I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 – 92. Corpse

“How did you come to take over that body?”

Being caught off guard is exactly what it means in a situation like this. I took a deep breath without realizing it and was so embarrassed that I couldn’t come up with an answer right away.

But she didn’t keep arguing with it or anything. She just smiled while waiting for my answer.

How did you find out?

Although she was embarrassed because she couldn’t even see my face because it was covered by bandages, she made a comment that penetrated the inside.

First, I gave her an answer.

Of course it was rejected.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t say that.”


Stella looks regretful. She answered while tilting her head.

“If you say you are simply an evil spirit, I have no choice but to exorcise you.”

“Do you have the power to do that?”

“Of course not.”

I hesitated for a moment at the natural tone of voice. As she talked to him, she felt caught up in the pace.

“I’m sorry if I was rude. “I was just curious because you seem to be a different type of being than an evil spirit.”

“… … “It’s not like they took the owner’s body by force.”

It was not stolen because it came into the body after its owner, Deius, died. If I had to be honest, I would say he picked it up.

“That’s why I’m more curious. “I think you might be hiding a great secret.”

“Hehe, won’t we forget everything tomorrow anyway?”

I knew those words could be hurtful, but I needed to get rid of her persistent inquiring.

But rather, Stella nods, saying it’s right.

“So, isn’t that something you can say?”

“… … .”

“The thing about secrets. “There are times when just carrying it around is painful.”

My heart started pounding without me knowing that the words resonated with me so deeply. Even to me, who had little emotion, her voice reached me warmly.

“I consider myself lucky that I lost my memory every day due to the devil’s curse.”

“… … .”

Stella, who placed the rosary shaped like the sun, slowly stretches out her hand. As she fumbles and writhes in the air, she gently holds out her hand and she wraps it gently.

“So you can hear things you shouldn’t hear. “Even if you tell me a secret you want to keep secret, even if I can give you comfort and sympathy, I don’t remember it.”

I couldn’t stop my heart pounding.

Being with the woman in front of me made me feel at ease, even though it was painful.

“What is your name?”

I never asked.

A pathetic question that will already be forgotten tomorrow.

“Kim Shin-woo.”

I answered it and Stella carefully pulled my hand and caressed her cheek.

The cool skin felt like the temperature of the tragedy she had experienced so far.

“Kim Shin-woo. Please tell us your story. “Not for me, but for you.”

“… … .”

“Perhaps I want to hear your story. “To bear the burden you carry with me, even just for a moment.”


“And to forget you.”

The smile that arose amidst a cruel tragedy was like a small dandelion blooming among a pile of twigs.

“I think I might be under this curse.”

“… … .”

“How about this? “Could you please give me some time to accompany you today?”

* * *

We talked a lot.

Starting from each person’s childhood, impressive experiences, memories of family, unforgettable wounds, etc.

I could tell while talking.

Probably, she noticed it as well as I did.

We talked and comforted each other, and also consoled ourselves.

I explained that I had been living a strange life of seeing ghosts and ended up inside Deius.

Stella told us that she had lived a life for others since she was young, and that she had sacrificed everything as a saint.

Although our lives were completely different, we felt a strange sense of kinship with each other, sympathized with each other, and embraced each other.

That this is a world in a game.

Also, I didn’t say that I knew the ending of the world.

Starting with my past, when I was living in a different world.

Stories from North Weden.

Cases solved at the Academy.

Strange enemies encountered in the royal family.

In addition to acting out false divine power through the Holy Grail, he even became a memorial priest to comfort the kingdom’s dead.

Stella, who heard the whole story, surprisingly expressed her gratitude to me.

“If the saint is the sun of the kingdom, then you are the moon that rises at night.”

“… … .”

“Please help Lucia. “He wouldn’t be like me if he had you.”

I didn’t need to say that if I had been there, I wouldn’t have made you like that.



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It was a meaningless assumption and only gave rise to vain hopes.

“You are truly a great woman.”

So after all the conversation was over, I spoke honestly to her.

No person I have ever met could be as noble or as great as her.

Stella is so noble that even Hertia, the goddess of hearth and fire she serves, has no choice but to bow her head when she sees Stella.

Your beautiful appearance will remain deeply in my heart.

“Thank you for telling me everything. “Conversing with you gave me a lot of comfort.”

“… … .”

“It’s a bit of a shame that I’ll forget everything tomorrow.”

Stella laughs mischievously. I answered her calmly.

“That won’t happen.”


Stella tilts her head, asking what that means. But I just turned around.

Since it was a room without a chair, I didn’t notice that I was tired even though I was standing all the time.

When I tried to move, I felt a strong creaking sensation in my body.

“Stella, I respect you.”

“… … yes?”

I smiled slightly when Stella asked me what I meant. It was not an awkwardly drawn smile, but a smile that truly came from the heart.

“So don’t follow your wishes.”

It rattled.

Open the door and come out. There was no need to re-lock the lock.

I walked down the stairs and came out, where Findeneye, Iluania, and the Dark Spirit were waiting, looking bored.

“Wow, it’s finally here!”

“You went in before lunch, but it’s already late evening. “I left some food.”

[I talked at length.]

“Let’s eat later.”

