I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 13

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◈ Episode 13 First Class (3)

“what. You want to shorten the spell expression time?”

“Is that possible?”

“Aren’t you lying?”

Unlike the first graders who didn’t know much yet, the second graders doubted their ears to Ludger’s words.

Before teaching the basics in the first lesson, you said you were going to show me how to make magic manifest faster.

I couldn’t help but be suspicious.

The speed of the manifestation of magic has always been considered a top priority for wizards.

One second is a lot in a life-and-death battle.

In particular, unlike knights who move their bodies and wield swords in real time, wizards who take time to manifest their magic feel the danger much more acutely.

With the development of science, wizards are less likely to be exposed to danger than before, but they have not completely disappeared.

Since they are wizards who always have to think coolly and rationally, they had no choice but to focus more on this part.

In such a situation, what Ludger said now went beyond simply satisfying the expectations of the students, and was what all wizards aspired to do with their eyes open.

Flora’s best friend Cheryl asked her.

“Flora. Is that really true?”

“Hmm. well. Has there ever been a proper shortening of the spell?”

There was definitely a way to reduce the magic’s manifestation time.

A representative example is scroll magic, which is performed by storing existing magic in a medium in advance.

However, in this case, there is a limitation of single-shot.

A scroll that has been enchanted once loses its effect.

Or, you can use a magic called [Reverberation of Memory] that activates magic in advance and stores it.

Even in this case, it is impossible to continue using it, and there is a limit to the maximum amount of stock that can be stacked according to the skill level.

“Unless the structure of the magic itself is changed, it seems impossible.”

In the end, in order to shorten the time, the fundamental technique must be improved, but even that is impossible.

The magic that is commonly used is the most optimal method that has been refined, devised, and created by wizards who will remain in history for thousands of years.

For some, it may be only a 3rd tier fire elemental magic, but it is said that behind the magic, there are traces of countless geniuses in history.

Even those who are called geniuses in modern times do not improve existing magic in a better way.

Because it’s so perfect that there’s nowhere else to touch it.

It was a matter that had already been decided more than a hundred years ago.

Even Flora Lumos acknowledged that.

‘Even so, if I insist on changing it, I have no choice but to lose something as much as I have drunk.’

If the magic expression speed is increased rapidly, other parts will inevitably become weaker.

Either the power is reduced, the range is narrowed, or the accuracy is lowered.

However, if the elements that go into the magic formula are reduced, can it really be considered conventional magic?


From then on, it becomes a completely separate magic.

For wizards who value legitimacy very much, it is a matter of frothing.

‘If he really said that he would speed up the ceremony with that thought in mind.’

Flora’s gaze narrowed.

‘It will be very disappointing. teacher.’

no. Rather, Flora hoped that Rudger would do so.

That would make it easier for her to bite.

‘It seems that our handsome princess felt the same way.’

The third princess, who boasts a beauty different from her own, with hair that looks like weaving a golden thread up.

Rudgar’s remarks would inevitably be an annoyance to her, who likes things that are upright and dignified unlike this side.

As if to prove it, the princess’s face was also cold.

The moment when the atmosphere in the classroom becomes more and more strange.

Rudger clapped his hands and refreshed the atmosphere.

“stop. The small talk ends there.”

The students all shut up, but the atmosphere itself did not change.

Rudger smiled and said that he might not know that.

“You seem to have a lot of questions. good night. Before I show you, I’ll accept a few quick questions.”

At that moment, the students immediately raised their hands.

Rudger pointed to the first student who raised his hand.

“Let me tell you.”

“My name is Alex Salein from Year 2. He said that Mr. Ludger shortens the rate of magic manifestation. What exactly is that?”

“Reduction in the expression rate is literally shortening. If you ask a question, be more specific. next.”

“This is Dahlia in the second year. By any chance, shortening the expression of the spell means that you intend to improve the formula?”

“Not like that. The formula will remain the same, but the speed will be reduced further.”

At that, voices came from everywhere.

“her. Really? Are you really speeding up the magic?”

