I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 112

◈ Episode 112 Rain and City (2)

Shoot Aaaaaa!

It rained like a hole in the sky.

A hazy mist of water swallowed the entire city.

The boundary between the dull sky and the city collapsed. It was as if the sky and the earth had become one with rain.

Casey walked through the center of the water-covered world.

“Casey. Is that true?”

Casey asked, turning her head halfway to Betty’s question, who was following her unsoaked thanks to Casey’s magic.


“That’s what I said earlier. That James Moriarty is alive, and that he is now in this city.”

“According to my reasoning, yes. The timing of the activities of the people I mentioned are strangely tight.”

“But that makes no sense. Why is a person with that level of skill hiding his identity and wandering around the world?”

“I don’t know about that.”

“yes? Are you so sure you don’t know?”

“Betty. There is a word my grandfather told me.”

“What is it?”

“Except everything that is impossible, what remains must be the truth, no matter how absurd it may be.”

Serokian Selmore, who had a reputation as a very famous detective at the time, always told Casey.

─Casey, you are a smart kid. more than me One day you will definitely become a great person.

Grandpa, who smoked a pipe in his rocking chair, now warmly stroked her hair as a child with a hand full of wrinkles.

-So please don’t ask. Make this world a better place to live in.


Casey, recalling memories of that time, was awakened by the sound of thunder from the sky.

“Anyway, that’s it. That’s why I was tracking the man. A famous hunter, a big criminal from the underworld, a mercenary who ended a civil war, and the worst thief. He’s the one with all those titles. I can’t let someone like that run amok.”

“What kind of person is that person?”

“well. First of all, even the name James Moriarty is a pseudonym. Maybe he was active before then. Because that was the first time I met you.”

Casey was also curious about the man’s identity.

But the important thing is not his identity.

The man who drove the Delica kingdom into chaos, the wicked man who almost started a war, cannot be left alone.

had to be arrested.

“So let’s go. I have a hotel reservation.”

“Wait! Then can’t we take a carriage ride?”

“What kind of wagon is it when it rains like this? Don’t you know that wagon-pulling golems can’t get in water? And in this day and age, real horse-drawn carriages are hard to find.”

“Ugh. it’s annoying.”

“Don’t worry, the hotel isn’t far.”

“Where are you?”


Casey glanced up at the hard raindrops falling in the sky. The raindrops weakened. The rain will probably stop by the time we reach our destination.

“There’s a big auction coming up soon, and I’ve been invited to it.”

“Is Casey interested in the auction too?”

“I am not interested in the auction itself. Originally, I needed a suitable place to stay, but somehow they knew and sent me an invitation. Well, it must have been worth the name of a famous guest.”

Kunst, run by the Luke Company, failed to attract Casey’s attention.

I just chose it because I didn’t have to go through the cumbersome process of checking in at another hotel.

Of course, it wasn’t without purpose at all.

“And there it is.”

Casey smiled mischievously.

It was the mischievous grin she smiled whenever she thought of an upcoming event.

“Betty. I know that? Every time there is a big event like this auction, there is always an incident?”

Watching her already excited about the incident and the thought of resolving it, Betty replied with a slight smirk.

“At this point, isn’t Casey just bringing the case? Do you have any doubts?”

“Ah~ I need to go to the hotel and rest~.”

“Kyaaaagh! Now, wait! rain! It’s raining! You’ve intentionally dispelled the magic right now, right?! Casey!”

Casey lightly ignored the cry.

* * *

The rain, which seemed to sweep the world away, eventually stopped.

The sky, which had been filled with dark clouds, gradually began to regain its original light.

Sunlight poured in through cracks in the parting clouds.

I stood on the steeple on the roof of the building, staring at Laedervelk.

The golden light emitted by the setting sun touches the clouds and spreads around.

The rough current of the Ramsey River sprinkled broken light.

Looking at the contrast between the grandeur of the expansive sky and the silent city, I suddenly remembered the past.

