I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 52

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Episode 52

It is rare for Badniker’s elder council to gather in one place.

This is because not all of them are idle and each has their own responsibilities.

Of course, the big event called the protection ceremony was enough reason to bring them all together.

After the event was over, most of them returned to their duties.

This was the reason why there were only five elders currently in the [Trial Chamber].

“Luan Badnicker won.”

Agenor Badniker, who convened today’s meeting, spoke.

“It should be seen as not just a win, but a complete win.”

“It’s an amazing result, but Hector didn’t perform to his original ability.”

“Even so, there is no change in victory or defeat.”

“Still, I think the way Luan fights is a bit like that.”

Agenor looked at the person who said those words.

“What do you mean?”

“… Didn’t you intentionally provoke Hector? After that, he focused on defense and deliberately made remarks that could upset his composure. “It was far from fair and square.”

“It’s fair and square.”

Agenor smiled.

“Look here, Zenon.”


“Is this Good Spring?”

The expression of the middle-aged man called Zenon hardened.

“In competition, winning and losing are everything. Of course, before the sparring, he was poisoned or given a rusty sword. If you did something like that, it would be a despicable act. However, simply provoking, focusing on defense, and then disrupting the opponent’s composure is a type of strategy and strategy.”

“… … .”

“I know how much you think of Hector. But this is Badniker’s council of elders. Be fair.”

“… sorry.”

Zenon Anathos.

Hector Badniker’s maternal grandfather, the head of the Atatos family, one of Badniker’s auxiliary families, bowed his head.

The council of elders is basically a horizontal relationship, with the exception of one person – Agenor Badniker.

That man, who is also a blood relative of the pre-war family head, is practically no different from the chairman of this council of elders.

Therefore, all members of the Council of Elders have respect for Agenor.

Except for Assad, who is an honorary member.

“Even so, isn’t it clear that it’s a tough fight?”

A sharp voice interrupted.

Phyllis was the youngest among the elders.

“Luan Badniker’s level was below average at the beginning of this year. On the other hand, everyone here is well aware of Hector’s skills and genius.”

Zenon nodded loudly.

“I know Luan’s personality well. “He was not a person who would provoke and engage in bold psychological warfare or brutally trample on an opponent who had admitted defeat.”

“you’re right.”

“I think the same thing.”

Agenor glanced at the faces of those who agreed to this statement.

“What do you want to say?”

“Do you remember what happened in the Jewel Mountains?”

“Are you talking about the matter that Luan Badnicker reported?”

“yes. Luan then said. The assassin sent by the church was disguised as a knight of the Fang Knights. So he survived the danger of death.”

“Are you doubting that? “At that time, the matriarch did not find Luan’s proof to be true.”

“yes. That’s right. But what we can know is whether what he said was true. “There is no way to know what is hidden.”

Only then did Agenor realize what Phillips wanted to say.

“Maybe Luan is a member of the cult?”

“It’s just an assumption, but I think the odds are good. Chairman, don’t you know? “The church also has hexes that can transfer souls.”

“… … .”

“A year is certainly not a short time, but even taking that into account, Luan’s change is dramatic. “There is plenty of room for doubt.”

“I understand what you want to say, but there are some parts that seem unreasonable.”

Agenor said, shaking his head.

“If what you say is correct, doesn’t that mean that Luan killed the subordinate he had deliberately planted in order to infiltrate Badniker? Even though he is a member of the church, he is too radical.”

“There is no rule that says you have to be a subordinate. Everyone here is aware that there are various factions within the church. They do not hesitate to kill members of other factions. “You can form a temporary partnership, but if you turn around, you are no different from an enemy.”

Agenor could not outright deny Phyllis’ words.

This is because Phyllis was more of an expert in the church than anyone else in this position.

At that time, the elder who had not said a word cautiously opened his mouth.

“To ask the matriarch to discern the truth one more time… … .”