“That can’t be possible. Wasn’t it a difficult problem that no wizard had ever managed?”

It’s ridiculous. There’s no way.

Flora felt the same way. You’re going to shorten the speed of the magic’s manifestation without touching or improving the formula?

Surely it’s not an obvious way to raise your proficiency through countless repetitions, right? However, looking at that dignified Ludger’s expression, something made my stomach churn.

“That is impossible.”

Flora could not stand it and opened her mouth.

Rudgar’s cold gaze flew into her and stuck. Flora slightly hurt her pride at the look in her eyes asking what the hell you are.



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“This is Flora Lumos.”

Her self-introduction raised a buzz around her.

“Flora. Flora stepped in.”

“haha. That teacher is over now.”

Even among students, Flora’s reputation was high. It was the same for the freshmen who entered this time.

2nd year genius. Maintaining the nickname of a genius even within Seorn, she was already famous among first-year students.

It was only natural for all the students to pay attention to her as she raised objections to Rudger’s method right from the first day of class.

“I don’t remember allowing the question, but let’s skip it this time. okay. What the hell is the student saying is impossible?”

“Of course, shortening the ceremony. There is nothing to speed up the expression of the magic formula without touching it and without any improvement, other than to speed it up by simply mastering it repeatedly.”

“Why do you think there is no?”

“Because no one has ever done it. Even geniuses who will go down in history, even high-ranking arch mages couldn’t do it. But when the teacher said he was doing it, I couldn’t believe it.”

Even now, innumerable wizards in the Mage Tower continue their quest, racking their brains every day to search for the truth.

Nevertheless, unlike in the past, there were areas where progress could not be made any further, and shortening the technique was a representative example.

Even if you are a teacher at Seorn Academyra, saying that a new teacher can do it is nothing.

Beyond simple bravado, it was close to an overall contempt for the magical world.

buzz buzz.

At Flora’s words, each student nodded in agreement with her opinion.

There were no students who believed in Rudger or sided with him.

Little by little, the atmosphere in the classroom turned hostile towards Ludger.

But Rudger didn’t twitch an eyebrow.

He did not shake as if no external pressure could even scratch him.

“’I couldn’t do that’. That’s a funny saying. I see it differently. I think I rather tried not to improve.”


“Magic values ​​tradition and speakers. However, it has brought stagnation from a certain moment. Now that science has developed, magic is threatened.”

“… … Are you saying that now science is superior to magic?”

“you’re welcome. I just thought that magic, like science, had room for further development after all. The saying ‘there is no room for improvement’ is wrong.”

“There has never been anything like that before.”

“Because no one was going to do it.”

“Everyone who did has failed.”

“Then I will be the first this time.”

“… … Are you serious?”

“There is no reason for me to lie in front of everyone like this.”

Flora was stunned by the brazen self-confidence.

Now that teacher doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

“Well, you don’t seem to understand right away, so let’s start the lesson right now. Did you say Flora? Do you know how long it takes, on average, to compose the [Rumbling flame] spell I wrote on the magic board?”

“… … It depends on who is unfolding it. 10 seconds for a wizard who has just reached the 3rd level. As you become more proficient and higher in the hierarchy, it will get shorter, within 5 seconds.”

“okay. However, I don’t like the nonsensical method of increasing the speed by increasing the hierarchy. What I am saying is tailored to the level of the students in my class now.”

“Then, no matter how fast, it would be 5 seconds.”

“Is this your story?”


“Hoo. What a great confidence. If so, can you show it yourself? Standing here on the podium.”

Flora was not frightened by the provocative words.


Flora stepped down from the podium and stood on top of the podium. She raised her personal wand and immediately performed the [Rumbling Flame] spell.

The background is expression. Attribute element is fire. In addition, there are elements such as heating, combustion, compression, expansion, diffusion, and acceleration.

What rises up in the air is a magic spell in the form of a blazing flame.

The expression of a neat technique without superfluity.

Its speed was like that of a raging wind, and the students who were paying attention burst into exclamations.

After all, Ceorn’s genius. After all, the daughter of the Lumos family.

