I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 190

◈ Episode 190 A Lamp for the Abandoned (2)

shoot it

How much time had passed in the pouring downpour.

Alex lifted his head and stared at Ludger.

There was a determined light in the empty eyes.

-Have you decided?


Alex took Ludger’s outstretched hand.

Ludgar raised Alex’s body.

He didn’t mind getting his hands dirty with mud.

-Now then, since it’s a monumental day, let’s go and punish those who robbed his subordinates’ money first.

-wait for a sec. Why am I your subordinate?

-Isn’t that obvious? I made the offer, so I’m the captain.

-I haven’t heard of that!

– Call me leader.

-No, what are you doing right now… … !

Rudger and Alex walk into a bar with a gambling hustler.

After that, several people screamed along with the sound of something breaking inside.

It was the first meeting of the two.

“Mr. Alex also had a very sad past.”

The other members couldn’t say anything about ARPA’s pure sentiment.

Because sympathizing with other people’s pasts was not easy for them to do.

Hans was the first to speak.

“I understand. Because of this damn constitution, I was treated like a monster and ran all over the place.”

“Well, that goes for me too.”

Sheridan nodded his head with his arms crossed.

“I was kicked out of the Dwarf Village after being treated as an oddball. me really I’ve only had one that almost blew up half a town.”

“No, that’s for self-employment!”

Everyone gathered here was the same.

those abandoned by the world.

Or those who have turned their backs on themselves.

They were people who had never met each other in their lives.

Yet they are here.

One hour after another, they were gathered together in the same place.

Thanks to only one person.

“It’s all thanks to the leader.”

“If it wasn’t for my older brother, well, I wouldn’t have come this far.”

“Doo, I benefited from the boss a lot.”

Rudger scratched his cheek embarrassingly as everyone looked at him.

“Something seems to come down to an undeserved evaluation of me.”

“It is not too much. That’s a reasonable evaluation. What can I say about a leader, because he is a bit like a lantern.”


“okay. lamplight. A beacon for the abandoned like us.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with Alex.

Rudger, who had hoped to refute Alex’s words at least a little, felt his face heat up.

no. It actually got hot.

“owner. Are you embarrassed right now?”

“uh? It’s real. The leader’s face is a bit red, but it looks like it’s blushing?”

“her. To see my brother react like that.”

The members talk as if they have found a rare spectacle.

“older brother. Are you just annoyed or not?”

“why. Will you stop if it annoys you?”

“Uh, um. maybe?”

“To say it vaguely. To be honest, I don’t feel too bad.”

Rudger laughed.

“Because what I’ve been doing, at least it wasn’t in vain.”

It was such a mumbling moment.

A small light flowed from Ludger’s chest.


Rudger took the shiny thing out of his chest.

A Relic Fragment obtained from the Kunst Auction House the other day.

It was shining now.

“Oh, brother. It is shining now.”

“I know.”

All eyes turned to the light.

Everyone didn’t know that that was the item Rudger was most looking for at the Kunst auction house that day.

Eventually, the light disappeared and the Relic fragment returned to its original form.

Back when it was an ordinary piece.

“leader. What was that?”

“The pieces of Relic reacted.”

“You reacted? For what? Or rather, suddenly now?”

“That’s what a Relic is. Because it is an unknown thing that is difficult for us to understand. It wouldn’t be strange if it suddenly works like this.”

Alex, who had been curious since before, asked while the opportunity arose.

“Is the leader aiming to collect the fragments?”

“Yes. In the first place, the reason I traveled around the world was a journey to find this.”

He wandered the world in search of Relic pieces.

The only thing the members knew was this.

They didn’t know why Ludger was looking for the piece or what the finished relic was.

“If you’re not rude, may I ask why you’re looking for it?”

Everyone waited for Ludger’s answer to Arfa’s question.

“Don’t you guys ever feel that this world is stuffy?”

“What is that?”

