I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 45

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Episode 45

I like number fights.

It is not a simple strategy like chess, but a battle of numbers that takes place in battle.

It’s interesting to see through the other person’s intentions, and it’s fun to hide your own intentions.

When you exchange moves in real time and ultimately win the fight, you feel a kind of intense catharsis.

This is also why I prefer fighting with masters over beasts or monsters.

However, no matter how much you like the food, it seems difficult to live off just one food… … .

Sometimes, there are times when a different kind of fight is needed.

The moment when you want to fight ignorantly.


This is why we are waging an all-out war with Hariba again.

Of course Hariba is strong.

I am superior in strength, speed, and physique than I am now.

It is a fact that there is no need to be particularly conscious of.

I’m used to fighting opponents stronger than me.


Just because it’s an all-out war doesn’t mean it’s about blindly competing with force and power.

If that were the case, I would have been reduced to a pit of blood a long time ago.

But I didn’t back down.

Without once taking a step back, I was engaged in a very close combat with an opponent several times larger than me.

It seems like a strong gust of wind is constantly blowing before my eyes.

It feels like if you let your guard down even a little, you will be swept away and the muscles and bones of your entire body will be torn apart in an instant.

Under such pressure, I managed to maintain close combat with this monster.

There were two reasons why we could continue fighting against an enemy that had the upper hand in everything.

It’s about insight and skill.


The fist that missed me shattered the huge tree behind me.

It was an indirect indicator of the destructive power contained in Hariba’s fist, and I felt that if I got hit even once, I could die.

However, there is no way to defeat this guy just by blatantly avoiding it.

So, I narrowly avoided the attack and was in the process of accumulating dull pain in Hariba’s body.

‘Even so.’

The fact that it is a dangerous situation does not change.

I act like I’m quite relaxed, but right now I’m in a state of considerable physical and mental exhaustion.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid Hariba’s attacks.

However, this is not because I am tired or my opponent has become faster.

In order to focus more on the offensive, evasive movements are intentionally minimized.


Hariba’s fist grazed his cheek and ear.

That alone tore my skin.

With an attack of this level of power, the pressure is considerable even if you succeed in dodging it. This is because it inevitably reminds me of the time I got hit.

So, in many ways, this workshop was not good for my mental health.

In general, yes.

“Haaa… … .”

In the midst of the fierce battle, I let out a hot sigh.

My whole body was drenched in sweat, but my breathing was still calm.

My head was hot from excitement, and my heart was beating wildly. I see that kind of heat coming on pleasantly.

I think my head may have turned a little while learning the first chloride ball.

Huung, I dodged Hariba’s fist again, but I responded a little differently after that.

Immediately after dodging, I grabbed this guy’s wrist.

Of course, since his wrist was as big as a log, it looked more like he was holding it in his hand rather than holding it… … .


The flames that rose from my touch raced up Hariba’s arm.

It was an instant before Hariba’s whole body was covered in flames.

Even though he felt the pain burning through his body, this guy was strong and swung his fists.

It feels more like a struggle than an attack, but it cannot be looked upon lightly as it possesses deceptive physical capabilities.

However, the trajectory of the attack was much simpler, so it was not difficult to avoid.

And I held back the urge to laugh.

This is because if you act relaxed here, your plans will be disrupted.

“Lu, ah-!”

Stop calling me that, you bastard.

While grumbling internally, Hariba shook his body violently.

It looks like an animal that has washed its body in a river and sheds its fur.

I shook my body so violently that the flames disappeared in an instant.

Still, his entire body was horribly distorted due to burns.

The fighting continued like that for a few more minutes… Hariba slowly began to let out a scream that could not even be considered an onomatopoeia.

I quickly felt that it was time.


Big fist.



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I faced the attack directly and punched back like I did when I first encountered this guy.


It didn’t fly this time.

He didn’t even back down.

I was still standing there, and on the other hand, Hariba was shaking his fist as if he was embarrassed.

Is that agitation Hariba’s sincere reaction, or the reaction of an insidious bastard hiding somewhere in the forest?

I don’t know.

Actually, I’m not even curious.

‘It kills my mood.’

I haven’t entered the state of being an artist, but I feel like I’m finally getting back into shape.

Hariba, who was slightly hesitant, threw his fist again.

I laughed with my teeth clenched.

The greatest strength of Cheonhwa Jeilgong.

The longer you fight, the stronger you become.

My physical performance gradually increased the longer the battle lasted.


Finally at this moment,

It surpassed Hariba’s power.

* * *

The fist landed squarely in the solar plexus.

I had the feeling that it had gone beyond this guy’s bloated muscles and reached all the way to his internal organs.

