I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 411

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 411

After Ramsunder fell, four objects were scattered on the floor, emitting bright light.

2 acorn-shaped elixirs and shoes. And even a dagger.

Usually, Ram Rat Thunder spreads only 1 to 3 items, but it must have been mutated and received additional compensation corrections.

“Eugene. This?”

Choi Yeon tilts her head and looks at the items scattered on the ground.

“This is all by chance. Did you see it? “I heard that when you listen to me, your spirit comes out even in your sleep.”

“Is it possible to get talent this easily?”

“If you’re lucky.”

“Eugene is a lucky person… … ? I also climbed Bukhansan Mountain several times with my grandfather, but the only opportunity I had was to dig up a few roots of Youngcho.”

Isn’t it also a great deal of luck to dig up herbs while hiking?

I thought so for a moment, but cases like today are definitely not common. So I gave a light answer.

“Well, like you said, I’m lucky.”

In that case, I have no choice but to be as shameless as possible. Then Choi Yeon nodded her head without any doubt.

“Eugene is lucky. “I’ll remember.”

“There’s no need to remember… … Well, do whatever you feel comfortable with.”

“huh. By the way, what are these? Eugene. “You had emotional skills, right?”

To be exact, it’s not an emotional skill but an ability given by the system, but that’s actually what it is.

I nodded once toward Choi Yeon, who was looking at me with sparkling eyes, and then carefully looked at the dropped items.

First of all, an acorn with blue lightning flashing on the outside.

[Name: Electric Acorn]

[Grade: Unique]

[Type: Elixir]

[Description: A sacred object from Bukhansan Mountain. This is an acorn that has been influenced by thunder energy for hundreds of years in the cheek pouch of Ram Thunder. It has the ability to strengthen the user’s brain energy when consumed.

※Caution※ Very sour.]

Ram Rat Thunder’s electric acorn that strengthens brain energy.

In fact, it was an elixir that could easily be considered in the category of ‘Naedan’.

An elixir that gives the ability to control brain energy to beings who cannot control brain energy, and further strengthens brain energy to those who already have it.

This elixir is very helpful to me, who has an electric attribute in the aura itself.

It was a very popular item among those who were into gaming technology.

The downside is that it is very sour, as written in the status window.

And it could only be consumed once.

In the past, I tried to take two pills at once to overcome this penalty, and my character got a quadriplegic debuff, maybe?

“It’s an elixir that allows you to control brain energy just by consuming it. “Take one for yourself.”

I handed one of the two into my hand and the other to Choi Yeon.


“It means that when you cut with a sword, the sword can be charged with electricity. “Like I sometimes electrify my fists or feet.”

As I said that and showed electricity at the tip of my finger, the guy nodded as if he knew what it was.

“That’s cool. “Then can I eat it?”

“You can eat it first, but there is one thing to be careful about… … uh? hey!”

Before she could finish listening to me, she swallowed the electric acorn in one bite, making a wow sound.

At first, she had an expressionless face as usual and moved her mouth.

“… … ?!”

Little by little, her expression began to crumple and she turned to me with a look in her eyes as if asking for help.

“Eugene… … this… … sour… … .”

“That’s right, listen to what people say until the end and don’t eat… … .”

However, in the end, she chews and swallows until the end and sticks out her tongue.

“Ugh. Still, I ate it all. “Am I going to be struck by lightning like Eugene now?”

“I don’t know if it will work from the beginning, but why not give it a try?”

“hmm… … Yes… … like this?”

As she says that, she emits static-like electricity from her fingertips.

I never thought I would succeed in doing this all at once… … Indeed, I think it is not for nothing that the Changcheon Sword is said to be the best technique.

“Then it’s Eugene’s turn next.”


“that. I’m not going to eat?”

“No, I’m going to eat it… … .”

For some reason, the way Choi Yeon looked at me was burdensome.

It was as if he wanted me to eat it quickly too.

“I’m not going to eat?”

“I’m going to eat. “I’m going to eat it.”

It’s really annoying.

I calmed down as much as I could, opened my mouth, and placed an electric acorn on the tip of my tongue.

At that moment, I felt a tingling sensation as if electricity was running from the tip of my tongue, and at the same time, I felt a tremendous sour taste tingle throughout my body.

I just wanted to eat it with a frown on my face.

“… … .”

I can’t do that because Choi Yeon is staring at me as if she wants to see my reaction.

okay. If a man doesn’t have Gao, how will he live?

Using tremendous mental strength and muscle control, he kept his expression as expressionless as possible and chewed the electric acorn in his mouth.



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The difficult part was that by sending an electric current to the face, paralyzing it and preventing it from moving its muscles, we managed to successfully eat it with a blank expression.


“… … ?”

Choi Yeon looks at me like that with an incomprehensible look.

“Eugene. “Have you eaten everything?”


“… … really?”

A reaction as if they couldn’t believe it.

I opened my mouth and showed him inside.

“look. “Did you eat everything?”

“… … “How did you endure that?”

“It’s not that sour. “I’m going to kill you.”

In fact, it was sour.

It was incredibly sour.

I immediately crumpled my expression and screamed, barely able to hold back what I wanted to eat.

To see Choi Yeon’s reaction like that.


“It’s strange. “I guess it was a little too tight for me.”

“is it?”

“I guess so.”

I felt like his sarcasm would hurt if I played around more, so I ended the story vaguely.

