I Become a Mafia in the Academy Chapter 398

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Became the Academy Mafia Episode 398

“I, the Magical Rogue, am a phantom thief loved by God, so his blessings are with me.”

[Title: Paradox] is activated.

At the same time as using the newly acquired title Paradox, the voice is exhaled with an aura as if containing mana.

The method of invoking paradox is ‘to say something that makes sense even though it makes no sense, with mana in it.’

I know it’s ridiculous since I’m not a real paladin and I can’t handle holy power, but since they only thought I was using holy power, I could say it was the right time to use it.

Is that all?

This is a world where gods exist and divine power also exists.

In other words, if the saying ‘God’s protection is with you’ turns out to be true. That could cause a huge uproar.

Like right now.

The surroundings, which had been so dark that I could barely see ahead, relying on the few lanterns and moonlight, suddenly became bright.

The center of that light source is me.

To be exact, it was thanks to the light pouring out like a waterfall behind me.

“This… … .”



A source of light that shows the proof of sainthood. There is no need to explain further what that being means.

Not only Siren, who had her arms crossed as if asking to be seen, but the other villains also opened their eyes wide, unable to believe the scene unfolding before their eyes.

okay. This is the Magical Log’s secret skill that will only be available once a month from now on.

“Magical Log. Angel☆Form.”

In particular, the halo behind the head and the wings rising behind the back are attractive forms.

If there is an advantage… … You can receive bows from priest-type people. degree?

“How about this, is this enough to verify my abilities?”

Slowly turn your gaze and make eye contact with the villains.

Something, the brightness changes depending on my gaze. for a moment. Could it be that my eyes are shining now?

[It’s enough. Enough! Who would have thought that he was an adult who was even given a Halo… … I never imagined it! ㄴOoOㄱ]

Even that seemed to be an extra point for him.

“… … Magical Log. “I guess he was bigger than I thought.”


“Tsk tsk tsk! How surprised Catholics would be if they found out about this! The person who stole their achievements was none other than the owner of Halo! Tsk tsk tsk!”

Shogun, Bomber, and Slenderman were also looking at me with admiring eyes.

Okay, you can see that Magical Rogue has actually joined the Villain Alliance.

It sounds like the mission was successfully completed.

‘Still, it’s a little sad that it ends like this.’

I’ve used my Paradox ability at best, so shouldn’t I check to see how much my specs have improved?

The Aurors who had already escaped due to using Paradox were suddenly filled with divine power.

I lightly lowered my hand.


Concentrating divine power into the empty hand creates a huge sword of light.

With this level of divine power… … In the case of ordinary zombies, they evaporate as soon as they approach, right?

I just thought about it, and in fact, an object that could be called a holy sword was created in an instant.

Of course, the divine power that escapes that much evil.

Since it is a deteriorating plate, it seems that the total amount cannot be increased significantly.

The Halo gradually fades as the Holy Sword gathers power.

I acted as if I was naturally unlocking my abilities. Then, after taking a breath, I looked at her emoji.

“ruler. So, do I have to write an application to join the Villain Alliance now?”

[Is that possible? If you are someone like you, you are a talent that the Villain Alliance must hire.]

The guy immediately responded by shaking his head as if asking what he was talking about.

[There are recent records, so proving your experience is not a problem, and there is a step where five people here write consent forms as a guarantee… … .]

He glances around at the other four.

[There’s no way you wouldn’t admit it even if you just saw it. Right? siren.]

The siren who suddenly hears his name flinch and tremble, then opens his mouth.

“… … “It wasn’t bad.”

[haha! You must be embarrassed. Anyway, no one will object. Right?]

In response to his question, the remaining four nod as if there were no further differences of opinion.

“So, is this the end of today’s business? “Can I go back now?”

[Could that be possible? Originally, this meeting was for a meeting with Amyak, not with you.]

When I thought about it, it was definitely like that.

“Then can I also participate in the meeting?”

[As much as you want! I’m also curious about Magical Log’s opinion!]

I also came with the intention of obtaining information from them, so I can say that I took a truly good opportunity.

[Okay, let’s go inside and have the meeting. It’s a bit… … Isn’t that right? lol]

At that time, the villain, who had been quiet until now, heard a popping sound. The Shogun raised his hand.

“I have a favor to ask of Lord Emoji.”

[yes yes? What is it like? Shogun?]

“Magical Rogue, I could fully accept and understand the fact that he was strong. The warrior’s spirit just can’t let go. “If it’s okay with Magical Rogue, I’d like to share a sword with him.”

[Hoo? Are you talking about Dalian?]

huh? Suddenly sparring?



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“With your power, wouldn’t you be able to create something similar to the academy’s sparring system?”

If it’s the academy’s sparring system… … Are you talking about a damage reduction system?

I wondered if it was possible to make something similar with just a trick, but considering Emoji’s skills, I didn’t think it would be impossible.

Actually too.

[Well, that’s true.]

Doesn’t he admit it too?

