‎I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 354

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Episode 354

“Fuuuu… … .”

I let out a very deep, hot breath.

I felt like my breathing had become more frequent, and instead of sweating, it felt like I had to expel body heat only through breathing.

In other words, it means that they are enduring high temperatures similar to lava with their bare bodies, and are completely releasing the accumulated heat with their breath… … .

How should I express how I feel right now?

At this level, I almost feel like I can breathe out [Vulcan’s Breath] myself?

‘Six times… … .’

no. Seven times?

This is not just a metaphor, but it truly reminds me of moments when I wandered through a mirage under a heatwave that could melt my body.

For the first time in a long time, I realized that when the brain heats up, it becomes difficult for a person to make normal decisions.

I also realized that my patience is not that deep.

At least thanks to Cheonhwa Jeilgong, I was able to get through it because I had a taste of refreshment.

After being caught up in the mirage about seven times, I was finally able to reach the real temple.

The architectural beauty, sophistication, etc. are not noticeable. I was just grateful that there was some shade to escape the heat wave.

Fortunately, the inside of the temple was not as hot as the outside.

I’m not sure because my body temperature still fluctuates, but wouldn’t this be around room temperature?

I first sat there and crossed my legs. The sight of the Lizardman sitting cross-legged may seem a bit comical, but there is no time to worry about the concept right now.

“… … .”

As I contemplated the inside of my body, I could see the anger boiling inside my body.

It was as if a forest fire had broken out across a huge mountain made up of bodies.

I admitted that I was somewhat cocky.

Considering my physical condition, I think I might have really fallen into a state of confusion if I had wandered around for a few more hours.

Quickly calm down the heat inside the body, control it, and then build it up with dantian.

This heat, which is close to nature, has a property that is difficult to control, but I understand the fundamental properties of flame, so it was not difficult to handle.

As I turned the heat I treated into fire and stored it in the altar, I felt a sense of fullness from the energy for the first time in a long time.

‘Besides, you and I are very compatible, right?’

Only after a force close to natural energy is accepted into the body and converted into energy that can be freely used does it become a power that can be called inner energy.

This process itself is very arduous, difficult, and takes a very long time.

This is because efficiency also improves as the purity, as well as the total amount of internal energy, increases. … .

In the end, since inner energy cannot exist without even a single impurity, those who have learned the meditation method have no choice but to devote themselves to this work until they die.

Unmanned things are probably the reason why I eat fortune-telling whenever I get the chance.

But now the fire I had accepted was very gently accumulating in my body.

It was not as if I had received energy from a natural medicine, but as if I had ingested an elixir that was just right for my body.

“… … .”

Anyway, I couldn’t fly for a long time in a place where safety wasn’t guaranteed, so I got up after stabilizing my body.

Only then did the interior of the temple come into view.

Compared to the flashy exterior, it feels simple.

There were pillars erected on both sides of the fairly long hallway, which seemed quite large even to me as a human, so it seemed like they were made too large for a dwarf.

There is nothing strange about this place since it is a place that worships the Fire Dragon God, also known as the Dragon King.

There was an altar at the end of a fairly long hallway.

That seems to be the altar Visid was talking about… … .

In that case, the almost white flame fluttering in the air above the altar would be [Vulcan’s Breath].

I approached the front of the altar.

“… … .”

First of all, I came here, but I don’t know how to call God because I don’t know any etiquette.

After thinking for a moment, I opened my mouth.

“Vulcan, are you there?”

[Who are you!]

I’m surprised, damn it.

Almost as soon as I called, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth because I didn’t know how to respond.

His face twitched a little, but fortunately, thanks to the hard scales unique to lizardmen, he didn’t seem to notice my fuss.

I opened my mouth thoughtfully.

“I am Lizardman Luzard. I came here at the request of a dwarf. “Are you the fire dragon god Vulcan who is speaking to me now?”

[okay! I am Vulcan!]

“… … .”

It’s a voice that conveys true character.

The voice is hot and rough, like boiling lava, and somehow feels urgent.

‘Is this God?’

If we assume that even an evil believer is a god, then I am a human being who has had frequent audiences with the existence of a god… … .

Vulcan seems to have a very different atmosphere than any other god I know.

[But you! How dare you tell a lie in front of God!]

