I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 246

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◈ Episode 246: Faculty of Magic Planning Director (2)

“Leo. What’s going on?”

Aidan asked cautiously, noticing that Leo looked worse than usual.

Leo stared at Aidan.

“Uh, what did you put on my face?”

Seeing this idiot smiling and touching his face here and there, Leo burst into laughter without realizing it.

“I usually don’t notice, but it’s only when it’s like this that it’s fast.”

“uh? what?”

“it’s okay. Anyway, it’s nothing.”

Leo had no choice but to look around like that.

‘There’s no way I can say that I’m related to the Liberation Army in the first place.’

Also asking for advice.

Even asking for help was impossible for him.

So, I had no choice but to make my own decisions.

‘Maybe it’s good.’

Leo honestly doesn’t like the Liberation Army.

I belong to this place, but if I had to ask, I hate it.

Those who force the same commoners to join the Liberation Army, and if they don’t, they accuse them of being pawns of the aristocrats.

An organization that does not fight for a cause, but is fueled solely by hatred and anger.

In fact, the Liberation Army was defined as terrorists who set off bombings all over the world.

Although they themselves claim that it is a false incitement by the higher nobles to drive them away.

Leo knows that’s not exactly a lie.

‘But that doesn’t mean I can’t go against their will.’

Leo joined the Liberation Army because his family was being held hostage.

If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have joined the Liberation Army.

So, should we step forward and help other students out of harm’s way?

Leo thought so, then shook his head.

‘Actually, no matter what they do, I’m fine.’

Leo hates the Liberation Army, but he hates the smug aristocrats just as much.

Stupid children who act like they are proud of themselves even though they only met their parents well.

Even so, they look down on their status only without respect for others.

‘If I had to argue, I don’t care how many people die fighting the Liberation Army.’

Leo looked at Aidan.

Even Taish and Iona.

‘It can’t be like that.’

Friends who have a negative attitude towards everything.

On the contrary, he thinks that they are really too good friends for such a social misfit.

Leo couldn’t stand it at the thought of getting caught up in the act of the Liberation Army.

‘These guys are innocent.’

Leo finally had to make a choice.

‘I’ll have to ask him.’

When Leo makes a promise to himself.

“… … .”

Iona stared at Leo with an expressionless face.

* * *

When students are excited about field trips.

Some of the teachers were literally in a special emergency.

“Damn it!”

Hugo Burtegg hit his desk with his fist.

His assistant trembled with an anxious gaze.

‘That son of a bitch is going to sit in the head of the planning department!’

It was annoying that he couldn’t stop it, but the smile the president gave him at the end still lingered in his mind.

It is the laugh of the winners towards the losers.

The long-held factional balance within Seorn has completely collapsed due to this incident.

‘If he’s that damn bastard, he’ll definitely take action to keep us nobles in check.’

Rudger completely turned to the president’s clique.

The meeting held today was promoted by the president, and the president also contributed to the thesis presentation of Arcane Chamber.

Hugo, who had been vigorous for a while, brushed his hair with his thick hand.

‘It’s still fine though. Even if he gets a good seat, he won’t be able to fill the long-vacant position of Director of Planning at once.’

As it is a high position, the work intensity is high and the amount is large.

Even as the seat was vacant, there was a high possibility that it would not be properly handed over.

‘If you think about it, it will take at least a few months to move in earnest. Until then, we just need to be fully prepared for a counterattack.’

It was said that there was plenty of opportunity for Rudger to get ready and step out before biting off.

‘How well can I do my job in the position of planning director. You can hold a committee later and force them to resign for not being qualified. Until then… … .’

“Phew, Mr. Hugo!”

Hugo, who was trying to tell his teachers to stay safe, frowned at the person who suddenly opened the door and entered.

“Something suddenly.”

“That, that… … !”



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“Don’t hesitate and speak quickly. Because I’m in a really bad mood right now.”

“Ludger Chelsea. He is moving now.”


Hugo thought for a moment that he had heard something wrong.

“Did he move?”

“yes. That’s why right now, I’m going around the lab to see if the budget is being spent properly… … .”

“What crazy! Why are you saying that now!”

When Hugo shouted, the teacher who ran to report the situation felt unfair.

‘no. I came right away as soon as I found out.’

But I didn’t have the courage to pursue it.

“Maybe better than that? It looks like he sharpened his sword a lot over there.”

“What the hell! You think you’re going to stay like this?!”

‘no. What are you going to do if you don’t stay still?’

The one holding the hilt is the opponent.

It wouldn’t be good to show up emotionally like that even if I shrunk my neck and bowed down a lot.

Of course Hugo didn’t know that either.

However, it was impossible to suppress this boiling anger.

‘If I bend over and step back, he’ll get even stronger and try to bite me!’

There is nothing more dangerous to a person at the top of an organization than being belittled by someone.

The moment the people below question their qualifications.

The strong fortress he has built so far will collapse like a sand castle.

‘Absolutely not like that!’

Above all, Hugo did not feel hopeless.

Since this side also had the scale of being in charge of one axis of Seorn, it was thought that no matter how rood it was, it would not be easy to bite it.

If he was going to do that, he had to give him enough warning in advance to make sure he didn’t touch it prematurely.

At least it was enough to imprint that this side was not an easy opponent.

“let’s go!”

“yes yes? Ah yes!”

Hugo kicked off his seat and left the office.

* * *

Rudger went through the papers in his private office.

Now that he has risen to the position of Director of Planning, he has been given a new personal office, but for now he intends to do it where he normally works.

‘Just by looking at it, the problems are scattered.’

The documents were materials that Ludger had brought while visiting various research labs just before.

Even still, Sedina was in the process of moving a lot of data while whimpering.

Rudger glanced at the contents of the paper through the rimless glasses.

