I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 46

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Episode 46


The unique inorganic coolness is felt through the fabric.

I sighed and twisted my body around.

“Stop doing unnecessary things. The chain is a relic. [Bine’s Chains] I’m sure you’ve heard the name, right?”

“This is my first time hearing it.”

“If you behave well, you won’t get hurt.”

From what he said, it seemed like he had no intention of killing me.

Maybe he didn’t like that fact?

“What are you talking about?”

A heavy voice was heard from beneath the ground.

The guy who grabbed my ankle appeared from under a pile of dirt.

Unusually, this guy did not cover himself with a robe.

With thin hair and a body like a rock. He has a body shape that is comparable to that of Hariba, who has just bloated up.

‘Just one impression, it’s dirty.’

A look that looks more like a mercenary or a bandit than an assassin.

That dirty look was directed at me.

“Are you sure you want to take this kid away?”

“To do that.”

“I am against it. He’s the one who only received one blessing. “He won’t even be able to be used as material.”

“It’s not for you to judge that.”

Aren’t we on good terms?

Somehow, the tone of conversation between them is sharp.

I decided to stay quiet for now.

“Still, it is the bloodline of an Iron Blood Duke. “If I hadn’t received a single blessing, I wouldn’t have brought this up.”

“Even though-.”

“Then what are we going to do? Hariba, whom you worked hard for, is dead. “Should we take that guy’s corpse, which has turned into a piece of meat, back with us?”

Although the context of their conversation was not fully understood.

Anyway, I understand that you are treating me like a fish that has completely caught me.

“What do you think?”

The bald guy asked the guy behind me.

It’s not like they’re specifically asking for the superior’s opinion, but since they both have different opinions, it seems like they’re trying to leave it up to the other guy’s choice.

“It seems like a good idea to take her.”

Judging by the voice, it’s a woman.

“The reason is.”

“I can’t come back without achieving anything, and besides, that kid’s protection doesn’t seem that bad. You probably saw it too. “The sight of Hariba taking down the ‘reagent’.”

“… … .”

“But even then, I still had some spare time, so I even put on an odd performance. It means they noticed us hiding. The Badniker family’s trash developed to that level in just one day. “The divine protection he has must be of the highest level.”

Although I am misunderstanding it again.

For someone who doesn’t know anything about Yeongsan, that interpretation seems realistic.

In fact, there are quite a few people whose lives have changed with just one blessing.

“… hmm.”

The bald giant paused for a moment, but then continued.

“Even so, it is too risky to take a direct descendant of Sanghyeolgong. “It’s completely different from taking someone from a branch like Hariba.”

“You don’t have to worry about that either. “If the Sanghyeol-Blooded Lord is a person who has been overlooked, he doesn’t care even if it is a blood relative.”

I raised my head and saw a monster.

It was still a voice I had never heard before… … .

For some reason, I felt the greatest sense of discomfort I had ever heard.

“… “If you are, then yes.”

What drove the wedge was the bald guy’s attitude.

I closed my eyes for a moment and gathered my thoughts.

Even in this situation, these guys were paying some attention to the conversation… … .

Even though I was there, I was able to figure out the bare minimum.

First of all, the monster that first appeared knows me.

The bald giant has a short temper.

Lastly, women are the coldest of these.

I finished my judgment and opened my mouth.

“Only one of the three.”


“If you release the chains right now, I will spare one of the three of you.”

“… … .”

Is this what the facial expression looks like when witnessing a talking bastard?

Of course, I can’t see the expressions of the other two guys, but this is what I thought after looking at the face of the bald guy closest to me.

“What did you say?”

“Are you deaf? “If you unchain her, kneel down, and beg that you did something wrong, I will let you live.”

The bald man smiled, showing his teeth.

It didn’t seem like he was smiling because he was happy.

“You’re out of your mind.”



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“It’s not.”

“So are you at least relieved to hear that you were captured alive? Do you think we will treat you like a prisoner? I don’t know about you, but there are things in this world that are more miserable than death. And I’m an expert at that kind of work.”

The bald man twisted the corners of his mouth.

“Depending on the technology, a person can be kept alive for a month with their eyes and tongue pulled out and their limbs cut off. “I don’t know if I should call it alive.”

“… … .”

“Do you understand, baby? Distinguish between who you joke with and who you don’t. Otherwise-.”

“You talk too much. “For now, take it off, bald head.”

Immediately afterwards, the bald man swung his fist at me. It was aimed at her chest, not her face, not caring even though it was wrapped in chains.

“No card!”

The monster shouted as if to stop him.

By context, this is the name of this bald man.

Is it your real name or a pseudonym?

Either way, this should be a clue.


Despite the monster’s voice, the bald head did not stop attacking.

I flew away while being attacked.

‘Ignorant bastard.’

How strong are you?

Even though I was wrapped in chains like armor, my ribs were throbbing. It’s the familiar pain you feel when a bone cracks.

But I achieved what I wanted.

I didn’t even think about stopping.

Rather, it gained more force by hitting the ground while flying.

“uh… … .”

The moment the guy who took out the chain made a stupid noise… I quickly rotated my body.



I was spinning round and round, so dizzy that I couldn’t see in any direction, but I didn’t stop spinning.

