I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 181

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◈ Episode 181 Silver Sun (1)

The slumbering ‘it’ woke up much earlier than usual.

In the darkness where nothing can be seen, as if ink had been spilled on it.

Only the red eyes like ruby ​​​​brightly shone.

‘It’ slowly raised itself.

Normally, I would have killed time blankly here, but not this time.

It was because I felt something familiar coming from afar.

“The smell of blood. This is my blood.”

The soma did not completely go away, so the light gradually returned to the eyes that were a little blurry.

Eventually, when the fog in his head completely cleared, ‘it’ smiled as if he was having fun.

“You bastard son of a bitch. When he ran away, he secretly drew my blood and then ended up using it.”

The emotion in his voice was full of interest rather than irritation and anger.

“Still, since I trained and raised him diligently, I thought the blood I took would have no use.”

Unless the disciple was an idiot, he would have known that he could pinpoint his location the moment he used blood.

However, only one was used.

There was something I couldn’t avoid using.

“It’s interesting.”

He’s an ugly disciple, but he’s still a great guy.

It’s not the ability to go anywhere and stay fit.

However, the use of his own blood means that the disciple got caught up in something interesting.

“I got interested.”

‘It’ is an existence far from the world.

So, surrounded by boredom, he turned his back on the world and lived a quiet life alone, paying no attention to anything outside.

However, the moment he smelled his own blood wafting from afar, all that boredom disappeared.

My blood boiled when I found out that the disciple was going through something interesting somewhere.

“Long time no see. Why am I moving like this?”

While I’ve been moving, I need to take a look at how the outside world has changed and how much it has changed.

What will the world look like after a long time?

“The sin that caused this master to move his heavy steps. You will have to compensate with ample pleasure.”

he’s my disciple

‘It’ grinned in the dark.

* * *


Rudgar trembled involuntarily.

“older brother? Are you okay?”

“… … no. Not okay. This is never okay.”

“Is it because of the story of that master?”


Huh true.

Hans, who didn’t know about Ludger’s master, couldn’t understand why he was so scared.

Still, what I vaguely heard from him was that Master was a great magician and a wanderer.

Even taking that into account, is there any need to fear a person of Rudger’s caliber?

“Isn’t that being too harsh? When I talk about Master, my brother’s reaction is like someone who saw the death before he died.”

“Actually, Master is like a death god.”

“haha! Brother, the jokes have increased a lot.”

“Hans. Where do you think I learned these magic and skills in the first place?”

“No, my brother is such a genius, so I thought he just learned it on his own.”

At Hans’ words, Ludger shook his head.

“I have to say, but I am not a genius. Most of the technologies I use have pioneers who created them first. I just followed it.”

“… … no. Even if there are usually pioneers, no one can imitate them all.”

“Why not?”

“… … .”

Hans was silent but gave up on pointing it out.

This is because Rudger himself had such a high standard that he underestimated himself too much.

I won’t even listen to you talking.

“Hans. Think about it. Why do I not reveal it even though I think I have accomplished great things in the eyes of others?”

“Well, it’s probably because your standards are too high.”

“no. I also have something to be proud of. The pride of letting others know what was not in the world and what others did not know.”

“… … I guess there was But why are you being timid?”

“Why? It’s because Master didn’t like it.”

Even Rudger’s magic [Source Code] that people are salivating over.

When Master saw it at first, he dismissed it with an evaluation of ‘It’s just so-so’.

On the contrary, I was even criticized for not pretending to be proud when I went somewhere with just such a thing.

Rudger didn’t think it was a petty emotion called jealousy.

In the first place, it was Rudger who came up with the basic idea of ​​source code, but it was Master who played the biggest role in creating it.

However, he never claimed ownership of it.

Master was such a being.

And Rudger has grown up watching Master’s back since he was a child.



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It was for this reason that the standard of seeing something was inevitably different from that of others.

“No, to the extent that my older brother says that, how great a person is that master?”

“It is a monster. I risked dying several times because of him.”

Ludger’s confident words made Hans dumbfounded.

‘monster? No matter how much it is, it’s Master, can I use such words?’

That’s why I say it so seriously, but it was like that again to hit the candle.

Hans could only nod his head with a bewildered face.

Even Nara-sama swears at a place where there is nothing, but wouldn’t it be a chore to chew on the older brother’s teacher together?

“What a son of a bitch you were!”

“Don’t you swear?”

“uh… … I’m sorry.”

“Honestly, cursing is uncomfortable.”

Hans felt embarrassed for nothing.

No, didn’t you say that you were a monster to curse together?

“Well, if your brother says so.”

“okay. Soon the story will end here.”

“First of all, it would be good to say that the incident that happened in Seorn did not spread to other places and ended internally. And since you personally eliminated the First Order of the Black Dawn, there is no such thing as such a feat.”

Rudgar shook his head.

“It is safe to say that the most likely risk has decreased. But still can’t be relieved. The Black Dawn will not give up.”

The Zero Order came directly to Seorn.

I still get chills on the back of my head when I think of that time.

Hans had no choice but to let out a sigh as he had heard from Rudger beforehand.

