I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 399

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I Became the Academy Mafia Episode 399

A battle that ended simply and overwhelmingly.

The reactions of the villains watching this were also different. Some were just staring blankly in shock, some were giggling and clapping, and others were looking with interest.

Among them

[What a great sparring! I had no idea that you would show a fight like this against none other than the Shogun!]

Emoji, who created the field for us, continued to praise the sparring just now, even clapping with both hands.

[No matter how much I asked you to finish it quickly, I never thought you would finish it so quickly. It was a really nice sight.]

Leaving behind the emoji guy muttering something, I stood up and held out my hand towards Shogun, who was still unable to properly get up from the ground.

“Are you okay? “Shogun.”

If it were anyone else, I would have been angry and asked if he was being deceived, but I knew the shogun.

He is basically a villain who shows great respect for the strong and respects those with manners.

To that extent.

“ha ha ha! “I don’t have anything to say because I feel like I got it right.”

He stood up, holding on to the hand I gave him, and burst into laughter as he shook the dust off his armor.

“I never thought he would dig into my arms with his mobile device and immediately engage in a close combat… … Certainly, in a way I could never have imagined! From now on, we will have to deal with this thoroughly. ha ha ha!”

“It’s not a mobile device, it’s magic☆law.”

As if he saw this sparring as an opportunity to realize his weaknesses, I calmly answered the guy who was scratching his head and nodding towards me and continued.

“From the beginning, this sparring had the advantage on my side because I knew more. Magical girls always have to be confident. Next time, it would be nice to have a fair fight under more equal circumstances. “Shogun.”

The guy who quietly looks away without saying anything to me.

The reaction was as expected. The reason I said this was also simple.

“… … Magical Log.”


Because he was a villain with strange beliefs who liked people who respected others and had good manners.

“You are so cool! This match was truly a good sparring that made me realize my shortcomings! Thank you again. Magical Rogue Ball! Ha ha ha ha ha!”


“Ha ha ha ha ha!!”

It’s as if, if you had the ability to see favorability ratings, a series of messages would appear right in front of your eyes: [The Shogun’s favorability rating is increasing!]

