I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 27

◈ Episode 27 Werewolf (2)

After that, I went on patrol, capturing nearly 20 students, penalizing them, and forcing them back to the dorms.

No, why are these bastards still running around at night?

Since the first graders are freshmen, even if they are immature, seeing the second graders among them gave me a headache.

‘It must mean that everyone is interested in this werewolf situation.’

The sun has already set, and there is darkness all around.

There are security guards around and other teachers patrolling, but there are still quite a few students hiding inside the Seorn site.

‘Even students can use magic, so ordinary servants won’t be able to find them hiding.’

That would have fueled their adventurous spirit even more.

To be honest, I was thinking of just ignoring it and passing by, but every time I pass by, one or two stand out.

It is good to see that those who ignore it for no reason will become more arrogant and rampage even more madly because the teacher did not catch them.

can’t stand that

‘There are many.’

Most of the students were obsessed with the courage to capture werewolves themselves.

If you get caught on campus, you get penalty points, but I wondered why, because an official letter came down from Lederbelk.

I heard that the city itself gives a bounty for killing or capturing a werewolf.

The students deserve to roll their eyes.

‘In addition to the psychology of wanting to become a hero, if you catch it, you will be given money and your reputation will go up.

Even for commoners who lack money, the prize money obtained from defeating a werewolf would be very attractive.

In the case of commoners, there is a system that provides scholarships within Seorn itself, but it does not provide all magic textbooks or other preparations.

There are so many places where the money goes to wizards.

It is the same as a student.

If you become a hero in this case, you might have a sponsor who notices your ability, so everyone’s eyes will roll over.

Some boys seem to have done this because they couldn’t overcome their youthful spirit just to get the attention of the opposite sex.

‘Still, I think I’ve sent everything back, so I’ll have to start tracking again.’

It took a lot of time.

Besides, I realized that the situation was more serious than I thought.

I had no idea there would be so many students.

Other teachers will also feel something is wrong and work harder.

If someone other than me finds a werewolf first.

And if you notice that it’s not a normal cryptid, it’s artificially created in a lab.

The situation spreads like wildfire that gets out of control.

‘So before that, I’ll handle it on my line.’

I headed to the sewage treatment plant, the most likely route through which werewolves sneaked into Cereun Academy.

Since Ceorn has a vast site and uses a lot of water, there is a huge sewage treatment facility on the outskirts of the site.

A place where a huge amount of water is drawn from the Lemzier River and at the same time a large amount of water is discharged through a huge earth pipe.

Considering the size of the werewolf he encountered then, there is a high probability that he came back through the tomb.

‘Fortunately, no one seems to have come this far yet.’

Most teachers go on patrols to send students away or prepare for the unexpected.

No one was like me, thinking about where werewolves came from and how to move, or chasing after their traces.

Well, that’s because this isn’t the wizard’s way.

This is the hunter’s way.

Wandering around the darkened sewage treatment plant, I finally found a trace.


The footprints clearly imprinted on the bushes seemed to have been engraved for several days.

Others will pass naturally, but I didn’t miss it.

When I got closer and ran my hand over it, I was sure.

‘Comparing the size of the picture, it’s about a little smaller than the guy I faced then. It must be quite intimidating.’

But there was one problem.

There are two types of footprints.

All were footprints presumed to be of werewolves.

Even the relatively larger ones appeared to be recent.

Could it be that both of them are in Seeorn?

‘I thought there was only one, but looking at the marks, did the person who ate people from Laddervelk come all the way here?’

I moved slowly, following the trail of footprints.

The two tracks initially moved in the same direction, but then diverged on both sides.

Small ones to the right, large ones to the left.

I really didn’t expect these guys to scatter from each other here.

Originally, the wolf is a solitary image, but in reality it is a pack animal. Of course, the same goes for werewolves who have inherited that tendency.

Normally, we should have been together.

I don’t know why, but these guys are starting to move separately now.

I had to make a choice.

* * *

‘It’s a big deal. I’m late.’

Linen, who had ash-grey hair, which was rare even in Ceorn, was running through the grounds of Ceorn with magic textbooks in her arms.

