.

The four of them headed to the ballroom with their own high expectations.

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