I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 204

◈ Episode 204 Water and City (3)

A secret branch of the Black Dawn in Baltanung.

“Stir quickly!”

“You have to meet the payment deadline today!”

“What are they doing there!”

Along with shouts resounding here and there, hot fumes filled the interior.

Managers with gas masks on their faces shouted and drove the workers away.

Their skin-to-bone faces from not sleeping properly for several days.

In addition, as I continued to smell the strong medicine without a gas mask, I was almost as good as a living corpse.


A skinny worker who couldn’t stand the harsh environment fell to the floor.

“madam. what?”

An administrator wearing a gas mask approached him and stabbed him with a club in his hand.

“hey. wake up. wake up.”

However, the fallen worker did not even move.

When I lowered my head and went closer to check, my eyes were completely open.

I am completely addicted to the drug that is in the air.

“Tsk. I can’t even use this guy anymore.”

“what’s the matter?”

“One guy is gone.”

“also? haha!”

The colleague who approached me in preparation for an unexpected situation smiled as if it was familiar.

“Don’t laugh. Can’t you see it’s serious now?”

“Anyway, there are too many of them in Baltanung, right? I guess I can just grab a few and bring them back.”

“I have to put in a new one right away. It is still difficult to meet the payment deadline.”

“It can’t be helped. The branch in Ledervelk had all been blown away. That’s why this side has no choice but to pull out the quantity.”

“Mr. Ha. I’ll turn around, really.”

It was easy to pamper the workers for a few pennies, but the problem was that the work was too slow.

Actually, this side was busy making the quota as much as it flew away from the Ladervelk branch.

Because of that, the managers felt like they were bleeding every time.

“Anyway, a high-ranking official from the headquarters said he was coming. You have to work hard to avoid getting caught by that person.”


“Why, you know.”

“ah. Is that the First Order?”

The two managers wearing gas masks were not affiliated with the Black Dawn, but were paid mercenaries.

As much as they do illegal things, they don’t go anywhere to brag about this kind of thing, but they don’t have a sense of camaraderie with the Black Dawn.

“uh. I hear you’re in charge of the drug business we’re running right now?”

“You are crazy. Where the hell are you trying to distribute this huge drug?”

“Even this, it’s not just regular drugs.”

“What else do you have?”

“I don’t know the details either. I’ve heard about it, but is this something we’re making?”

“Why is this?”

“Actually, there was a story that this was a failure. A trade like leftovers from making.”

“this? This drug that drug addicts leave just by smelling it? What were you originally trying to make?”

“I don’t know. It’s only said that warlocks are involved. And they said that the person in charge of them is coming here.”

“This crazy. Then you’re on the same level as the manager here.”

The man trembled as if he had heard something he couldn’t hear.

Anyone who had anything to do with the Warlock should never have gotten involved.

Do you even get noticed by such a person by mistake? It was something that might be subject to human experimentation right away.

“I still don’t know. There is only talk of coming, and when you look at the atmosphere inside, it doesn’t seem that urgent.”

“Is this just a rumor?”

“That’s how it is. Let’s do our own thing. Do you want to go get a beer after work?”

“Are you out of beer in this stinking city?”

“I don’t know. Just drinking.”

The flirting mercenary glanced at the floor.

“Did there ever be a puddle like this here?”

“Who spilled it while drinking?”

“I don’t think so. look. It still keeps coming up. Did the groundwater burst?”

Maybe it’s because it’s such an old place that hasn’t even been repaired.

The rusted water pipe might have burst.

The mercenaries pondered whether or not to report this above.

At that time, the stream of water flowing through the cracks in the ground became rough and soared high enough to touch the handmade ceiling.

“Uh huh?”

The mercenaries stared at him blankly.

The rising stream of water began to sway and hit the surrounding area.

Unable to withstand the water pressure of the huge water column, the steel frame bent, and the boxes containing the medicine collapsed.

“What, what! what’s the matter!”

“I do not know either!”

pop! pop! pop!

The floor of the factory exploded and water plumes rose from several places.

The living column of water stirred up and down the inside of the factory.

The administrators were frozen and unable to do anything about the abnormal phenomenon that happened so suddenly.

“What a fuss!”

Then a loud voice rang out from inside.

Soon, a middle-aged man with tousled hair appeared.

Seeing that, the mercenaries all froze.

“And, manager!”

“What is this again?”

Instead of answering the subordinates who called him, the manager widened his half-open eyes.

I felt a commotion inside, and when I came, I found that water columns were gushing from all sides, making a mess of the factory.

Besides, as if it wasn’t ordinary water, the water column was running here and there like a snake.

At that moment, a column of water flew towards the manager.

