I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 355

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Episode 355

“I don’t think he’s a dwarf? Visid. “Are you an uninvited guest?”

“… This is the outsider I mentioned earlier. “The escort driver of the immature young lady who visited our area today.”

“Tell me more.”

“Looking at your outfit, it looks like you are not from the imperial family or noble family. A free knight, or a wandering knight. “If the appearance matches the actual age, the person is likely to have outstanding skills for his or her age.”

“Hmm… … .”

Delac felt a strange sense of discomfort here.

In-young, who appears to be Visid’s guest, sits quietly in her seat.

There was no need to stand up, I could have seen Delac’s appearance by just turning my head slightly, but I didn’t.

Instead, Visid seems to be explaining Delac’s impressions in detail as if conveying the situation.

Is there something wrong with my vision?

It’s a pretty good guess, but something is different.

“Then I guess I can just kill him right here.”

“that… … .”

The moment Visid, who hesitated for a moment, answered with silence, Inyoung stood up.

The movement shook the candle on the table as if it were going out.


When the flickering flame disappeared as if it had been extinguished in an instant, Delac became the ruler of this small room.

I couldn’t even hear the sound of the sword being drawn.

Delak moved using the darkness as a passage to narrow the distance, then swung his sword without hesitation.


A faint light shone again, accompanied by a sound as if something had been cut. It happened during that short period of time when the candle flame flickered.

But Delac narrowed his brows.

What was cut was not a mysterious person, but the robe he was wearing.

And the moment he saw the face under the robe, Delak’s eyes narrowed even further.

“… doll?”

“huh. “Isn’t it cool?”

It wasn’t cool at all.

Rather, it looks bizarre.

It is not the beautiful appearance that imitates the human figure that one might normally think of when thinking of a doll.

There is no skin, and the muscles are exposed on the face, and the places where the eyes and ears should be are covered as if pressed flesh. There are even stitch marks around the mouth, making the uncomfortable feeling even stronger.

Rather than a doll, she looks more like a victim of some kind of human experiment.

“If you tune in to your senses, you can move quite skillfully. Even if it were, it would be less than 10% compared to the original body.”

The man smiled and clenched and unclenched his fingers.

“Well, I guess I have to give up some things because of that. There is no visual synchronization, and the surrounding sounds are noisy. “There are many places that can be used, but it is still in the development stage.”

Before I could stop talking, Delac tried to close the distance again.

The other person seemed a little surprised by the movement, which was much faster than before.

“… Green tongue~.”

The moment the tension-free voice rang out, countless needles poured out from the doll’s palm.

As soon as Delak realized that it was dangerous to get hit by even one thing, he rolled to the side and flipped the table over.

Along with the precarious candlelight, miscellaneous documents on the table also poured out.

Good luck!

The documents caught fire in an instant, and the surrounding area was covered in flames. But Delak didn’t even look at the flames licking his skin.

Papa pa paak!

You can hear the sound of a needle sticking into the table.

Although the dwarf’s table is quite sturdy, it won’t last long.

Delak thought of his next means of attack.

With fire burning everywhere, you can no longer hide in the dark.

no. Even if he had been able to use that protection, would he have attacked in the same way? It probably wasn’t like that.

Somehow, the enemy seemed to know his location hidden in the dark.

Delak was surprised, but not embarrassed.

This is because I have already gone through a similar experience. That is, when she fought with her youngest child.

In such a battle, remaining talents are of little significance.

“… … .”

After catching his breath, Delak took a deep breath and exhaled for a long time.

Papa papa… … .

Even at this moment, needles are still getting stuck on the table. How much longer can I endure?

Delac didn’t know why, but he felt like he could accurately count the moment the table broke.

Three, two, and one.

Delac, who counted the numbers in his mind, opened his eyes.


The table broke and moved forward at the same time. He holds a sword in his right hand and wears a cape in his left hand.


I swung my cape towards the flying green spit. The moment a fairly strong wind blew, the force of the flames surrounding the area became even stronger, and the spittle that was pouring down was also thrown away.

He used the cape as a shield to block the opponent’s attacks, but it was not as easy as it sounds.

Wearing mana perfectly in fluttering clothes like a cape was a difficult skill even for those skilled in mana control.

Although it was Delac’s first attempt at such a task, his innate sense allowed him to accurately analyze the characteristics and texture of the fabric and execute it flawlessly.




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“Ugh… … !”

One needle, which bounced roughly, stuck in Visid’s forearm, and in the meantime, Delak’s sword, which had approached the doll, once again scattered silver brilliance.

“The Black Curtain.”

The moment the doll muttered once again, a dark curtain surrounded his entire body as if to protect him, but Delak lowered his sword.


“… … !”

Then, for the first time, the doll showed signs of surprise.

This is because the sword that instantly broke the curtain fell down without losing any of its power.

Although the direction of the strike was somewhat disturbed, the killing power was sufficient.