“It must be difficult. Also, if the opponent has received [Curse of Anger], it cannot be said that [Blessing of Jinwi] will fully exercise its function.”

“hmm… … .”

Agenor thought with an expressionless face.

There are a total of five people participating in the assembly today, including himself.

Among them, there are three who are clearly trying to push Luan away.

Agenor and one other person are neutral.

Since the resolution of the council of elders is usually decided by a majority vote, their opinions would have been given more weight… … .

‘… … .’

Agenor felt somewhat uncomfortable.



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‘It’s a joke… … .’

Agenor knows it too.

There’s a rat in Badknicker right now.

However, even Agenor, who had lived for over 200 years, had no idea who that person was.

There are only two people we can be sure are completely innocent.

Iron Blood Prince and Archmage Asad.

in other words… … .

This means that the members of the council of elders in front of us were not free from suspicion.

‘That’s difficult.’

Their demands are both questionable and valid.

If the traitor has thought this far and put it into practice, at least he is not someone who can be dismissed as a rat.

Agenor finished thinking and opened his eyes.

“I know what you mean. But Luan has already proven herself. “We have no reason to pressure him again.”

“Why not take no further action on the surface? “Let Luan think that we have allayed our doubts.”


“You just have to keep putting pressure and watch. “I will also invite Luan to participate in the training course at my home starting tomorrow.”

Badniker’s training course refers to the famous [6 Weeks of Despair].

“The ambassadors will listen to our request.”

“… “I guess so.”

Agenor nodded.

It means the bill was passed.

Agenor felt a little sorry for the young Badniker, but only for a moment.

This educational process may be a hardship for Luan, but depending on how she accepts it, it may also become an opportunity.

If you have Badknicker blood, you should be able to do that.

* * *

Completely crushing Hector Badniker in sparring.

After leaving the sparring hall without any cheers or applause, I rested well for the day.

Although the mental power expended in sparring was not great, I lost some blood due to the remnant sword.

Of course, thanks to Cheil Chloride, all bleeding up to this level can be recovered in one day.

Surprisingly, the elders are quiet.

I thought he was going to light up again, but as he remained silent, on the contrary, I felt uncomfortable.

Did he acknowledge me?

Or was Sanghyeolgong involved?

We don’t know yet.

Anyway, after destroying Hector, life at home also changed.

If you encounter someone while walking down the hallway, say hello politely.

When passing the training ground, the knights salute you.

The master of the main house serves a particularly delicious piece of meat.

For me, I like the last one the most.

“It feels like a burden these days.”

I did, but I don’t think my mother did.

“What is it?”

“It’s just that the people in the mansion suddenly change their attitude like flipping their palms… it’s a bit… … .”

“Because you’re snobbish?”

I said, giggling.

“It’s not their fault. “Isn’t strict meritocracy the Badknicker’s family tradition?”

“It’s not wrong, but… … .”

Lucia sighed and looked at me.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“It’s okay. Now I won’t go anywhere and get beaten up. “Your mother saw it yesterday too.”

“okay. “It seems like you really received great protection.”

My mother seems to think that the reason I suddenly became stronger is because of God’s protection.

In fact, most people probably think that way.

Just at the beginning of this year, Badniker’s famous incompetent son defeated Hector, who was called a genius.

It is a misunderstanding that there is no reason to resolve immediately.

“But I was wondering if there was any reason to stay here.”

There is a reason.

There’s still something left to talk about with Sanghyeolgong.

Of course, if I go home right now, I won’t be sending out any more collectors, but my new goal now is to obtain information about the forgotten era and the Demon King.

‘There must be a lot of them in Badniker’s home.’

“… okay. “Take care of yourself, Luan.”

I nodded and then looked at Arjan standing next to his mother.

Arjan was in charge of taking his mother safely to the mansion.

After that, he returned to his hometown and started helping me in earnest… To be honest, it’s a bit burdensome.

