I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 26

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◈ Episode 26 Werewolf (1)

With a hazy face, Sedina Rosshen recalled her dreamlike encounter with Ludger.

The First Order recognized him.

Ludgar Celish recognized him for always making mistakes and getting out of the way even within the Black Dawn.

‘I’m not wrong.’

Law Shen, a family that is a prominent target of the Empire. Sedina was born there as a child.

It may seem like a good family to others, but to Sedina, the Law Shen family was a more terrible place than hell.

Her surname, Roshen, has always followed her cursedly, even when she came out of her family.

Law Shen.

In order to escape from that hated family, Sedina joined the Black Dawn.

To get rid of Law Shen. And to find your true self in the Black Dawn.

Despite knowing that it was antisocial and unethical, she chose that path.

If I were here, I could be different.

That I could live as myself, not as the insignificant daughter of the Roshen family.

But the reality didn’t work out that way.

As much as the Black Dawn was a place that resisted the world, most of the people who belonged to it were the lower classes or criminals who were at the bottom of society.

In such a place, Sedina, who had the surname Roshen, was a very foreign being.

-what? do you have a last name? Really?

-Roshen? Why is someone from such a great family here?

-be careful. Could be a sneaky spy.

-It’s like the damn upper classes.

Unlike them, who came up from the muddy mud, there was no way they could see Sedina, who had come down from the top on her own, on the same line.

That’s why she was called the Third Order even though she had a talent for magic and was admitted to Seorn.

The name Law Shen eventually kept her out of the Black Dawn.

‘I just wanted to be acknowledged.’

I wanted to get rid of the hateful family. So I joined the Black Dawn. Eating well and living well was not her goal.

I believed that if I worked hard, the gazes that were wary of and contempt for myself would gradually improve.

I wanted to believe that.

However, the members of the Black Dawn became more wary of Sedina, and she became the object of envy and jealousy because she even had the ability to enter Seorn.

Originally, Sedina was a talented person who would have no problem occupying a position higher than the Second Order.

Without even receiving the attention of the First Order, because of the other members’ checks, they continued to stay at the bottom of the Third Order.

A good word to use.

Just a little useful human.

At least the name of the Roshen family could be used.

That intention was conveyed so clearly that Sedina’s tender heart was brutally dug.

‘But I met him.’

Now when I was exhausted and thought that anything would be fine.

An order came down to her from within the organization.

It was an order issued by the Second Order, who was a little higher than her.

First Order.

Codename <John Doe>.

Unlike the other First Orders, an unknown being whose true form and identity have not been revealed.

It was to contact him and check the progress of the mission.

This man, now called Ludgar Celish, was a master of disguise and an executive specializing in infiltration and assassination who never revealed his true identity.

However, there was a flaw that the personality was very dirty.

Even if you are a member of the same secret society, a psychopath who beats you up right on the spot or even kills you if it bothers you.

Even the Zero Order, the leader of the Black Dawn, tolerates such actions.

Unless he was a member of the First Order, Rudgar was a symbol of fear within the Black Dawn.

Being given the mission to ask why he hasn’t contacted Ludger is practically the same as sending him to die at his hands.

Sedina Lawshen was in tears of resentment.

Colleagues of the Black Dawn who told me to die, or myself, a coward who couldn’t properly reject it.

What she hated more than that was getting rid of all of this and living as the daughter of the Law Shen family again.

‘I do not like it.’

She hated her family so much that she would rather die.

So I approached Rudger.

With the attitude of being prepared for death, saying that it doesn’t matter if he kills himself.

However, when she got closer, the man’s charisma was beyond imagination, and Sedna trembled without realizing it.

He falters, his voice trembles. I did almost everything I was told not to do in front of him.

may die

I thought so.

but surprisingly

Rudgar didn’t kill her.

He didn’t even show his intent to kill.

As rumored, I felt dirty and eccentric during the conversation, but in the end, that’s all.

Rudgar sent her away without saying anything.

And as of today.

Rudger even praised her for being good at explaining things.

If it was just word of mouth, I wouldn’t have been this happy.



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However, Rudger’s words and actions contained sincerity.

Starting with correcting himself by calling himself “Mr. Rudger” rather than the First Order, he listened more intently than anyone else, even if he pretended not to be what he was saying.