When the manager saw that, he clicked his tongue and pulled his right arm back.

“Where’s the attack!”

A fist was thrown.

A column of water that easily bends steel.

It was an act of suicide for a naked person to fight it with a fist, but the management director did not mind it.


Rather, it was the water column that could not overcome the shock and disappeared.

hood gain. Scattered water poured like rain inside the factory.

Seeing the scene, the mercenaries trembled in fear.

“I broke the water column with my bare fist.”

“Hey, are you sure you’re a ‘knight slayer’?”

Warlock Moloch.

On the Empire’s wanted list, he was a warlock who became stronger through body modification.

His nickname is Knight Slayer.

It was a tinnitus obtained by tearing to death a knight known to have surpassed human physical ability with his bare hands.

“Damn it. I was still sleeping soundly, but suddenly, what happened to this? … … huh?”

After grumbling like that, Moloch narrowed his eyes at the man who stood in his way.

“What are you?”

He was a man with an unusual impression.

The body was covered in pitch-black shadows, and a gas mask in the shape of a crow’s beak was covered over the face.

It seemed clear that even that was made with magic.

“Oh my. Are you the one who led this raid?”

At first glance, the guy who seemed to be related to this raid proudly appeared in front of him.

It was a bit unfortunate for Rudger.

‘I didn’t do this.’

Casey Selmore. I never thought I’d pour cold water on it like this before leaving.

Of course, it was easier to infiltrate this side thanks to the chaos.

From Rudger’s point of view, who wanted a neat process, he couldn’t erase the feeling of being disturbed.

‘It’s already flooded everywhere, so it’s not good to move this side secretly.’

That’s why I appeared in front of the man who seemed to be the conductor here.

Moloch was not a little offended by that.

“How dare I show myself proudly in front of Moloch. I will consider that one courage virtual.”

After saying that, Molark turned his shoulders a few times and warmed up.

His body seemed to be 1.5 times bigger than it was just a moment ago.

no. It was not an illusion.

In fact, Moloch’s body was getting bigger and bigger than before.

The clothes she was wearing could not overcome the swelling muscles and tore.

Moloch looked down at the intruder, sinew bursting.

“Since he disturbed my sleep, I won’t kill him easily. I will play with you like a doll.”

“Is it Moloch the Knightslayer?”

Rudger looked at Moloch and muttered the name.

It was a name I had heard.

Did you say that he killed a knight with his bare body on the subject of a black magician?

Hearing rumors, he wanted something, but when he saw such a huge body, he immediately understood.

“You have modified your body with enhancement drugs and human procedures.”

“Hoo. It seems that he has the knowledge he got from somewhere.”

Moloch’s body was the product of the madness typical of warlocks.

Without that, humans would not be able to have a body over 3m.

‘I think it would have been a good match if we faced Pantos once.’

Unfortunately, he now had to deal with him himself.

“I don’t know how you came to know this place, but the moment you met me, think that your luck is over today.”

Moloch said and crouched down.

It looked like a ball of muscle.

The moment you bend down and wonder what the hell you’re trying to do.


The huge body was shot like a cannonball.

Rudger, who had a hunch that something was coming, immediately threw his body to the side.

Just after thinking that a huge wind pressure had passed by, a roar rang out from behind.


Rudger turned around and clicked his tongue as he saw the horrors unfolding.

‘It’s amazing.’

There was a large hole in the steel vapor pressure tank that had stood to one side.

It was made to withstand high-pressure steam, so it wouldn’t budge even in the slightest shock.

It was terrifying momentum and speed that did not match its size.

‘I didn’t even put magic on my body. Does that mean that he destroyed it purely with his physical abilities?’

Indeed, the title of knight slayer was not acquired for nothing.

With a body that had been strengthened to that extent, he would have been able to tear apart even a decent knight with his bare hands.

“ha ha ha! You managed to avoid that!”

Emerging from the wreckage, Moloch laughed at Ludgar.

I felt a lot of joy that at least someone worth playing with appeared in a boring car.

Rudger drew a black revolver from his waistband and aimed it at Moloch.

“gun? That’s funny. Even if I look like this, am I a wizard?”

Moloch immediately activated [Silence of Fire].

Despite the magic that gave him an absolute advantage over firearms, Rudger pulled the trigger.

‘Is it possible to activate the magic itself?’

bang bang!

The gun’s muzzle glowed, and a stream of compressed mana was fired at Moloch.

However, the magic bullets failed to pierce Moloch’s skin and bounced off in vain.

“Heh. what. Not an ordinary gun, is this? But I’m sorry, so what? You wouldn’t be able to scratch my muscles with anything as shallow as that.”

Can’t pierce magic bullets that can pierce iron plates.

