I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 272

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◈ Episode 272 Field Trip (1)

Following Sedina’s order, the paper worm left the square for a long time and quietly settled down in a quiet alleyway.


At that moment, a mouse hiding in the darkness appeared and snapped at the insect.

The rat sprinted to a nearby house with the bug bite.

The mouse, finding a man waiting inside the house, raised both hands as if cheering, and announced that he had arrived.

“great job.”

Hans accepted the paper the mouse had asked for and handed over an almond he was holding in his hand.

While the mouse eagerly gnawed at the almonds with delight, Hans unfolded the paper worm and read what was inside.

Hans’ face, which he quickly scanned with a serious gaze, frowned.

“I’ll turn, really.”

Hans got up and looked out the window.

This ordinary house not far from the plaza had been used as a residence by Hans for a long time.

So, I was able to quickly check the contents of the letter.

Through the window, I could see knights in uniform on a residential street.

“The black side must be the Knights of the Nightcrawler. Is the white one the Knights of Cold Steel? Of the three major knights of the empire, two knights gathered together.”

There was no way that two groups who were already on bad terms would go to a place like this for a vacation.

In addition, Ludger’s instructions in the letter included an order to intensively search for suspicious-looking guys.

Hans had a hunch.

There must be something going on in the capital.

“okay. Somehow, it seemed to go well without a hitch. Does something really happen on a day like this?”

Hans was no longer angry.

He’s been through so much since he hooked up with Rudger.

Far from being surprised, it has reached the stage of accepting and accepting it.

Even though he felt sorry for himself that he had become accustomed to now, Hans was seriously thinking about his future.

‘Above all, there are other people here besides me.’

Hans stared at one side of the room anxiously.

There was a sofa for four in what could be called a living room, and silky blond hair was flowing over the sofa.

There was Grander, who was lying there, saying he was bored.

Pure white skin, fine features, languidly half-open eyes.

A mysterious figure in which beauty and boredom coexist with just one.

Despite her youthful appearance, she even possessed so-called decadent beauty.

But Hans knows.

How terrifying that young-looking girl really is.

‘Vampire of the true ancestor.’

Vampires are known to be extremely few in number among sub-species.

No, since there were virtually no eyewitnesses, it had been regarded as just a legend.

Even if rumors went around, it was only at the level of mistaking the cryptid for a vampire.

That’s why even Hans considered vampires to be virtually imaginary beings.

I thought so.

‘That kind of person is my older brother’s teacher.’

Even Grander was the originator of vampires.

Considering that rumors were not circulating even in the afterlife, there was a high possibility that the girl in front of her was the one and only vampire.

‘Since before, my older brother would occasionally explain to me about Master.’

Although he is a very strong and excellent mage, he has a bad personality and is selfish, and he doesn’t want to meet him again.

For Hans, it seemed strange that his older brother, who seemed to have nothing to fear in the world, would say such a thing.

Maybe that’s why it felt more sincere.

My brother’s teacher must be a really dangerous person.

‘Still, I thought it would be an old, curly old man with a long beard, but who would have imagined that it would be a small, tender girl like a doll?’

While Hans was thinking that, Grander, who was lying on the sofa, opened his mouth.

“Why are you looking at me?”

Hans’ shoulders trembled at those words.

Because he said that he was caught spying secretly.

“Yes, yes?”

“I asked why you were looking at me.”

“Ah, that’s… … .”

“You can speak comfortably. Because I rather hate lying.”

“… … I was wondering why you came all the way here.”

Hans spoke carefully not to offend Grander.

The reason Grander came here. What I was curious about was the fact.

She didn’t have to come to the capital.

Hans came to help Ludger, and the other members decided to stay at Ledervelk.

Even so, Grander followed this side.

I was very curious as to why.

“What’s wrong with me coming here on my own feet?”

“Oh, no, there is none.”

Still, their existence itself is uncomfortable.

Hans desperately swallowed the afterword.



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“Looks like you have something else to say.”

Grander, who was lying on the sofa, turned his head towards Hans and asked.

Hans broke out in a cold sweat without realizing it at those red eyes that seemed to pierce through his heart while being drowsy.

“Yes, what.”

“Tell me.”

With Grander’s permission, Hans swallowed and opened his mouth.

“You know? The Templars are roaming outside right now.”

