I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 273

◈ Episode 273 Field Trip (2)

“What did you guys think of a while ago while facing my magical power?”

No one was able to answer that question.

There was something incomprehensible about Caroline’s magical power that was hard to put into words, beyond grading her mentor’s magical power.

“I can’t say it properly, but everyone must have been afraid. Am I right?”


In response to the students’ answers, Caroline nodded as if it were natural.

“It is a natural reaction. Even if I look like this, I am a higher-ranking wizard than you. The magical power of a high-ranking wizard intimidates the opponent. Because I meant it that way.”

It is said that the infrasound cry of a tiger growling has the effect of giving tension and fear to the opponent.

The magic that Caroline radiated was similar to that.

Rather, it was even more effective than the infrasound emitted by a tiger.

Just by facing the huge magic power, the opponent forgets the will to fight and is seized with fear.

In fact, the decision was made before even fighting.

That’s why Caroline was able to become a tyrant dominating the battlefield.

“Everyone was frightened and trembled and averted their gaze. But this net was different. When all of you were afraid and avoided my eyes, these four were afraid but did not look away from me. That’s what it is.”


The students exclaimed as if they understood.

However, there were still some students who did not fully accept the answer, so Caroline kindly decided to add an explanation.

“What I am going to teach you is not the knowledge of magic or the effectiveness of magic. Rather, it is much more practical.”

Unlike other wizards, Caroline traveled to various places on the continent and accumulated practical experience.

The world is at peace.

But if you look closely, it’s not like that.

Small skirmishes, violent protests, skirmishes, Cryptid raids, and more.

Fighting did not disappear anywhere in the world.

It just seems to have disappeared.

“Everyone will think that hierarchy is everything for a wizard. But in practice, it’s not like that.”

Caroline went through many things and saw unbelievable sights.

Even though he was a wizard with a higher hierarchy, he was defeated by a wizard with a lower hierarchy than himself.

The magic skills, the composition of the magic formula, and the level of magical power.

Even if everything is different.

It happened because of the difference in attitudes in practice.

“Don’t be afraid. You don’t have to be scared just because your opponent is stronger than you. As long as you do not lose courage, you will be given a chance to break through the crisis.”

This was Caroline’s teaching as a mentor to her students.

“Of course, when most of you graduate, like me, you will sit in a comfortable position in the field without rolling over, or you will continue to think about magic tricks in the corner of your room. In fact, most of the three graduates are taking that route.”

“You know me?”

“of course. Because I am also a senior graduate.”

At those words, the students widened their eyes in surprise.

“Did you not know? I am in sync with your president.”

“Are you referring to President Elisa Willow?”


Caroline immediately responded to Tay’s question.

Elisa Willow was also one of the notable celebrities who rose to the office of Chancellor of Theorn at a young age.

Beautiful, capable, and politically savvy, she was one of the role models in the students’ lives.

But to think that Caroline was the same old classmate as Elisa.

The students compared Elisa’s and Caroline’s appearances.

No matter how you look at it, they couldn’t be seen as the same age as each other.

Caroline frowned as if she had sensed it too.

“Hey, these kids. What are those eyes! ok? I was better than him when I was in school! Men lined up in front of me!”

“Oh, really?”

“… … okay!”

There was some hesitation at the answer, but Caroline, thinking it was already spilled, said yes.

‘Because it’s not really a lie.’

Of course, Elisha was right that men lined up while being baptized with all sorts of gifts.

But Caroline wasn’t entirely wrong.

Considering the noble men she knocked out in her school days, it was enough to line up on the playground.

If you defeat someone, another one will appear and say, ‘Are you that cheeky commoner?’ I had a fight while doing it.


The guy also got beaten up nicely.

Of course, with magic as much as possible without using fists.

… … Occasionally they shuffled their fists, but that would have been acceptable.

‘hmm. Instead of a love letter, I received a challenge letter, but that’s enough to say I’ve lined up.’

In fact, if Caroline had received a love letter, then the sender would have had a serious taste problem.

Fortunately or unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

“Anyway, move!”

Caroline led the way.

First of all, most of the students were looking forward to sightseeing in the capital.

Caroline fully understood the students’ feelings, so she thought of taking them on a tour of the capital.

