I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 180

◈ Episode 180 Wolf and Crow (3)

At that word that Freuden threw out with anger.

Rudger quietly closed his eyes.

“Are you going to pretend you don’t know? Make some excuses.”

Rudger closed his eyes and thought of Line.

okay. It was obviously startling when she first faced her in her three right.

I didn’t expect to meet you in a place like this.

But that was it.

I didn’t show off because we didn’t know each other anyway, and I didn’t pretend to know.

To be precise, I was close to a position where I couldn’t pretend to know.

But is this the trick of fate?

While patrolling for the first time, Line got involved in a quarrel with a noble student, and it was resolved.

After that, he saved something from being attacked by a werewolf.

After realizing the non-attribute magic, he handed over the book he had had for a long time.

He ended up saving her from Quasimodo’s attack at the banquet hall.

From a certain moment, the number of encounters increased, and when I came to my senses, we became close.

just like the old days


The kite of the past did not stop at Line.

Another party closely related to the events of the day.

Even Freuden Ulburg was in Seeorn.

‘Is this also because of the judgment?’

Rudger remembered Linen’s pupils.

A power she was not yet aware of.

That’s why you don’t know what kind of trouble it will bring.

From that day 12 years ago to now.

It was most likely because of the power of the judgment that the fate of the day, which skipped a long time, met here in Seorn.

A world where gods, magic, different races and mysteries exist.

That’s why it’s a world where it won’t be strange no matter what happens.


‘It’s something that can’t be argued with what has already happened now.’

Right now, in front of his eyes, Freuden Ulburg was glaring at him.

Twelve years ago, the cheeky and daring little boy has grown up to be a decent figure.

without forgetting what happened that day.


So I had no choice but to go harder.

“What are you asking me to do?”


“After all, that is a thing of the past. What is the purpose of bringing it up and saying that to me?”

“… … you.”

Facing Ludger, Freuden’s eyes filled with disgust.

“I thought you kept the day’s events in mind. because of regret and guilt. That’s why he came to Seorn and helped Linen… … .”

“Don’t get me wrong.”

Ludger dismissed Freuden’s words with a sneer.

“I came here with something that happened 12 years ago? You have to say something funny in moderation.”

“Then why are you here?”

“that… … .”

Why did you come to Seorn?

Recalling the reason, Rudger was speechless.

“… … You don’t need to know that.”

“also… … .”

Did he read something from that exposed expression?

Freuden rather had stronger doubts.

At least in Freuden’s memory, Ludger was a wanderer who hid his identity.

Then he suddenly became Seorn’s teacher in the name of a fallen nobleman?

Even on this day when Line entered as a freshman this year?

It can’t be a coincidence.

“I’ll try to deny it, but I know. What purpose did you come here for?”


“Even if you act so shamelessly, the sins you committed that day will not go away. Even if you’re nice to Linen out of a guilty conscience. Do you think she would like that?”

“So what are you going to do? Are you going to go tell Line everything?”

Ludger asked, and Freuden kept his mouth shut.

“okay. I can’t speak. Because you also know that she lost her memory, and she wouldn’t have said it until now.”

“… … I am different from you.”

“It’s different… … . Is it really different? Both you and I are ignoring it even though we know what happened that day. If you thought it was wrong, wouldn’t it be better if you said everything.”

“What are you saying you know? Not knowing how I feel… … !”

“under. Should I know that?”

“… … !”

Freuden glared at Ludger with bloodshot eyes.

Both of his fists trembled.

However, there was no further action or refutation.

“If you want to tell me, you can do that. I don’t care.”

Freuden bit his lip at Ludger’s provocation.

He gave Rudger a hard shot one last time, then turned and left.

It seemed that he would not be able to control himself if he continued to face Rudger like this.

‘A young boy.’

Ludger let out a small sigh as he looked at Freuden’s back.

‘There is not a single thing in the world that is not tiring.’

The name Freuden-Ulburg had already been heard.

However, it happened a long time ago, so I thought he had forgotten all about it.

He was a born aristocrat even back then, but Rinne was the son of an unknown commoner.

But if you think about it in retrospect.

It was also funny to think that I would easily forget the events of the day.

Just as Freuden did not forget the work of the day.

Rudgar also hadn’t forgotten what happened that day.

“Now that I’m gone, you can come out. Hans.”

“… … this.”

As Ludger spoke, Hans, who had been hiding, appeared from behind a tree.

