I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 412

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 412

As we descended with Choi Seon-ho, we talked about what happened at the bottom of the cliff. Then Choi Seon-ho, who was listening to the story, seemed quite surprised and opened his eyes wide and said.

“For some reason, I heard that on rainy days there is a lot of lightning in the mountain behind me, but I guess it was because that guy was hiding.”

Apparently, the old man also thought that there was something in the mountain behind him.

“So, what is it that makes Yeon-i feel so energetic? “A squirrel lives?”

“It’s Rammoth Thunder.”

“Yeah, that’s what happened because I caught it. She suddenly said that she was going somewhere, so I wondered what she was going to do, and it turned out that I got a chance. “Nogi is a suitable energy for the sword of our Changcheon Sword Family, so work harder, Yuna.”

“yes. grandfather.”

He looks satisfied, perhaps because his granddaughter has acquired the rare attribute called brain power.

After all, once you reach the latter stages of Changcheongeom, there are quite a few techniques that can only be performed using brain energy, so in a way, isn’t it like training them early? It was safe to say that it was a natural reaction.

“What about Jiyun’s gift?”

Ji-yoon looks at me from behind the old man, her eyes sparkling.

With those words, I handed Jiyun a flower that I had picked from the cave beforehand.

In the game, it is a flower called ‘cliff grass’. It was an item that not only had a rare grade, but also had the characteristic of slightly increasing luck when possessed.

Well, apart from that, the point this time was that it always emits beautiful light due to absorbing the surrounding magic power.

“here. Jiyoon’s.”


Jiyoon smiles brightly after receiving the flowers I give her.

Originally, luck was also something that only slightly increased it.

“Hi-Hi! very pretty!”

Those abilities were nothing compared to Jiyun’s smile right now.

As expected, it was a good thing I went looking for Giyeon.

* * *

After coming down from the mountain and eating gomtang made from bear, I spent the whole day receiving basic dagger skills from an elder.

Originally, I did not have to completely change and learn the dagger technique of Caglione from scratch. Classes where you just learn the basics so that you can organically connect the movements.

Since it was the first day of training, it ended relatively lightly, but this alone gave us a clear understanding of the swordsman Choi Seon-ho and his teaching methods.

While Kwak Chun-sik’s style is to let people experience it directly with their bodies and hit them hard, Geom-seon’s style is to first explain the theory so that they can understand it with their head and then slowly adapt the movements to their body.

Should we say that there are practical and theoretical groups?

What was certain was that out of all the people around me, he was the one who taught the most peacefully and systematically.

And it seems that Jiyun, who came to the Changcheon Sword School with me, is also diligently learning the basics of Changcheon Sword under Choi Yeon.


“It’s a Gaebyeok sword. And, it’s still difficult for Jiyun to use Gaebyeokgeom.”


It seemed like there wasn’t as much progress as expected… … .

“As expected, grandpa’s eyes were right. “Jiyun is a genius.”

It seems like the talent was real.

Jiyun seemed to be interested in swordsmanship as well, and was swinging her sword along with Choiyeon as if she was having a lot of fun.

Of course, I didn’t forget to call home every now and then.

“dad! Jiyoon will become a very strong prosecutor! “They say I’m a genius!”

-You mean our Jiyun? Hahaha! then. Whose daughter is this!

It is a national rule to make video calls when children are far away. The father listens intently to Jiyun’s story.

I ended up reporting that in the process, I was also learning about dagger techniques.

It can be said that it is truly a peaceful daily life.

A short break during training.

I was sitting on the main floor eating ice cream and asked Choi Yeon, who was sitting next to me and staring blankly at the trees outside the mansion.

“But you have to go to the academy tomorrow. “For now, do you think it would be better for me to go home this evening and stop by your house like an academy?”

Since I had to spend 5 out of 7 days a week at the academy, it was time to get away from the Changcheon Sword House for a while.

I also think Jiyoon spends too much time outside the mansion.


“huh? “Grandpa said he told the academy.”


“You don’t have to go to the academy tomorrow. The day after tomorrow… … Yes, I have to go. I heard that the old man, Kwak Chun-sik, was running wild and screaming, ‘Don’t mess with other people’s students!’ “Grandpa laughed when he heard that.”

It seems like he was able to cover about one day of the academy’s classes thanks to the influence of the elder Geomseon.

For some reason, I woke up today to find a strange text message from old man Kwak Chun-sik.

Surely it was something like this?

[Elderly Kwak Chun-sik: Traitor]

The immediate reply was, ‘I think a fist is better than a sword. ‘The sword isn’t that good,’ he replied.

I guess this will put out the urgent fire for now.

Still, it wasn’t really that dagger technique wasn’t helpful to me.

Basically, Choi Seon-ho taught me how to deal with swordsmen, and even taught me how to fight other swordsmen even with a dagger with a relatively short reach.

To the point where I feel like I was stupid for rushing forward, trusting only in the indestructible glove of Midas.

“Let’s leave it at that for today. “It’s not efficient to hit multiple techniques in a short period of time.”