“What do you mean?”

[You’re not a lizardman!]

“… … .”

Do you really think you can see this at a glance?

‘Even the dwarf craftsmen who were quite observant didn’t notice… … .’

I was a little embarrassed, but soon realized that it wasn’t because my transformation was clumsy.



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God’s power, insight, magical power… Isn’t it something like that? It might be possible to see through the soul-like essence… … .

When I thought about it, I realized that it was rather strange that a being as high as a god could not notice my disguise.

‘First of all, the probability that it is Vulcan increases by 10%.’

I nodded calmly and said.

“Well, that’s right. Due to circumstances, I have to act as a lizardman, so I am wearing this appearance. However, please rest assured that I have no intention of harming you, your temple, or your believers.”

[Believers? A believer?]

It is a moment of absurdity mixed with a boiling voice.

[Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk… Haha… … !]

As if a strong wind had been added to the heat wave, a wildfire-like light rang in my ears.

The laughter was so loud that it made my eardrums tingle.

I don’t know how they have achieved this, but even dust is falling from the ceiling of the temple.

“… “I’m good at telling jokes, but that wasn’t a joke just now.”

[okay! Of course! Because that’s no joke! Deceiver! This incarnate dragon, Vulcan, has no followers anymore!]

“What do you mean? Your believers themselves said it. “Currently, the Avatar Dragon is angry, so it is unable to find its breath.”

[That’s not wrong! Because I no longer have to give them my power!]

As I looked at him with a puzzled expression, Vulcan’s voice continued.

[They committed the most terrible act!]

“The most terrible betrayal?”

[God’s death… … !]

Vulcan said.

[Can you imagine, you deceiver! The one-time believers dared to plan to kill their god!]

“… … .”

I was taken aback for a moment.

This is because I couldn’t keep up with the topic that suddenly appeared, let alone the question of whether or not a being called God can be killed.

“for a moment. “So does that mean they tricked me?”

[What did you hear from them?]

“They said their god was angry and they could no longer create. I can’t receive Vulcan’s breath or something… … . “But I don’t know why, so I came here myself.”

[under! You don’t know why? dare… … !]

I quickly stopped Vulcan, who was about to show his anger again.

“Just calm down and let’s finish the conversation.”

[…] One thing is true! This Vulcan was angry! But what god would not be angry at the sight of ungrateful bastards who return favors with vengeance? If it weren’t for the grace of Vulcan, these dwarves would have only touched dirt and stones for the rest of their lives!]

“… … .”

[They tried to destroy the temple with an ax and hammer made with my breath, so I surrounded this place with my anger! I feel like I want to get rid of all those arrogant bastards!]

“… … .”

Which side should we believe?

I thought of several possibilities.

To put it simply, Vulcan’s words may be a lie, or this being may not be Vulcan. Or maybe everything you just said was true.

“Let me ask you one thing.”


“How on earth can you kill God?”

[You don’t know! The death of God is the absence of believers and the exhaustion of faith! If no one remembers, how can God function as God?]

Strangely, the vague words made sense to me.

At this moment, I was thinking about the conversation I had with Mushin in the past.

– Every god needs believers. Without faith, God cannot exert a strong influence… … . This may be the reason why the concept of ‘forgotten god’ exists in the world.

I asked in a confused voice.

“Isn’t the story strange? I heard that the goal of the dwarf craftsman is to create the most perfect masterpiece of his life. For that, you need your power… [Vulcan’s Breath] is definitely needed, right?”

[under! It’s obvious! They must have found a replacement!]

“How dare any being replace the God of Blacksmiths…” … .”

I stopped talking here.

This is because what Musin said next passed through my mind.

-Only the Demon King is an exception to that premise. Because faith is a good thing for them… … .

– Even if the roots of the church are completely eradicated from this continent, the power of those terrible beings will not diminish one bit.

Only then did my expression harden.

“… no way?”

* * *

A dark room.

Only the candles on the shabby table shimmered and softly illuminated the surroundings.

However, because the light was literally dim, the faces of the two people sitting across from each other at the table could not be seen.

The person sitting on the right opened his mouth.

“We have reached our limit.”

“… … .”

“I thought it couldn’t go on like this.”

At those words, the person sitting on the left opened his mouth.