So Caroline gave the students free time to look around the area in the middle while stressing the importance of real fighting.

Lindebrunn is a tourist city.

Thanks to this, everywhere on the street was overflowing with things to see, especially food.

The students looked around and ate food that looked delicious on the street.

It was the same with Aidan.

“Rather than that, Leo is always alone.”

Aidan, who was waiting for his turn in front of the grilled skewer shop, stared at Leo, who was alone in the distance, with a worried gaze.

Tacey said from the side.

“Let’s not look too hard. On the contrary, if we try to get closer, his personality will get annoyed or push us harder.”

“huh. That too.”

“Anyway, there is always a chance. You don’t have to be impatient.”

“That’s right. Tacey and Leo usually bicker, but you were secretly paying attention, right?”

Tacey blushed as Aidan said with a smile.

“What, what are you saying? It’s just that I’m annoyed at not behaving like I usually do, right?”

“huh. I’ll do something like that.”

“I’m not going to do something like that, that’s right!”

Aidan, who responded with a smile to Tacey’s outburst, looked at Iona.

It was Iona who quietly munched on the street grilled skewers, but her eyes were still staring at Leo, as if she was worried about Leo as well.

Aidan waited for his turn to serve his food, thinking that it would be nice if the problem was resolved quickly.

Then a new guest joined in.

“Mr. Owner! Two seasoned skewers, please.”

“yes. please wait for a moment.”

It was a lively woman’s voice, but Aidan felt that the voice sounded familiar.

‘hmm… … It’s a voice I’ve heard many times before. It’s like my master.’

Aidan turned his head while thinking such a foolish thought, just in time to meet the eyes of the customer looking this way.

A style in which long black hair with untidy hair protruding here and there was roughly tied into a ponytail.

The unique light and lazy atmosphere was something I could never forget.



The teacher who taught Aidan anti-magic when he was young.

Surprisingly, the owner of a voice similar to Master’s was the real Master.

* * *

Royna Pavlini.

Although she is a 6th-tier magician, she has low sociability and is very shy, lamenting her situation.

‘Why am I here?’

I glanced back and saw that several students had gathered and were staring at her.

Just receiving that gaze made me short of breath and cold sweat broke out on the back of my back.

Roina remembered why it had happened.

-Royna. Participate as Ceorn’s field trip mentor.


In order to look good in Seorn at the school association, they had to pick someone with their own skills, but Roina was the most suitable person.

First of all, the first reason is that he seems to get along well with students because he is young.

And the second reason was that Roina, who had a hard time refusing to do the work, was the most easygoing.

Low-ranking wizards respected Roina because she was a 6th-tier wizard, but the high-ranking officials of the other school associations did not even have that.

In the end, Roina couldn’t refuse the offer, and when she came to her senses, it was now.

It’s rare to have a proper conversation with someone, but since I’ve come this far, Roina mustered up her strength and opened her mouth, wanting to fulfill her role.

“Hey, everyone. Please follow me!”

Even that stuttered, making him look quite unreliable as a student.

Still, since he was a 6th-tier wizard, the students who were his mentees quietly followed.

Among the students Roina was in charge of were Rine, Erendir, and Flora and Cheryl.

The place where Roina led the students was a huge museum.

Crystal Palace.

It was the headquarters of the International Expo (Expo), which showcases all kinds of magic, artifacts, and steam machine inventions from the continent every year.

The Crystal Palace, which was made of crystals that shone dazzlingly in sunlight, was, as the name suggests, a building made of translucent ‘crystal’ except for the steel structure.

Through the product of magic engineering and alchemy mixing science and magic, special glass was used instead of ordinary glass.

The interior is made to feel the warmth like spring in all four seasons, and there is even an artificial park.

The role of the Crystal Palace was great in that the capital of the empire, Lindebrunn, was called the city of tourism.

“Hey, everyone. This is the Crystal Palace, where you can see the history of magic.”

Roina said in a proud voice.

If this is the case, I think that the students will be happy enough.

In fact, most of the students were overwhelmed by the majesty of the Crystal Palace and were busy looking around with their mouths open.


Roina clenched her fists.

“On the days when the Sud and Crystal Palaces are held, over 30 million tourists visit. It is crowded with people even on weekdays like today.”

As Roina said, even though it was a weekday, the Crystal Palace was full of tourists.