I thought something clear would come back, but what came back was an out of the blue question.

“Have you ever felt that this world is a huge cage that someone has built for you?”

The others exchanged glances at Rudger’s question.

It is true that he suffered from the inequality and irrationality of the world, but what Rudger was talking about was something more comprehensive than that.

“lily. Is that some sort of riddle?”

“It means what it is.”

Rudger stared at the Relic sculpture on the palm of his hand.

“The world is a sturdy cage made by someone, and those who live in it live without knowing that they are oppressed.”


Rudger tightly wrapped himself around Relic.

“This relic is the key to breaking that cage.”

At first, the members, who thought it was a rumor, realized that Ludger’s sincere behavior was not telling lies.

“wait for a sec. As the leader said, if this world is a cage and the relic is the key to destroying the cage… … .”

“Are you saying that the perfect form of Relic can destroy the world itself?”

There is not a single person in this room who doesn’t know how dangerous a Relic is.

Because the power is vast and the elements that the relic itself can cause are really diverse.

Maybe the word “destroying the world” wasn’t an empty word.

“You will have nothing to worry about.”

However, Ludger judged that this Relic’s completed form was not that dangerous.

“How can you be sure of that, brother?”

“Because the people who made this didn’t want it.”

“The people who made them.”

Relics are ancient artifacts.

If someone made it, he must have been a very outstanding person in the distant past.

But you wouldn’t know how many years it was, how could you know that the creator didn’t want it?

Those people died a long time ago.

But since it’s Rudd, I thought maybe he knew somehow.

“But there won’t be cases where the broken relics will come together just by collecting all the pieces.”


Of course, to restore the Relic, you have to go through the corresponding process.

Now, I couldn’t imagine how much it would simply cost to restore lost technology.

“wait for a sec.”

Hans suddenly remembered that Rudger was investing somewhere after making a huge amount of money.

“I can’t believe my older brother collected so much money while traveling around the world… … .”

Rudger has made a lot of money so far.

When he was active as <Arsene Lupin>, he robbed the safes of nobles and unscrupulous merchants.

With that money alone, Rudger could go anywhere and live happily.

But he didn’t.

He didn’t settle down anywhere and was busy wandering the world.

Then, where the heck is that enormous wealth?

Hans didn’t bother with that part.

But now that Rudgar had told him some truth, he could guess where he was spending his huge profits.

“It does cost a lot of money. Recruit famous archaeologists who are heavy-mouthed, and create an institution to study relics. It didn’t usually cost money.”

“… … I guess that’s why I also did business here.”

“That’s how it is.”

The salary he receives as a teacher in Seorn is already an amount that an ordinary person will never touch in his lifetime.

What about Bellbot Rickson’s secret safe?

The wealth of the person who has accumulated illegal wealth for a long time is truly vast.

Rudger even prospered the business as the owner.

Still, Rudger did not reveal that he had a lot of money.

I didn’t spend any money except when I was actually investing in my business.

“All for that one thing… … .”

Hans didn’t understand.

It was the same for others.

Rudger said the world is a huge cage.

It’s frustrating to see that, I understand.

But going around hiding your identity for the rest of your life to destroy it is a completely different story.

“Isn’t it a waste?”

“What do you mean?”

“The money my brother has earned so far. With that alone, you can buy a whole mansion on a good piece of land and live and play for the rest of your life.”

Hans’ dream was similar.

Enjoying life peacefully in your own home while looking at the endless expanse of your own land.

Of course, Ludger’s behavior was incomprehensible to Hans, and at the same time, it was wonderful.

“I could have lived by ignoring your words.”

“But why… … .”

“well. Why? It was so strange that I couldn’t stay still. Maybe it’s just like you guys.”

“Is it the same as us?”

“Didn’t you tell me? Everyone here is outcasts in the world. That goes for me too.”

At first, I thought that it would be nice if Rudger could also live quietly.