When I met Master for the first time and learned about this world.

When he brought me from an island to the continent and showed me the wide world.

Even then, there was such a beautiful sunset.

I stretched out my hand into the air.

It’s the same sky as back then, but the touch with your hand is different.

I was younger in the past, and I wasn’t as tall as I am now. Above all, it was a vast grassland, not a city.

Where the wind ran like a wild horse, and cast its footprints on the grass.

A place where the endless Milky Way spread out like silk at night.

From the cries of insects to the smell of grass that irritated the tip of the nose.

The touch of the grass that swayed in the wind was still lingering on my fingertips.

“What are you thinking?”

Then a voice was heard.

I turned my head. Alex was coming up through the iron ladder that led up to the spire.

“just. I was looking at the sky.”

“The sky?”

Standing beside me, Alex whistled as he watched the golden sunset over the clouds.

“surely. It’s a rare beauty even in a city like this. Is it more like after the rain?”


“By the way, were you looking at the sky alone in a place where it was difficult to climb up like this? The leader is also more sensitive than I thought.”

“Looking at you talking like that, it looks like you have something to say to me.”

Could it be that I hit the core right away? Alex made a foolish expression for a moment, then he smiled dejectedly as if he had resigned himself.

“just. I want to say thank you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You trusted me and didn’t take me out of this operation.”

“Have you still not abandoned your attachment to her?”

“I’m not the kind of person who deserves to have regrets.”

Alex usually behaves frivolously, but it wasn’t like this from the beginning.

There was a time when he also had a dream and worked hard for it.

Enya was Alex’s lover back then.

“Are you calm?”


“It should be good enough not to cause disruption on the day of the operation.”

“That’s enough. don’t worry. Well, my story ends here. I just wanted to talk about the other colleagues.”

Is it the story of other colleagues?

I was already expecting something like this to come out.

All of them are full of personality, and I forcibly gathered them through my personal connections.

They say they get along well with me, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll get along with each other.

“Especially its size.”

“You mean Pantos.”

“What the hell is that guy? I almost got into a mess there!”

“Didn’t it work out well?”

“It only happened because I sold the name of the leader. If I hadn’t really acted properly there, I would have already been caught?”

“Can not help it. Because I’m the only one he’s pledged allegiance to. Everyone else will be fine.”

“damn. There is no such thing as comradeship. He has a troublesome personality.”

“However, Pantos is just as candid and sincere. If he digs into that, he’ll be a good ally.”

“iced coffee. I don’t like stiff guys like that.”

“After saying that, I don’t really hate it. What about the other people you saw?”

At my question, Alex crossed his arms and thought about it before giving an answer.

“Definitely everything is first class. Guys who are definitely demonstrating their ability in their field. As a result, my personality is a little strange and there are many angular parts.”

“Is that a story involving yourself?”

“Are the leaders the same?”

Alex took my prank as a prank.

“And there’s that guy named Hans.”


“The ability to gather information is also the same, but I felt that something was missing.”

“I don’t think you’ll regret it because you did more than just what you were supposed to do.”

“That peculiar constitution. If it is the power to transform into a beast, it will surely be of great help in battle.”

What did you say, was it because of that?

“As you know, Hans avoids fighting. That’s what nature is like.”

“You mean a coward?”

“Are you a coward?”

I nodded, chewing on Alex’s scathing words.

It was not wrong.

“okay. the guy is a coward He’s got that much power and he’d rather avoid a fight than fight someone. That’s how he kept running away until he met me.”

“That’s right. Seeing as it transforms into a beast, it must be quite strong.”

Alex’s intuition was keen.

In fact, when Hans received the factor of a beast and transformed into that form, his physical strength was close to that of a knight who had undergone rigorous training.

If you use the teeth of a beast with a better lineage, it becomes stronger.

However, if it was Hans who handled that outstanding body, the story would be different.

