I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 113

◈ Episode 113 Ludger’s 8 (1)

[Operation starts.]

outside the auction house. Hans, who was waiting in a building across from the big boulevard, swallowed nervously.

finally started

The first attempt to rob the Kunst Auction House, which has not allowed intruders to enter even once in the past 20 years.

‘Whoa. Let’s stay calm.’

Up until now, I had done many things to help Rudger, but I could proudly say that there were only a handful of cases where my heart trembled like this.

Of course, compared to other colleagues who enter and operate directly inside the auction house, his work was on the easy side.

You only need to set the timing outside and activate the invention made by Seridan.


Gently removing the curtains from the window, Hans looked down at the scenery outside.

The entrance of Kunst Auction House, which entered the second day today, was still crowded with people.

rich merchants and aristocrats. People who everyone looks up to at the top of the social pyramid.

‘I’d love to sell it.’

Hans had always thought that he was envious of people like that.

When they wandered aimlessly, not knowing when they would be hunted because of this damn constitution, those people would have lived in luxurious mansions, unaware of the cold and hunger.

It wasn’t that I hated them or did anything.

Rather, it may have been a little longing.

I also want to someday make a lot of money, end this life, and live a decent life.

I want to enjoy freedom without being disturbed by anyone in my own far away and comfortable home.

Because that’s what I’ve always thought.

‘Then I met my older brother.’

Rudger showed him the way. He held out his hand to him, who was scarred and dusty.

I promised to make you successful.

5 years ago.

Hans had never forgotten that moment until now.

‘My role is simple. I just have to operate the machine according to the signal sent.’

By Hans’ side, there was an unusual invention made by Sheridan.

An item that can temporarily neutralize an artifact called a surveillance camera that manages the underground vault of the Kunst Auction House.

However, the duration was not long. Only 5 minutes at most.

Therefore, it was impossible to allow even a few seconds of error to operate.

‘And I’m not alone.’

Hans relieved some of the pressure when he saw Arpa, a colleague who decided to move with him.

‘no. Is this okay?’

Like herself, Arfa was staring at the world outside the window.

The world reflected on that transparent retina was so clear, but it was impossible to read what emotions resided in Arfa’s own eyes.

It was so hard for even Hans, who had been eating a little, to guess.

He always had a smile on his face, but whenever his sense of wildness was amplified by receiving the factor of a beast, Hans would get goosebumps at the sense of alienation he felt from Arpa.

“Uh, are you okay?”

But first of all, this one is older, and we all work together.

Hans mustered up the courage to talk to Arfa.

“yes? What?”


Arfa turned around and asked back with a bright smile.

“No, just. I was staring at the outside.”

“ah. is that? I’m just curious.”

“Interesting? what.”

“There are so many people. Until now, I have been wandering around uninhabited remote areas with Mr. Pantos.”


For such things, it was a delicate appearance with no skin damaged anywhere.

Is it just to exaggerate one’s own achievements, or is there something else.

“… … Anyway, do you remember our mission?”

“sure. When you send a signal, you prepare accordingly.”

“okay. It’s nothing too difficult. no. It’s actually very simple.”

“That’s it!”

A cheerful answer that comes back with a bright smile.

Hans had no choice but to scratch his cheek with his index finger as if embarrassed.

okay. Anyway, the important thing now is that the operation goes well.

Hans remembered Ludger’s last briefing the night before.

—In this operation, the main ones are me, Alex, and Pantos.

Hans agreed. Alex was good at acting and was good at cheating. He especially went so far as to stamp on Ivan Luke that he was a southern aristocrat.

The giant Pantos is a combat specialist. His brute force was indispensable when he inevitably came into conflict with the Black Guards on the inside.

And Rudger is, of course, a key force that cannot be left out.

Because I am the center of the people gathered here and I am also their leader.

—We directly infiltrate the basement of the auction house and steal the items from safe number 3.

In order to do so, the other members had to fulfill the given mission clearly.

‘first. Stealing the key to the elevator entrance to the basement.’

There is only one way to go underground.

