I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 12

◈ Episode 12 First Class (2)

About three days ago, the first day of orientation.

When Rudger showed the guts to keep his teaching method secret, the reaction among students was not so good.

Quite a few students were resentful that a new teacher, and a man from a fallen aristocrat, had shown such behavior at Seorn Academy.

In particular, students from aristocrats were the most angry.

—How dare a new teacher from a fallen aristocracy.

But ironically, the students who actually witnessed Ludger’s orientation didn’t say much.

Only a few high-respecting aristocratic students seemed to have been neglected, so they huffed, but out of the 50 or so students in the classroom that day, close to 40 admired Ludger’s guts.

Still, since he was a teacher at Seorn Academy, wouldn’t there be something to believe in?

Of course, no detailed information about Ludger was known yet, so students had no choice but to be cautious.

It is a self-evident fact that if you take the wrong class on the first day of class, you will suffer throughout the semester.

If even a little bit of information about Ludger is revealed, I would believe it and take the class just once, but if that’s not the case, I can’t become a lab rat on my own.

On the morning of the second day, the moment many students were thinking about it.

An article was posted on the community called <Akashic Records>, the integrated magical exchange book for students of Seorn Academy.

Subject: Did you hear about the new teacher named Rudgar Celish?

A title that was intentionally built to attract people’s attention, whether it’s good or bad.

Naturally, the students had no choice but to click on it, and the contents unfolded as if they had waited.

This was the summary of the content scrolling all the way down.

An extreme tribute to Ludger Celisi.

The youngest 4th rank. appointment as military officer. Contribution to cryptid hunting. As a freelance wizard, he was also listed on the Mage Tower.

It contained the past actions of Ludger.

It was enough to make the students who didn’t know that it was a desperate back-and-forth operation of a secret society to somehow keep the First Order alive, ‘Is that really so?’

In particular, the person who gave the most heat and energy was the member of the Third Order who contacted Rudger first.

‘I can’t mess with the First Order’s class! We have to make as many students as possible listen!’

I wrote all day long just about how wonderful, great, and incredibly talented he was.

Perhaps it was thanks to the attention he drew by persistently posting articles praising Rudger for two days, more people were interested in Ludger’s classes than those who protested with excessive praise.

In particular, the fact that you can take classes with freshmen and stimulated the interest of newcomers who don’t know anything was great.

During the correction period, the number of students who wanted to take Ludger’s class increased rapidly, and he vomited up his spirit to fill the maximum capacity of 80 students.

And the long-awaited first day of class.

The students all sat in their seats and waited for Rudger with throbbing anticipation.

Half out of pure curiosity, half out of a sense of longing to see where and how well they do.

And the moment it becomes sharp at 9:00 am to inform the class.

The door to the classroom opened and Ludger entered.

* * *

what is this situation

There were no empty seats in the lecture hall.

The number of people who thought it was about 30 at most reached the maximum.

In front of 80 students, I felt my head hurt.


Surely I would have unknowingly spread a warning that my class was a mine at orientation three days ago?

Don’t you think it’s a loss to take this teacher’s class unless you’re an idiot?

Above all, the students whose name tags on their uniforms are blue.

These are the newly enrolled first-year students.

More than 60% of the number of students gathered in the classroom were first-year students.

‘Why are the first graders again?’

I’m taking the same class as the 2nd graders, so why are they in? Shouldn’t I avoid taking classes with seniors because it’s burdensome?

I never expected that there would be more first graders.

At this point, I wonder if someone has spread malicious information about me somewhere I don’t know, in order to intentionally make fun of me.

‘Perhaps I was laughing too hard at the students.’

Speaking of Seorn Academy, of course, only students who are selected after fierce competition for admission can enter.

As it is a place where the best children from all over the continent beyond the empire gather, it is problematic to think of them as ordinary students.

I decided to humbly accept my mistake.