“Geoeook… … .”

Something, I don’t know whether it was saliva or blood, dripped from Hariba’s mouth.

I didn’t want to get close to it, so I just kicked it.

The fact that is not really a secret is that this kick imitates Seren’s kick from earlier.

‘It was a pretty good martial art.’

Moreover, the level was too high for it to be a simple self-defense technique.

Where did Seren learn such martial arts?

‘It’s not time to think about anything else.’

I saw Hariba lying down. For now, it doesn’t look like it will move any further.

In the final attack, I added the trick of breaking out and focused on destroying the inside rather than the outside.

Looking at the results, it seems like it was the right strategy.

‘Now… … .’

Is it time to show off this body’s acting skills?

“Wow… … .”

I let out a sigh in pain and then knelt down on the spot.

And his expression contorted as if he couldn’t move anymore.

“I got hit… … .”

Are the emotions good?

I immersed myself in my own acting and even graded it.

In fact, you can immediately tell the truth of this kind of fake acting by looking at the complexion, but today the veil of night is thick.

No matter how good your night vision is, it will be difficult to see my expression through this darkness.

Anyway, I collapsed, panting with a painful face.

This is acting with all your heart!

however… … .

… … .

… … .

For some reason, he doesn’t seem to have any intention of taking the cake.

This guy, did he just leave?

If that’s the case, there’s no such thing as a bad price.

If you suffer from this disease alone in a place where no one is around, no matter how shameless you are, it will be a time when you become aware of reality.

Could it be that I guessed wrong?

If the mastermind wasn’t here in the first place, and it was just a coincidence that Hariba stopped in a place with many obstacles…


“… … !”

At that moment, the sound of grass crunching was heard.

The sound was so faint that I almost missed it.

It would have definitely been like that if I had heard the sound of insects in the forest.

‘It’s coming this way.’

I was finally able to see the mastermind’s face.

I waited for this guy to get closer, and the moment I was sure he was within my gap, I jumped up.

I immediately stretched out my hand to grab the one that was approaching, but… … .


My hand just brushed the air.

“… … .”

I glared at the guy standing a little distance away.

Because it was a monster whose entire body was covered in a dull robe, its identity was not properly known.

First of all, judging from the physique, there is a high probability that it is a male, but this cannot be certain because this gender can be hidden with simple camouflage.

“Do you still have the energy to move?”

First of all, the voice is male.

“who are you.”

When I asked out of politeness without any particular expectations, this guy said something completely unexpected.

“You’ve grown a lot.”

“Who are you?”

“You don’t have to know.”

Then stop pretending you don’t know.

Anyway, judging by the voice, it was a man.

I stood still, and suddenly stretched out my arm.

It is a fire wheel.

A flame shaped like my palm shot out toward the monster.

The monster flapping the hem of his robe with a calm expression.

Underneath the robe it was darker than the night sky, and the surprising thing happened right after.

The flower wheel I shot disappeared into the robe.

There was no feeling of an attack at all.

This development was definitely beyond my expectations, but in fact, I was already closing the distance to the opponent immediately after throwing the fire wheel.


When the monster flapped his robe once again, this time something like a chain came out from it.

‘It’s not magic?’

So is it a blessing? Or a curse?

In any case, the intention behind using the chain was easy to understand.

First of all, I want to block my movements.

I added a subtle shake to my upper body without slowing down.

Keian’s ambo.

I’m really glad I learned it.

“… … !”

Since not a single chain passes by me, the monster seems to have finally panicked. I saw him hastily taking his steps back.

I grabbed one of the chains that passed by and pulled hard.

“Ugh… … !”

The monster’s body is coming to me.

I pumped my fists as I watched him getting closer by the minute.

I was planning on chopping off my chin as soon as I came into range… … .

Plan aborted.

I quickly lowered my head.


A chain flew from behind.

If I hadn’t realized, my neck might have been wrapped.


How did the chain that flew backwards change direction?

Is it a relic of God?

or not… … .

A group of chains poured out from behind once again.

It’s faster than before.

I stopped pulling the monster and focused on dodging.

‘The number has increased?’

The number of chains had doubled, and the moment I looked back, I realized why.

Behind him was another monster dressed similarly.

“Didn’t you know there would be one more?”

The monster said in a sarcastic voice.

“I feel elated right away when I make a friend.”

“Then how about you two?”


At that moment, hands shot out from the ground beneath me and grabbed both of my ankles.


No matter how much I did, I never expected this.

The moment my movement was briefly blocked, chains stretched out from front and back and wrapped around my body to an excessive extent.

In an instant, I became like an insect surrounded by threads.

“… Capture completed.”

The monster let out a dark laugh.


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