“I’m sorry, brother. I didn’t mean to listen.”

“Know. Originally, we were going to meet each other, but the one who intervened arbitrarily was that kid.”

“… … Are you better than that? From what I can see, it looks like he’s been found out. If we go on like this, isn’t it only a matter of time before you get arrested?”

Hans recalled Freuden’s reaction to Ludger earlier.

Based on that response alone, it was highly likely that Freuden would tell them that Ludger was under a false identity.

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

“yes? No, did you prepare anything in advance?”

“There is no need to prepare for anything.”

Rudger looked at the place where Freuden had disappeared and said.

“He can’t talk anyway.”

* * *

‘I’m a human like him?’

Rudger’s words still lingered in his mind.

Anger boiled cold in Freuden’s chest.

‘Rather, you should have said sorry the first time you saw her and me.’

But what was his reaction?

He brazenly entered Seorn and remained ignorant until the end.

Rather, he approached Linen naturally.

It was Freuden’s candid feeling that he wanted to expose everything Ludger had done in the past.

But at the same time, there was something that caught on.

Rudger is already a famous teacher in Seorn.

Now that he is a student, he says that Ludger’s identity is a lie and that he has done bad things in the past.

Who will believe?

‘In the first place, what I’m talking about are things for which no substantive evidence remains.’

There is no evidence, and there is no reason to bring down Rudger.

On the contrary, it might put pressure on the reputation of the Ulburg family by saying that they were trying to damage a normal teacher.

‘Does that man have such an impregnable reputation just in case something like this happens?’

And there was one more reason for not wanting to tell the truth.

Right away, his pride wouldn’t allow it.

Spreading rumors about his weaknesses was tantamount to admitting that this side could not win head-on.

Even though I know it’s not rational.

His life and his pride could not be tolerated.

‘Even so… … Line should know this.’

Line is a party to the crime committed by Ludger.

It wasn’t enough that he had experienced a terrible incident that day, so his memory was erased.

Linen had to know the unknown truth.

“uh? Senior Freuden? Are you done with your business?”

Just in time, I bumped into Line, who was passing by.

Did Erendir break up separately and walk down the street alone?

It was a heaven-sent opportunity right now, just the two of us.

Freuden approached Line.


“senior. What happened? I don’t like the expression.”

“I have something to tell you… … .”

let’s talk

what happened that day. A piece of her life that has been erased.

I just had to tell

Although Freuden opened his mouth with such a thought.

“… … .”

Strangely, no voice came out as if something had blocked it.

“… … senior?”

Seeing Line’s naive question, Freuden was frightened.

If he tells the whole truth, will Linen truly be happy?

‘It can’t be.’

If she knew the truth, Line would be sad.

The teacher he trusted and relied on was actually the one who erased his memory and killed his mother.

Where else could such a tragedy be?

Is it really right to recall painful memories under the name of truth?

It was this that made Freuden hesitate.

‘Can Renee really handle this truth? Maybe I’m trying to commit her act of hurting her again.’

Obviously, even if people are hurt and sad, they can overcome it and try to move on.

But that is too much of an idealism.

There are far too many people in the world who cannot overcome their wounds.

Because not everyone is superhuman.

Ordinary people cry and break down at the slightest failure.

What could be more irresponsible than giving advice to just overcome sadness?

Can I just say that it’s not my business?

‘Do I really deserve that?’

I wish I hadn’t known from the beginning.

It would have been nice if it had been.

Suddenly, I remembered what Rudger had just said.

– You and I are the same.

It was Freuden himself who was angered by that remark.

However, at this moment of hesitation, Freuden implicitly admitted that he was right.

‘no. I’m different from him.’

It is different from those who are full of lies and deceive others like that.

I had to prove that I was different.

So I shouldn’t be silent here.



“… … .”

Line’s pure eyes looked at her with a worried gaze.

The moment you witness the twinkling light that is like the starlight in the night sky contained in it.

Freuden’s body felt like the pulse in his body was pulsating.

“Are you okay?”

“… … okay. are you okay.”

“What is the story you want to tell?”

“… … No, nothing.”

In the end, Freuden said nothing.

I couldn’t.

“I’m sorry. I was wasting my time going.”

“yes? no no! Absolutely not!”

“Go and see. I’ll just go in and see.”

Freuden turned his back and slowly moved out of his seat.

‘I couldn’t tell.’