It’s okay to end your life normally, in a quiet place, without being noticed by anyone.

I had such a dream.

But I know you can’t.

Because his constitution, the destiny given to him, and this world did not allow it.

“Obviously there was always an opportunity to escape. In the first place, this is not like a mission that must be accomplished. He doesn’t have to take responsibility, and he doesn’t die if he can’t achieve it.”

Even knowing that, he couldn’t stop.

I couldn’t stop moving.


He must not have known that the road ahead was a bloody, thorny road.

“Eventually, I will be angry too.”


I was just angry.

“I’m angry, so I’m trying to fight, and then I see people abandoned on the roadside.”

So give me your hand

catch me

lead them

go together

“It’s really nothing special, and it’s for a trivial reason.”

“… … .”

No one could open their mouths.

The ardent emotion felt by Ludger muttering faintly was what everyone in the room was feeling.

“no. It’s not a poem.”

Alex denied Ludger’s words.

“If it wasn’t for the leader, we wouldn’t have come this far.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

It was then that Pantos, who had been listening quietly, opened his mouth.

“Surprisingly. I thought that someone like you would have bigger ambitions.”

“Was this not enough?”

“There is nothing strange about collecting relics. It’s just that he’s more simple than he thought it was.”

“Is it modesty?”

At that, Rudger laughed.

“Maybe it’s more simple.”

“What does that mean?”

“no. It’s just something I’ve heard.”

From Ludger’s words, Pantos sensed that there was more to him that he hadn’t said yet.

“Somehow, it became a place to talk openly about something.”

The members laughed at Ludger’s words as if he was joking.

At first, it was a place to comfort Alex.

At some point, it became an atmosphere where they confessed that they were the same.

“I-I have a question.”

Did you think there was no chance if it wasn’t now?

Bellaluna raised her hand.

“What is it?”

“Du, the boss knows their past… … Honestly, we don’t know the boss’s past.”

At that, everyone said ‘Isn’t it?’ I thought.

“Come to think of it, it was.”

“Come to think of it, do you not know what Nari did in the past?”

“Don’t you know Mr. Hans?”

“Uh, huh? me?”

As the arrow returned to him, Hans broke out in a cold sweat.

He gave Rudger a look that might be good.

When Rudger didn’t answer, Hans flinched.

“Oh, no, I don’t know everything about me. It’s not even my business, but it’s funny that I talk about it on my own.”

“I’m honestly curious. Sir, if you’ve come this far, can’t you tell us?”

Sheridan also supported Bellaluna’s opinion.

“I agree. Honestly, I also wonder what the leader did in the past.”

“Me too, me too!”

Alex and Arfa helped too.


Pantos also nodded in agreement.

“Uh, no matter what, the owner helped us… … .”

At least Violetta showed hesitation to remain loyal to Rudger.

“Violetta. Be honest. You’re curious. Even if it’s not this time or there’s no chance?”

“Uh, then a little… … .”

At Seridan’s point, Violetta had no choice but to raise the white flag.

Naturally, the atmosphere flowed in the direction where Rudger had to tell the story.

A lot of people gather, so this happens.

Rudger grumbled inwardly.

Look at those eyes that say they won’t tolerate evading or running away from here.

If, of all things, he was swept away by emotions and spoke truthfully, he would be defeated if he was defeated.

“But, well, I’ve come all the way here, so it wouldn’t be polite to hide it.”

“Oh, brother. Are you really talking?”

“So you’re lying? We will continue to be together, so now is the time to let you know.”

At Ludger’s words, Violetta’s eyes changed drastically.

Even Pantos, who pretended not to be interested, pricked up his ears, the white number above his head.

“I thought I’d tell you someday, but I’ll tell you now that it’s like this.”

The members who were waiting for those words felt like their hands were sweating.

Why is this so tense?

Rudger opened his mouth in the silence that fell like the dew of dawn.

“I was royalty.”

At that, everyone held their breath.

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