I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 203

◈ Episode 203 Water and City (2)

Rudger fell silent at Casey Selmore’s words.

There is a sense of pride in her voice.

and sure.

The identity that had been hidden until now was discovered by Casey Selmore.

‘There is a possibility that it was simply overlooked to look at this side.’

Rudger decided to try his hand at it.

“What are you talking about?”

“What are you trying to hide here? you said James Moriarty.”

“To think he was aiming his cane at will and talking nonsense. Is this your way?”

“It’s no use pretending not to know until the end. i already found out It was definitely weird. From the moment I saw him in Seorn, I felt a sense of déjà vu.”

Just looking at what he said, it wasn’t just a passing over.

Casey was convinced that this was James Moriarty.

‘Not good.’

Rudger felt that he could not back down any longer.

I tried to destroy the branch of the Black Dawn and do things quietly, but it got messed up from the start.

And that, of course, was caught by the person who shouldn’t be caught the most.

“surprised. I can’t believe that the rumored teacher of Seorn was you. How the hell did you get into Seorn? No, more than that, how did you bake and boil the president?”

“… … .”

“Are you going to remain silent? that would be nice too After all, since you came all the way here, no matter what excuses you make, it will be useless.”

In Casey’s voice as she said that, there was even an unbearable sense of joy.

‘I finally found it.’

It’s not bullshit.

It was real this time.

All of her senses, all of her cells were screaming that the man in front of her was the person she was looking for.

It makes no sense to have someone who always hides his identity as Seorn’s teacher.

It is even the president, Seorn.

Judging from the point of view of having a face-to-face conversation with the president, Elisa Willowra was definitely not easy to deal with.

A teacher named Rudger Celish, who receives a lot of attention from such people, is a criminal consultant who was notorious in the past?

People who heard it would have dismissed it as nonsense.

At least,

Casey thought so when he first met Rudger.

However, on the last day of the festival, Casey felt a strange sense of deja vu at Ludger’s actions, who informed her of the traces of the Black Dawn.

‘It’s the same as back then. When I chased him in Delica Kingdom three years ago.’

The situation itself is so natural that it cannot be doubted.

As if a plate had been laid out, hoping this side would track it.

The flow was so subtle that anyone had no choice but to follow the set path.

its naturalness.

Ironically, that in turn gave Casey a clue.

‘It was like that then too.’

The feeling of someone leaving a piece of bread and guiding the way in an unknown labyrinth.

The feeling of having included the correct answer between the questions from the moment the problem was presented.

—As if this side wants to find out the answer.

It gave Casey, who solved the case with his own power, an unpleasant feeling that was difficult to express in words.

The discomfort I never wanted to go through again.

The moment Casey met Rudger in this place, he felt it intensely again.

And at the same time, the knots that cluttered my hair were undone.

─It must have been you.

leapfrog reasoning and experience.

Beyond that, a realm close to the sixth sense.

The extreme obsession to catch it has finally reached the correct answer.

“Did I tell you? I never miss it.”

“… … .”

“Drop your cane and raise your hand.”

Rudger lowered his cane to the floor and slowly raised his hands.

“Go back slowly to that state. Do you know if I did anything suspicious?”

“… … .”

Rudgar slowly turned his body as Casey told him to.

okay. Come on, show that handsome face.

Let’s see the face caught in this dirty gutter after running away and hiding so hard.

Casey’s heart felt like it was beating.

My fingertips trembled with excessive excitement as the thing I so longed for came close to my eyes.

What face is he making?

A sense of defeat? suffering? humiliation?

That was the moment.


Casey’s body froze at the cry of a rat that came from somewhere.

It was an instinctive reaction, no matter how I judged it with my head or slept.

And in that momentary gap.


Rudgar’s body suddenly moved quickly and attacked Casey.


There was a distance of more than 3 m between the two.

However, Ludger narrowed the distance to the point where it was colorless and approached Casey very closely.


It is not that the body has been strengthened with magical power.

If so, she would have noticed right away.

It is said that the movement Ludger showed now is his pure physical ability.

What kind of ridiculous physical ability is this for a wizard?

Rudger’s hand moved, leaving an afterimage, and then the wand flew out of her hand.

It wasn’t even a distance, so how?

Casey belatedly realized that Rudger had thrown the dagger he had hidden.

‘dagger? A wizard?’

The loss of the wand impeded judgment.

Rudger pushed Casey against the wall.


Rudger’s strong right arm grabbed Casey’s wrist.

A hidden dagger protruded from the back of A-dae’s hand mounted on his left arm and aimed at Casey’s neck.

However, Casey is also a veteran wizard who has been through many real battles by solving many cases so far.

