I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 53

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Episode 53

“sorry. “That’s hard to say.”

I never thought he would reject me outright.

In this way, no matter how thick the country is, it is difficult to penetrate further.

I muttered, choking on my appetite.

“It’s such a difficult mission.”

“I’m not looking for victory. All you have to do is compete with that child sometime. “It will be in the form of sparring, so you won’t lose your life.”

“hmm… … .”

So, this means that the fight itself is the goal, but what on earth is Keian’s intention?

There’s nothing particularly predictable, but I don’t think Keian has any bad plans.

Because it’s too inefficient and bizarre to be a trap.


I nodded.

I tried calculating this and that, but the reason I decided to accept it was simple.

Ho Seung-sim.

If I had the chance to fight a giant who would one day be considered the strongest in the empire, I would rather ask for it here.

“So when can we fight?”

“I would like you to decide before the age of 20 if possible.”

Then the next free period is 5 years, no. Now that this year is over, does that mean there are still 4 years left?

I was thinking about this and that, but I stopped when I saw Keian standing in front of me.

“really. I am using the memorandum you taught me well. “I modified it a bit in my own way.”

“That sounds interesting.”

“I will show it to you later, so please evaluate it without adding or subtracting. And apart from this, I want to ask you something… … .”

“Please speak, master.”

“… … .”

Master, not master.

It’s not just a name change.

Keian bowed politely and showed courtesy to me.

Somehow, I was confident that Keian would not betray me just by doing the favor I had just done.

It’s somehow mysterious.

Among the Badniker characters, there is probably no one who did not attempt to make Keian his direct subordinate.

Although Keian disparaged himself, it is true that being loyal to one family for decades and performing his duties perfectly is an amazing thing.

Even for a collector to say that this is the most difficult job among badnikers is painful.

So I was able to reveal my purpose without hesitation.

“I need information about Angsin.”

“You mean the devil?”


Keian, who had a slightly surprised expression, thought for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“First of all, there is a way to use the library at home.”

“You mean the library on the first floor of the main building?”


“All you can get from those places is general information. What I’m talking about is some deeper stuff. The exact appearance, strength, and characteristics of the evil spirit, the damage it has caused to the actual empire, its actions so far, and, if possible… “Even the current material.”

“… … .”

Only then did Keian’s expression change.

“… What you mentioned is confidential. “This is information that an ordinary person cannot find even a clue to, even if he or she spends his or her entire life trying to find out.”

I know.

That’s why I’m asking.

“If you are a master, you will definitely be recognized for your talent one day, and you will be able to enter the underground library of your home… … .”

Badniker’s underground library contains many valuable books and martial arts reference books that are few in the empire.

Of course, access is strictly restricted, so at this point, none of the Iron Blood Lord’s children will be allowed to view anything.

Keian shook his head as if he knew that too.

“That’s too far in the future. “If my prediction is correct, it seems like you want to get information as quickly as possible.”


“I think the fastest way is to first obtain hero qualifications. “Not just a hero with a business card, but a hero who officially belongs to [Heros].”


A very standard answer came out.

[Heros] is the empire’s largest hero organization.

A place where anyone can enter if they pass a strict test.

Here, not only the great families, but also the imperial family, nobles, commoners, and even slaves and members of different races belong to a variety of people.

It is truly the largest institution in the empire.

Heros’ influence is enormous.

Not only the imperial family, but even the four major religions of the empire could not openly reject Heros’ wishes.

“To become an official hero, you need a test and a probationary period, at least a year in total.”

No matter how young I get, I don’t want to waste my time.

This means that investing a year to become a hero is something I am reluctant to do.

“In general, yes. However, Master, there is a plan that can greatly shorten that period.”


“It means participating in a retreat.”



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An unexpected word came out.

“You mean the Badniker training course that lasts 6 weeks?”

“That’s right. Badniker is qualified as a Youngdo educational institution. This means that you can arbitrarily qualify as a hero by passing a separate test.”

“Is that possible?”

“Because it’s a badknicker.”

Although it is unlucky, it is true.

One of the two families that protect the empire.

“Is it okay to just complete the course?”

“I heard that it is a qualification given only to the top three students with completion scores.”

“Right. “I understand.”

6 weeks isn’t that long of a time.

Moreover, I understand that the retreat is held at Badniker’s home, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me if I could stay in this land full of natural energy.

In any case, this place is a rare water training spot.

“And maybe you could ask the head of the family directly.”

“To the head of the family?”


Kayan continued.

“If the head of the family teaches you directly or allows access to the underground library, who in Badniker can object?”

If you think about it, that’s true.