It is possible to change the idea and dig a tunnel directly and penetrate from the outside, but unfortunately, this method was not adopted due to lack of time.

In the end, it doesn’t change the fact that you have to take the elevator from the front and go down to the basement.

In order to do that, something was needed.

‘Find the [Key Master] who has the key to the elevator and steal the key from him. And to quickly subdue the guards guarding the elevator.’

Neither was that easy.

If things go wrong from here, the operation will literally be in vain.

It was Violetta and Alex’s job to steal the key from the key master.

Hans had no choice but to hope that the personnel inside would handle the mission well.

* * *

Room 3108 on the top floor, where only VIPs of the Kunst Hotel stay.

Alex changed into clothes that were comfortable for working there and came out.

He had already infiltrated Kunst in advance by forging his identity as Guar the day before.

Now it’s time to start the operation in earnest, so we’re ready to descend.

As he was about to go down, he saw a familiar figure at the end of the hallway and had no choice but to stop.

‘Crazy, why are you here?’

Alex immediately hid in a corner of the hallway.

Looking up, I saw that I hadn’t seen anything wrong.

Enya Joiners.

She was standing in front of the elevator she was supposed to ride, tapping the ground with her booty feet.


‘Could it be that he was a member of the Security Bureau, so he got a good room at the hotel? damn. What am I going to do if we run into each other here?’

At this rate, you cannot access the elevator.

It would take a long time to wait for Enya to ride down first and then ride the next one.

Alex clicked his tongue inside and moved to the emergency stairs.

‘If I had known this would be the case, I would have asked for a room on the lower stairs.’

It was a pity that I took the top room because I was tempted by the word good room.

As Alex descended the stairs, he immediately signaled to Violetta using his handheld communicator.

“This is <Victor Hugo>. Please respond.”

The one who received the call was Violetta, who was sitting quietly in the lobby on the first floor waiting for Alex.

She muttered quietly, conscious of the gazes of those around her.

“What happened?”

[The ‘shoelace’ is untied. It will take time to go down.]

“——I understand.”

It was their own slang and password, pre-determined in case someone would hear it.

If the shoelaces are untied, it means that the movement is stopped.

This meant that there was an obstacle unintentionally hindering the progress of the mission.

Is it like this from the start?

Violetta couldn’t help but sigh.

Then, with her vision, she saw the person she was targeting.

‘Key Master.’

A middle-aged man who appears to be in his mid-40s.

He is a gentleman-like man with long sideburns.

He was a hotelier who had worked at the Kunst Hotel for 20 years and was in charge of the key to the underground elevator.

Because he was trusted by Ivan Luke, he was also the one who directly possessed the key to the elevator to the basement storage room.

‘I found it sooner than I thought.’

Originally, I had to join Alex here, approach the key master, and steal the key from him naturally.

‘There’s a problem from above, so I guess I’ll have to do it alone.’

Violetta got up slowly from her seat and casually approached the key master.

She grabbed a glass of champagne from a silver tray held by a waiter passing by and quickly drank it down.


The Key Master, who was giving instructions to his subordinates, saw the beautiful woman approaching and sent his subordinates right away.

“Now go.”

“yes. All right.”

The Key Master who sent his subordinates cleared his throat with a greasy smile on his face.

“Hmm. Lady? Do you have any business?”

“oh. Are you an employee here?”

The burns on her face had disappeared, and Violetta was showing off her beautifully adorned appearance.

She smiled alluringly and gently stroked the key master’s forearm with her black lace gloved hand.

“Whoops. I mean. I think I’ve had too much to drink, so could you show me to my room? My head is dizzy.”

“Heh heh heh. Sure. Lady. I will guide you myself.”

The Key Master felt he had a windfall.

Violetta was completely unaware of this man’s sinister intentions.

‘As expected.’

Kunst’s key master’s personal information was known because he had researched it in advance.

He looked like a polite and well-mannered hotelier on the outside, but in fact he was a very promiscuous person.

He plays a socially prestigious person, but he does dirty things behind the scenes, such as going to gatherings in the dark or committing adultery.