He looked back at Ludger with an expression asking what Flora was like.

Rudger checked the golden pocket watch in his hand.

“The time it took to manifest was 4.78 seconds. At a speed that can’t be seen in the second year. The process was perfect.”

“It was nothing.”

“But it’s still slow.”

What flew to Flora, who was conceited, was Ludger’s cold voice.

“… … yes?”

“The fastest time to unleash [Rumbling Flames] among third-tier wizards is 4.41 seconds. There was no one faster than him. Still slow.”

“… … Once I get used to it, I can do it faster.”

“I said even that 4.41 seconds is slow.”

-Are you serious?

Everyone was taken aback by Rudger’s declaration that was so confident.

Rudger decided to show why he said that.

Standing on top of the podium, Ludger began to concentrate his magical energy.

“Look carefully. This is how [Rumbling flames] are used.”

While muttering that, he raised his small staff and pointed it into the air.

The mana that flowed from the tip of the staff eventually began to compose a spell.

But something is strange.

What unfolded after the spell based on manifestation was not the stage of heating and burning, which should have constituted a [fluctuating flame].

It was just a straight line, a very natural flow of magic that had no meaning or meaning.

Aren’t you using [Rumbling Flames]?

The moment students think like that.

The magic of [Flame that fluctuates] in the air has been completed.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

“… … !!!”

The entire classroom was filled with silent clamor.

no one could see In the first place, he slowly showed how he used his magical powers for all to see.

The first start wasn’t the [Rumbling flame] spell.

The operation of magical power completely different from the usual way.

However, the result was different.

What was completed was the [Rumbling flame] technique. There is no corner anywhere, and it is perfect enough to be the same as the one in the textbook.


Only the beginning and the end exist, and the middle process seems to have been cut off and disappeared.

I threw a stone backwards, but isn’t it the same as an arrow stuck in the target in front?

Even the speed is surprisingly fast.

1 second? no. It took barely 0.3 seconds.

It was something that students could not understand with their common sense.

“Did you see it?”

And the voice of Rudger, who has done that nonsense, is flat without any high or low.

It seems like this is natural.

He had no inspiration for how great what he had done.

“Bah, that’s what it was.”

“I’ll show you one more time for those who haven’t seen it.”

Saying so, Rudger destroyed the existing spell and repeated the process he had just shown.

Slower this time. so everyone can see it properly.

The students glared at the spell Ludger was carving, widening their eyes to see if there was something they had missed.

Magical power emanates from the tip of the wand, and it proceeds in the same strange way as the first time.

And right away, [Swaying Flames] was completed.

“Mmm, crazy.”

“Is that possible?”

“I don’t know if I look at it again.”

It’s not even an artifact. It wasn’t even the magic called [Reverberation of Memory]. It’s not even fast implementation.

No matter how fast, the process had to exist.

But that skipped the process and showed only one thing: the result.

Pull the bowstring, shoot an arrow, and the arrow flies and hits the target. There is cause and effect in everything.

The same goes for magic. You should show a flow like this when performing the spell.

But Rudger’s way wasn’t like that at all.

The process of shooting an arrow and letting the arrow fly was omitted. But the result is the same.

“No, what the hell, how… … .”

Even Flora, who watched from the nearest point of view, did not understand Rudger’s method.

no. No one will understand this even if they come.

mysterious? newness? innovatory? Those words swirled in my brain.

“Finally everyone’s eyes changed.”


The sound of someone swallowing saliva echoed throughout the classroom. To that extent, the students concentrated on what Rudger would say next.

“The speed of manifestation of the [Rumbling flame] that I spread a while ago is 0.24 seconds. Significantly different from previous records. But at the same time, you will find it strange. Because the first spell I performed wasn’t [Rumbling flames].”

okay. That was the part.

A completely different technique was used, but the result was what was originally intended.

Isn’t that common sense?

“I definitely used a spell. To be precise, I used a spell for the sake of a spell.”

“For the ceremony… … Spell?”

“What the hell is that?”

The students who muttered to each other shut their mouths again.

“I call this, Source Code.”

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