I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 48

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Episode 48

What kind of questions will come up?

I waited nervously, but Sanghyeolgong didn’t open his mouth anymore.

He moved his gaze to the bonfire and just stared at it.

“… … .”

Will I stay still?

Or should I say something else?

As I hesitated for a moment, Ludwig stood up, retrieved the chain, and held it out to me.

“Do you want this?”


“Why are you so surprised? “You could give it as a gift to your younger brother whom you haven’t seen in a while.”

A gift from your brother?

I felt dazed as I heard this for the first time in my life.

“You’re giving me a relic of God?”


“… … .”

“Look at this. “It’s not strange that they make a fuss because they like it, but their expressions are rather sour.”

“I was taught to be wary of favors for unknown reasons.”

“It doesn’t taste cute.”

Ludwig shook his head and said.

“Do you know what a relic of God is?”

“It is a treasure among only 99 treasures in the world.”

To be precise, it refers to the relics of 72 gods, 13 evil gods, nine spirit gods, and five kings.

In the larger context, the Sword of Seven Deadly Sins that I obtained from the altar is also a relic of God.

“okay. “It’s a treasure that you can’t buy even if there are dozens of wagons filled with gold coins.”

“I know. Still, where in the world is there favor without reason?”

“Look at me talking.”

Ludwig let out a cheerful laugh and looked at Sangvis-Blooded Ball.

It’s a movement that somehow seems to be asking for permission.

When Iron Blood Lord nodded, he spoke again.

“Strictly speaking, it’s not a relic. “It’s a replica.”

“A counterfeit product?”

“okay. Of course, that doesn’t mean that its performance or value decreases. “It costs an astronomical amount of money to make it.”

“Was it made by the religious order?”


Ludwig continued speaking, tapping the chain with the toe of his foot.

“This chain was temporarily loaned by the church for this mission, but if you take it like this, it will most likely be taken back. “It made me feel sick to my stomach to have the replica taken away like that, so I just reported it as lost and tried to hand it over to the family.”

“You’re going back to the church?”


“Isn’t it dangerous? “I think I failed my mission.”

Ludwig laughed.

“Do you know what the mission of the church is?”

“Isn’t it about securing those who have received [God’s protection]?”

“You’re quick to notice.”

Ludwig said with a grin.

“The mission did not fail.”


“We already have one. “He is the one who participated in the protection ceremony.”

“… … .”

I thought for a moment and said.

“You wouldn’t kidnap an innocent Youngdo, but are you some kind of stinking guy?”

“… that’s right.”

This time, perhaps because he was truly surprised, Ludwig answered a beat late.

“He’s one of the rats who hid in the family. “I can’t reveal the details, but he is Badniker’s enemy.”

“If I suddenly disappeared from my home, wouldn’t this raise suspicion?”

“Do you think Badniker’s handling of things is that clumsy? I’ll be waiting for that guy to return home. “There won’t be a single piece of evidence left.”

I understood that this cheerful-looking young man was also a badnik.

Handing them over to the Dark Church is virtually no different from killing them.

If anything, it would be even more terrible than that.

Yet, there is no hesitation or guilt on this man’s face.

Rather, they seem to regard this as natural retaliation.

If an enemy is trying to harm the family, it doesn’t matter how they are treated.

What’s a little surprising is that my tendencies are also similar to theirs.

“Perhaps when I return to the church, I will be praised for my achievements. The two guys I went out with died, and I accomplished my mission anyway. “You will be reprimanded for losing your chain, but there will be no actual punishment.”

“They will try to retrieve it.”

I looked down at the chains and shook my head.

“So I refuse.”

I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I plan to stay quiet for the time being.



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I carry around things that are like relics for no reason, but what catches my eye is the specification.

“Funny guy.”

Ludwig chuckled and said.

“Matriarch, can this guy come under me later?”

Now that I think about it, Ludwig, unlike the other children, treated Sanghyeolgong relatively comfortably.

For some reason, I thought that Ludwig’s internal evaluation of Iron Blood Ball would be higher than that of someone like Hector.

It felt like I was witnessing Sanghyeolgong’s closest aide in the midst of cancer.

“Later, when you come to [Ulkua], come visit [Vixx’s Workshop]. “If you need help.”

“I wonder if there is any reason for me to go there… … .”

Still, I saved the name [VIXX’s Workshop] in a corner of my head.

At that time, Sanghyeolgong said.

“Go back to your room and get a good rest today.”


“Avoid meeting anyone as much as possible, and go straight back to your room.”

For some reason, it felt like Sanghyeolgong had given a coercive order for the first time.

I may have been scratching it for no reason, but I had no choice but to ask at this point.

“… “Aren’t you asking any more questions about martial arts?”



“I am not interested in the origins of martial arts.”

Sanghyeolgong said, still staring at the bonfire.

“The important thing is how strong you can become if you have mastered such an excellent martial art.”

“… … .”

“I’m not looking forward to it.”

Is this a compliment?

I nodded, feeling a subtle feeling that cannot be described in words.

“I’ll just go now.”


Ludwig waved his hand in a flippant manner.

I caught a glimpse of Sangvis-Dong and still focused my attention on his back, but Sangvis-Dong remained silent as if he had already lost interest in me.