My actions did not arouse students’ wariness, but rather ignited their pride.

look at that gaze

A look like a wild hyena that would bite me if I made a mistake.

Today is the first class, and I can’t believe this kind of pressure.

If I continue like this, I will be eaten by students in the classroom.

‘Now that this has happened, this side has no choice but to do their best to teach the lecture.’

I looked at the faces of the students gathered in the lecture hall.

It is full of children with hair colors full of individuality. It must be common in this world.

Among them, some stood out more than others.

In particular, a female student with non-human animal ears on top of her head. She is a tribe of beasts living in the desert area of ​​the southern continent.

Well, in this world where there are magic and witches, there is nothing strange about beastmen, but subhumans are a very minority in this world.

Even more so if this is the Seorn Academy.

The beast people were also a race that was colonized and treated like slaves until 50 years ago, and even after 50 years, the remnants of discrimination and persecution against them still remain.

Even now.

The eyes of the other students looking at the beastman student with a coy gaze from the surroundings are proof of that.

That child seems to have entered school this time, but his future life must be very difficult.

‘Well, I’m not in a position to worry about others right now.’

First of all, the progress of the class comes first.

“My name is Ludgar Celish, who will teach you the overall process of the manifestation world.”

“If you are talking about the overall process, do you mean all of the four major specializations?”

Someone raised their hand and said so. He was a male student with a rather unlucky impression.

I immediately alerted him.

“Ask questions only when I allow you to.”

“… … yes. All right.”

“It’s the first time, so don’t skip this one. However, if there is a guy who interrupts the flow of my class again, I will give a penalty point. The same goes for blatant challenges to teacher authority.”

At the word “penalty points,” some students shed a shocked voice, saying that they hadn’t heard of such a thing.

“But a shop will be given to a student who does just as well. The higher the store, the more benefits are given to students, so work hard.”

Well, I don’t know if it’s from the 3rd grade, when graduation is getting closer, but it’s a well-known fact that 1st or 2nd graders, when they’re excited, don’t really care about penalty points.

However, there is a big difference between a teacher taking this out of his mouth and warning him and not.

“First of all, to answer the question a moment ago, it is ‘yes’. I will teach you step by step about the first half of <Emission>, <Attribute Element>, <Pyrokinesis>, and <Enhancement>, which can be said to be all of the manifestation series.”

To my words, the majority responded in disbelief.

No matter how much I say that I am teaching a manifestation class, specialization is a completely different field even within the same class.

The <Emission>, <Attribute Element>, <Pyrokinesis>, and <Enhancement>, which I just mentioned, are the four specializations of the [Expression System] I mentioned.

It is often referred to as the four manifestations of specialization.

Usually, it is enough to teach only two of these, but I said that I teach four.

To the students, it sounds like an unbelievable lie, as if I was bluffing.

But this is by no means a lie.

I haven’t achieved first class in either, but given the years I’ve lived, I’m confident that the overall spectrum of knowledge is quite wide.


“I will go to class.”

Show what you prepared for this time.

* * *

“Yeah, Cheryl. Isn’t that teacher really interesting?”

Hearing the voice calling her, Cheryl tried to hide her anxiety and turned to her friend sitting next to her.

A girl with long dark blue hair that reached below her waist and skin that was transparent enough to be white.

Her appearance was so beautiful that it was like a doll made by a craftsman with all her heart and soul, and even the male students sitting next to her kept glancing at her.

“Flora. Could you again… … .”

“‘Again’. Excuse me. What did I do?”

Sheryl couldn’t bear to speak to Flora, who asked in a playful and subtle way.

Flora Lumos.

The daughter of Duke Rumos, one of the leading noble families in the Exsilion Empire.

As if she had moved a picture just by being still, she was beautiful and enchanting, and she was famous for the title of ‘genius’ in Seorun’s second year.

Even students who are called geniuses in the world become criminals at Seorn Academy.