Now, shall we check the remaining two items?

[Name: Ram Thunder’s Leather Shoes]

[Grade: Unique]

[Type: Shoes]

[Description: Shoes made from Ramsay Thunder leather, which boasts harder than steel. It is characterized by being light compared to its rigidity, and can not only absorb and emit surrounding current, but also emit electricity as light as the amount of stored electricity.


Storage: Stores current according to the amount of activity. It can absorb surrounding current.

These shoes can be said to be a downgraded version of the black radish.

At least the congratulatory skill was one that I have been receiving a lot of help from recently, so it could be quite helpful to Choi Yeon and her.

Above all, that part that can emit electricity.

“The brain energy basically has the energy of courage, so it will be a good match for you. “You take these shoes.”

“Is that okay? “This looks good.”

“My shoes are pretty good too. Above all, I am at a point now where I need stilettos rather than shoes.”

With that said, he gave her a brief description of the item.

“The shoes you are wearing right now are ordinary shoes, right? “This has a unique rating, so you can use it for quite a long time.”


Choi Yeon carefully lifts her shoes while answering.

Now the last thing left is a dagger.

I asked her before picking up the dagger just in case.

“Do you also use a dagger?”

“dagger? hmm… … I can use it, but I don’t use it often because it doesn’t suit me. “Do you want Eugene to have that?”

“Then I am the one to thank you.”

Of all the items here, that dagger could be said to be the best item.

[Name: Ramsay Thunder Knife]

[Grade: Unique]

[Type: Dagger]

[Description: A legendary phantom beast that lived in seclusion on Mt. Bukhansan. This is a dagger filled with Ramsey Thunder’s resentment. Its strength is comparable to that of ferocious front teeth, and the softness of the handle is indescribable. Several skills are built in, reflecting Ramji Thunder’s resentment.]


[One. Lightning Release: Releases the accumulated power through the sword. This skill, made with the teeth of a phantom beast that receives electromagnetic attribute correction, inflicts damage equal to 1.5 times the power consumed.]

[2. Thunder Slash (雷斬): Can release a slash made of electricity.]

[3. Magnetic field: Not only does it protect the user by creating a magnetic field around it, but it also inflicts electric damage inside the magnetic field.]

A unique grade dagger with as many as three skills.

If this were the case, I might be able to continue a more endless battle by utilizing the dagger skills I would learn from Geomseon in the future.

“So Eugene.”


“Are there any other reasons?”


“Eugene is a lucky person.”

After collecting all the items, have you finally realized the joy of getting lucky?

Choi Yeon looked at me with eyes that were a little more sparkly than usual and said those words.

“Even if I’m lucky, I can’t find the opportunity on my own, right?”

“… … Is that it?”

“Is luck a coincidence if you find it just because you want to find it? “It’s just a hidden treasure.”


“Let’s go up quickly. “Your grandfather must be worried.”

Since it was already too late to take a quick look around, I had to quickly head to the top where he would be waiting.

“But how? Here, at the bottom of the cliff. “It must be difficult to go up again, right?”

“Choi Yeon.”


“Where there is such a chance, there is always a hidden way out. “Take notes.”

“… … memo? where?”

“On your head.”

“huh. “I took notes.”

“good. Then follow me.”

We walked towards the inside of the cave where Ram Thunder had walked out.

Then, a huge vertical cave appeared. There was a little sunlight shining overhead.

“Did you see it? All you have to do is take the road up here.”

There were stones sticking out here and there, so it didn’t seem like it would be too difficult for awakened people like us to climb up.

Ramji Thunder probably also wandered around the Bukhan Mountains through this route.

So, let’s escape the vertical cave by jumping.


It comes out behind a rock near the summit.

I think I will be able to reach the top of Bukhansan Mountain faster than I thought.

“Choi Yeon. “You know the way from here, right?”

“huh. It’s ambiguous, but… … Follow me. “It’s probably here.”

Although her confident voice was a little unsettling, she had been climbing this mountain with her grandfather since she was young.

It’s probably right to believe it now.

Did he run for about 10 minutes to follow her who took the lead?

I felt a powerful energy from far away.

There is only one person around here who has that kind of energy.


“oh? “I was thinking of going to look for it, but you arrived?”

Choi Seon-ho. He was holding a tree branch, smiling at us and waving his hand.

The huge furry dog ​​lying in front of him… … .


“Oppa! Look at this! Mr. Bear! “Grandpa caught Mr. Bear!”

There was a bear lying on the floor with a large lump on its head.

Ji-yoon was talking excitedly, waving her hand behind Geom-seon’s back, as if she was amazed by the sight of such a bear.

“ha ha ha! I guess I’ll eat gomtang this morning! Have you ever tried gomtang with bear? Hahaha!”

He makes ridiculous jokes and laughs.

I looked with salty, cold eyes and quickly turned around.

“ruler! Well then, let’s go down, have some food, and start practicing daggers! Eugene?”

“yes. “Elderly Geomseon.”

“Take it and follow me.”

“… … yes.”

Of course, it seemed like I was doing all the chores. As I was sighing and slowly walking towards the bear.


An alarm appeared through the smart lens notifying me that a text message had arrived.

The recipient is… … .

[receiver – :)]


First, I moved my eyes to check the message.

[:): I have something to discuss. midnight tonight. We’ll see you at Namsan Tower. your smile. Emoji.]

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