In terms of physical strength alone, he seemed to be on the same level as Veron, who was covered in a carapace among the bug brothers he fought at the time.

‘This is why I don’t want to deal with warlocks.’

Normal wizards are specialized in fighting using magic, so their strategy is consistent and easy to deal with.

It was easy to panic even if I was caught off guard even a little bit.

But black magicians are different.

Like those who touched the taboo, a fight with common sense could not be established.


Rudgar shot a fire magic at Moloch.

Huge waves of fire roared and tried to consume Moloch.

“Do you think this will work!”

Moloch spread his hands wide and applauded! and hit


The shock wave that exploded from the palms facing each other pushed back the wave of flame.

Moloch smiled contemptuously.

Then I felt a strange sensation on my neck.


Before he knew it, Rudger was riding on his shoulder, choking him with a white wire.

“Was the fire magic a bait to cover your eyesight?”


The wire made contact with his skin, creating a strange sound.

Even though it was not an ordinary wire, Moloch’s body did not have a single scratch.

“Did you think you could cut my skin with just something like this?”

Moloch reached out, and Ludgar slid back off his shoulder.

Then he fired a magic bullet from his revolver and aimed at Moloch’s eye.

No matter how great the physical ability is, the eyes cannot be strengthened, so Moloch covered his face with his hands.

“You are like a rat. And he’s good at fighting.”

The opponent uses magic, but the fighting method was specialized in stabbing loopholes.

Not an ordinary wizard.

If I had to question it, it’s more like a war mage that walks around the battlefield.

‘Are you a military guy? But a military wizard couldn’t have come here alone.’

At first, I thought it was a reasonable opponent to play with, but I changed my mind.

I wanted to check the face to see who it was.

Moloch, who tried to move his body like that, narrowed his eyes at the pressure he felt in his body.

“What else?”

Upon closer inspection, translucent wires were entangling his entire body like a spider’s web.

The wire was connected to all sorts of heavy objects inside the factory.

“It’s interesting.”

Moloch exposed his teeth and strained his body.

Poududeuk! His muscles swelled and began to push the wire out.


The steel structures connected to the wires began to shake and be dragged one by one.

“This only earns me a few seconds.”

“okay. But a few seconds should be enough.”

Rudgar muttered that and pointed his finger at Moloch.

What are you trying to do? Magic? However, ordinary magic wouldn’t be able to inflict a single wound on my body.

Moloch made a decision. That’s just bravado.

The moment he thought so, Rudger lowered his finger.


what did you just do?

Just as he was about to think so, blood rushed down Moloch’s throat.

“Cool! Wh, what?”

The strength was slowly draining from his body.

Ludger’s attack was invisible.

Even if you can’t see it, this strong body should have blocked all attacks, but you were attacked.

“how… … how… … .”

Modifying himself, Moloch was able to see what was going on inside.

“Heart… … It’s pierced… … .”


It is a core human organ that no one can touch, protected by strong and strong bones and muscles, and thick skin.

There was a large hole there.

Moloch restrained blood flow by forcefully controlling his muscles.

Thanks to this, he did not die right away, but there was no way to avoid death as long as there was a hole in his heart, which could be said to be the core of life.

“this guy. What did you do?”

“I simply calculated the coordinates.”

“coordinate… … Called?”

“If you can’t attack from the outside, just do it from the inside.”

That’s why I deliberately diverted Moloch’s attention elsewhere and distracted him.

He was immobilized in his seat so that he could not move even for a few seconds.

“If it was an ordinary wizard or knight, it would be impossible to use because of the magical power or aura worn on the body. It’s just that it’s rather easy for an ignorant person like you who has only strengthened her body with drugs and experiments. Be careful.”

Moloch’s eyes widened.

I tried to say something, but blood flowed from my open mouth and I couldn’t speak.


His eyes slowly closed, and before long the giant collapsed forward.

It was a very futile end for a black magician with a notorious reputation as a knight slayer.

“Okay then.”

Since the person in charge of this place has also been removed, let’s try to organize other things as well.

It was the moment when I was about to take a step with that thought.

“Ooh. What mess is this?”

I stopped my steps at the sudden appearance of a third voice and turned my head towards it.

There was a man there.

Wearing research goggles on his face.

It was a bald, middle-aged man wearing a white coat.

Just looking at his appearance, he was a typical scientist.

“I visited in person to check how far the work has progressed, but there are uninvited guests.”

It’s definitely the first time I’ve seen it.

I thought I knew who he was.

‘Victor Dreadful.’

A mad scientist who is the First Order of the Black Dawn and performs all sorts of experiments.

Rudger silently pointed the revolver at Victor.

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