That’s why Violetta chose the beauty world.

The Key Master just enjoyed the current situation, not knowing that the black viper with some kind of plan was approaching him.

Even if he knew what his intentions were, he would have had an unfounded confidence that he would be able to take care of things on his own.

“Can you help me?”


The key master placed his hand on Violetta’s slender waist.

Violetta could have been annoyed by that blatant touch, but she didn’t distort her smile.

Because she was a person who was good at dealing with people like this.

“Lady. What room is the accommodation you are staying in?”

“Ugh. Maybe it’s because I drank too much, I can’t remember.”

“this. Is that so?”

“But I can’t stay in a noisy place like this all the time. May I know of a private and quiet place?”

“Of course I know.”

The key master was delighted and guided Violetta.

* * *

Rudger, who confirmed the situation through the radio, decided that he did not need to step out just yet.

Violetta is a capable woman. She said she would sort this situation out on her own, so she was going to trust her.

‘First of all, I’ll have to join the other members in preparation for stealing the key from the key master.’

He has a technique to transcend space through coordinates through [Ater Nocturnus], but he couldn’t use it here hastily.

First of all, in order for him to jump through space, he had to see the coordinates of the location with his eyes or his head, but since he wasn’t the one who actually saw the underground vault, it was difficult to accurately estimate the location.

If you make a mistake, you may move to a land where there is nothing and get stuck.

And even if they arrived successfully, they couldn’t come outside with that many things.

To do so, it would take hundreds of round trips, which was practically impossible.

Hundreds of times experiencing a tremendous amount of mana and a twisting sensation every time you move? I’d rather not do it.

It was for that reason that the plan was drawn up with the members.

That was the moment.

“Huh? Who is this?”

Someone recognized Rudger and approached. Even that wasn’t one.

Rudger stopped his steps with a calm face and looked back at the person who called him.

“To meet you in a place like this. Is there such a wonderful coincidence in the world? It’s been a while since I saw you at the banquet hall then? Mr. Ludgar Celish?”

“… … Ivan Luke.”

“I don’t know why the teacher came to a place like this, but this is really nice to see you?”

Ivan Luke smiled at this side, but his eyes were burning with endless hostility towards Ludger.

‘It seems that he has no intention of letting me go.’

Of course, unless Ivan Luke was an idiot, he wouldn’t kick Rudger out in the open.

Quite the opposite.

“Where are you taking a good look at our Kunst Auction House?”

“It was worth seeing.”

“haha! It’s up to you. make good jokes Well, there is a saying that you can see as much as you know, so it can’t be helped.”

“You might think so. Then I’m done.”

“Hey. It was fate that we met like this, so are you just going away?”

Ivan Luke blocked Ludger’s path. Behind him, reliable guards stepped out.

It was not a black guard wearing black armor, but a security team wearing a separate suit.

“Still, since you’ve come this far, I’ll think of past friendships and help you out. hey. Since you are an important guest, treat her very politely. You know what I mean?”


The two guards responded vigorously and stood on either side of Ludger.

There was no lie about serving. The two guards literally stood by Ludger’s side and did not harm him.

But that’s why it’s annoying.

‘It’s like they purposely attached someone to me to keep an eye on me.’

Ivan must have given these instructions with the intention of sabotaging him.

This was his business, so it was obvious that he was trying to show how much his authority was.

However, since the seat is the seat, Ludger could not refuse the sabotage under the guise of this favor.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Rudger eventually decided to accept the situation.

“Let’s do that.”

He nodded and allowed the two bodyguards to accompany him.

At the same time, he naturally sent a signal to the portable walkie-talkie worn on his ear with his fingertips.


A pre-determined action in preparation for an unforeseen situation.

And what that meant was simple.

[This person is currently unable to act for some reason. Reserve personnel required.]

* * *


Listening to the signal outside, Hans opened his mouth wide.

After all, the leader, Ludger, was stranded, and the reserve member he requested was Hans.

‘uh… … . Should I go?’

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