“order? Ah, I heard a little while ago that I could feel the presence of those whose bodies were full of vitality. Is that so?”

can you feel that

Hans said, “Vampires are amazing.”

“Looking at the letter from my older brother, it seems that something will happen here in the capital.”

“Is something going to happen?”

“yes. It is said that it will be so at first, but I think it is probably almost certain.”


“Um, maybe Grander-sama… … Do you intend to help your brother with his work?”

Grander laughed at Hans’ question.

“ha ha ha!”

“Uh, there… … .”

As Hans panicked, Grander stopped laughing and said,

“Do you think I can help?”

“Oh, won’t you help me? Still, it’s a disciple’s job… … .”

“okay. The guy is my disciple. That’s why I don’t need help. I didn’t raise him to be that weak.”

At that, Hans asked as if he did not understand.

“Then why did you come all the way here… … .”

“I think I’ve already answered enough. Or are you saying that I followed you here because I was worried about you?”

“Wasn’t it?”


Hans waved his hand at the feeling of irritation and displeasure contained in his ruby-red eyes.

“Oh, no. ha ha ha. How could I speak so carelessly to my older brother’s teacher?”

“I wish I knew.”

Grander turned his head again as if his excitement had cooled.

Hans wiped the cold sweat running down his cheek.

‘Oh, really. Exactly as my brother said. I can’t get my head around his personality.’

Just when he was about to stop worrying and do what Rudger had asked him to do, Grander’s voice came from behind.

“Check the basement.”


Hans was surprised by the unexpected words, but looked back at Grander asking what that meant.

Grander showed no reaction with his back turned to Hans.

It’s as if he’s told everything to tell you, so he won’t get involved any more.

‘what. If you’re going to tell me, I’ll tell you properly.’

Hans grumbled inwardly, but he knew from Ludgar that Grander had such an unruly personality, so he didn’t argue further.

“Let’s go, boys. Time to work.”

snap! snap!

When Hans spoke, the rats waiting inside the house responded with their beards twisting.

* * *

“Nice to meet you, gentlemen.”

An outfit suitable for a military uniform and a uniform coat draped over the shoulder.

Caroline Monarch, the owner of the dress, stood with her arms crossed in front of her mentees.

“Today is only one day, but I am Caroline Monarch, who has taken on the role of your mentor and guide.”

It is purely at the discretion of the individual mentor to decide where to go for the tour of the capital.

Therefore, each mentor conducted field trips in his own way to his students.

Caroline, who was assigned as a daily mentor, deliberately spoke out in order to gain momentum as a senior in the industry.

It was because he didn’t want to be looked down on because of his small size and cute appearance.

‘It’s small.’


‘It’s like a doll.’

Caroline’s mentee, Seorn’s students, even thought her cute.

Should I say it’s like a child desperately trying to pretend to be an adult?

However, even if it looks like this, Caroline is a 6th tier Lexorer level wizard.

Even among Seorn’s students who were evaluated for their talent, she was a high-ranking wizard who might be able to reach that level.

“Well, those who know will know, but just in case, let me briefly introduce myself. I am a 6th level Lexorer level wizard and the mercenary leader of the Monarch Mercenary Corps. And a freelance wizard with no fixed affiliation.”

Caroline looked at the students with her arms crossed.

“From this moment on, you will proceed with field trips at my discretion. In addition, it is also at my discretion to assign grades according to your learning attitude.”

Because they were notified in advance, the students did not protest.

Rather, if you liked the fact that this field trip was being replaced with the 3rd test, you would have liked it, but there was no way you could not hate it.

“Usually, if you follow directions well and have a good attitude, you get a good grade. As for you, it means that you are actually taking credits for free. but!”

Caroline tightened her eyes and spoke loudly.

“I am different. Other idiots will laugh ha ha ha ha and chat in moderation and give you good marks, but I have no intention of doing that.”

At those words, the students swallowed their saliva.

“Then, how can I get a high score?”

“Stupid guy——!!!”


When a female student raised her hand and asked, Caroline burst out.

Caroline clicked her tongue as she looked at the student who was frightened by the sudden action.

“You don’t ask me about that, you find out for yourself!”

‘No, I won’t know if you don’t tell me!’

The students shouted in unison.

However, there was no human with a liver who could spit the words out of their mouths.

“Um, but don’t you know if I don’t tell you?”

no. there was one

As Aidan raised his hand and said, the students around him looked at Aidan with smirks.