It was a little while ago that I forgot and fell asleep while studying in the library.

She looked out the window, removing her hair from her cheeks, saw that the sun was setting, and rushed out of the library.

While running towards the dormitory, Line couldn’t help but blame herself.

‘You fool! you idiot! Why did he doze off there!’

Fatigue accumulated over the past few days, probably because I had been immersed in my assignments and studies while cutting down on my sleeping time.

Sae-orn is still in a bad mood, so even the teachers urged him not to do anything else after class and to return to the dorm immediately.

The cause of the trouble was that I fell asleep while opening a book in the library with the complacent thought that I should study a little more.

Condition control is definitely a student’s duty.

Just because she fell asleep doesn’t make it not her fault.

If they were caught by the teacher like this, there was no excuse even if they received penalty points.

‘Ah. Still, getting penalty points is a bit painful.’

Money was tight, and she was in a position to survive on a scholarship even in Seorn. However, for Seorn, if the student has penalty points, the amount of the scholarship is reduced.

When the penalty points were severe, there were cases where the scholarship application itself was rejected.

She wouldn’t be penalized that severely for this incident, but the fact that she was penalized was a burden to her.

‘Still, shouldn’t I return to the dormitory as soon as possible before I get caught?’

I had to avoid the eyes of the dormitory supervisor, but in the case of the dormitory supervisor, who was not a teacher, I was still confident that I would somehow go undetected.

Line continued with a nervous step and walked quickly along the street lit by streetlights.

A situation where I already thought the penalty point was certain. There was a glimmer of hope that there was a chance that I wouldn’t get caught, but I didn’t want to move to the point of hiding in the dark.

‘Even so, it was too much. How can I wake no one up?’

Thinking that far, Riné let out a deep sigh.

Originally, it is the basics of students attending the academy to make friends and get to know each other, but of course, from the beginning of the semester, there was a quarrel with the nobles, and the influence was great.

Due to Dunnema Rommli being punished, Line became an arrogant commoner who insulted the nobility to the aristocratic students.

Other commoner students were treated as if they were not to be approached because they were taken by nobles.

Although there was an incident though and there were a few boys asking if I was okay the very next day.

All of them were seduced by her appearance and approached with plausible excuses.

Line didn’t really want to be friends with people like that.

‘The librarian was also absent. You didn’t even intend to wake me up in the first place.’

Perhaps the librarian at the library was also a person who sided with the nobles.

You’re already hating me

Feeling sorry for her own situation, Rine bit her lip.

It was the moment when I made up my mind to go back and wash up and sort out what I heard in class today.


“Hey, who are you over there?”

Rene stopped involuntarily and shuddered.

The fact that the grassy forest beyond the darkness where the trees were planted moved greatly was certainly not a mistake.

“Oh, come on out. Otherwise, I will call someone.”

The rumors of werewolves that have been circulating lately have been familiar to Rinne as well.

Aren’t there two people who were actually injured to dismiss it as nonsense?

Do you think that rumored werewolves might really exist?

A chill of fear ran down his spine.

Are you a real werewolf?

Line moved her trembling feet and took a step back.

At that moment, a rustle in the darkness came rapidly toward her.

And something popped out of the bush.

Renee closed her eyes and shouted.

“Hyaaaagh! Help me! I have no taste at all! Even if you eat something like me, you will only get a stomach ache!”

However, the wolf’s cry was not heard.

There was no pain either——.

Rene opened her tightly closed eyes.

The first thing you see is blonde hair that shines brilliantly even in the dark under the light of the street lamp.

There are leaves attached here and there, but its nobility has not faded at all.

With both hands on her hips, she stares at us with a strange gaze, and she is a senior one grade higher than Riné.

She was the princess of this country.

“I am what if you catch it Isn’t it too rude to meet for the first time?”

“Uh, huh?”

Line immediately recognized who the opponent in front of her was.

No, I wouldn’t recognize that symbolic person in the first place.

“Ah, princess?”

3rd Princess Erendir von Exillion.

Having seen her in Ludger’s classroom, Line immediately lowered her head.