From the moment her staff flew away, she drew water from the underground aqueduct and created countless spears.

It was the same thing that Ludger aimed the blade at his neck and surrounded Ludger with spears of water surrounding him.

The eyes of the two intertwined in the air.

Casey said with a grin.

“What a man. He’s a magician, but he’s hiding that skill?”

“Be quiet. If you do anything stupid, you’ll get a hole in your neck.”

“try. Will you be faster, or will it be faster for me to kill you?”

“You’re making a bluff that doesn’t work.”

Rudger and Casey glared at each other, not looking away.

Life overflowed from the sharp sword and spears of water.

The moment when the situation is about to reach the extreme.


The cries of the mice echoed through the sewers again.

Casey flinched at the cry.

The spears of water she made were also small, but their shape seemed to be collapsing.

Looking at Casey who was sweating coldly, Rudger asked just in case.

“You can’t… … .”

“What, what.”

“Are you afraid of rats?”

Casey pressed her lips together at the words that hit the point.

Her eyes, which did not shake even an inch, rolled sideways, albeit slightly.

“Um, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He said that, but his body was already reacting when he was pointed out.

A slight tremor was transmitted from her slender wrists that she clenched.

Just then, a rat came along the bottom of the underground waterway.


Casey’s complexion turned pale when he saw the mouse.

Rudger sneakily lifted the rat using his telekinesis magic.

snap! Jjiik!

The big rat struggled, but to no avail.

Casey twisted as he brought the rat close to him.

“What, what are you doing! Get away! Get rid of it!”

“… … .”

Ludger was dumbfounded at Casey’s screaming out loud.

You are really afraid of rats.

‘I don’t even want to fight like this.’

The bloody atmosphere, which seemed like they would kill each other just a moment ago, went in a strange direction because of just one mouse.


clap. Rudger said so and stowed away the protruding dagger.

He also let go of Casey’s wrist, which he was holding tight.

“What are you doing?”

Casey growled.

Meanwhile, Rudger released the rat. The rat, which landed on the floor, hurriedly ran away.

“What are you doing!”

“I said it was boring. It’s like the great detective is trembling because he’s afraid of only one rat. I can’t even laugh because I’m dumbfounded.”

“you… … !”

At the words that touched his pride, Casey raised his eyes.

“I could kill you with a single lift of my hand here. Do you know?”



“Try it.”

can’t do that

Casey was speechless at Ludger’s eyes as he spoke confidently.

“If you can kill, why not do it right away? It kills me using that proud water magic. Wasn’t that the title you received for that?”

“shut up!”

“Or can’t you kill me? You are a coward.”

“… … Death is too merciful for someone like you.”

“For speaking confidently, I can’t even stand properly because my legs are weak.”

“Hey, this is just… … oh!”

The moment she tried to explain something, Rudger pressed her forehead with his fingertips.

Casey slumped in her seat.

The spears of water surrounding them also disappeared.

“If you want to catch me, it would be nice if you raised the pulpit a little more. That famous detective is only afraid of rats, so the person dealing with them loses their spirits.”

“… … you. Are you in a position to be so confident right now? If they were found out, they would have to think about running away.”

Casey spoke in a menacing tone, but even that sounded like a complaint to Rudger.

To be honest, it was funny.

Was it clearly revealed in the facial expression?

Casey lit twin wicks in his eyes.

“You know I can’t? I can paper your identity on the front page of the newspaper tomorrow!”

“no. You won’t.”

“Why are you so sure? Such a bluff… … .”

“Because your ego won’t allow it.”

“… … .”

Casey, who was hit hard, was speechless.

“Ooh, don’t be ridiculous. I am… … .”

“If I really had my pride and didn’t need anything, I wouldn’t have followed me secretly for three years.”

James Moriarty is alive, and he is living in hiding.

Casey could have spread that rumor.

But it didn’t.

“Because you’re a woman who hates borrowing someone’s hand to take care of things.”

The words became a dagger and stuck in Casey’s chest.

Casey gritted his teeth.

She lifted herself up by straining her legs and glared at Rudgar.

Her eyes were burning with rage.

“Did you know everything?”


“You knew that, and you used me?”

“Are you angry that I used you? It’s funny that you’re asking about it now. In fact, you know better than anyone else, right?”

“… … .”

“If you really wanted to catch me, you should have used magic instead of words when you had the chance a moment ago.”

But Casey Selmore didn’t.

Caught off guard by the excitement of almost reaching your goal?

Not like that.

“Casey Selmore. You didn’t pursue me purely for the purpose of being a detective.”

What Rudger would say next was clearly pictured in Casey’s mind.