Caroline frowned, as if upset.

Before long, formidable mana flowed from her body and began to encroach on the surroundings.

‘This is crazy!’

‘What’s the amount of magic power!’

It was unbelievably formidable magic power emanating from that small body.

The students shuddered and swallowed their saliva.

It made me realize all over again why the nickname of tyrant came before Caroline Monarch’s name.

That’s how much her overflowing magic power was violent.

To the extent that it wouldn’t be strange to hold their breath right away.

What’s even more surprising is that even though he exuded this much formidable magical power, it only affected the mentees and did not have any repercussions on those around him.

It was said that he was properly controlling his violent magic by putting it on a leash.

“What did you just say?”

“Uh, if you don’t tell me, you don’t know?”


Caroline looked at Aidan as if he was having fun.

When her intense gaze met, the other students averted their gaze in fear.

But Aidan did not avoid it. Not only that, but even though Taish, Iona, and Leo were nervous, they didn’t back down or look away.

Caroline nodded directly to Aidan.

“You there.”


“What is your name?”

“This is Aidan!”

“Seeing that he doesn’t have a last name, he must be a commoner.”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Okay passed. You are A.”

“… … ?”

Caroline said that, reaping all the magic she spewed out at once.

Hearing that, Aidan stared at Caroline with an expression of incomprehension.

“What are those eyes? Do you have any complaints? Don’t you want to get an A?”

“Uh, no?”

“Then you should be happy.”

is it?

Aidan scratched his head shyly.

“Still, I thought it would be nice to know why.”

“Are you a commoner?”

“Yes, what about it?”

“I like commoners. So it is A.”

Oh my gosh, such nonsense.

Caroline’s eyes fell on Tacey as the other students were amazed.

“You there. I want a red sheep.”

Even though she herself was bifurcated and wanted to know what to call it that, Taysh answered boldly.


“name is?”

“My name is Tacey Priad.”

“what? Were you a noble?”

At that, Caroline frowned.

“Where is your family by any chance?”

“… … It is a fallen family.”

Tacey hesitated a little, as if it was embarrassing to bring that up.

It’s a mistake I’d like to hide, but Tayce answered honestly.

“Hoo. You say without hiding Great. Okay, you are A too.”

Tay’s eyes widened at the fact that she got an A.

Ignoring Tacy, Caroline’s gaze turned to Iona.

“Damn it. What do you eat to make you so big?”

“… … ?”

Iona tilted her head slightly, as if she didn’t understand Caroline’s reaction, which was suddenly hostile to her.

“Still, you are well trained. Besides, if you’re a beastman and you’re this level of gang, then you’re also A.”

“… … thank you?”

Iona answered in a blunt tone. At the end of it, she had a little doubt.

Caroline’s gaze then turned to Leo.

Caroline’s eyes, which she had never given away points before, softened very softly the moment she touched Leo.

Reaction as if meeting one’s comrades.

Aidan seemed to know why.

“What is your name?”

“… … This is Leo.”

“Age is? Did you skip class?”

“… … I’m the same age as the guys here.”


Even quick-witted Leo frowned, perhaps realizing the reason for Caroline’s favor toward him.

Caroline put her hand on Leo’s shoulder, perhaps because of the joy of meeting a comrade.

“child. don’t worry. Originally, height isn’t everything on this floor! You can call me sister especially comfortably.”


“If you have any difficulties, tell this older sister! First of all, you are also an A!”

“… … yes.”

“How about thanks?”

“thanks… … Write it, whoa. thank you.”

Leo closed his eyes and said thanks.

Aidan couldn’t stop laughing even though he knew he shouldn’t laugh at that sight.

Tacey was openly holding her stomach next to her and giggling.

When Leo glared at him, Aidan tapped Tacey on the arm, and Tacey immediately turned away and avoided Leo’s gaze.

In the meantime, Caroline looked back at the students who were staring at her in protest and opened her mouth.

“Everybody’s probably wondering why I gave these guys an A.”

“Oh, because you’re a commoner?”

“What dude?”

The student, who was expressing his opinion, immediately lowered his tail as Caroline frowned.

“Well, I won’t say there isn’t a bit of selfishness there.”

‘There are.’

The students all had the same idea.

Inwardly, of course.

“Now I will try to explain the exact reason.”

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