[No matter how much it is, Magical Log’s opinion is probably the most important. What do you think, Magical Log?]

That’s what he said, but the expression [^_^] appeared on his face.

As if he was looking forward to it.

“It wouldn’t be bad if it was just a warm-up.”

Actually, I too was feeling itchy.

Even when I received a lot of divine power, my body started to itch.

Well, the aura that was consumed while using Paradox was refilled with divine power, so there shouldn’t be any major problems in battle.

Above all, something as simple as this doesn’t suit my style.

Something that clearly allows you to feel the difference in power through your body. That’s my true way.

This is different from what you see with your eyes and what you feel with your body. If you look at it with your own eyes, you’ll think, ‘Huh? You might think, ‘Wouldn’t this be enough to do it?’, but when you get hit directly with your body, you’ll never think that way.

“haha. Magical Rogue also agreed to this, so please do this to me. “Emoji, can you lay the plate for me?”

[As much as you want! ^oh^]

As soon as he opens his arms wide, the magical power he emits begins to spread around him, and the magic begins to form in the air.

That is an S-class villain who is called the best drinker in the Villain Association.


The beautifully embroidered techniques, like a work of art, soon began to embody the field and blend into the surroundings.

Although it was smaller in size and performance compared to the academy sparring room, the field was at a shocking level considering that it was formed by an individual.

[In this case, attacks that can be fatal are only applied as strong attacks. Most likely, it will end at the level of fainting. Of course, with my mana, it’s best to keep it for about 20 minutes, so you have to finish it quickly?]

The guy adjusts his posture while making a jumbling sound.

I also did some simple stretching and looked at the guy in front of me.

A villain shogun wearing a red mask and full-body samurai armor.

As if he had already finished preparing, he was already holding the handle of the knife and staring at me.

I didn’t really think that he would attack me first.

Should I say that the guy in my memory is chivalrous? Because he was a guy with basic manners for battle.

After confirming that my muscles were sufficiently relaxed, I turned my wrist and looked at him.

“I’m ready, what about you?”

“This side is over too.”

“good. then… … Samurai and magical girl. “Shall we check which one is stronger?”

As soon as I finished speaking, he lunged straight at me and opened fire.

Usually, when dealing with a guy, it was a pattern that could be said to be fixed, so as soon as it started, I stepped back and immediately took out my magic wand and aimed it at the guy.

And then.

“Magical Bullet.”

A pink aura bullet spreads out from the tip of the magic wand.

He probably didn’t expect that bullets would rain down from the magic wand that only looked like a toy. He quickly retrieved the weapon he had fired and defended his vital area by cutting down the bullets coming towards him.

Although the bullets got stuck in places like the arms and legs, they did not seem to cause proper damage because they were protected by armor.

Since the surprise attack using the gun failed, he immediately put away the magic wand, took out the pink gloves (Midas Gloves Pink.ver), and put them on his hands.


“Magical battle mode.”

It was time for a real fight.

Overall, the situation is favorable to the samurai holding the sword.

This was because the reach of the guy holding the sword was advantageous compared to me using my fists.

In other words, I have to narrow down the reach and enter to have a chance of winning.

“Magical dash.”

Using the newly learned Auror-style blue, I immediately glide towards him.

He must have never thought that I would fly at such a fast speed, and he was quickly swinging his sword.

However, it was safe to say that as long as I allowed the distance, there was no advantage to using its reach.

Then it’s simple.

“Magical Fire Punch.”

I wrap my hand around a flame that has turned pink using the customization function, and then hit the guy in the face with all my might.

This guy avoids this by raising his head. He then tried to push me away by hitting my body with the handle, but there was no way he could open the distance again.

If that happens, it’s clear that they will be dragged along with the flow without even being able to attack properly.


“Magical Magnet.”

I could never let go.

It immediately grabs the guy’s armor, clings to it like a cicada, and knocks the guy down.

“Wooot?! “What is this!”

“It’s called Magical Wrestling!”

His basic movements come from his feet touching the ground.

Therefore, the easiest way to attack him was to drag him into a dog fight and prevent him from being able to use his sword properly.

And the method I chose here was wrestling.

“Let go of this!”

“Magical Ground!”

The guy resisted greatly and tried to get up.

[Activates [Skill: God’s Tendon] engraved on ‘Item: Zeus’ Tendon’.]

[Name: Tendons of Zeus]

[Grade: Myth]

[Type: Bracelet]

[Description: A distant mythical era. This is a tendon that the Titans ripped from Zeus.


[One. Lord of Lightning: When wearing this equipment, you will be able to touch electric current.]

[2. God’s tendons: These are the tendons that were in God’s body. The wearer’s strength increases by 30%. (Once a day. Increases strength by 500% for a short period of time.)]

Immediately, he used the tendons of Zeus to forcibly grab the guy, and then bound the guy’s body with his lower body.

And while the ‘God’s sinew’ was still functioning, he raised his fist and shouted.

“Magical hammer!”

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