As the sun slowly set over the mountain range, the person who was guiding my movements stood up and said that.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“It’s hard. So, did you hear from Yeon that you don’t have to go to the academy tomorrow?”

“yes. “They also said that the old man, Kwak Chun-sik, was very angry.”

“Giggles! I’m sure he’ll have a stomachache too. “I am teaching you, the future Auror.”

He says that and puts his hand on my shoulder.



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“Eugene Han Caglione. Do you know why I invited you to my house and told you about the sword like this?”

“yes? uh… … “Is it because I’m Choi Yeon’s friend?”

“Aren’t there more of Yeon’s friends besides you…?” … “The reason I invited you and your younger brother was because your father, Vito, requested a favor.”

“… … “Are you my father?”

I didn’t expect this.

“I’ve been through all sorts of things recently and have been hurt quite a bit? “I also got involved with a lot of villains.”

surely… … Recently, there have been many battles, such as the war with Plague and the battle during the school trip.

I also suffered quite a few injuries each time. Although she returned home fully recovered, she was able to receive the remainder of her treatment at home.

“Keep in mind, no parent likes their child getting hurt. That’s probably why your father sent you and your younger brother. I just hope to gain more experience and get hurt less. That’s why your teacher, Kwak Chun-sik, doesn’t say anything louder.”

Because others already know that this experience will be of great help to me.

“I hope we can see and learn more from our home.”

He patted my shoulder a couple of times with a satisfied smile and then tried to leave the dojo.

“By the way, old man Geomseon.”

“huh? “Why are you doing that?”

“Can I go outside for a moment? “I have someone to meet briefly.”


He blinks at my words.

“What are you talking about? “Have I even imprisoned you?”


“Just go as fast as you can and come back on time. “You will tell people about me.”

The old man disappears while waving his hand like that.

… … Really, he’s cooler than I thought.

Anyway, this is it.

“Is it okay to just make contact with emojis?”

Let’s slowly create an angle.

* * *

I left Changcheon Geomga and arrived in downtown Seoul under the pretext of having a dinner plan.

Fortunately, I had a student who went all the way to Seoul, so I arrived in the city without difficulty, took a quick look around, and then turned my gaze to my watch.

There is still quite a bit of time left until the appointment time.

I headed to a nearby PC room. It was to show that I was killing time here, avoiding any possible surveillance.

After playing a few rounds of the new game ‘Bush War Land’, he quickly looked around and quietly went out the back door of the PC room.

The clock had already shown 11:30.

“I guess I’ll have to go soon.”

A call from an emoji and no one else.

That meant that the Villain Alliance might give me another request.

Emoji. Despite his light appearance and actions, he was one of the powerful executives within the Villain Alliance.

Of course there must be something like that. Roughly… … It looks like there’s no follow-up, so that’s right.

I left the building, caught a taxi, and headed to the Namsan Tower cable car.

Is it because it’s late at night? The area around Namsan was extremely quiet.

among them. After climbing to the rooftop of an empty building and confirming that there is no one around, he activates customization to change the shape of his body.

The appearance of the Magical Rogue looks great even on nights like today when there is no moonlight.

“Whoa… … .”

I don’t know what kind of request he will give me, but infiltrating the Villain Alliance could have a big impact on many future stories, so I had to do it with all my heart.

“Let’s go.”

I began to walk towards the top of Namsan Mountain, hiding my shining body as much as possible and making no trace of myself.

I usually like flashy things when in magical form, but unfortunately, in Korea, Magical Rogues are classified as villains.

Although I pride myself on being on the side of justice, the foolish and pitiful heroes of Korea define me as a villain.

So, in this situation, you have no choice but to hide.

So, I walked as hard as I could through the trees toward the top of Namsan Tower.

This is the true magic of Magical Rogue.

Magical haste.

It was a technique that greatly increased speed by moving muscles as if exploding, based on enormous leg strength.

And finally.


Confirm that Namsan Tower is visible.

I was able to reach the top of the tower by focusing my strength on my legs and jumping while simultaneously kicking the air with my black dance ability.

Feet touching the top of the tower.

[You came on time. Magical Log.]

The villain was leisurely waiting for me there, and an emoji drew a smiling face on the screen and a text appeared above my head.

“okay. You came pretty early. “Emoji.”

[I tend to keep my promises strictly.]

“I like that. So, why did you call me here at this hour?”

It wasn’t even the other villains singing together, it was just me singing… … .

I felt something was unusual in this situation.

“Looking at it, there don’t seem to be any other guys. “I guess I have a favor to ask only of myself.”

[As expected, Magical Rogue! You guessed the answer right away.]

The guy is clapping his hands and coming towards me.

[The reason for calling Magical Rogue this time is none other than… … .]

The guy looked at me, blurred the text, and spread his arms wide, as if he was expecting a lot.

[This is the ‘nomination request’ from the Villain Alliance. This is to ask for a request that only you can do!]


Truly, a tremendous opportunity has come.

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