I’m so happy about that.

I thought I might be of help to someone.

I felt like I was about to burst into tears.

‘First Order. No, Mr. Ludgar Celish is really amazing.’

I felt my heart pounding when I saw him from the first time we met.

At the time, she thought it was because of tension and fear, but today’s meeting made her realize.

this is awe.

Endless adoration for those whom he truly wants to serve and serve.

I don’t think I was treated like this because I was special.

It was only a very small amount, a very small amount of compensation for the misfortune and hard work I had been through so far.

As an executive in the organization, Ludgar Celish may have done some good deeds to his subordinates.

It’s too early to be arrogant about this already.


Even so.

It was the first time I was praised for doing well by someone.

* * *

When it was dismissal time and the sun was setting, Rudger put on his coat and checked all his equipment.

In order to hunt werewolves in earnest, speed was essential, and of course, all the tools needed for hunting had to be prepared.

They are highly confidential items that are not very visible on the outside, so people passing by will not suspect them.

Thinking so, Ludger left the teachers’ office and ran into Hugo, who was looking for him just in time.

“uh! Mr. Rudger!”

“… … Mr. Hugo Brutegue.”

Hugo Burtegg.

The head of the Marquis Burteg family, a renowned magic family with a long history even in the Exsilion Empire.

However, due to excessive magical authoritarian tendencies, the family has been unable to properly accept modern science, and is gradually declining.

At the meeting in the morning, a representative man who had a confrontation with the president came to Ludger.

“Do you have any business with me?”

“Huh. this man Do I have to have any big business to come to you?”

Hugo’s already friendly attitude.

That’s what he said, but Hugo came to Rudger with a proposal.

“you. Haven’t you had a proper face-to-face with other teachers yet? It seems like you’re only getting along with the other new teachers.”

“Is there any problem with that?”

Hugo’s eyebrows twitched at Ludger’s stiff attitude, not even bending over himself, let alone embarrassed.

However, since this was the only thing that I regretted, Hugo decided to put up with it.

“Hmmmm. I was thinking of introducing some of the professors I’m usually close with.”

“… … .”

Due to Hugo’s subtle restraint, Ludger realized at once what purpose he had come to see him.

Faction Recruitment.

Hugo intended to bring Ludger into a clique of teachers made up entirely of nobles.

In this situation where students are trembling with anxiety because of werewolves, is it a fight to divide sides for power?

Rudger shook his head, laughing at Hugo’s attitude.

“I’m sorry, but I’m comfortable now.”


Hugo’s face turned red at Ludger’s direct refusal.

This side said something nice, but did a fallen noble refuse to say thank you?

“Do you know how many years I have been a teacher here?”

“Should I know?”

“At least 15 years. That means I’m next taller after that bitch Marie Ross. To you, it means that you are a distant senior and an advanced person!”

“You mean the senior?”


“That is strange. My superior is only the president.”


Hugo gritted his teeth at that word.

For Hugo, the name president was not welcome at all. Rather, it was more of a struggle that awakened his inferiority complex and anger.

Hugo, who immediately started managing facial expressions, opened his mouth.

“Sir Rudger. I heard he was active in the military before you came here.”

“It was just a brief stay.”

“Didn’t you say that you made a revolutionary major while hunting the cryptid?”

Did you already get the information there?

No, it was a specification intentionally leaked by the Black Dawn Society anyway, so it was nothing strange that someone like Hugo knew about it.

Rudger nodded once.

“I’m saying this because I’m appreciating your abilities. Do you have any thoughts on reviving the fallen family? With the support of our aristocratic faction, it is possible.”

Hugo chose to make the maximum concession where he could withdraw.

He was impatient now.

The faction of the president is getting stronger by the day. In particular, the current chancellor, despite her young age, she is a 6th tier Lexor class magician and has her natural political ability, so even Hugo could not be caught off guard.

‘If it wasn’t for her, I would have been the next president!’

Hugo was dissatisfied with that.

Even now, instead of being nice to the aristocratic students, the president is showing more care for the common people.

There are as many as five new teachers who have joined this time, of which three are commoners and one is a fallen aristocrat.

There was only one pureblood noble.

‘It hurts my pride. Rudgar Celish, we must bring this man to our clique.’

We already know that he is from a fallen noble family.

Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered, but the situation was urgent, so I couldn’t help it.

Besides, Ludgar Celish was a wizard who had reached the 4th rank at a young age, and he was also a man of considerable skill.

It was the same even if he had a criminal record for cryptid hunting.

Except for his background, there was no talent more coveted than this.

So Hugo himself came to see him.

“I can help you. So what about it? join hands with us.”

“What exactly is holding that hand?”

This time, instead of a refusal, a question returned.

Hugo continued, thinking that Ludger was finally interested.

“What is going on? All we need to do is build friendships among ourselves, receive support from other nobles, and take better care of their children.”

“In other words, do you mean giving convenience to noble students?”

“Uh huh. It’s just a little bit of flexibility.”

Hugo thought Rudger was almost over.

The fact that this man served as a soldier in the first place must have been an attempt to reestablish the family by somehow making achievements.

Hugo judged Ludger’s actions that way.

“That won’t work.”

“What, what?”

Hugo, who did not know that an answer of refusal would come back here, asked stupidly.

“I appreciate the offer, but I will decline it.”

“Now, are you serious?”

“yes. to treat students discriminatively. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.”

“It is not discrimination! Just be flexible!”

“Then I will ask. If the President gave better benefits to certain commoner students and packaged it as flexibility, would you be willing to follow it?”

“what? Are commoners and nobles the same? You have to say something that makes sense!”



Hugo made a blank face. That’s it. What do you mean by that?

“Flexibility is, in the end, something that should be applied to both sides, not just one side. But if flexibility only applies to nobles, that’s not flexibility anymore. It’s a privilege.”

“No, so the nobles… … .”

“There are no commoners, nobles, or royalty within Seorn. All of them are just students receiving magical instruction. I have no intention of giving up on this idea.”

“this… … !”

Hugo gritted his teeth at Ludger’s words.

Hugo, who had lost his anger, curled up one lip and grinned at Ludger.

“okay. I was short on thoughts. By the time you came here, you had already overlooked the fact that the president might have tried his hand.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Rudger was sincere.

In the first place, he had no intention of getting involved with a man like Hugo.

You say you’ll help raise the family?

If that happens, it will be revealed that this side’s family is fake. From Hugo’s point of view, he meant to help, but to Ludger, it was nothing more than an excuse to expose his identity.

In the first place, he had no intention of reviving the fallen family. His only purpose is to stay here for two years without being caught.

In addition, it was on my mind to join hands with Hugo and fight against the president.

No matter how you look at it, Hugo and the president were not equal.

Hugo himself would not think so, but in Rudger’s eyes the chancellor was far more dominant.

‘If I do something strange and get caught in the president’s eyes, that’ll make me tired.’

Tigers exist in the mountains, but there is no idiot holding hands with a fox.

It would be ideal to walk a tightrope without belonging to either side, but Rudger had no choice but to make a choice when his opponent was so blatantly attached.

If you have to choose between the two, of course it’s the president.

It’s because I’m more comfortable with the president who treats everyone equally rather than the authoritarian personality of an aristocrat.

“Since I have to patrol for now, I will go first. Hugo might be in danger too, so let’s go in first.”

“You will regret it.”


Ludger’s provocative words turned Hugo’s face red like a boiled octopus.

His thick cheeks trembled, but Hugo couldn’t say anything to Ludger’s back as he was already leaving.

To be honest, it was because I was frightened by the appearance of Ludger staring this way.

This one is much more senior and has a high reputation, but to be scared!

Hugo didn’t want to admit that fact.


Hugo stomped his feet on the poor ground and left with a huff.

If there is a student who gets caught by himself, he has the idea of ​​​​demeriting him.

* * *

Separated from Hugo, Ludger patrolled just outside.

The sun was setting, and the magic lamp was turned on inside Seoreun, and the light spread all around.

The night that should have been quiet had arrived, but strangely, the darkness was alive.

Rudger sighed inwardly and headed for a nearby bush.

“I guess you weren’t told to go back to the dormitory right away.”

As he cleared the bush with magic, the students hiding inside swallowed their breath.

Staring at the three students who were looking up this way with stunned faces, Ludger said coldly.

“Or, I heard you’re being bold.”

“That teacher. uh, that’s not it… … .”

“All of you are five points.”

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