“But the head of the family didn’t even show up at this blessing ceremony. “I don’t know when he will return home, so first get permission from the majority of the great criminals or directly from Assad.”

At that time, the door burst open and Sanghyeolgong appeared.

“You’re awake, Luan.”

“Oh, yes.”

“You probably didn’t forget our dinner date, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Thank goodness. It’s a little late for lunch, but is it possible right now? “I have work to do in the evening.”


“Please dress comfortably and come to the 5th floor by 3 o’clock. will wait.”


Sanghyeolgong suddenly looked at Keian and said.

“Kian, your face has improved since you retired. I’m sorry I can’t invite you to dinner this time. “Next time, we’ll set up a separate place.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Excuse me for disturbing you.”

And Iron Blood Ball closed the door and left.

I was embarrassed too, but next to me, Keian, who seemed a hundred times more embarrassed than me, suddenly slapped himself in the face.

“what are you doing?”

“… “It’s not a dream?”

“… … .”

* * *

I left the room, leaving Keian behind.

‘Just in case, let’s take this too.’

I also took the Seven Deadly Sins Sword that I kept under the bed. If you look at the Iron Blood Ball up close, your martial consciousness may awaken again.

If you get the chance to ask about a forgotten era, you may receive advice.

Fortunately, the current appearance of the Seven Deadly Sins Sword only appears to be a toy sword at first glance, so there will be no need to be wary.

It may look like you’re looking at a crazy person, but it’s okay because you’re used to that kind of gaze.

I headed to the 5th floor, fully prepared, feeling like a knight going into battle.


It is on the 5th floor of the Badknicker main building.

The third floor is where outsiders are strictly prohibited from entering.

The fourth floor is where only a limited number of people can enter.

And the 5th floor.

There is nothing floating around about the 5th floor.

This is because it is a place where not even rumors circulate.

The 5th floor of the main building is entirely the domain of the Iron Blood Ball, and unauthorized persons, even if they are elders, are not allowed to enter.

As far as I know, apart from the head of the family, the only person who can freely enter and exit the 5th floor is Assad, who has been the family’s guardian for generations.

So, I was more curious than when I headed to the 4th floor – [Trial Room].

Anyway, as I was going up from the 3rd to the 4th floor, I ran into a face that I was now quite familiar with.

“you… … !”

Hector pointed his finger at me with big eyes.

It didn’t feel good to be hit with a punt in the morning, but I accepted it with great generosity.

“Hello, brother. “Is your recovery going well?”

“… “Is that what you’re asking?”

“why. “If I hit you directly, I can’t even ask you how I’m doing.”

Anyway, I don’t have much regrets for Hector.

Although he hit Arjan and spewed out irritating words, he relieved all his emotions by killing him half-way.

Of course, if you talk bullshit again, the emotions that have been resolved will build up again, but for now, it’s okay.

“You have a nice face. “It wasn’t a wound that would heal in one day.”

“… “I called a high-ranking priest.”

“aha. “It’s a lot of money.”

Now that I think about it, this guy’s maternal family was quite a wealthy family.

Mainly in a financial sense.

“I think I’ll be staying at my parents’ house for a while, so let’s say hello often. “Don’t be too friendly, just in moderation.”

In fact, this was something I wanted to say not only to Hector but to all of my brothers.

There is no need to fight for life or death, and I also don’t want to build a strong friendship between brothers.

While keeping an appropriate distance, we come and go and say hello.

I didn’t have anything else to say to this guy, so I was just going to pass by, but Hector suddenly asked me a question.

“Where are we going?”

“Fifth floor.”

“what? Why is there… … .”

“To have a meal with the matriarch.”

Then Hector’s face became very funny.

It’s like looking straight at a meteorite falling from the sky.

Hector stammered.

“Why are you eating with your father?” … .”

“Because you invited me?”

“When on earth…” … .”

“I don’t know. “Get out of the way.”

To say that, you have to talk about the family’s ban and even the story of your encounter with the Iron Blood Lord.

Of course, there was no reason to tell this guy, so I was about to pass Hector, who was muttering darkly, when this guy grabbed my shoulder like he was crazy.

“for a moment!”

“… … .”

“Oh, no. “Just wait a moment.”

He saw my expression and hastily let go of my hand.

Still, after getting hit a few times, it seems like politeness has been created in my head.

I am the same way, and at this point, I think Badniker’s character education definitely requires fists.


“me too… “I will go with you.”

“Either way. “But why are you telling me that?”

“that… … .”

Hector made a hard face and shook his head.

“… You are right. “I have to go to the 5th floor too.”


I climbed the stairs with an unexpected companion.


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