Seorn, who gathered only geniuses from all over the city and country, raised the level of students too high, and the children with less talent had no choice but to become relative criminals.

It was not surprising that a child who had been called gifted where he lived would find himself more quickly counting backwards here.

However, Flora is a girl who is known as a ‘genius’ even in Seorn.

It was a part that showed how great her talent for magic was, even in a fragmentary way.

With a good family, a beautiful appearance, and excellent abilities, he was one of the most famous celebrities in Seorn, which anyone could not help but envy.

only one.

Except for some personality flaws.

Flora Rumos was notorious among teachers even within Theorn Academy.

Because she is a genius, she did not try to get proper instruction from anyone. Rather, she challenged the teacher’s authority, and she, in turn, won her victory.

It was a daily occurrence for the teacher to point out the wrong technique in the middle of the lesson.

On the contrary, she improvised a far superior magic than the teacher taught, and destroyed the teacher in front of the students.

He has been steadily building such notoriety since he was in the first year, and it is still the same now that he is in the second year.

In particular, the fact that two teachers who were in charge of manifestation classes left last year because of her specializing in the manifestation system is so famous that everyone in the academy does not know about it.

Such Flora became a sophomore, and came to take the Apparition Class class again.

Even this time, Ludger Celisch’s class, which was evaluated as unusual from the first appearance.

Flora’s friend, Cheryl, prayed that it would not happen this time, but the look on Flora’s face made it seem like vain hope.

Flora’s nickname among the teachers is the Little Devil of the Lumos family, as she robs the teachers of every class she takes and drains them of their souls.

Considering that people who have been victimized by her shudder to the point that even naming them the Great Demon King, let alone the Little Devil, is not enough, Little Devil is a very cute nickname.

Flora had chosen Ludger as her prey for this semester.

“Cheryl. honestly isn’t it funny? He’s no one else, and he looks like he’s only in his 20s, but he’s mastering all the four specializations of the manifestation world. no. you can learn But honestly, wouldn’t it be an exaggeration to teach them all?”

“that… … .”

Cheryl couldn’t help but agree with that part.

I don’t know if it’s his pride as a new teacher or if he really has the ability to do so.

I can’t help but doubt it right now because I can’t confirm the true value.

‘But did I really learn it skillfully enough to teach all four major specializations?’

There are a total of 5 classes in magic, and each class has different specializations.

Three specializations of <material creation> <transformation> <alchemy> of the [implementation] line.

The four specializations of the [Expression] series are <Emission> <Elemental Element> <Inflammation> <Enhancement>.

[Summoning] Specialized in <Spirit> <Golem> <Magic Beast> <Necromancer>.

6 specializations of <Astrology>, <Enchantment>, <Illusion>, <Pharmaceutics>, <Witch Craft>, <Enchant> of the [Curse and Doom] series.

And the last 5 series [Special].

In the case of [Speciality], it is ambiguous to call it magic in the world, but it definitely refers to the type of magic that can be manifested.

Arcane magic passed down from generation to generation in the family, or those who pioneered a unique method on their own belong to this [special] class.

And, of course, no teacher teaches in this particular class.

Just in time, Ludgar carved a magic formula on the magic board.

When she poured magic power on a board with nothing written on it, the spell was automatically drawn.

It was one of the 3rd tier flame elemental magics, [Swaying Flame].

“It is a pulsating flame. The seven elements of heating, combustion, compression, acceleration, expansion, and diffusion complement each other to form a magic formula based on the basics of expression.”

Even though it was only a third-tier spell, it was a magic that had to be manifested by arranging the seven elements that make up the spell in the right place.

If there was enough time, students taking classes in this place could also use it.

“As today is the first class, I will teach you something that will interest you before entering the main class. It is a way to express the magic much faster than the conventional method.”

Fast food?

For the first time, curiosity welled up in the minds of the students.

“Let’s see. speed, yes. It can be said that it is more than three times faster than the previous one.”

At those words, the eyes of the students widened.

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