As I flew backwards and spun dozens of times, the chain became wrapped around my body like a fishing line.

“Tsk… … ! no way!”

I think I realized my intention belatedly, but it was already too late.


The sound of something breaking.

The monster stretched out his hand one step too late, but the end of the chain was already out of his range.

Of course, the length of the chain was not infinite, but had an end.

The same is true no matter how relic it is.

So, rather than taking off the chains, I escaped capture by wrapping my entire body around them.

‘But isn’t this too twisted?’

It’s not just a tangled skein of thread.

No matter how I looked at it, it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to untie it in a short time, so I ran through the forest, clinking the chain.

As I was running with both arms locked, I soon felt a presence behind me.

“You’re doing something cute, kid.”

He is a bald giant.

This guy was chasing me with a look on his face, wondering what was so good about it.

Since he opposed my capture, he may be happy that he can kill him.

“Really, it looks like shit.”


“Isn’t it you who should put the hood on, not your friends? “You inconsiderate bastard.”

“ha ha ha… … !”

Even when criticized, he bursts into laughter.

However, this time I wasn’t laughing because I was happy.

It seems that this guy has a habit of smiling the more he gets angry.


A bizarrely curved sword was revealed from his waist.

‘I’m so good at swinging my fists that I even have a weapon.’

Because he was so big, the curved sword looked like a toy sword.


The giant instantly narrowed the distance and swung his curved sword.


But it’s not so much that you can’t avoid it.


The first attack was avoided, but the giant’s onslaught was just beginning.

This guy fired rapid-fire attacks that were unbecoming of his size.

The bizarre-looking curved sword had the perfect balance of strength, speed, and survival.

‘Are you hitting a bit?’

He’s not worse than Hariba, but I have to fight worse than before.

It is difficult to launch a counterattack.

Since both hands were sealed, I had no choice but to attack with my feet, and I could not kick unless it was a critical moment.

A fatal gap will appear immediately after the attack.

‘The good news is… … .’

The thing is that the giant’s companions don’t particularly come chasing after him.

I don’t think it’s because we trust each other.

It may be a dry relationship, closer to a business partner than a colleague.

‘It’s not good.’

Wasting time isn’t a bad thing, but if things continue like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if I got cut by this guy’s sword at some point.

A short thought.

After making my judgment, I approached the giant.

The curved blade flew towards me as if I had been waiting, and I pushed myself closer.


The place where the chain was tied was used as a shield.

“This bastard… … !”

The Geohan seemed embarrassed, but it seemed like he would quickly regain his composure.

‘I have abundant combat experience.’

If it weren’t for this situation, we would have fought in more ways… This is not a situation to take your time.

I collected the heat with my head.

There are ways to attack without using your hands or feet.

Heat rushed to my head, but I don’t think there is a technique like this for eclipse.

This attack is a simple headbutt.


“100 million… … .”

Tears came out.

For a moment, I thought it was pointless to think that headbutting a bald head would be a loss for me.

Since the top of my head unilaterally hit this guy’s face, the blow to him will be greater.

I took a quick look and saw a bald head with overturned eyes.

Meanwhile, the sword was still held tightly. I spun around and hit the bald man’s hand with the end of the chain.

“100 million… … !”

If your finger bones were hit by a chain, it would be quite painful.

No matter how tightly you hold the sword, you have no choice but to let it go.

I didn’t miss the moment when the bald man lost his grip on the sword, and put the falling hilt in my mouth.

A skill that is enough to be admired even if you succeed on your own.

And then he cut off the head of the bald man who was staggering backwards.

Crunch… … .

I felt blood flowing from my gums.

If the grip strength was even a little weak, all of the teeth could have fallen out.

Immediately after, I lost strength and collapsed.


The sword fell from my mouth, and instead I tasted rotten leaves and dirt.

Without even a moment to spit out, I checked the bald head first.

It seems dead.

It’s not particularly strange.

Although it was a panicked situation, I cut that guy right in his vital spot.

“Ugh… … .”

My chin is still numb, but there is no time to relax.

I slowly got up from my seat.

If you try, you will understand, but it is surprisingly difficult to raise your body using only your legs without the help of both arms.

“Don’t move.”

Then I heard a chilling voice.

I saw a monster crouching on a tree branch.

He is a strange guy.

Even when looking from below, you can’t see the inside of the hood.

That means there is a possibility that those clothes are also relics.

“You’re making work a hassle.”

A cold voice came from behind.

This is a woman who is a colleague of these guys.

I sighed.

‘There’s no way I can just leave it to that bald guy.’

Don’t you already know how thorough these guys are?

Anyway, that’s all for me.

However, it would be impossible to defeat two more unidentified enemies in this condition.

“… “I knocked one down.”

“So what.”

“I’m not talking about you.”

I said out of breath.

“Can you please help me now, matriarch?”

“… … !”

Two people froze.

Their gazes shifted and focused on one place.

One thing I would like to add is that the man was visible in my field of vision from the beginning.

This is the image of a boy leaning diagonally against a tree.

“Did you say you would save one person?”

Sanghyeolgong said without even looking at them.

“You decide, Luan. “Who should I save?”


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