He was surprised to see the princess and shouted “don’t eat it”, so it wasn’t strange to hear that he was disrespectful.

However, when Line tried to bow her head, Princess Erendir stopped her.

“no. It’s okay. with something like that.”

“Ha, but… … .”

“It’s my fault for surprising you in the first place. And this is Seorn. did you forget In Ceorn, everyone is equal. It’s like you and me.”

At Erendir’s bold words, Line opened her mouth involuntarily.

He did not expect to hear Seorn’s ideology from the princess herself.

Either that or not, Erendir was just engrossed in shaking off the leaves attached to his body with his hands.

“Uh, why is that princess here… … ?”

“Don’t call me princess. are you in first grade? Then you can just call me Erendir-senpai normally.”

“Me, me?”

“Because I am more comfortable with it. In the first place, I have no intention of acting as I please with my position in Seorn. Did our junior say his name was Line?”

“uh? do you know me?”

“You take an expression system class together. I have a good memory.”

“You are amazing.”

“Actually, that class should be very special. It is quite vivid in my memory, so most of the students who take the class remember it. And you stand out quite a bit too.”

ah. Are you talking about hair color? Rinne smiled shyly.

I never thought I’d get attention from the princess because of the color of my hair.

“So why are our juniors, Lyne, wandering around here late at night? Didn’t the teachers warn you?”

“That, that’s it… … .”

Rene braved her shame and honestly answered why she was moving alone late at night.

Erendir, who had heard everything, opened his eyes wide.

“What? Didn’t anyone wake up? Isn’t that really too much?”

“no. Still, it’s my fault for falling asleep in the end.”

“no! Can’t wait to see this Why are you doing such a stupid thing? Just say something to the librarian… … .”

“That, more than that! What were you doing here, senpai?”

Not wanting to go on like this, Line hurriedly changed the subject.

“Oh, you mean me? Now I’m still in charge of finding and returning students who haven’t returned to their dorms. Everyone must be so noisy right now.”

“uh… … Aren’t you also a student?”

“You do not have to worry. I am moving with permission.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Anyway, let’s go back. Oh, if you keep going like this, there will be another teacher, so if you go back this way, you won’t be caught.”

“Ah yes! thank you!”

It was at that moment when Line bowed her head and was about to leave.


A strange sound was heard in the ears of the two of them, Rine and Erendir.

If I hadn’t misunderstood, it must have been the sound of a beast.

“… … Line. Stay back.”

Erendir glared at the darkness and pulled out his staff.

Two red eyes floated in the darkness. It then slowly approached the two of them.

A werewolf was revealed in the light of the street lamp.

“… … I could never have thought that werewolves existed for real.”

“The rumors weren’t fake?”

“What are you playing with? You were surprised when you first saw me too.”

“That, that’s it, everyone is surprised when it suddenly pops out of the dark!”

“Anyway, this is a big deal.”

The werewolf in front of him didn’t look weak at first glance.

What dwelled in the eyes staring this way was an obvious murderous intent.

Both Rine and Erendir pretended not to be on the outside, but harbored fear.

Still, as a student of Seorn, I can’t be defeated without doing anything… … .

“——Get out of the way.”

At that moment, an intense fire broke out in the air.

The high-temperature flame engulfed the werewolf and burned its entire hide.


The werewolf screamed and rolled on the floor.

Perhaps because of the beast’s instinct to avoid fire, he escaped a direct hit and did not die, but he could not avoid the blow because his flesh and leather were burned and melted.

The wound was also recovering quickly, but time was bought.

The eyes of the two turned to the place where the magic flew.

The man was standing there.

Rene involuntarily shouted the name.

“Miss Rudger!”

Rudger Chelsea.

A black suit and black frock coat, still neat and sophisticated.

Ludgar’s ice-cold gaze moved away from the werewolf and towards Line and Erendir.

Rudger opened his mouth to the two who were momentarily suppressed by that spirit.

“Lene. And Erendir von Exillion.”


“Yes, teacher.”

The two of them waited for Ludger’s next words, feeling fortunate that he had come to rescue them.

“It’s 5 penalty points.”

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