“They’ll step back now, but you never know when they’ll do it again. So, before that, we have to play on this side.”

“What if I had to play?”

“What happened to finding their hideout, which I ordered then?”

The other day, Rudger gave Hans an order.

Peluma extract, a material obtained through the ingredients of the reagents used in the werewolf experiment.

Search the city of Baltanung where that Feluma grows.

Of course, I didn’t expect the information to come out right away.

“I was going to say that anyway.”

But Hans was more capable than he thought.

“Did you find out something? In that short time?”

“It is easy to find right away once the location is specified. As you said earlier, we detected suspicious movements in the city of Baltanung.”

“Could it be them?”

“Actually, more than 90%.”

It was good to see that it was almost certain.

“Based on an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Baltanung, it seems to be holding hands with a nearby gang to maintain its power.”

“Didn’t they also notice something and try to run away?”

“It didn’t. It seems they didn’t think they were caught by the tail either.”

The laboratory where the Shamsus School was working was completely gone, but they must have been convinced that even if they gathered all the data there, they would not catch fire.

“There’s one more place I need to visit soon.”

“I will prepare.”

Quick-witted Hans immediately understood Ludger’s meaning and answered.

Rudgar nodded in satisfaction.

With this, it was safe to say that most of the things to be sorted out were completed.

‘Of course, there are still things that haven’t been properly finished yet.’

For example, Debian Burtegg, who fought in the Magical Sparring Finals.

He witnessed the appearance of ‘God’ existing beyond Ludger’s seal control technique.

It was fortunate that Rudger stepped in the middle.

A little later would have made him an idiot.

But what would Debian Burtegg say when he came to his senses?

You will definitely not be grateful to him.

‘Well, if I talk about what I saw, no one will believe me and I’ll be treated like a lunatic.’

It was obvious that at least the teachers of the aristocratic faction would be wary of him and keep a close eye on him.

The same goes for getting involved with the Lumos family at an outdoor banquet hall.

I didn’t think that a man like Cayden Lumos would go through with it.

‘But it’s better to go on like this.’

Now that the fame has been burned.

Rudger now had to care about public reputation and politics.

In the future, many people will come up to him and try to rob him or steal something.

Nobles are insidious.

They are the ones who will slit their noses with their eyes open if they are careless even a little.

So it was necessary to show this one.

‘How dangerous it is to touch me carelessly.’

You don’t have to look good for everyone.

If you simply stay calm, you will be the one who looks down on you in the end.

Even if the opponent is a peac*ck, you have to show that you will not back down, so that the hyenas who try to eat your back will not get scared and approach you.

It was a kind of territory declaration.

And I also got points from the president for this incident.

It was his calculation that, in the grand scheme of things, there was nothing to lose.


“Hans. Is there anything you want to say?”

Originally, Hans, who should have left his seat, hesitated and looked at Ludger.

“Uhm. That is… … .”

“Don’t look at me, just tell me.”

“That, brother. Did I do that then? I will go check out the secret branch of the Black Dawn in Baltanung when the business I’m working on settles down.”

“It did. Looking at that reaction, did something happen to the business you are working on?”

“no. The business itself is progressing step by step.”

“But why?”

“Rather, it’s a problem because it’s so good.”

After patting his chin for a moment, Rudger realized why.

“You haven’t been disturbed since that day, have you?”

“exactly. The Merchant Cooperative, which had been interfering with our work by putting in a petition to the Lederbelk City Councilman, suddenly became quiet.”

“You are making things up. Did you find out anything?”

“I haven’t figured out anything yet. but… … It’s because there are some guys who have been acting suspicious lately.”

“They’re acting suspiciously?”

“Your brother must have heard it too. A criminal organization that went out into the sun.”

At the mention of a criminal organization that went out into the sun, Rudger had one thing that came to mind.

The enemy society he personally eliminated.

The name of the organization that ruled the back alleys of Ledervelk before that enemy society.

“Silver Sun.”

* * *

It was a luxurious room.

Leather sofas, expensive furniture, and even the finest carpets.

However, even though it was broad daylight, the room was dark because the blinds covering the windows prevented light from entering.

Only the scarlet flames from the fireplace lit the room.

In the center of it, a man sitting on the sofa said boredly.

“Hmm. therefore.”

His languid gaze turned to the people in front of him.

“Beggars who haven’t even learned to eat are climbing up without even knowing what to do, so would you like me to step on them?”

The man shook the document in his hand.

The five people who came as representatives of the Merchant Cooperative were unable to say anything with their heads bowed.

“Was our Silver Sun that funny?”

Every time the man’s sharp blue eyes touched my body, my body trembled as if it was causing epilepsy.

Silver Sun.

Commonly known as the SS, they were once a gang that operated viciously in the dark, but as their size and power grew, they became a mafia that came out and became a corporation.

If it’s money, it’s legal, illegal, and those who do it at will.

Their main job is to get money by intervening in the union, but there were quite a lot of fields they reached out to.

Extorting money from street vendors in the name of protection money.

