I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 247

◈ Episode 247: Faculty of Magic Planning Director (3)

Hugo swallowed dry saliva.

I couldn’t believe that Rudger had moved this far.

‘I sat in the position of Director of Planning this morning, but I’ve already found out this far?’

No matter how fast Ludger moved, it was somehow strange that he had found out so thoroughly.

It was clear that someone was helping from behind.

And Hugo knew right away who it was.

‘President. That bitch has been eager to put a leash on us since before.’

Now that Rudger is sitting in the position of Director of Planning.

With a famous sword in his hand, the president had nothing to shy away from.

She handed over to Rudger the materials she had been preparing for a long time.

Rudger looked through most of them in that short amount of time and selected those to punish.

It was Hugo’s mistake that came to this place now.

Isn’t it like sticking your head into a tiger’s den, begging you to eat it?

“… … Mr. Rudger.”

“Call me the Planning Director. At least for now.”

“… … okay. Planning Director. I just heard you well. But can you go ahead with it?”

“Do you think I can’t?”

Hugo tried to run a chicken race, but immediately regretted it the moment he saw Ludger’s eyes.

‘This guy. Your eyes are sincere!’

Come to think of it, Rudger was like that before.

From the moment he came to Seorn, punishment was given to students regardless of their status when they did something wrong.

Rather, if the opponent was aristocratic, the more aristocratic he was, the more severely he treated him, and Hugo had warned Ludger several times about it.

But even then, Rudger openly ignored his warning.

It wasn’t simply to take care of his pride as a fallen aristocrat.

He had been the same from the beginning.

No matter who the opponent is, he never intends to bend, and he has the will to push forward with what he has decided.

That Ludger was that kind of person in the first place, Hugo remembered again.


Hugo clenched his fists.

He forced a smile on his face and spoke softly.

“haha. We don’t necessarily have to do this. Oh, of course I’m not saying we did well. I admit it. We are right about what is wrong.”

The fact that such words came out of Hugo’s mouth made the teachers who came with him widen their eyes in surprise.

Taking a gesture of reconciliation, not coercion or appeasement.

It was as if Hugo was going in with his head down.

More than the aristocratic teachers were surprised, Hugo had to suppress the shame that was now rising inside him.

Even so, he managed to keep a smile on his face.

“Still, isn’t there such a thing as moderation? If you teach them well, no other teacher will do that again.”

It seemed like he was trying to persuade Rudger somehow, but everyone in this room knew.

That Hugo Burtegg now bowed his head to Ludger Celisi.

Even if it’s because of the last remaining pride, I’m talking about it with a smile on the outside.

In fact, the victory or defeat of this fight was as if it had been decided.

Ludger stared at Hugo as he spoke with a desperate laugh.

Cold sweat ran down Hugo’s cheeks.

Seeing that, Ludger nodded.

“yes. Of course, as the same teacher, it bothered me that I was being punished severely.”

“Well, then… … !”

“So, let me make a suggestion to Mr. Hugo.”

Hugo’s expression, which had been swollen with hope, was stained with anxiety again.

This is because it was not at all a context in which a proposal would suddenly come out in this situation.

“I don’t intend to discipline everyone, but I can’t go without discipline at all.”

“… … .”

“Don’t you know? That when it rains, someone’s clothes are bound to get wet.”

Not everyone takes an umbrella in the shower.

Some people escape the rain safely.

Some get wet in the rain.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Hugo nodded awkwardly.

“So, I’ll give Mr. Hugo a chance.”

“Gee, what chance is it?”

“Cut out those who are wet with rain. Mr. Hugo himself.”

Hugo was silent.

In other words, it was no different from saying that he should cut off his aides with his own hands.

Hugo’s tightly clenched fist trembled.

To purge with one’s own hands those who are more closely tied to the aristocracy than anyone else.

It wasn’t something that could come easily.

‘This, you damn bastard!’

Rudger was saying this now.

If you don’t want to die, cut off the tail with that hand.

Hugo glared at Ludger with bloodshot eyes, but the moment he met Ludger’s cold gaze, his will to fight disappeared.

“Can’t you?”

“… … .”

“If it’s difficult for you, you don’t have to do it. I just need to refer the people on the list to the disciplinary committee.”

“… … .”

For Rudger, there was absolutely nothing to do with it.

It was Hugo and the other faction of nobles who made the mistake in the first place, and it was they who were caught.

They outnumbered them in this position, but it was Rudger who had the initiative.

“I gave you a chance.”

“With my hands… … You mean kick out the other teachers?”

“You are saying something strange.”

“What is strange?”

“I don’t understand why it’s kicked out. Isn’t it natural to give appropriate punishment to those who do wrong? What’s more, I even reduced the number of people to be punished. Just by looking at the face of Mr. Hugo.”

Hugo swallowed.

Rudger’s tone was light, but his voice seemed to creep up and tighten his throat.

“When I give you consideration, I hope you choose well.”

Hugo had no choice but to bow his head.

* * *


The top floor of Ceorn’s main building.

Unusual laughter came from the president’s office where Elisa Willow resided.

“You look happy.”

Wilford asked, placing a well-brewed black tea in front of Elisa.

“yes. It’s fun. How can you not be happy?”

Elisa usually doesn’t show her emotions through a mask, but this time she had no choice but to be genuinely happy.

That’s right, because Hugo Brutegue, who had always been her nemesis, came to her with a red face and handed over a list of teachers who had cheated on her a little while ago.