I pushed away the plate that Illuania was holding out and gave an order to Findenai.

“Go to the convent warehouse and get a shovel.”

“shovel? suddenly?”

I responded without hesitation to Findenai, who said it was out of the blue.

“Digging up graves.”

The three people were surprised by the sudden declaration. But Findenai immediately smiled and said.

“What did you know? “I’ll get it right away!”

Findeneye entered the convent excitedly. I ordered Iluania to get inside the carriage and wait, then headed to the cemetery with the dark spirit.

A place where a tombstone with no name on it still lies.

[Did you come up with any answer after talking with a former saint?]

“Yes, I knew something because I talked to her there.”

The dark spirit seemed curious, but I didn’t bother to say it.

After a while, Findenai was able to get a shovel without difficulty, but she was caught in the middle and was dragging a bunch of other nuns with her.

“Sorry, I got caught!”

Findenai smiled brightly and said he could knock down the nuns with a shovel right now, but I shook my head.

“Good job.”

It was a good idea to bring everyone.

Findeneye seemed awkward as she shrugged her shoulders, probably not expecting to be praised, but the abbess’s shout pierced her like an awl.

“What are you doing now! Didn’t you show me pictures of the children’s corpses? Why bother digging up the grave again!”

The nuns behind them also nod their heads. I answered without any hesitation.

“I found out who the devil was.”

“yes? “You figured it out?”

“Yes, and you have to see the body with your own eyes to be sure of that.”

“… … Ha, but!”

“Findeneye, Farah.”

At my command, Findeneye laughed and started digging up the dirt with a shovel.

“Would I be cursed if I dug up a nun’s grave? “I hope it’s hot, right?”

Pop! Pop! Pop!

The abbess and the nuns slowly move away from each other as they watch Findeneye digging up the dirt like some kind of excavator.

It was about to be revealed which of them was the devil.

“Sir, please explain. An explanation that requires digging up a grave!”

I nodded at the angry words of the nun. There was little time left while Findenai was digging.

“When I had a brief meeting with you this morning. She said all four nuns were suspected of having Mella.”



Mela and the abbess were surprised.

Mela glared at the four nuns with an expression of betrayal and resentment, and the abbess also replied that it couldn’t be like that.

“You can’t do that! Mela is closer to a saint now than anyone else!”

The abbess began to defend Mela, spitting.

“These children are Lucia and Stella. “She has the qualities of a saint that can rival those two!”

“Yeah, that’s why it is.”

I nod. I wanted to at least applaud the abbess who gave the answer.

“Because she was the nun closest to being a saint, the other four nuns probably framed Mela with lies.”

The four immediately lowered their heads, bit their lips, or let out gloomy moans.

Each reaction was different, but the result was one.

“You guys didn’t answer at all yesterday, but today you pointed out Mela. “You didn’t think I would find that strange, did you?”

The nuns who had kept me in check and scared me so much yesterday pointed out Mela today.

The testimonies were already reeking of odor.

“On the contrary, Mela. “You kept your mouth shut with lies even though there were suspicious nuns.”

“… … !”

This time, everyone’s attention is focused on Mela. She had a perplexed expression on her face, as if she was choking, but eventually admitted that she was vomiting under the pressure.

“The abbess is suspicious.”


The abbess’s eyes were so wide that they popped out as if she had been stabbed in the back of the head, and she jumped up.

“Do you mean me? Are you doing that to me? Do you think that makes sense?!”

Perhaps because he reacted so violently, Mela also raised her voice and retorted.

“After the incident! The intensity of corporal punishment has become more severe! Even though he comes out with force, he forcibly restrains us!”

Mela’s finger gestures and points at the abbess.

“I already know that you lock our door at midnight!”

“Well, that is!”

The other nuns were surprised.

The abbess was embarrassed and tried to make an excuse, but I interrupted her and went in.

“Then why didn’t you tell me that the abbess was suspicious?”

“… … Because you still can’t believe it either. I was planning to tell Sister Stella if I had the chance, but you’re inside all day today!”

Mela blushes and shouts as if her head is hot.

The abbess says it is unfair and pours out excuses to me with her mouth wide open.

“Oh, no! That’s not it! wait a minute! It’s true that I’ve been pushing my kids a lot lately, but that’s… … !”

“It must have been because of the pressure that the next saint might not emerge from here.”

“… … !”

“It is a convent where the devil was summoned. “The fear that the gods might not choose the next saint here must have driven you that way.”

The abbess nodded in vain at my words.

at that time.

“Master! “I dug it all!”

Findenai’s cry erupts. I left the nuns who were suspicious of each other and headed to the cemetery.

Three coffins neatly placed.

Finden Eye opens them one by one and makes a sad sound.

“It’s really just all burned down?”

The same corpses as seen in the photo. If I had to be honest, it was a bit more rotten, but whatever.

[W-what is happening?!]

But the dark spirit looks at one of the corpses and looks at me in surprise.

With an expression of disbelief.

Also, I wonder if you knew this.

I pointed to the one on the far right of the corpses while receiving the dark spirit’s gaze.

I am finally convinced.

“That is not the nun’s body.”


“What do you mean?”

Questions from the abbess and Mela.

I clicked my tongue and answered.

“It is the corpse of a devil.”

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