I had to tell him to stop. However, Casey’s wish was put to shame, and Rudger brutally spoke the truth.

Casey’s sincerity that others did not know, hidden deep in her heart.

“You pursued me out of a personal grudge. And that, too, with a child-like, superficial feeling of benevolence.”

Casey made no objection.

He licked his lips and lowered his gaze.

“Am I wrong?”

All I had to do was say no here.

But Casey couldn’t. Because everything Ludger said was true.

It’s a shame.

The man she hated the most actually understood herself better than anyone else.

Suddenly, he remembered what he had said before.

– Yes. I thought you might be my understanding.

However, he poured out criticism towards Ludger who committed evil, saying that he was wrong.

Actually, I didn’t.

“Knowing, knowing everything… … .”

The tightly clenched fists trembled.

But no more words came out of his mouth.

I was angry that he cheated on me.

I felt an unbearable insult for trying to use this side at will.

But I know.

Knowing that Ludger wasn’t the only one who deceived himself.

Casey Selmore.

The one who had been deceiving her for a long time, more than anyone else, was herself.


“… … .”

“I thought that at least you would be different from others, but I guess I was wrong.”

Rudger stared at Casey Selmore with a cold gaze.

She clenched her fists and bowed her head, looking like she was about to burst into tears.

“Then the Black Dawn or whatever… … .”

“They’re quite irritating, so I wanted to borrow your hand to deal with them, but I’m not very trustworthy. Coming this far is admirable and imaginary, but looking at it, I don’t think I can do it properly.”


Casey Selmore reached out for Ludger, but was quickly subdued.

Rudger bound her arms with one hand and pressed her against the wall.

He looked down at Casey.

Close enough to hear each other’s breathing.

Casey’s eyes looking up this way were wet with mixed emotions.

But I don’t feel sorry or want to convey words of consolation.

Because he had work to do.

“I have no intention of hanging out with you in your playful playhouse. get out of here Unless you want to get swept away.”

I didn’t mean to ask for an answer.

It was a one-sided sentence.

Whether she leaves or not, what will happen in the future will not change.

Rudger, who freed the hand he was holding, turned his back.

“Is it okay if you leave me like this?”

Rudger stood tall.

“If you know who you are in Seorn… … .”

“Does not matter.”

It doesn’t matter anyway.

Because the president knew it but chose to condone it.

“… … also. Even the president knew.”

Indeed, Casey, who was quick-witted, realized at once that he was involved with the president.

Only then will threats using the president as an excuse won’t work.

No matter what she shouts, if the president steps up and protects Ludger, only this side will be a fool.

“If you really want to target me, prepare a dagger that I can never avoid. If you do that, you can at least carve a scratch on my skin.”

Rudger’s comments were even arrogant.

you can never beat me

Because it wasn’t like it was declared that way.

“If that’s not possible, I’m playing detective with a sense of justice like before. Stop thinking about disturbing me.”

“James Moriarty. No, Ludgar Chelsea. What are you aiming for?”

“… … .”

Rudger left without answering Casey’s question.

I didn’t ask for an answer, but it hurt my pride to be so openly ignored.


Left alone, Casey sighed and picked up his magic wand from the floor.

And then he burst into laughter.

“under. haha. Ahahahaha!”

She laughed like someone who had lost her mind before finally sighing as she relaxed her shoulders.

“really. It’s hard to pretend to be shocked.”

Saying that, Casey took out a piece of paper he had tucked in his sleeve.

The paper, which was originally white, was dyed blue as if it had been imbued with Ludger’s magical power.

“what? Guess I’m wrong? Are you disappointed? uh? Ji is so handsome?!”

After saying that, Casey immediately added an afterword.

“… … I’m actually good at it However, this is different.”

My teeth grind just thinking about the man’s verbal abuse.


That it was not wrong, my emotions convinced me.

Even now, I’m just trying to pretend I’m okay.

The words he heard must have given Casey a great shock.

“I am… … .”

Casey stared at the paper imbued with Ludger’s magic, then sighed.

“ha. What are you worrying about without answering?”

She lifted her head and looked up.

Up there was the hideout of the Black Dawn she was after.

Originally, they came to attack that place.

‘I don’t think it’s necessary.’

The man said he would step in.

Perhaps there are no lies there.

He thought he belonged to the Black Dawn, but he was actually hostile to the Black Dawn.

‘I’d rather be honest, I’d rather take care of myself from up there.’

Considering the man’s skills, it would be natural for him to pray for the rest of the people above him.

Still, I came this far, but my pride did not allow me to leave without doing anything.

“okay. Stir it up as you like. I’ll take care of things on my own.”

I’m afraid the words will end.


A huge sound echoed through the underground water.

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