‘Your self-audit evaluation is a mess. The budget figures don’t fit either. Thanks won’t come anyway, so they must have made up their minds on their own.’

Where is that?

From the establishment of the department that went over the budget, there were many things that were done in a fist-fighting way.

The organization of personnel was a mess, and most of them were handed over without proper deliberation of regulations.

‘No matter how vacant this seat is, it’s too messy.’

I could understand why President Elisha was trying to fill this position somehow.

‘Obviously these are minor problems.’

But if such little things are scattered all over the place.

That’s when it becomes a problem.

Water wasn’t leaking drop by drop in one place, and there were holes all over the place, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

From the president’s point of view, this tragedy that was happening all over the world must have been unbearable.

‘That’s why I can’t simply close my eyes and go on.’

I tried to be decent as long as I sat down, but I wasn’t brazen enough to stay still in the face of such a multitude of problems.

‘no. Rather, it worked out.’

It may be at the level of a needle thief now, but there is no guarantee that it will be like this in the future.

It would be better to pluck out all the buds in advance.

‘At times like this, if I work hard, the president will also like it.’

This appreciation is a kind of ‘sincerity’ show.

Therefore, Rudger intended to cull out those who were particularly severe from the list and punish them.

‘I tried to pick people who were relatively evil.’

It was a time when I stared at the familiar names on the list.


“Mr. Rudger Celish!”

The door burst open and Hugo Brutegue entered with a haughty face.

Behind such Hugo were three noble teachers.

“What? Now, hold on! Entering without the teacher’s permission… … !”


Hugo pushed Sedina who was blocking his way.

Sedina, who was holding a pile of papers, fell slightly backwards, and the papers spilled out.

“Oh, no!”

It was at that time that Sedina shouted.

The papers that had fallen to the floor floated in the air, and eventually flew to one of Ludger’s desks and piled up one by one.


It was also wind magic.

‘Piling paper with the wind.’

It was an unbelievable horsepower control.

How many people could handle wind magic with such fine detail?

It was the same with Hugo.

He was trying to argue something, but he was speechless at Ludger’s use of magical magic.


Ludger, who neatly piled up the paperwork, stared at Hugo and the other teachers with a sharp gaze.

“Why did you break into the teacher’s office without my permission, the owner?”

Feeling the indescribable pressure, Hugo swallowed involuntarily.

He soon gritted his teeth at the fact that he was pushed out of momentum.

“… … I came because I have something to say to my teacher!”

“If you had something to say, you could have asked someone else.”

“It’s because I have to tell you directly.”

“You mean by bringing other people like that?”

Rudger said that and looked at Sedina.

Sedina quickly stepped out of her seat and went to the teaching room.

Rudger took off his rimless glasses and took out a handkerchief to carefully wipe the glasses.

“You didn’t show basic manners.”


Hugo did not understand for a moment what Rudger had just said.

Immediately after, his face turned red.

“Now dare… … !”


Ludger’s powerful voice interrupted Hugo’s words.

“What dare you? Then say what you want to say.”

“… … .”

“I know that Mr. Hugo Brutegg and the people behind him have worked at Seorn longer than I have.”


After wiping all of his glasses, Rudger folded them up and put them on the desk.

One of the noble teachers standing behind Hugo opened his mouth in displeasure.

“Then at least get treated accordingly… … .”

“Are you talking about proper treatment? Aren’t I doing this right now?”

“what… … .”

“If I hadn’t been treated as a senior in the industry, I would have heard harsher words.”

Rudger’s answer, which was almost provocative, made the already stern expressions on the teachers’ faces distorted.

“You don’t seem to see anything because you’re sitting there! If it wasn’t for the seat, she wouldn’t have even responded so shamelessly!”

“It was, of course, my own skill that won the position. And the one who just said it. This is Ms. Median Moren, who is in charge of the 2nd year implementation class.”

When Ludger correctly pointed out his name, Medeon widened his eyes with an expression asking what to do.

Rudger wordlessly picked up one of the papers on the desk.

A breeze blew, and then it flew towards Median.

Median took it naturally and opened her eyes to see what was written inside.

“You ordered a special metal with low magic conductivity required for the class, but the amount and number written on it did not match.”

“That, that… … .”

“You also play the role of club advisor, but the club is made up of only noble students.”

“… … Is there anything wrong with that?”

“Originally, it wouldn’t be strange if it was closed down immediately because it didn’t produce results, but it was strangely well maintained. In addition, it seems that the audit was not done properly, as is the budget every year.”

At those words, cold sweat broke out on Medeon’s back.

The other teachers were appalled by the sight, but relieved that it wasn’t them that was there.

“Are other people relieved that their name hasn’t been revealed yet?”

However, Rudger had no intention of being considerate of the people who had come this far.

When he pointed it out, the people who let out a sigh of relief inwardly shuddered as if they had been stabbed.

“Did you think that the paperwork piled up here was simply for show off to show that I was working?”

“That, that… … .”

“There are many things that are trivial enough to be called corruption, which do not need to be pointed out and overlooked. But you can’t see that it’s all small.”

The teachers who came to protest those words were appalled.

Hugo felt that things were going badly, too.

“Look. Mr. Rudger.”

“Mr. Rudger? Mr. Hugo Burtegg. Be careful what you say.”

“… … .”

“Now I am sitting here as the head of the planning department.”

Having said that, Rudger said that it was all right and stood up.

“Still, by chance, all of you are on my list of people to keep an eye on.”

It wasn’t a roster specifically designed for Rudger.

I just picked out those who were a little more sinful among many people.

But did the thief say that my feet were numb?

Surprisingly, all the teachers who came to ask him were on the list.

“Look forward to it.”

Rudgar said in a heavier voice.

“I don’t know how to be moderate.”

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