The appearance of people standing in a long line from the entrance was proof of that.

“There are too many.”

“Can we go in?”

“Hey, everyone! Do not worry. We made reservations in advance so we could get right in!”

With a slightly excited voice, Roina led the students into the Crystal Palace.

The ticket office clerk guarding the entrance recognized Roina and immediately let them through.

“and… … .”

“The inside is really pretty too.”

Even from the outside, the Crystal Palace was mesmerized by the huge size and beauty of the crystal, but the inside was even more so.

The appearance of the exhibition hall is neat and calculated.

In addition, the light coming from the outside spreads as if it passed through a prism, beautifully illuminating the inside.

The air that touched my skin was warm, and even the sweet scent of flowers lingered throughout the museum.

It was as if I had entered a dream world of all sorts of magic.

There was also a fountain in the center of the room, and a large tree was also visible.

What was surprising was that all of this was only part of the Crystal Palace.

“Now we are in the central exhibition hall of the Crystal Palace, where we can see the history and development of magic.”

Roina acted as a guide and kindly explained the Crystal Palace to the students.

“If you go further inside, then the characteristics of each area are divided. Over there is an engineering path built on steam golems, mechanical engineering, and steam engines.”

Where Roina pointed her finger, white steam and brass-colored metal could be seen over the crowd.

“On the other side, I created an artificial park by landscaping the scenery of the forest. In fact, many animals live there, and you can even see spirits from time to time. I recommend that students studying summoning classes stop by at least once.”

The students were already impatient as if they wanted to take a look inside.

Royna smiled heartily at the sight.

There was a time when I was like that myself.

“Now, it’s free time from now on. People to watch, watch, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!”

As if waiting for those words, the students scattered.

While thinking about where to look around, Line suddenly came up with a question and approached Roina.

“I… … .”

“yes yes! something!”

Roina made a fuss when she saw Line approaching her.

Half-nervous, half-anticipated, Rene asked cautiously, slightly taken aback.

“Are there all types of magic here?”

“Oh, magic? Shouldn’t it look like there’s nothing there? In fact, the Mage Tower and various magic societies also donate magic information to the Crystal Palace.”

“Then, can we find magic related to non-attribute magic?”

“Non-attribute magic?”

Roina’s eyes shone through her long bangs.

* * *

When each student is traveling around the capital with their mentor.

Freuden Ulburg was also facing his mentor in the capital.

Whatever the case, he was also in the second year, so he couldn’t miss the field trip.

Even as a Freuden, it’s comfortable to have days like this, so I didn’t feel any objection.

I didn’t get excited or excited like the other students, but I wanted to enjoy the long-awaited leisure time.

‘I definitely thought so.’

Freuden was at a loss for words as he saw the muscles bulging in front of his eyes.


“Three more sets!”


“Come on, lift up! Your bong is not lifted by another person! Do your best!”


Fierce spirits and shouts like screams could be heard from everywhere.

This space filled with male hormones and muscles was a huge gym famous in the capital.

Freyden thought.

why am i here

Apparently he just came to tour the capital with his mentor.

Freuden’s gaze naturally turned to his mentor.

Whiron, a 6th-tier wizard and a member of the School Association.

“Hahahaha! These guys, they usually just sit and read books, so their bodies are so flimsy! listen carefully! For a wizard, the important thing is stamina! You need to have stamina to be able to sit in a chair longer!”

While saying that, Whiron was grabbing a student and making him exercise.

The familiar face who lifted the barbell as Whiron ordered, sweating profusely, was his friend and vassal, Henry Presto.

It was Henry, who always received a lot of attention from female students with his relaxed smile and great looks.

Such Henry was lifting the barbell with his face distorted.

“Huh. Huh Eok. I can’t do it anymore.”

“what? You said you couldn’t do just 15? The three students ate this very well!”

Whiron looked around at the frozen students.

“Today, I’ll give you guys a really good workout!”

“Uh, there… … .”

Freuden felt a sense of crisis and opened his mouth.

Unfortunately, however, that behavior caught the eye of Whiron, who was looking for prey.

“Yeah, there you are! What if the male child was born corruptly. Come and lift the stick!”

“… … .”

Freuden felt a great sense of crisis for the second time in his life.

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