“Even if he doesn’t fight anyway, Hans is doing his part well enough. Anything more than that is meddling.”

“Well, there is that part, so I’m not complaining too much. It’s just a little sad. It’s a pity to have such power and rot.”

“You don’t have to look at it so negatively. Because someday, the time will come for Hans to make up his mind too.”

“When is that?”


I stared at the sun gradually setting over the horizon.

“Maybe sooner or later.”

“Is that just a feeling? Or is it rational reasoning?”

“Which do you think you are?”

“Well, if I had to say it, I would call it persimmon. ah. And a kid named Arpa.”

Alex’s reaction was puzzling when he thought of Arfa.

“Something is strange.”

“What do you mean?”

“just. Should it be said that it is an act of doing something, or should it be said that it exudes a foreign energy? It’s natural that he’s unique since the leader brought him, but he’s a bit… … .”

Alex glanced at me and asked.

“What are you doing?”

I turned my back without answering the question.

“Go down. Because we have to prepare for the operation.”

“under. Won’t you tell me until the end?”

“Finding out with one’s own strength is also a method if it is a method.”

“That’s too much. really.”

“Wouldn’t it be fun to tell everyone one by one? Don’t be in a hurry. As we work together, we will gradually find out. Life is fun like that.”

At my words, Alex shook his head as if he had lost.

* * *

Time passed quickly, and the day of a festival that would make Leatherbelk noisy was approaching.

People dressed in splendor head to the Kunst auction house one by one.

The servants bowed their backs and greeted the guests.

Even under the dark night sky, the Kunst Auction House was full of colorful lights.

To the extent that its brilliance flows from the outside beyond the light of the street lamp.

An auction held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Kunst.

The auction, which lasted for three days, was of unprecedented interest to the wealthy and prestigious.

Even the first day’s eve was held successfully, and the interest was even more focused now on the second day.

Famous actors, nobles, wizards, entrepreneurs, merchants and so on.

Everywhere you go, there are people whose names are unknown.

‘There are also many people.’

Erendir, who came to the Kunst Auction House under the guidance of a servant, seemed to be taken away by the splendid scenery inside.

‘Oh my god, how much does that cost? How many households of the common people can be saved if I sell that one?’

As she was thinking such silly thoughts, someone approached her.

“Erendir von Exilion 3rd Princess. Thank you for visiting this Kunst. My name is Ivan Luke, the general manager of today’s auction. Feel free to call me Luke.”

“Ah yes.”

Erendir was only visiting for formality, so he responded lightly to Ivan.

She didn’t really like people who pretended to look like that.

However, Ivan Luke, not knowing what Erendir was thinking, reached out to escort her.

Since Erendir had a seat, he couldn’t bluntly refuse, so he decided to give it a proper reciprocation.

“haha. Thank you for giving me this valuable time.”

“… … It’s nothing.”

“I will guide you to the special seats. Would you like to watch the auction right away?”

“no. I’m a bit tired today, so I’d like to rest in my room.”

“ah. You see. Since our Kunst Auction House doubles as a hotel, we will guide you to a VVIP-only room.”

Erendir, who had been following Ivan Luke, stopped as if he had found a familiar face among the crowd.

“Why is that? Princess.”

“… … no. it’s nothing.”

Even as Erendir replied, he couldn’t take his eyes off the crowd.

‘Did I just see something wrong?’

I must have seen someone familiar somewhere between me.

However, it happened so quickly that Erendir couldn’t be sure if it was real.

* * *

Rudger, who entered the Kunst Auction House, informed the other members through the micro-communicator worn on his ear.

“This is <Unknown>. Can you hear me?”

Soon after, the other members replied that they could hear it well.

Ludger, who last confirmed that the taciturn Pantos had replied ‘yes’, gave instructions as he looked inside the auction hall filled with splendid light and pleasure.

“. Let the operation begin.”

operation name.

<Rudger’s 8> started.

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