No matter what happened with Ludger, Hugo uncharacteristically confessed that he had chosen some of the teachers belonging to his faction and committed injustice.

Of course, he said so, but the expression itself made it clear that the rotting thing was not at all reluctant to this situation itself.

But what does that mean?

The important thing is that Hugo Burtegg.

That greedy aristocrat who stumbled over everything whenever this side tried to do something.

He finally bowed his head.

I would say that I never did.

By the time he had already reached the president’s office, Hugo had admitted his defeat.

“I wondered if something had happened because I went to see Mr. Rudger, but I can’t believe it would have been so much fun.”

Elisa laughed so much that she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Wilford wanted to tell her to keep her body at least, but he knew how much she suffered from Hugo, so he decided to let her go this time.

“You received a great present from Mr. Rudger.”

“yes. It’s a great gift. I was put in the position through a deal of my own, but who would have imagined that this would happen as soon as I took office?”

“Mr. Hugo Brutegue’s faction must have lost a lot of momentum because of this.”

“I guess so. It was Hugo Brutegue himself who did the internal purge, and no one else. Mr. Rudger did a good job with his brain.”

If Ludgar had made up his mind and set out to wield the mace, the faction of nobles, including Hugo, would have united more tightly among themselves.

A clear enemy who can hate each other is more effective than a great leader in maintaining an organization.

But Rudger did not act simply.

Cleverly here, he put the blade of judgment into Hugo’s hand.

If you wield the sword yourself, you should be punished more, but you put a condition that the number will be reduced.

If Hugo refused here, Ludger would have hit him without missing a trivial corruption.

Hugo must have hesitated because he knew that.

If only 5 people are set as examples, the rest can be safe. including myself.

Conversely, when he refused Rudger’s offer and took care of his popularity, he was too afraid of losing what he was holding.

In fact, it was an outlier.

“Of course, the attitude Mr. Rudger showed was also important for that. If you show that you will always keep your word, even that arrogant teacher Hugo will lose momentum.”

Hugo knew what kind of man Ludger Celish was.

He was never a talker.

If you do it, do it.

If you make a promise, be sure to keep it.

Because that was what Rudger had shown so far.

That is, if Hugo rejected Ludger’s offer and somehow tried to use his faction to fight.

Rudger must have trampled them mercilessly.

If that happened, Elisha would be in trouble as well.

“Honestly, I also want to get rid of all these leeches.”

“If you do that, even if it’s Xeon, the gap will be too big.”

“I mean. If you cut them all off, finding a new person to fill the vacancy is also a job.”

And among the people he saved, there was a high possibility that those with poor backs would sneak in.

I didn’t like some of the aristocratic teachers now, but leaving them as they were was because the lesser evil was better than the worst.

At least it’s easy to read the thoughts of people like that, and you can control it the moment you need it.

Rudger must have been aware of that part as well, and miraculously, he accurately caught what Elisa was concerned about.

“This, I feel like I am in debt. I received something that was too big for me.”

“haha. Then why don’t you give me a present?”

“A gift?”

Elisa’s eyes widened at Wilford’s words.

“yes. Didn’t the president often say that too? When there is giving, there is receiving, and vice versa.”

“that… … .”

Elisa did not deny Wilford’s words in particular.

but it’s a gift

Elisha crossed her fingers and fell into trouble.

It was a word unfamiliar to Elisha.

‘Have I ever given a gift to anyone?’

Elisha was always on the receiving end of gifts.

Most people were fascinated by her beauty, talent, and status and tried to look good.

Elisha knew the intentions of such people well, so he would accept what they offered when he needed it, and would reject it otherwise.

The gift received is only a condition for a reasonable transaction.

It couldn’t be seen as a gift of pure goodwill.

‘Because above all, I’ve never had to go into debt in my life.’

But this time I definitely owed Rudger a debt.

I definitely have a business relationship with that man.

However, Rudger’s behavior this time went beyond a simple business transaction.

For Elisa, it was a bit, but it hurt her pride.

I didn’t give anything, but I only received it.

It was unacceptable for a single person, Elisa Willow, prior to Ceorn’s president.

“But it is a gift. Which one would you prefer?”

Elisa tried to remember if she had ever given someone a present, but nothing came to her mind.

Even when she was a student at Seorn in the past, she was the object of envy and received an offensive of gifts.

I definitely agree with Wilford’s words, but when I tried to do it, I couldn’t think of what to do.

‘Come to think of it, I’ve never done anything like this in my life.’

Although she was treated as a genius and rose to this position, Elisa had a strange feeling that she was lacking in the things that people should take for granted in life.

Although I didn’t think it was that important back then.

Now that I think about it, it wasn’t like that again.

“Hmm. Are you wondering what to gift?”

“Yes, what.”

To the strange admiration felt in Wilford’s voice, who asked quietly, Elisa replied calmly.

Wilford smiled at that.

“Heh heh heh. this is true Maybe I should give you some advice.”

“… … Mr. Wilford? You look happy.”

“I mean? haha. Could it be that?”

Could it be that

Now, Wilford was the very figure of a scolding grandfather.

“Since Mr. Rudger Celish is also a man, I will give you a rough idea of ​​what gifts he likes.”

Elisa felt strangely uneasy, but she didn’t refuse.

Still, a man with a man’s heart will know better.

The option of asking Rudger directly did not exist in her mind.

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