The emoji must have liked this situation as well, as it displayed an image of [ > U < ] on the face screen and the text "(Happy)" above it. [I'm so glad you guys seem to be getting along better. I am also very happy.] For some reason, it felt like the villain meeting turned into a social gathering... … Well, since the results are good, that's it, isn't it? hmm. [Now, at this point, you seem to have seen the skills of the Magical Rogue you were so curious about. I would like to have a full-fledged meeting soon. Come on, go inside.] Then, as if he thought it was time, he looked at us and guided us inside the shrine. As I followed him and headed inside with the others, a conference room inside the shrine appeared. [It was originally a place used by the people of the shrine, but now it is rented as a whole, so you don't have to worry. Now, please sit down in a comfortable seat.] At his words, the villains begin to find empty seats one by one and sit down. And as if it was natural, Emoji stood at the head of the conference room and looked around at us. She clapped her hands and she announced the start of the meeting. [I think you all have guessed the reason why we have gathered you all today. The reason is the recent war between Plague and Caglione.] As expected, the topic of the meeting I was anticipating floated over Emoji's head. [Plague. Because of that damn bastard, not only did the relationship between Callione and the Villain Alliance become strained, but the number of villains dispatched to Korea by the Alliance also decreased significantly. It is a bonus that all of the items from the Villain Alliance that Plague kept were taken away.] Oh, you mean the items Plague had and the items he obtained while robbing hideouts? They are all already stored away in Caglione's public warehouse. Because it was natural that the winning side in a war would take the spoils. “Hehe, if you’re going to do it, you should at least win properly. You’re bothering us like this.” “Why not?” However, they seemed to be focusing on the outcome rather than the war itself. Looking at things like this, it looks like the villain is a villain after all. “Stuff aside, aren’t the important things Plague’s possessions? “I heard there are items mixed in that were obtained with great difficulty in the Villain Alliance?” Then the siren opened its mouth. As she said, the items Plague possessed were quite valuable even on a global scale. Indeed, it appears that he brought not simply personal items but items belonging to the Villain Alliance. [no. Plague after all. Since he caused many accidents in the name of the Villain Alliance, we decided not to touch them. Caglione also decided not to blame the Villain Alliance for Plague's work anymore.] In other words, it means that they implicitly decided not to touch each other. “Then why did you talk about the item?” This time, Slender Man, who was sitting still, raised his long hand and asked him a question. [That's a good point. The reason I’m telling this story now. That's it... … This is to obtain new items from other places as much as we lost!] “Are you looking for a new item?” “Giggle. “This will be fun again.” “Rattle.” “You mean to steal?” Villains who each react differently to the words of the emoji. And I said as if I realized something. “It’s theft… … “Is that why you called me?” When I asked the guy with his arms crossed and a solemn voice, the emoji responded by nodding his head enthusiastically. [what. That's not all, but it's probably half true. I thought Magical Log was more expert than us in this area.] Even though his activity period was short, his achievements were amazing! I nodded lightly at the guy’s text saying that. Certainly, most of my career as a Magical Rogue involved theft. From robbing the Pendragon family, he took over the treasuries of several wealthy families at once. And if you include the theft of the essence of fire from Europe and other things, these are truly spectacular achievements. but. “What on earth are you trying to steal that made you gather this much power?” Considering the strength of the people gathered here, it was too much for a simple theft. Each and every one of them is a grade A villain. If you put your mind to it, you have the power to overthrow an entire city, but doing it at best is theft... … Isn't something strange? The emoji answered my question by snapping its fingers. [I just said something about that, right? Stealing is only half true. It will be much more comfortable if you think that the gathering of this number of people is for the benefit of the rest of the class. Since the location we were aiming for was a location, we judged that it would be difficult with just ordinary people.] … … A place that needs this many people? “Where on earth is it?” [Are you curious? You'd be surprised at how hard I worked to get this information. Hehehe. Revealed!] And at the same time, another screen unfolds before our eyes. here is… … uh? Why do I feel familiar? The screen that appeared before my eyes showed a huge mansion. Even just looking at the construction method, you can see that a lot of attention was paid to security. Emoji continued speaking while checking the reactions of others. [It seems that most people have no idea where this place is. Well, it makes sense. This is right here. Chairman of Hanwol Group. Because it is Han Jinwol’s house.] huh? Han Jin-wol? "what? Han Jin-wol? “Are you saying you’re going to mess with the Hanwol Group?” As if I wasn't the only one surprised, the other villains, including Siren, also looked at the emoji with expressions as if they were wondering what was going on. “Hanwol Group is one of the best in Korea, no. Isn’t this a world-class group? Is it okay to turn a group like that into an enemy?” “Rattle.” “I can’t believe an entrepreneur’s house is like that. That's amazing. Ha ha ha ha ha!" [I understand how you feel. If it were the home of the Chairman of the Hanwol Group, the security would be beyond imagination. However, aren’t the items inside more than you can imagine?] A guy who talks with a [-U-] expression as if to reassure him. [Because the damage caused by this war was so significant, it was calculated that it would not be possible to repair the damage unless it were someone of this caliber. Of course, as the place is a place, I will make sure to make a clear plan──] "for a moment." As I raised my hand and spoke, the emoji stopped talking and looked at me. [Oh, yes. Magical Log. Do you have any opinions?] “Chairman Jinwol Han’s house. To an outsider, it would certainly appear to be just a warehouse filled with treasures... … But I bet on my honor. “You will regret it the moment you try to rob that house.” [yes?] The place they are targeting is no other place but my grandfather’s mansion. [You’re going to regret it. What do you mean by that?] The guy tilts his head as if he doesn't really understand. I sighed and said those words. “Maybe it’s because the investigation hasn’t been done properly yet, but I never thought we wouldn’t know this much.” First of all, I think it would be better to clearly explain to them why they should not target the Hanwol Group's mansion. “Recently, the Hanwol Group’s mansion was robbed twice. “Do you know that?” [yes? Are you saying that people other than us have already targeted that mansion?] “Well, it’s natural that you don’t know. From the Hanwol Group's perspective, it wouldn't be good for them to let the public know that their mansion was robbed. And there are a total of two thieves who robbed the Hanwol Group, and they are people you probably know.” [Who is that?] “One is Yenika Mohammadjam, famous as a thief of the poor. “She was probably the person called the Pirate Empress in the Caribbean.” […] … It must have been quite a while since we stopped hearing from her, right?] "yes. “It has already disappeared from this world by those who guard that house.” [Who guards the house?] In a way, this has become like saving their lives. “Deacon Kim Kang-cheol. And Caglione is in charge of the security of the mansion. You say you're avoiding Caglione, but you're targeting the mansion where Caglione looks after you? “Isn’t the premise wrong from the beginning?” […] … Caglione is protecting the house of the Chairman of Hanwol Group? How do you know that? Magical log?] “The reason is obvious. I was the next person to infiltrate after Yenika Mohammadjam. “Because it’s a Magical Log.” Probability is set to this. [?!] An emoji that expresses surprise using several special characters. I looked at his face and answered calmly. “Surely I haven’t thought the same thing as you? I was sure that there would be valuable items in the house of the Chairman of the Hanwol Group, so I went there to commit a righteous theft. but… … Looking at that security, I felt like I had more to lose than gain.” What they want to avoid now is Callione. In that case, I divert attention by asserting to them the connection between my grandfather's house and Calyone. “Callione and Hanwol Group have been coexisting with each other for a long time. There's nothing strange about it if they take care of your home's security. So, I would recommend targeting another house rather than his house where Caglione is involved.” Next, it encourages you to change your target to a place that is similar to that but has the items you need. [That place… … Where is it?] A house that will be the target of our villain coalition. That place... … . “Chief of Police. “It is the house of the right to justice.” It was Jeong Eui-hoon’s house. games, guitars,

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