In the end, he also lied to Line.

also know

That he was the same human being as he was.

He hated that more than dying, and the one he hated was himself.

I couldn’t say it though.

‘I didn’t want to hurt you.’

I didn’t want to see her cry.

I didn’t want to see you sad.

That’s all.

Even if she falls down in the same way as the man she hates the most.

If only I could protect this child’s innocence.

‘Line. You probably don’t remember.’

meeting that day. memories.

I’m sure I won’t be thinking about it in the future.

But it’s okay.

‘Because I’ll remember.’

At the same time, Rudger came to mind.

A man whose everything is fake.

The behavior of the man who did not stop him from leaving, but rather provoked him proudly.

‘You knew. he knew from the start That I will never be able to tell you.’


Power went into the hand that was clenched into a fist.

It didn’t feel too good to be completely played by that human hand.

‘okay. Admit it. That now I don’t have the strength to bite you. That I have to bear with it now.’

But if the opportunity arises.

sure then.

‘Because Ulburg’s wolves never miss an opportunity to bite their prey.’

* * *

“You can just skip the Freyden gun and you’ll be fine. He’s not a real wolf yet. It’s just a baby song. I don’t know later, but I don’t have to worry about it right now.”

“yes? Ah yes. What if my brother said so?”

Hans answered in a flirtatious manner, but since Ludger had gone so far, he didn’t argue further.

“First of all, I picked up information on my own while organizing while my brother was away. Fortunately, yesterday’s warehouse fire seemed to be turning into an accident caused by poor firecracker management.”

“If you’re the president, it’s worth ending like that.”

“Little is known about this matter, so it seems that everyone, except for a few, thinks so.”

“Seeing you say that, you’re practically declaring that you won’t escalate the case.”

“Since there are some who have been captured alive, they seem to think that more than that is a waste of time and manpower.”

“What happened to the captured Black Dawn remnants?”

“For now, they are detained inside the Ceorn. But this is so subtle… … .”

Hans scratched his cheek and said.

“Surprisingly, it seems that the blue-haired lady is in charge of their interrogation.”

“You mean Casey Selmore.”

“I confirmed that he went into the president’s office, but I don’t know after that. However, it is certain that some kind of transaction took place there.”

“As you wished. Is it because of the bait that day?”

“Well, I know that you did it on purpose.”

Hans asked in a slightly worried tone.

“Are you okay? That girl didn’t seem to have a formidable temperament.”

“It’s not that it’s formidable, but it actually has a temper.”

“If such a young lady finds out that she has been taken advantage of… … Won’t you get a little tired?”

“That’s right.”

Ludger also understood what Hans was worried about.

Of course, you just have to say it comfortably that you can keep it a secret for the rest of your life.

But is there any guarantee that Casey Selmore won’t get caught in the future?

“Perhaps she will notice something strange when she gets to a certain level, just like a long tail gets stepped on.”

“… … If so?”

“What can I do? It was then.”

“Isn’t that too irresponsible?”

Irresponsible would be the right word.

“Who knew that you would follow up until now with the job you did three years ago in the first place?”

“No, then isn’t your older brother in trouble?”


“Three years ago, you used that lady even then.”

Delica kingdom three years ago.

Rudger played James Moriarty there and actively used Casey Selmore.

As a detector to uncover events deeply rooted in a country on behalf of oneself.

“… … .”

“If you get caught later, won’t you pay for the three-year period all at once? You said that you came to this city right away to visit your older brother?”

If you find out that Casey Selmore’s personality is that she has been used twice by the same person.


“older brother?”

“As expected, can’t I get caught?”

“… … natural thing? But my brother just said that. That detective girl, I’m sure you’ll notice someday.”

“It did.”

“Then what will you do then?”

Actually, it was something I didn’t worry too much about.

Right now, there were more than one or two things to be concerned about other than Casey Selmore.

But what if it really happens again.

“I will have to run away again.”


Hans sighed as if he knew that.

“Hans. That’s not what’s important now.”

“Then what is important?”

what else to say

Hans, who was about to ask that question, thought of it the moment he saw Ludger’s expression.

‘what. My brother’s expression… … It doesn’t look very good.’

Rudger did not show a single scratch on his face no matter what happened.

So he was clearly agitated now. he’s nervous

“Dae, what the hell is going on, such a reaction.”

Rudgar closed his eyes and sighed.

“Because of this incident, Master might have noticed that I was here.”

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