That’s because there’s no particular need for a subordinate.

Of course, Arjan is a capable guy in many ways, so there are many things that would be convenient to have around him… … .

Anyway, the way home this time is not through a mountain range, so it will take some time to come back.

For now, I decided to think about it then.

… When I think of mountain ranges, there are also people that come to mind.


‘What happened to that guy?’

Of course, the opponent is a priest, and since he has just defeated the Jewel Beast, he will be very tired, so if you think about it calmly, the chances of Calzac surviving are not high.

But, isn’t it still a major crime?

I don’t think that a man that even Sanghyeolgong recognized would have died so easily.

“See you again, master.”


Anyway, after a brief glimpse with my mother and Arjan, the only person left by my side was Kayan.

“… hmm. “Lord Kayan also had a hard time.”

Once again, it feels a bit awkward because there are two of us together.

Is it because he was the one who cut my arm tendon once in the past?

It was a hassle to hide something like this, so I expressed my feelings directly.

“To be honest, I’m a bit embarrassed about the situation right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s why you’re standing next to me right now.”

Other than that, he suddenly retired or helped my mother when I was away… … .

These are questions I wanted to ask a long time ago, but the situation has not been favorable so far.

“Has there been any change of heart?”

“It’s not like there was any particular change of heart.”

As I waited quietly for a reply, the voice continued.

“Some people say I am iron-blooded and perfect. I’m calling it an undeserved title, but the truth is, I’m not that great of a person. “I worked as a collector for a long time not because there was any grand reason, but because I simply had nothing else to do.”

I was a little surprised by Keian’s unexpected confession.

“So the reason you quit being a collector was because you were looking for something to do?”

“That’s the way it is.”

“what is that?”

Then, for the first time, hesitation appeared on the face of this strong old man.

“… “Someday, when you complete the Hundred Sunshine Ceremony.”


“Could you please meet my daughter?”


Words that far exceeded my expectations came out.

“Did you have a daughter?”

“Even though she is my foster daughter.”


Collectors generally do not create families. That’s because there are a lot of things that lead to resentment.

It is probably little known that Keian has an adoptive daughter.

I was both embarrassed and intrigued by the sudden discovery of an unexpected secret.

“Who is your daughter?”

“My name is Kaela. “You might have heard the name, Master.”

“… … .”

I blinked and asked.

The moment I heard those three letters of the name, someone suddenly came to mind.

“… “You’re not talking about the mercenary king Kaela, are you?”

Then Keian looked slightly surprised.

“How did you know? It hasn’t been that long since it was called by that name, so if you’re not interested in the mercenary industry, you probably wouldn’t know… … .”

“… … .”

I guess that’s the case at this point.

But I can’t know.

This is because I, who was later kicked out of my family and worked as a mercenary, heard this name so hard that it pierced my ears.

Mercenary King Kaela.

A strong man called the king in this vast and harsh industry.

Not yet, but within the next few years, he will become a big name whose name will be quietly mentioned even when discussing the strongest empire.

therefore… … .

In some ways, it means that it is a monster on the same level as the Iron Blood Ball.

“What should I do when I meet that daughter?”

“I want you to compete with me and, if possible, defeat me.”



Kayan said.

“I’ve seen a lot of geniuses at Badknicker, but I don’t think they can beat that kid.”

“There is a matriarch.”

“Among those who are still developing.”

“Then Kyung… … .”

I intentionally trailed off, but Keian nodded and spoke as if he had been waiting.

“yes. “When I witnessed the eclipse of the sun, I thought that it would be possible for you, Master.”

“… I don’t know why. Isn’t it good if your daughter becomes successful? “Why do you want to lose?”

“I have a promise with the child’s biological father.”

“… … .”

This is a signal not to ask any more questions, but for some reason, I felt like I would miss the opportunity to listen if I didn’t ask at this opportunity, so I asked.

“What promise?”


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