In the end, after Sanghyeolgong disappeared from sight, left the forest, climbed over the fence, and returned to the room… … .

I felt like the long day was over.

* * *

Ludwig looked at the place where Luan had left and opened his mouth.

“This won’t be everything.”

“… … .”

“Harva Garcia is probably just one of countless stooges. “He doesn’t have the strength or brains to plant anyone in the Fang Knights.”


“The movements of the council of elders are a little suspicious… … .”

As Iron Blood Lord remained silent, Ludvik continued.

“First of all, we have completed the investigation into Reagan Garcia, Hariba’s biological father. She has had some contact with the Dark Cult, and has only had a few dealings with small-timers. “For now, I think it might be a good idea to leave it alone until we build a relationship with a bigger player.”

“no. Deal with it right away.”

Iron Blood Prince gave an order calmly, and Ludvik nodded without further inquiry.


“Is there anything else to report?”

“Nothing in particular.”

“okay. Good work.”

The conversation between the two stopped for a moment, and the only sound was the sound of the bonfire burning.

Ludwig was the first to speak again.

“He’s an interesting guy.”


Ludwig raised his head and looked at Sangvis.

Although I tried to talk to him, I dismissed it as just talking to myself and spat it out.

I never thought that Sanghyeolgong and no one else would agree with me.

“Has your father become interested in that guy too?”

“He offered me a deal.”


“I planned to draw out the church by throwing myself as bait.”

“… … .”

Ludwig closed his mouth.

He listened to his father’s orders and was watching Luan’s every move.

Although the two guys I was with belong to the same [Dark Church], they are different sects.

The Dark Church worships six evil spirits, and their factions are six in total. If you add up all the little details, it would be dozens.

Anyway, that was why Ludwig did not reveal himself carelessly.

In fact, the joint attack on Luan in the middle was not the original operation.

They intervened late.

“So it wasn’t your father’s operation, but that damn operation. Fuha. Should I call this fearless?”

“I guess he had the confidence to protect his own body.”

“So you didn’t ask any further questions?”

It is obvious what Ludwig is talking about.

“How did you become strong?”

Sanghyeolgong stretched out his hand.

The firewood in the bonfire was shaking wildly.

“It’s the most trivial question in the world. And the power is infinitely pure. “Whatever the purpose is, it will be revealed transparently.”

Sanghyeolgong muttered lowly.

“We will soon find out what Luan has in mind.”

“Is that all? “It’s the sentiment my father has for Luan.”

“What else is there?”

“But aren’t you the youngest? The baby fat on your face hasn’t gone away yet, but you want to hear me call you ‘dad’… sorry.”

Ludwig quickly lowered his head.

Iron Blood Ball, who was looking at Ludvik with an expressionless face, spoke again.

“When will you return?”

“I have to go soon. “They are very quick-witted.”

“Don’t wait for the next report.”

“yes. “Take care of yourself, matriarch.”

Ludwig left with those last words.

I wasn’t particularly worried.

Ludwig’s greatest talent is survival and adaptation.

Iron Blood Ball knows that even if you throw that guy in the middle of a war zone, he will live fine for a few months.

The Iron Blood Prince, who was left alone, quietly looked at the bonfire and muttered.

“… dad?”

A gritty feeling as if grains of sand are rolling around on the tongue.

Iron Blood Prince soon erased Ludvik’s nonsense from his mind.

* * *

I opened my eyes in bed.

I was a bit embarrassed right after I opened my eyes, because my body and mind felt incredibly refreshed.


Has there been a recent time when your condition was this good?

It feels like I just slept for three days and nights.

Stand up and relax lightly.

I opened the window, enjoyed some warm sunlight, and looked at the scenery outside.

Somehow, today’s mansion feels quiet.

Gurgling… … .

After warming up for a while, I felt an incredible hunger.

If I go to a restaurant now, they will give me food. Rather, what time is it now? This room was full of useless furniture, but there was actually no clock.


At this time, the door opened with a knock, and Arjan appeared just in time.

Arjan looked slightly surprised when he saw me, and immediately lowered his head.

“sorry. “I didn’t know you were awake.”

“it’s okay. “But why are you so excited?”

“that is-.”

Arjan showed an uncharacteristically hesitant attitude.

I asked, feeling somewhat uncomfortable at that sight.

“Did I sleep too long?”


“how much?”

“Today is the fourth day since the blessing ceremony. In other words, you slept for three days and three nights straight.”

I really slept for three days and nights.

but. Even if it had been a few days since the bleaching, there was no way that sleeping with Arjan on my back was a proper rest.

I guess the physical fatigue has completely disappeared now.

“For some reason, the stomach is sticking to the skin of the back. Give me food. hungry.”

“I will prepare in a moment. But, Master, before that, I have something to tell you-.”

At this time, the door opened again with a knock.

The one who showed up this time was Keian, who also looked a bit embarrassed to see me awake.

“sorry. “I didn’t know you were awake.”

“I’ve already heard this line, so please skip it.”

Keian closed his mouth.

Somehow, his expression seems more determined than usual.

“what’s the matter. What’s going on?”

“no. “I just feel like he woke up at a very delicate time.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The council of elders has moved.”


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