The blade penetrated the doll from its right shoulder and cut into its abdomen.

“… “You are an absurd man.”

The doll, which fell down, did not stop raising its snout even when it was stretched out on the floor.

“You can tell the location of the core right away… … . “I’ve only met someone with this much sensitivity to energy once before.”

The doll tilted its head.

“aha. No way, you-.”


Delak crushed his face.

Conversation with church members is useless. Unless it’s an interrogation, it’s not even worth talking about. Because it was written that way in the Sanghyeolgong’s diary.

And finally the room became quiet.

no. It was not complete silence.

Flames were still raging everywhere, engulfing the surroundings.

“… “It’s so easy to kill.”

Was the guy I just defeated bigger than I thought?

Even though he had only subdued the doll, Visid was looking at Delak with a shocked expression. You can find out the identity slowly.

Collecting clues, combining information, tracking… … . This process is not difficult at all.

The most difficult and important thing is to contact the enemy’s agents like this.

Delak looked at Visid.

As expected, there must have been poison in the saliva.

In that short period of time, Visid’s complexion became extremely pale. Two bloodshot eyes, foam running down the corners of the mouth, panting breath.

In addition to those physical symptoms, he seemed to be feeling fear.

As Delac looked into the old dwarf’s eyes, he realized how he now reflected in this person.


As I took a step forward, Visid, who had fallen, took a step back without realizing it.

While his abundant beard was trembling, his voice continued to tremble even more.

“… What are you going to do with me now? Are you going to hand it over to the empire? Or Heros? If not, go to the workhouse… … .”

“… … ?”

Delac tilted his head.

“Aren’t dwarves citizens of the empire?”

“what… … ?”

“You are asking if you don’t even know the imperial criminal law.”

Delak said in an emotionless voice.

“Anyone who commits a crime by collaborating with a dark church will be punished with the same punishment as a member of the church.”

“… … !”

“Cooperation here includes providing manpower, information, and materials in addition to instigating murder and subverting the state, and any citizen of the empire has the right to directly execute collaborators on the spot.”

“Now, wait!”

The moment Visid opened his mouth with an urgent expression, Michael drew a silver trail.


Immediately after hearing a sound too light to have been decapitated, Visid slipped at an angle.

There was not a single drop of blood on the silver-white sword that had completed its function.

Delak muttered as he held his sword.

I was talking to myself because there was no one left to listen anymore.

“They say the South is a barbaric land. The people here seem to be relatively ignorant of the Empire’s criminal laws. But Master Visid… … . Unfortunately, ignorance cannot be an excuse, and exceptions should not be made for violators.”

Yes. No exceptions should be made.

Not even one person.

Delac’s eyes looked towards the ceiling for a moment.

To be exact, the dwarves who will be there.

Crack, crack… … .

Delak, standing in the flames, closed his eyes and thought.

Not all the dwarves in Sandstorm Hill are guilty.

Perhaps Visid may have instigated it, or may have disturbed and deceived his compatriots. Or maybe you don’t know anything about this.

But, could that be a reason not to kill them? Would it be acceptable if he were the original ‘Iron-Blooded Ball’ who never lost his memories?

Delak was a bit confused.

I couldn’t figure out what was right and what was wrong.

but… … .

“… “Ignorance cannot be an excuse.”

I repeated what I said again.

When I opened my eyes again, there was no hesitation left in those eyes.


Delac, who was taking steps again, briefly landed on the doll.

“… … .”

The doll was destroyed, but the person controlling it could not be killed.

But at this moment, a certain premonition pierced Delac’s mind.

It seemed like I would probably meet the owner of that doll again soon.

* * *

I tried to summarize the situation one by one with Fire Dragon God in front of me.

Originally, Vulcan and the dwarves of Dungeon Dune had a cooperative relationship.

Vulcan provided fire to the dwarves.

The dwarf offered the weapon smelted by the fire to Vulcanus.

Some people may ask what kind of relationship this is between God and believers, but I think differently.

God is a being who grants wishes, and for a dwarf craftsman, making the [perfect weapon] is his life’s goal.

In other words, for the dwarves, Vulcan is the god who can most definitely grant what they want.

‘If those dwarves betrayed… … .’

The reason is obvious.

The denomination, that is, the anti-believer side, must have proposed a much better environment.

“I understand.”

[Well, now you know! What crime did those ungrateful bastards commit?]

“For now, that’s right. But maybe not everyone betrayed.”

[What does it mean?]

“At least the one dwarf who did me a favor seemed to have nothing to do with this.”

The dwarf who served me bird meat… … . I’m talking about Konjian.

“So I will go and ask them myself. “Do you know that some dwarves have abandoned the Fire Dragon God and are collaborating with the church? If not, what will you do in the future?”

[under! You are doing something useless!]

“We’ll have to wait and see whether it’s useless or not.”

[joy… … .]

“Or what? Are you really not going to forgive even an innocent dwarf who doesn’t know anything about this? Ignorance is not a sin. I think it’s times like this that we should show mercy as a god… … .”