“Sandstorm Dune is a strange place. We neither raise livestock nor hunt. farming? Most people probably don’t even know the concept. That’s all I have about brewing. “How could we make a living like this?”

Hwareuk… … .

At that moment, the candle flame flickered, and the face that had been immersed in the darkness was vaguely revealed.

“It was a deal.”

Master Visid of Dungeon Dune said.

“A work of blood and sweat. “I could make a living selling it.”

“… … .”

“Do you think negatively about the idea of ​​a work made by a craftsman as a product for sale? “He looks like a father who sells his child.”

“at all. A child is a child, and a work is a work. To express my personal opinion, I just feel that those who cannot distinguish between them are foolish.”

“That is correct. On the contrary, a true craftsman should be happy that his work is priced high. “Because money is the most universal standard of value.”


“I’ll take it back. To us dwarf artisans, everyone around us is just an object of trade. The same goes for mercenaries, merchants, heroes, and even the imperial family… … . Sell ​​the product to someone who offers a better price. “Isn’t it simple?”

Then Inyoung, who was sitting on the left, let out a low laugh for the first time.

It was a very seductive laugh, but it felt classy. In fact, it was like that the whole time we were talking.

A prayer that is extraordinary even for a mere craftsman.

At first glance, the tone was rude, but even the smallest gestures showed nobility.

Dignity and nobility?

Visid, who knew the identity of this person, could not help but feel confused.

“Even if it is a religious order?”

“It was you.”


“After decades of experience as masters of Dungeon Dune, we place the highest price on our work.”

“aha. So did you betray even the God you believed in?”

“It is not betrayal. “Recently, a person from a certain company taught me a very appropriate word to use in this situation.”


“It’s called a loss.”

Then Inyoung burst into laughter again, even louder.

The candles swayed back and forth and the shadows moved to the sound of loud laughter.

“Ah, I understand. “Even God is nothing more than a trading partner to you.”


“good. I really like this attitude. I also hate people who don’t recognize the value of things. You can kill people with poor eyesight by plucking out their eyes. In that sense, I think highly of you dwarves who are natural craftsmen. “We can become good friends in the future.”

“But there is one thing that holds me back.”


“Are you really able to give us that much support?”

Then the voice stopped.

Visid felt creepy and uneasy at such silence, but spoke without showing it.

“I’m not doubting you. However, even taking that into account, I think the amount you mentioned would be quite a burden… … .”

“That’s what we call suspicion.”

“… … .”

“But I like it. You also need to know how to be appropriately suspicious. “Even if you’re so stupid, it’s frustrating when you’re dealing with someone.”

A soft voice continued.

“To answer your question just now, there is no need to worry at all. “I have that much authority.”

“I know that. But isn’t there a possibility that the deal will fall through in the future? For example, receiving such orders from someone higher than you… … .”

“That too is an unnecessary worry.”


“It’s a simple reason. “In this church, there is no one higher than me.”

It was a moment when Visid was shocked.

‘no way… … ?’

A moment when you suddenly start to think about the identity of the person in front of you.

Sigh… … .

The ungreased door opened with a particularly terrible sound.

“uh… … .”

Visid looked at the door with a puzzled face.

There is no one more worthy of being here today.

The person in front of me seemed extremely reluctant to reveal himself, and had never shown himself to anyone other than Visid.

Of course, Visid also respected that aspect of his trading partner.

However, it was not the dwarf who suddenly burst into this place.

‘The one I saw during the day… … ?’

It’s definitely a familiar face.

For a moment, Visid almost had no idea who it was.

Because the impression was so different from when I saw it in broad daylight.

Lurking beyond the old door was a boy wearing darkness like a coat.

“The innate odor cannot be hidden.”

A strange eerie feeling was felt on the expressionless face.

It looked like he was wearing a mask, but the moment his lips moved, a pitchless voice continued.

“Even if you take a field mouse that eats a corpse, wash it, cuddle it, and even spray it with perfume, it is difficult to erase its original odor. That must be birth and lineage.”

“… … .”

Delak Badniker looked at the two figures.

Church members.

A person who cooperates with church members.

The moment he saw the two people, who were not that different from each other, he felt his heart go cold.

“As expected, there was a rat.”

Sanghyeolgong drew his sword.

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