He made a huge fortune by distributing food ingredients and wine exclusively, and even queued up for a city council member.

legal illegal.

The president of Silver Sun, who had accomplished that, was a man who was sitting on the sofa and laughing as if he was having fun.


The snake-like eyes of the man, who gave money to the political and business worlds and even the police, swept over the merchants.

“You’re borrowing my hand because you couldn’t take care of just one beggar?”

Carlone threw the materials handed over by the merchants onto the stove.

The paper burned in an instant, and the embers spread out of the hearth. The sound of burning firewood crackled and made my ears sting.

Carlonet took a sip of the wine that was placed next to her.

Merchants had no choice but to watch the scene while swallowing saliva.

Before long, Carlonet opened her mouth from the wine glass and spoke.

“Temoran. I ask you who came as a representative. How many years have I known you?”

“It’s ten years.”

Temoran, a middle-aged man in his mid-fifties, answered with a trembling voice.

“okay. 10 years. If so, you would have known enough about who I am. Have you ever run out of time?”

“Oh no! I can explain!”

Temoran shouted in a fit of panic.

If he showed hesitation here, the human without blood and tears would surely try to kill him.

Even if we had known each other for 10 years.

“Actually, the biggest problem is not the poor people. The man behind it is called the ‘owner’!”

“Tell me in detail.”

At last, Carlone began to take an interest.

Temoran said urgently that he would not miss this opportunity.

“Originally, the enemy society ruled the underworld on its own.”

“okay. It did. Because they were the ones who left it that way.”

“But that is also over. A while ago, a man appeared and wiped out all the enemy society. That’s what the lower classes call the owner now.”

“So what is your name?”

“Dae, most of them just call me the owner, so I’m good at that too… … . But it is clear that he is the one who caused all of this.”

Carlone frowned.

“hey. What if I don’t bring the most important information?”

“I-I know!”

At that time, one of the young merchants who had been listening quietly opened his mouth.

Carlone chinned him with an interesting look.

“I overheard what they were saying as they were heading somewhere in the middle of the night before the enemy society was completely disbanded. Then they said one person’s name.”

“What did you say?”

The young merchant answered in a trembling voice.

“My name is James Moriarty.”


The moment she heard that name, Carlone couldn’t hold back her laughter.

The young merchant broke into a cold sweat when he said the name when he suddenly saw Carlone laughing madly.

Before long, Caroline stopped laughing.

“good job.”

Saying that, he pulled out his gun and shot Temoran.

The faces of the other four merchants turned white as Temoran collapsed in blood.

Carlonet blew the smoke from the muzzle into her mouth.

“Congratulations, young merchant friend. Now you have followed Temoran’s footsteps. What did you say your name was?”

“Ke, my name is Calton.”

“Yes, Calton. As soon as you want, I will start working on the relief of the slums.”

It is not a relief to help people.

It was a remedy to catch and get rid of pests.

“Of course, the cost of moving us will be great. Of course, you’ll get more money as well. If there is something to give, there must be something to receive. Do you have any objections?”

“Oh, no!”

I saw Temoran die right in front of my eyes.

The merchants nodded as their heads fell off.

“okay. Then just go Take the body.”

The merchants left Temoran’s body as if they were running away.

Eventually, Carlonet, who was left alone, couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

“Kuk-kuk. Fools. You really think I don’t know.”

Carlone knew all about the series of events the merchants had been talking about.

He was the first to receive the information that a man named James Moriarty had appeared in the back alleys of Ledervelk and wiped out the enemy society.

He was also the one who spent a lot of money and used the remnants of the Red Society to hire a Kalsafa Assassin.

‘However, the assassination failed, and I judged that the other person had something, so I was watching for a while.’

At that moment, I never thought the merchants would come out here to help.

In the first place, Carlonet was thinking of fixing the back alley sooner or later.

Then, when he asked for help from the Merchant Cooperative, he could be more fortunate than this.

I was thinking of taking this opportunity to extort money from them properly.

‘James Moriarty? That’s funny. It’s probably just a fake borrowed name anyway. Because he died in Delica Kingdom.’

Of course, I admit that I have the ability.

His ability to wipe out enemy societies and quickly raise the slums was enough to make Carlonet admire.

Anyway, isn’t it a combination of back alley bugs?

Silver Sun is different from enemy society.

In the first place, the enemy society was just a word that was used comfortably in Silver Sun.

As a tool to periodically clean the back alley.

It’s a pity that the tool is gone, but it doesn’t matter. Because if you make it again, it’s over.

Rather, it was enough to gulp down the business that is currently being carried out in the slums.

‘As long as I get it in my hands, I can go higher.’

Carlone was already convinced that everything was in her hands.

After drinking all the wine, Carlonet opened her mouth.



A subordinate hiding in the darkness appeared.

“I do what I have been preparing for before. The cleaning of the slum dwellers. know?”

“All right.”

“Just give me a light warning. Still, we need some people to run the business. Let’s do it as usual.”

“I will prepare immediately.”

Before long, the subordinate hid himself in the darkness again.

Carlone hummed a song as if having fun.

The wine was exceptionally sweet today.

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