Then Vulcan, who seemed shocked, snorted and said.

[under! Of course I know! good night! Do as you say! However, there is a possibility that you are lying!]

“Then what do you want to do?”

[Reach for the sacred fire in front of the altar!]

“… Here?”

No matter how fire-resistant the country is, I don’t want to stick my hand into a perfectly burning flame.

I guess it’s an instinctive feeling of rejection.

Vulcan seemed to have read my inner thoughts, and spoke.

[You can rest assured! You won’t get burned! On the contrary, it will be of great help to you!]


[It looks like you have learned a technique based on flame! Do you think you will ever have the opportunity to bear the sacred image of God even for a moment? If you don’t forget that feeling, you might be able to get a clue that leads to advancement!]

“hmm… … .”

Vulcan’s suggestion wasn’t bad.

This is because my Cheonhwa First Air is currently blocked by a wall. This seems to be partly because I have been attaching more importance to other mental techniques recently.

‘But still… … .’

There is a power lurking inside my body that must be hidden.

It’s an instrument.

Even with Vulcan’s magical powers, it seems he didn’t even realize the existence of the instrument in my body… … .

There is no telling what would happen if they invaded directly through a medium called sacred fire.

Just looking at this guy, he doesn’t seem to have any good feelings about vengeance or religious denominations.

“It’s okay.”

[Are you okay? Don’t you know how big an opportunity this is?]

“I know. But please understand that I have my own circumstances.”

[under! It’s a matter of circumstances! What is the reason why you cannot have this Vulcan in your body? Is there some suspicious power in your body?]

“… … .”

He seems to have a really impatient personality, but he’s sharp in a strange way.

I felt nervous, but if I don’t come up with a proper reason here, Vulcan’s suspicions may grow even more.

After thinking about it for a moment, I was able to come up with a pretty plausible excuse.

“I already have a relationship with a god, and I have built a shrine for him in my heart. That’s why you can’t bring in other gods.”

[Another god! Who is that!]

“Even if I told you that I was a forgotten god, you wouldn’t know. “I can just show you his proof.”

As I said that, I took out the Sword of Seven Deadly Sins that I had buried deep in my magic tool pouch.

[Well, that’s… … ! Isn’t it the Seven Deadly Sins Sword…? … ?!]

“Do you know?”

[I know! The person who created that relic was… Because he was none other than my speaker!]

“Hoo… … .”

At an unexpected moment, I learned the secret story behind the creation of the Sword of the Seven Deadly Sins.

[That means… Are you really saying that you were a martial arts expert?!]

“For now, that’s right.”

[Uh, uhm… … !]

Vulcan cleared his throat slightly.

[then… It wasn’t something to be taken lightly… … ! I apologize if my tone was a bit rude!]

I was a little surprised at this part.

Because I had no idea that the owner of this arrogant and seething nature would bow down to a mere lizardman.

Of course, I learned that the position of military god is greater than I thought… … .

Even so, he is a forgotten god.

If this is the case even in a forgotten state, what kind of being was the God of War when he had such a brilliant reputation in the past?

‘I think I’ll have to talk about this and that with Musin soon… … .’

At that moment, I felt puzzled.

Even though I was holding the Sword of Seven Deadly Sins, I could not hear the voice of the God of War.

To be more precise, the intention I felt from him was not felt by the current Seven Deadly Sins Sword.


[…] … .]

I tried calling briefly, but there was still no answer.

The moment my expression became quite serious, Vulcan spoke.

[good night… … ! If he were his speaker, I would believe in this Vulcan! Also, I have no intention of taking away his speaker, so I will decline the offer just now!]

“You’re going to believe me?”

[no! I just need to express my thoughts in a different way!]

“Another way?”

[My treasure trove is behind here! I will lend you a weapon there, so put the torch in it!]

“treasure house?”

[Yes! These are my proud tributes that have been accumulated over a very long period of time!]

Somehow, I could sense satisfaction and pride in his voice.

At first glance, it appears to be a place where items delivered to dwarves in exchange for lending Vulcan’s breath are piled up.

A warehouse containing the finest weapons made by dwarf craftsmen over hundreds and thousands of years of blood and sweat.

Since I was also an unmanned wanderer, I became curious.

“Okay. “But can I choose the weapon?”

[Well, do it!]

For some reason, I remembered the time I stopped by the dean’s treasure trove.

I put the Linchal mask that I got my hands on back then to great use… … . Even in the current form.

Next to the Archmage’s treasure trove is God’s treasure trove.

My mouth watered as to what kind of mythical equipment was piled up there.

[I’m not giving it to you!]

“I understand.”

[I’m lending it to you!]

“I said I understand.”

By the way, is there any other god that is this loud?

‘Do all dragon kings feel this way?’

Feeling a question that wasn’t particularly important, I headed to Vulcan’s treasure trove.

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